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(2009) CST Curation Set: 6904; Year: 2009; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, Jurkat/pervanadate & calyculin; Disease: T cell leukemia; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-RXX(s/t)(phosphorylation)
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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MRLC1 MYL9 P24844 human 19,827 T19 1863501 Phosphorylation KKRPQRAtsNVFAMF
4E-T EIF4ENIF1 Q9NRA8 human 108,201 S587 454357 Phosphorylation yLRPRIPsPIGFtPG
4E-T EIF4ENIF1 Q9NRA8 human 108,201 S670 12667575 Phosphorylation RQQRVTKsPAPVHRG
Abi-1 ABI1 Q8IZP0 human 55,081 S319 1245380 Phosphorylation GTMTRQIsRHNstts
Abi-1 ABI1 Q8IZP0 human 55,081 T324 4959703 Phosphorylation QIsRHNsttsstssG
ADAM22 ADAM22 Q9P0K1 human 100,433 S834 469108 Phosphorylation NGRPRsNsWQGNLGG
Afadin MLLT4 P55196 human 206,804 S1799 481813 Phosphorylation KERQRLFsQGQDVsN
ANKRD17 ANKRD17 O75179 human 274,258 S206 477929 Phosphorylation EVLRRLtssVsCALD
ANKRD27 ANKRD27 Q96NW4 human 116,984 T1023 472534 Phosphorylation RRMLRRHtVEDAVVs
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 Y215 23051857 Phosphorylation KNLNkQAyDLAkALL
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1177 1211742 Phosphorylation IKGRLDssEMDHsEN
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1182 1211746 Phosphorylation DssEMDHsENEDytM
ARPC5 ARPC5 O15511 human 16,320 T146 480054 Phosphorylation GsIVRVLtARKTV__
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S262 4755100 Phosphorylation LEVVVPGsPGDCLPE
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S318 455925 Phosphorylation EFRsRCssVtGVQRR
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S341 455922 Phosphorylation QPRRRHAsAPsHVQP
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S570 455923 Phosphorylation AKRsLtssLENIFSr
ATAD2 ATAD2 Q6PL18 human 158,554 S342 3202989 Phosphorylation LssAGPRsPyCKRMN
ATF-2 ATF2 P15336 human 54,537 S62 451440 Phosphorylation FGPARNDsVIVADQt
ATF-2 ATF2 P15336 human 54,537 T69 448224 Phosphorylation sVIVADQtPtPtRFL
ATR ATR Q13535 human 301,367 S435 477846 Phosphorylation sPKRRRLsssLNPsk
ATR ATR Q13535 human 301,367 S436 477847 Phosphorylation PKRRRLsssLNPskR
BAD BAD Q92934 human 18,392 S75 447860 Phosphorylation EIRsRHssyPAGtED
BAD BAD Q92934 human 18,392 S118 447863 Phosphorylation GRELRRMsDEFVDsF
BAT2L PRRC2B Q5JSZ5 human 242,967 S416 480477 Phosphorylation PRRQRQLsMssADsA
BCDIN3 MEPCE Q7L2J0 human 74,355 S175 1210902 Phosphorylation KRRRRVNsDCDsVLP
BCDIN3 MEPCE Q7L2J0 human 74,355 S179 3253356 Phosphorylation RVNsDCDsVLPsNFL
BMI1 BMI1 P35226 human 36,949 S276 23086624 Phosphorylation sSCLPsPstPVQsPH
BMI1 BMI1 P35226 human 36,949 S281 23086627 Phosphorylation sPstPVQsPHPQFPH
BMI1 BMI1 P35226 human 36,949 S316 6150348 Phosphorylation ANRPRKssVNGSSAT
BRD1 BRD1 O95696 human 119,520 S808 1855904 Phosphorylation sRstCGDsEVEEEsP
BRD1 BRD1 O95696 human 119,520 S852 478709 Phosphorylation tPRRRCAsEssIsss
BRD1 BRD1 O95696 human 119,520 S854 3253061 Phosphorylation RRRCAsEssIsssNs
BRD1 BRD1 O95696 human 119,520 S859 9159387 Phosphorylation sEssIsssNsPLCDS
BRD1 BRD1 O95696 human 119,520 T885 478106 Phosphorylation PALVRRHtLEDRsEL
CARHSP1 CARHSP1 Q9Y2V2 human 15,892 S30 467608 Phosphorylation tPRsRERsPsPLRGN
CARHSP1 CARHSP1 Q9Y2V2 human 15,892 S41 455702 Phosphorylation LRGNVVPsPLPtRRt
CARHSP1 CARHSP1 Q9Y2V2 human 15,892 S52 453062 Phosphorylation tRRtRtFsAtVRAsQ
CBX8 CBX8 Q9HC52 human 43,396 S256 467620 Phosphorylation QLARRQDsDLVQCGV
CCSAP CCSAP Q6IQ19 human 30,216 S240 478723 Phosphorylation AQRQRAHsVDVEKNR
CCT-beta CCT2 P78371 human 57,488 S260 472352 Phosphorylation GsRVRVDstAkVAEI
CDP138 C2CD5 Q86YS7 human 110,447 T339 472517 Phosphorylation KALLRQQtQsALEQR
CEP170 CEP170 Q5SW79 human 175,293 S1210 1211846 Phosphorylation ANsIsRLsDsKVKsM
Chk1 CHEK1 O14757 human 54,434 S288 10993813 Phosphorylation GGVsEsPsGFskHIQ
CHORDC1 CHORDC1 Q9UHD1 human 37,490 S200 4774919 Phosphorylation SCCRRktsDFNtFLA
CRMP-2 DPYSL2 Q16555 human 62,294 T555 448084 Phosphorylation DNIPRRttQRIVAPP
CTDSPL2 CTDSPL2 Q05D32 human 52,999 S104 3205830 Phosphorylation ISRVRRKsQVNGEAG
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 S269 467729 Phosphorylation KQKERAMsttsIssP
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 T271 1216824 Phosphorylation KERAMsttsIssPQP
DDX17 DDX17 Q92841 human 80,272 T569 480605 Phosphorylation GGRSRyRttssANNP
DDX17 DDX17 Q92841 human 80,272 S571 3253380 Phosphorylation RSRyRttssANNPNL
DMKN iso2 DMKN Q6E0U4-2 human 47,090 Y315 23099332 Phosphorylation LGGSGDNyRGQGSSW
DNAJC5 DNAJC5 Q9H3Z4 human 22,149 S10 448129 Phosphorylation DQRQRsLstsGEsLy
E2A iso2 TCF3 P15923-2 human 67,265 S530 483180 Phosphorylation APRARtsstDEVLsL
EDC3 EDC3 Q96F86 human 56,078 S163 1211078 Phosphorylation RRRHNsWssssRHPN
EFCAB4B iso2 EFCAB4B Q9BSW2-2 human 83,193 S473 15332213 Phosphorylation RPLRRIIsVEEDPLP
EIF4B EIF4B P23588 human 69,151 S422 451290 Phosphorylation RERsRtGsEssQtGt
ELMSAN1 ELMSAN1 Q6PJG2 human 114,989 S461 478686 Phosphorylation tRRRRRAsQEANLLt
EMSY EMSY Q7Z589 human 141,468 S209 453526 Phosphorylation RKRRRtNsssssPVV
EXOC4 EXOC4 Q96A65 human 110,498 S32 480063 Phosphorylation IsVIRtLstsDDVED
FAM122B FAM122B Q7Z309 human 26,928 S50 1210890 Phosphorylation tLRtRRNsttIMsRH
FAM65B FAM65B Q9Y4F9 human 118,519 S21 4746003 Phosphorylation NGIIRsQsFAGFsGL
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 S2152 451357 Phosphorylation TRRRRAPsVANVGsH
GFAT GFPT1 Q06210 human 78,806 S261 467935 Phosphorylation CNLsRVDsttCLFPV
GGA1 GGA1 Q9UJY5 human 70,384 S268 1245522 Phosphorylation PtLFRLAsDtEDNDE
GRIN1 GPRIN1 Q7Z2K8 human 102,399 S895 3867533 Phosphorylation EVRVRPGsALAAAVA
GSK3A GSK3A P49840 human 50,981 S21 448584 Phosphorylation sGRARtssFAEPGGG
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 S9 449111 Phosphorylation SGRPRttsFAEsCKP
GTF3C1 GTF3C1 Q12789 human 238,875 S1068 453791 Phosphorylation NsstDQGsDEEGsLQ
HBP1 HBP1 O60381 human 57,645 S380 3252925 Phosphorylation MARQRRAsLsCGGPG
HDGF2 HDGFRP2 Q7Z4V5 human 74,317 S454 465651 Phosphorylation VERTRKRsEGFsMDR
HECTD1 HECTD1 Q9ULT8 human 289,384 T1760 4959814 Phosphorylation TkGGRRRtWDDDyVL
HELZ HELZ P42694 human 218,970 S1741 3190402 Phosphorylation SRtVssssLPsLEEY
HELZ HELZ P42694 human 218,970 S1763 469223 Phosphorylation PLyQRRIssssVQPC
HGK MAP4K4 O95819 human 142,101 S700 5861717 Phosphorylation HPGsQsGsGERFRVR
HIRA HIRA P54198 human 111,835 S650 10990776 Phosphorylation KGRPRKDsRLMPVsL
HMHA1 HMHA1 Q92619 human 124,614 S569 4717053 Phosphorylation HVsANAWsPVMRARK
HMHA1 HMHA1 Q92619 human 124,614 S578 467991 Phosphorylation VMRARKssFNVsDVA
HMHA1 HMHA1 Q92619 human 124,614 T600 10993199 Phosphorylation PPEEGGCtEGtPAKD
hnRNP L HNRNPL P14866 human 64,133 T63 476072 Phosphorylation RAPkRLktDNAGDQH
HSPC274 TMEM230 Q96A57 human 13,188 S24 454551 Phosphorylation VkysRLsstDDGyID
IFNGR1 IFNGR1 P15260 human 54,405 T295 472484 Phosphorylation IsVVRsAtLEtkPEs
IFT57 IFT57 Q9NWB7 human 49,108 S347 5678139 Phosphorylation TERtRLLsEVMEELE
IWS1 IWS1 Q96ST2 human 91,955 S720 477902 Phosphorylation PQRRRMNstGGQtPR
Lamin B2 LMNB2 Q03252 human 67,689 S296 478710 Phosphorylation EARMRLEsLsyQLSG
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 S847 471842 Phosphorylation EHRPRtAsIsssPsE
LCMT1 LCMT1 Q9UIC8 human 38,379 S12 10990836 Phosphorylation QREssItsCCstSsC
LMO7 LMO7 Q8WWI1 human 192,696 S805 478704 Phosphorylation PsRRRMysFDDVLEE
LOK STK10 O94804 human 112,135 T14 1247620 Phosphorylation RRILRLstFEKRKsR
matrin 3 MATR3 P43243 human 94,623 S188 465842 Phosphorylation kRHFRRDsFDDRGPs
MBD3 MBD3 O95983 human 32,844 S86 1210522 Phosphorylation QRVRyDssNQVKGkP
MDC1 MDC1 Q14676 human 226,666 T449 468181 Phosphorylation LQRsQtttERDsDtD
MRLC2 MYL12B O14950 human 19,779 T19 448596 Phosphorylation KKRPQRAtsNVFAMF
MRLC3 MYL12A P19105 human 19,794 S19 7382102 Phosphorylation KRPQRAtsNVFAMFD
MST2 STK3 Q13188 human 56,301 T384 3195191 Phosphorylation GTMKRNAtsPQVQRP
MYPT1 PPP1R12A O14974 human 115,281 S507 477839 Phosphorylation tIPRRLAstsDIEEK
N-CoR1 NCOR1 O75376 human 270,210 S1450 1210494 Phosphorylation tVRSRHtsVVsSGPs
N-CoR1 NCOR1 O75376 human 270,210 S2394 4728732 Phosphorylation PLTMRMLsstPPtPI
NBA1 BABAM1 Q9NWV8 human 36,560 S29 479974 Phosphorylation EPRPRtRsNPEGAED
NCAPG NCAPG Q9BPX3 human 114,334 S973 3210609 Phosphorylation CQtAEADsEsDHEVP

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