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PubMed Id: 19664994 
This page summarizes selected information from the article referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Brill LM, et al. (2009) Phosphoproteomic analysis of human embryonic stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 5, 204-13 19664994
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Protein GeneSymb ACC# Organism MW (Da) RSD SiteGrpId Mod Type Site Sequence
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S265 465734 Phosphorylation RsEDMPFsPKASVAA
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S1673 483246 Phosphorylation GkRKLItsEEERsPA
82-FIP NUFIP2 Q7Z417 human 76,121 S629 454190 Phosphorylation EsQNPLAsPtNtLLG
ABC1 HEATR6 Q6AI08 human 128,781 S643 3202401 Phosphorylation LEETSVssPKGSSEP
ABCF1 ABCF1 Q8NE71 human 95,926 S109 453457 Phosphorylation KKLsVPtsDEEDEVP
Abi-2 ABI2 Q9NYB9 human 55,663 S227 3214080 Phosphorylation NMAPsQQsPVRtAsV
ADD3 ADD3 Q9UEY8 human 79,155 S64 2049997 Phosphorylation RVtQILQsPAFREDL
Afadin MLLT4 P55196 human 206,804 S1083 471367 Phosphorylation ELMTRtSsVVtLEVA
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 S570 3148503 Phosphorylation KtGtCRIsMsEVDLN
AKAP13 AKAP13 Q12802 human 307,550 S983 483809 Phosphorylation KALQLsNsPGAssAF
AKAP13 AKAP13 Q12802 human 307,550 S1932 484793 Phosphorylation FLsHstDsLNKISKV
ANKLE2 ANKLE2 Q86XL3 human 104,114 S259 483746 Phosphorylation GICDyFPsPsKtsLP
AP2M1 AP2M1 Q96CW1 human 49,655 T156 448782 Phosphorylation SQItsQVtGQIGWRR
APC2 ANAPC2 Q9UJX6 human 93,828 S218 483905 Phosphorylation RYYRLLQsPLCAGCS
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1166 453842 Phosphorylation ssSsNPssPGRIKGR
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1283 467469 Phosphorylation ENEDEQNsPPKKGKR
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1358 453843 Phosphorylation RAQQRAEsPEssAIE
ARFGEF2 ARFGEF2 Q9Y6D5 human 202,038 S1528 482334 Phosphorylation ERGQsQLsNPtDDsW
ASE-1 CD3EAP O15446 human 54,986 S285 453847 Phosphorylation PLEDtVLsPtKKRKR
ataxin-2L ATXN2L Q8WWM7 human 113,374 S559 451949 Phosphorylation FKLQPsssPENsLDP
ATG4B ATG4B Q9Y4P1 human 44,294 S383 470896 Phosphorylation RLERFFDsEDEDFEI
BAT2 iso1 PRRC2A P48634 human 228,863 S1092 467538 Phosphorylation sEtRsEGsEyEEIPK
Bcl-2L13 BCL2L13 Q9BXK5 human 52,723 S420 472432 Phosphorylation EINAREEsLVEELsP
Bcl-9 BCL9 O00512 human 149,290 S687 452530 Phosphorylation IPVEGPLsPsRGDFP
BCLAF1 BCLAF1 Q9NYF8 human 106,122 S222 453258 Phosphorylation GLsAyDNsPRSPHsP
BRD3 BRD3 Q15059 human 79,542 S263 452427 Phosphorylation ItAsRsEsPPPLsDP
CCDC6 CCDC6 Q16204 human 53,291 S52 483682 Phosphorylation KsGGIVIsPFRLEEL
CCDC6 CCDC6 Q16204 human 53,291 S244 450707 Phosphorylation QPVsAPPsPRDIsME
CCNL2 CCNL2 Q96S94 human 58,147 S369 471000 Phosphorylation AKkAkADsPVNGLPK
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 T14 447738 Phosphorylation VEkIGEGtyGVVykA
CEP76 CEP76 Q8TAP6 human 74,413 S83 2048409 Phosphorylation VEQELPssPKQPICF
ChaK1 TRPM7 Q96QT4 human 212,697 S1404 2512922 Phosphorylation PPTKFFVstPsQPsC
CHCHD3 CHCHD3 Q9NX63 human 26,152 Y49 3214017 Phosphorylation SGSKsQRysGAyGAs
CHD-4 CHD4 Q14839 human 218,005 S1602 452422 Phosphorylation tQAPAPAsEDEKVVV
CHD-7 CHD7 Q9P2D1 human 335,927 S2559 453002 Phosphorylation PPtRNIPsPGQLDPD
CREM CREM Q03060 human 38,940 S293 450066 Phosphorylation AsPGsLHsPQQLAEE
CTNNA1 CTNNA1 P35221 human 100,071 S655 456363 Phosphorylation FDVRsRtsVQtEDDQ
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 S288 450452 Phosphorylation GLEDDQRsMGyDDLD
DATF1 DIDO1 Q9BTC0 human 243,873 S1040 452937 Phosphorylation IstsESRsPPEGDtT
DDX51 DDX51 Q8N8A6 human 72,457 S83 453505 Phosphorylation VNDAEPGsPEAPQGK
Desmoplakin DSP P15924 human 331,774 S22 459732 Phosphorylation GRMIRAEsGPDLRyE
DLG7 DLGAP5 Q15398 human 95,115 S777 459735 Phosphorylation KNTAsQNsILEEGEt
DOCK7 DOCK7 Q96N67 human 242,561 S1383 484789 Phosphorylation KVFERMNsLtFKKSK
eEF1B EEF1B2 P24534 human 24,764 S106 452653 Phosphorylation DDIdLFGsDDEEEsE
EFHD2 EFHD2 Q96C19 human 26,697 S74 478224 Phosphorylation QGIGEPQsPsRRVFN
eIF3-alpha EIF3J O75822 human 29,062 T109 483551 Phosphorylation PEEPKVLtPEEQLAD
eIF5B EIF5B O60841 human 138,827 S66 3175819 Phosphorylation LKELEELsLEAQGIK
ELYS AHCTF1 Q8WYP5 human 252,498 S1283 459744 Phosphorylation tTsFFLNsPEKEHQE
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 S718 3175217 Phosphorylation GkEIsPGsGPGEIRK
EphA1 EPHA1 P21709 human 108,127 S906 1246257 Phosphorylation RMTLRLPsLsGsDGI
FAM193A FAM193A P78312 human 139,988 S1144 3193544 Phosphorylation SKLVLAEsPQPKGKN
FAM208B FAM208B Q5VWN6 human 268,843 S2037 3201903 Phosphorylation HPAPRsRsPLLVtVV
FASN FASN P49327 human 273,427 T2204 452704 Phosphorylation AsELACPtPkEDGLA
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 S1630 478650 Phosphorylation GGDEIPFsPyRVRAV
FLNB FLNB O75369 human 278,164 S2478 3176107 Phosphorylation VtGQRLVsPGsANET
FOXO4 FOXO4 P98177 human 53,684 T32 455572 Phosphorylation QsRPRsCtWPLPRPE
G3BP-1 G3BP1 Q13283 human 52,164 S149 449041 Phosphorylation VtEPQEEsEEEVEEP
GAPVD1 GAPVD1 Q14C86 human 164,980 S1019 483523 Phosphorylation StLtDDPsPRLsAQA
GATAD2A GATAD2A Q86YP4 human 68,063 T49 3205167 Phosphorylation TDGDMRVtPEPGAGP
GEMIN3 DDX20 Q9UHI6 human 92,241 S678 2526961 Phosphorylation KsyLEGssDNQLKDs
GJA1 GJA1 P17302 human 43,008 S314 486031 Phosphorylation EQNWANysAEQNRMG
GLCCI1 GLCCI1 Q86VQ1 human 58,024 S223 483336 Phosphorylation RSHQRsAsWGSADQL
GLUT1 SLC2A1 P11166 human 54,084 S490 477830 Phosphorylation FHPLGADsQV_____
GLUT3 SLC2A3 P11169 human 53,924 S485 3245159 Phosphorylation DGVMEMNsIEPAkET
GTF2F1 GTF2F1 P35269 human 58,240 S385 483594 Phosphorylation GGssRGNsRPGtPsA
HAUS6 HAUS6 Q7Z4H7 human 108,621 T584 460397 Phosphorylation tRNQIPRtPENLITE
HEXIM2 HEXIM2 Q96MH2 human 32,419 S76 453569 Phosphorylation sRsPRtQsPGGCsAE
hnRNP D-like HNRPDL O14979 human 46,438 S241 453590 Phosphorylation kVFVGGLsPDTSEEQ
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 S216 450148 Phosphorylation ILDLIsEsPIkGRAQ
HSF1 HSF1 Q00613 human 57,260 S292 455481 Phosphorylation DERPLSSsPLVRVkE
HSF1 HSF1 Q00613 human 57,260 S307 449046 Phosphorylation EPPsPPQsPRVEEAs
HSHIN1 OTUD4 Q01804 human 124,044 S1024 451889 Phosphorylation QRPkEEssEDENEVs
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 S15 448401 Phosphorylation FsLLrGPsWDPFRDW
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 S82 448403 Phosphorylation RALsRQLssGVsEIR
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 S255 449266 Phosphorylation PKIEDVGsDEEDDsG
HUWE1 HUWE1 Q7Z6Z7 human 481,891 S1395 453803 Phosphorylation PMDQRAEsPEEVACR
IKKB IKBKB O14920 human 86,564 S672 468028 Phosphorylation VRGPVsGsPDsMNAs
IP3R3 ITPR3 Q14573 human 304,106 S2670 470280 Phosphorylation VDVQNCIsR______
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 T527 483925 Phosphorylation tPEsIAEtPPARDGG
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 S577 483923 Phosphorylation GLRKRtysLttPARQ
IRTKS BAIAP2L1 Q9UHR4 human 56,883 S261 468036 Phosphorylation VsGtPQAsPMIERSN
ISCU ISCU Q9H1K1 human 17,999 S14 469833 Phosphorylation FRLRRAAsALLLRsP
ITSN1 ITSN1 Q15811 human 195,422 S904 452845 Phosphorylation tAtGssPsPVLGQGE
kalirin KALRN O60229 human 340,174 S1773 483916 Phosphorylation TLKKWLTsPVRRLNs
KIAA0947 KIAA0947 Q9Y2F5 human 247,891 S1854 3216708 Phosphorylation RLRLDtGsPEPEtRG
KIF4A KIF4A O95239 human 139,881 S801 459849 Phosphorylation KLRRRtFsLTEVRGQ
KPNA2 KPNA2 P52292 human 57,862 S62 459854 Phosphorylation sFPDDAtsPLQENRN
KSR KSR1 Q8IVT5 human 102,160 S406 449297 Phosphorylation TRLRRtEsVPsDINN
LEO1 LEO1 Q8WVC0 human 75,404 T188 470673 Phosphorylation DDEKMQNtDDEERPQ
LIG1 LIG1 P18858 human 101,736 T195 452261 Phosphorylation LKTSKAEtPtEsVsE
LIMK1 LIMK1 P53667 human 72,585 S310 459629 Phosphorylation PGAGsLGsPAsQRKD
LRRFIP1 LRRFIP1 Q32MZ4 human 89,253 S714 20804876 Phosphorylation IDGAtQssPAEPKsE
MADD MADD Q8WXG6 human 183,303 S1059 486124 Phosphorylation EPDKRKRsPtEsVNt
MAP1A MAP1A P78559 human 305,485 S1675 456395 Phosphorylation APAWEDtsPEQDNRY
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S1265 454136 Phosphorylation sLsPsPPsPLEKtPL
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 T1282 454148 Phosphorylation RsVNFsLtPNEIKVS
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S1312 456402 Phosphorylation VVEEHCAsPEDKtLE
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S1915 456412 Phosphorylation kIERTtKsPsDsGys
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 T1964 3147363 Phosphorylation yDIsEKttsPPEVsG
MARCKS MARCKS P29966 human 31,555 T150 454166 Phosphorylation tPsPsNEtPkkKKKR

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