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PubMed Id: 19581576 
Depontieu FR, et al. (2009) Identification of tumor-associated, MHC class II-restricted phosphopeptides as targets for immunotherapy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 12073-8 19581576
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ADAM8 ADAM8 P78325 human 88,771 S758 9511909 Phosphorylation APPVTVSsPPFPVPV
AES AES Q08117 human 21,970 S196 7103780 Phosphorylation QEDDGEKsD______
ANKRD54 ANKRD54 Q6NXT1 human 32,505 S63 485389 Phosphorylation RAsGGAQsPLRyLHV
ANO8 ANO8 Q9HCE9 human 136,034 S641 9511901 Phosphorylation EALLEEGsPTMVEKG
AP3D1 AP3D1 O14617 human 130,158 S788 467457 Phosphorylation MPENALPsDEDDKDP
BCLAF1 BCLAF1 Q9NYF8 human 106,122 S658 453262 Phosphorylation IHRRIDIsPstLRKH
CARD11 CARD11 Q9BXL7 human 133,284 S512 4737133 Phosphorylation IQLQRAKsPIsLKRT
CD19 CD19 P15391 human 61,128 T337 471454 Phosphorylation TRRFFKVtPPPGSGP
CFAP97 CFAP97 Q9P2B7 human 59,475 S138 485648 Phosphorylation yytDGEEssDDGKKY
CHMP1A CHMP1A Q9HD42 human 21,703 S179 9511918 Phosphorylation AsAVGEssVRsQEDQ
CK2B CSNK2B P67870 human 24,942 S209 451751 Phosphorylation QAAsNFksPVktIR_
Claudin-11 CLDN11 O75508 human 21,993 S197 485918 Phosphorylation FyyTAGsssPTHAKS
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 S120 457526 Phosphorylation PSRAVRQsVTsFPDA
FBS1 FBRS Q9HAH7 human 48,388 S448 3212880 Phosphorylation VPAPRPSsPPRGPGP
Ferritin-H FTH1 P02794 human 21,226 S179 452608 Phosphorylation DKHtLGDsDNEs___
FZD6 FZD6 O60353 human 79,292 S620 472290 Phosphorylation QDCGEPAsPAAsIsR
FZD6 FZD6 O60353 human 79,292 S624 9511922 Phosphorylation EPAsPAAsIsRLsGE
FZD6 FZD6 O60353 human 79,292 S626 9511924 Phosphorylation AsPAAsIsRLsGEQV
FZD6 FZD6 O60353 human 79,292 S629 9511923 Phosphorylation AAsIsRLsGEQVDGk
GCET2 GCSAM Q8N6F7 human 21,005 S143 9511910 Phosphorylation TDPRHARsPEDEyEL
GCET2 GCSAM Q8N6F7 human 21,005 S157 9511911 Phosphorylation LLMPHRIsSHFLQQP
GPATCH2L GPATCH2L Q9NWQ4 human 54,260 S478 9286180 Phosphorylation FKMPQEKsPGys___
IGF2R IGF2R P11717 human 274,375 S2395 9511925 Phosphorylation NGHITTksVKALssL
IGF2R IGF2R P11717 human 274,375 S2409 451243 Phosphorylation LHGDDQDsEDEVLtI
IL10RB IL10RB Q08334 human 36,995 S296 9511919 Phosphorylation NDVFDKLsVIAEDSE
IL1RAP IL1RAP Q9NPH3 human 65,418 S556 3213279 Phosphorylation KKsPRRSssDEQGLS
IL2RB IL2RB P14784 human 61,117 T282 9511913 Phosphorylation KKVLKCNtPDPSKFF
IL2RB IL2RB P14784 human 61,117 S293 9511912 Phosphorylation SKFFSQLsSEHGGDV
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 S1100 453065 Phosphorylation PEAARVAsPTsGVKR
KCC3 SLC12A6 Q9UHW9 human 127,617 S1064 4770554 Phosphorylation SRGQKAKsMEGFQDL
LISCH LSR Q86X29 human 71,439 S332 7321855 Phosphorylation PstyAHLsPAKTPPP
LRMP LRMP Q12912 human 62,122 S131 9511906 Phosphorylation EEDTRsAsPtIEAQG
LRMP LRMP Q12912 human 62,122 S404 9511908 Phosphorylation RFSRRSssWRILGSK
LUC7L iso2 LUC7L Q53G47 human 43,712 S363 469904 Phosphorylation GKMASRRsEEKEAGE
MLANA MLANA Q16655 human 13,157 S108 9511900 Phosphorylation PPAyEKLsAEQSPPP
MS4A1 MS4A1 P11836 human 33,077 S35 472341 Phosphorylation KPLFRRMssLVGPtQ
MXRA7 MXRA7 P84157 human 21,466 S144 3193781 Phosphorylation EGFsFKysPGkLRGN
NDUFV3 NDUFV3 P56181 human 11,941 S105 4751741 Phosphorylation QPSsGREsPRH____
NKIRAS2 NKIRAS2 Q9NYR9 human 21,508 S186 9511902 Phosphorylation LSRKNKGsGsLDG__
NKIRAS2 NKIRAS2 Q9NYR9 human 21,508 S188 9511903 Phosphorylation RKNKGsGsLDG____
optineurin OPTN Q96CV9 human 65,921 S473 9511914 Phosphorylation AQMEVYCsDFHAERA
PGK1 PGK1 P00558 human 44,615 S203 468410 Phosphorylation yFAkALEsPERPFLA
PGRMC1 PGRMC1 O00264 human 21,671 S181 452525 Phosphorylation GEEPtVysDEEEPKD
plakophilin 4 PKP4 Q99569 human 131,868 S213 5202133 Phosphorylation NRAMRrVssVPSrAQ
plakophilin 4 PKP4 Q99569 human 131,868 S281 468462 Phosphorylation PysQRPAsPtAIRRI
plakophilin 4 PKP4 Q99569 human 131,868 T283 8110842 Phosphorylation sQRPAsPtAIRRIGs
RASSF6 RASSF6 Q6ZTQ3 human 43,384 S187 469853 Phosphorylation PVLYRTMsEAALVRK
SHEP1 SH2D3C Q8N5H7 human 94,411 S84 9511920 Phosphorylation MGTMPRPsIKKAQNS
SLX4IP SLX4IP Q5VYV7 human 45,552 S396 3391807 Phosphorylation RLStIQNsPTKKRKK
SMAP C11orf58 O00193 human 20,333 S17 453098 Phosphorylation HGVkRsAsPDDDLGs
SNX17 SNX17 Q15036 human 52,901 T403 9511927 Phosphorylation LRRRVGGtLRRsDsQ
SQSTM1 SQSTM1 Q13501 human 47,687 S332 3195674 Phosphorylation QMEsDNCsGGDDDWt
SQSTM1 SQSTM1 Q13501 human 47,687 S342 9511926 Phosphorylation DDDWtHLsskEVDPs
STRIP1 STRIP1 Q5VSL9 human 95,576 S335 486237 Phosphorylation IRNMRAAsPPAsAsD
SYNJ1 SYNJ1 O43426 human 173,103 S1565 3177612 Phosphorylation TTLASKAsPTLDFTE
TAX1BP1 TAX1BP1 Q86VP1 human 90,877 S123 9511921 Phosphorylation TPFQFRAssPVEELL
TAX1BP1 TAX1BP1 Q86VP1 human 90,877 S124 6423103 Phosphorylation PFQFRAssPVEELLT
TCEB3 TCEB3 Q14241 human 89,909 S151 4927533 Phosphorylation ATGsRSYsPDHRQKK
tensin 3 TNS3 Q68CZ2 human 155,266 S1441 4726261 Phosphorylation VSKVMIGsPKKV___
TMEM184C TMEM184C Q9NVA4 human 50,142 S432 9511905 Phosphorylation IGEKkEPsDKSVDS_
TNFRSF8 TNFRSF8 P28908 human 63,747 Y518 9511916 Phosphorylation NNKIEKIyIMKADTV
TNIP1 TNIP1 Q15025 human 71,864 S568 9511915 Phosphorylation HHGFEDWsQIRYPPP
TSPAN10 TSPAN10 Q9H1Z9 human 36,498 S7 9511904 Phosphorylation _MEEGERsPLLSQET
UFL1 UFL1 O94874 human 89,595 S789 9511928 Phosphorylation LVLKSRKssVTEE__
UFL1 UFL1 O94874 human 89,595 S790 453604 Phosphorylation VLKSRKssVTEE___
XPR1 XPR1 Q9UBH6 human 81,535 S660 9511917 Phosphorylation RNRQKNRsWkyNQsI

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