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PubMed Id: 16396499 
Moser K, White FM (2006) Phosphoproteomic analysis of rat liver by high capacity IMAC and LC-MS/MS. J Proteome Res 5, 98-104 16396499
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6MG08 rat 95,252 S193 7502415 Phosphorylation GKAKNKPsAtDsEGE
ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6MG08 rat 95,252 S197 467383 Phosphorylation NKPsAtDsEGEDDED
Abi-1 Abi1 Q9QZM5 rat 51,705 S217 3655554 Phosphorylation tSPARLGsQHsPGRT
ACC1 Acaca P11497 rat 265,194 S79 448292 Phosphorylation FHMRSsMsGLHLVKQ
ACC2 Acacb O70151 rat 276,100 S1338 4737042 Phosphorylation MAMPINVsDPDLLRH
ACLY Acly P16638 rat 120,636 S454 448631 Phosphorylation PAPsRtAsFSEsRAD
ACOX1 Acox1 P07872 rat 74,679 S310 2158879 Phosphorylation YSAVRRQsEIkQSEP
ACOX2 Acox2 P97562 rat 76,799 S32 7502350 Phosphorylation ERHSPSFsVERLTNI
AKAP1 Akap1 O88884 rat 91,747 S103 3208338 Phosphorylation QVRRRsEssGNLPSI
AKAP1 Akap1 O88884 rat 91,747 S104 3208341 Phosphorylation VRRRsEssGNLPSIV
alphaSNBP(A) Lsm14a B2GV58 rat 51,227 S182 467431 Phosphorylation PQLAQGRssPQLDPL
ALS2 Als2 P0C5Y8 rat 182,448 S486 469915 Phosphorylation PGLLSQVsPRLLRKA
AMPKB1 Prkab1 P80386 rat 30,394 S108 448522 Phosphorylation sKLPLTRsQNNFVAI
ANKRD25 RGD1563532 D4ACC2 rat 90,009 S72 480002 Phosphorylation QRRPRLGsLPRGPGS
ARAF Araf P14056 rat 67,551 S580 481007 Phosphorylation PKIERSAsEPSLHRT
ARPP-19 Arpp19 Q712U5 rat 12,293 S62 465742 Phosphorylation KGQkyFDsGDyNMAk
ARVCF Arvcf B4F7F3 rat 105,487 S336 467502 Phosphorylation PERGsLGsLDRVVRR
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P11960 rat 50,164 S333 449636 Phosphorylation TYRIGHHstsDDSSA
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 B1WC16 rat 106,064 S286 465748 Phosphorylation GSSRYsPsQNsPIHH
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 B1WC16 rat 106,064 S289 455931 Phosphorylation RYsPsQNsPIHHIPS
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 B1WC16 rat 106,064 S531 455195 Phosphorylation KSIFREEsPLRIKMI
BRF1 Zfp36l1 P17431 rat 36,399 S92 470147 Phosphorylation RFRDRSFsEGGERLL
CA14 Car14 A2IBE0 rat 37,525 S325 469694 Phosphorylation KRLGNRKsVVFTSAR
Calnexin Canx P35565 rat 67,255 S582 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CARHSP1 Carhsp1 Q9WU49 rat 15,906 S30 467608 Phosphorylation TPRARDRsPsPLRGN
CARHSP1 Carhsp1 Q9WU49 rat 15,906 S32 467609 Phosphorylation RARDRsPsPLRGNVV
CARHSP1 Carhsp1 Q9WU49 rat 15,906 S41 455702 Phosphorylation LRGNVVPsPLPTRRT
CARHSP1 Carhsp1 Q9WU49 rat 15,906 S52 453062 Phosphorylation TRRTRTFsATVRASQ
CBCP1 Ccny F1MA89 rat 39,368 S326 453488 Phosphorylation PMRKRsAsADNLILP
CDK7 Cdk7 P51952 rat 37,141 T162 448306 Phosphorylation GsPNWAYtHQVVTRW
CDP138 RGD1304592 XP_342784 rat 111,375 S437 7502378 Phosphorylation SGTAAVLsPRFLQEG
CGN Cgn XP_227472 rat 150,818 S268 3214764 Phosphorylation LNGKLLRsQsQAsLt
CHD-8 Chd8 Q9JIX5 rat 290,692 S1997 4695559 Phosphorylation TSRTAsPsPLRPDVP
COMT Comt P22734 rat 29,597 S260 467684 Phosphorylation AIyQGPssPDKs___
CPSF2 Cpsf2 D3Z9E6 rat 88,351 S420 467694 Phosphorylation KEADIDssDEsDVEE
CTAGE5 Ctage5 EDM03470 rat 88,401 S518 2049769 Phosphorylation sETRAFLsPPTLLEG
CTAGE5 Ctage5 EDM03470 rat 88,401 S615 3174959 Phosphorylation YSNSGRLsGPAELRS
CTNNB1 Ctnnb1 Q9WU82 rat 85,455 S191 467710 Phosphorylation SRHAIMRsPQMVSAI
CTNNB1 Ctnnb1 Q9WU82 rat 85,455 S552 472273 Phosphorylation QDTQRRtsMGGTQQQ
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 D3ZZZ9 rat 104,072 S346 465638 Phosphorylation LAQHERGsLAsLDsL
CYBA Cyba Q62737 rat 20,750 T147 7103047 Phosphorylation ERPQVGGtIKQPPTN
CYP2D1 Cyp2d1 P10633 rat 57,175 S138 7502317 Phosphorylation WREQRRFsVSTLRTF
CYP2D2 Cyp2d26 P10634 rat 56,684 S138 2158864 Phosphorylation WREQRRFsVSTLRDF
CYP2D5 Cyp2d10 P12939 rat 57,076 S138 7502322 Phosphorylation WREQRRFsVSTLRTF
CYP2D9 Cyp2d3 P12938 rat 56,642 S138 7502319 Phosphorylation WREQRRFsVSTLRNF
DDX17 Ddx17 Q568Z8 rat 28,877 S140 7502411 Phosphorylation GGRRDstsYRDRSET
Desmoplakin Dsp F1LMV6 rat 332,393 S2216 452249 Phosphorylation SVQKRSMsFQGIRQP
DNAJC5 Dnajc5 P60905 rat 22,101 S10 448129 Phosphorylation DQRQRsLsTsGEsLY
DNCH1 Dync1h1 NP_062099 rat 532,047 S4366 465772 Phosphorylation EKKTRTDsTSDGRPA
EEF2 Eef2 P05197 rat 95,284 T57 448040 Phosphorylation RAGEtRFtDtRKDEQ
EEF2 Eef2 P05197 rat 95,284 T59 450254 Phosphorylation GEtRFtDtRKDEQER
eIF2B-epsilon Eif2b5 Q64350 rat 80,206 S539 449906 Phosphorylation ELDsRAGsPQLDDIR
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q4G061 rat 90,911 S114 467779 Phosphorylation RAEEEGGsDGsAAEA
eIF4G Eif4g1 D3ZU13 rat 175,705 S1187 449797 Phosphorylation PATKRsFsKEVEERS
eIF4G Eif4g1 D3ZU13 rat 175,705 S1209 452362 Phosphorylation EGLRKAAsLTEDRGR
eIF4G Eif4g1 D3ZU13 rat 175,705 S1595 465780 Phosphorylation REAEDEEsDHN____
ELG RGD1308139 D3ZXL5 rat 70,086 S495 454691 Phosphorylation RLGKRPYsPEKAFSS
ephexin-1 Ngef Q5BKC9 rat 81,008 S597 481497 Phosphorylation NRRTKFVsFTSRLLD
EPS15 Eps15 A7BFV9 rat 98,613 S797 1983704 Phosphorylation RPINKLDssDPFKLN
ESYT2 Esyt2 XP_002726895 rat 94,100 T677 3147813 Phosphorylation HIAAKEPtPsIAsDI
ESYT2 Esyt2 XP_002726895 rat 94,100 S679 468074 Phosphorylation AAKEPtPsIAsDIsL
ESYT2 Esyt2 XP_002726895 rat 94,100 S685 449187 Phosphorylation PsIAsDIsLPIATQE
FAM122A Fam122a Q6AYT4 rat 30,472 S146 467590 Phosphorylation IPVsPAPsPtRGIGK
FAM176B Fam176b B2RZB3 rat 24,578 S177 485715 Phosphorylation LSVNVFTsAEELERA
FAM83H Fam83h D3ZRK0 rat 131,163 S871 7502384 Phosphorylation AYPERKGsPTPAYPE
FAM83H Fam83h D3ZRK0 rat 131,163 S904 2509464 Phosphorylation AYPERKGsPTPAYPE
FETUA Ahsg P24090 rat 37,982 S313 467423 Phosphorylation HAFsPVAsVEsAsGE
FETUA Ahsg P24090 rat 37,982 S316 467424 Phosphorylation sPVAsVEsAsGEVLH
FETUA Ahsg P24090 rat 37,982 S318 467425 Phosphorylation VAsVEsAsGEVLHsP
FIP1L1 Fip1l1 Q5U317 rat 60,188 S496 2906752 Phosphorylation NSRRRHEsEEGDSHR
G3BP-1 G3bp1 D3ZYS7 rat 51,787 S231 449042 Phosphorylation EDVQKsAsPAPADVA
GYS2 Gys2 P17625 rat 80,734 S8 484503 Phosphorylation MLRGRsLsVtsLGGL
GYS2 Gys2 P17625 rat 80,734 S11 4765324 Phosphorylation GRsLsVtsLGGLPAW
HDGF Hdgf Q8VHK7 rat 26,488 S132 452718 Phosphorylation KKGNAEGssDEEGKL
HDGF Hdgf Q8VHK7 rat 26,488 S133 452719 Phosphorylation KGNAEGssDEEGKLV
HDGF Hdgf Q8VHK7 rat 26,488 S165 452720 Phosphorylation AGDMLEDsPKRPKES
HERC2 Herc2 D4ACN3 rat 521,120 S1483 7502305 Phosphorylation SKFKLLGsLPRWRRI
hnRNP A3 Hnrnpa3 Q6URK4 rat 39,652 S357 481382 Phosphorylation GSFGGrssGsPyGGG
hnRNP A3 Hnrnpa3 Q6URK4 rat 39,652 S359 483226 Phosphorylation FGGrssGsPyGGGyG
hnRNP D0 Hnrnpd Q9JJ54 rat 38,192 S80 455211 Phosphorylation EDEGHsNssPRHTEA
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61980 rat 50,976 S284 448185 Phosphorylation RRDYDDMsPrRGPPP
HSP90A Hsp90aa1 Q91XW0 rat 84,815 S231 448318 Phosphorylation KERDKEVsDDEAEEK
JIP4 Spag9 E9PSJ4 rat 146,006 S716 453192 Phosphorylation GSKQRsAsQssLDKL
JIP4 Spag9 E9PSJ4 rat 146,006 S719 451872 Phosphorylation QRsAsQssLDKLDQE
K8 Krt8 Q10758 rat 54,019 S37 456882 Phosphorylation GARIsSSsFsRVGss
K8 Krt8 Q10758 rat 54,019 S44 4702549 Phosphorylation sFsRVGsssssFRGs
K8 Krt8 Q10758 rat 54,019 S45 7502404 Phosphorylation FsRVGsssssFRGsL
K8 Krt8 Q10758 rat 54,019 S46 4702553 Phosphorylation sRVGsssssFRGsLG
KIF13B kif13B Q70AM4 rat 196,625 S1629 484011 Phosphorylation LGRLEVtsDsEDASE
KIF1B Kif1b O88658 rat 204,170 S1454 452551 Phosphorylation CKMADTGsPGMQRRR
KIF1C Kif1c O35787 rat 122,334 S671 467316 Phosphorylation QQRLYADsDsGEDSD
LARP7 Larp7 Q5XI01 rat 64,949 S257 484025 Phosphorylation PRtAsEGsEAEtPEA
LISCH Lsr Q9WU74 rat 65,777 S436 468133 Phosphorylation SGRPRARsVDALDDI
LRP1 Lrp1 G3V928 rat 504,889 T4525 7103867 Phosphorylation SRHsLAstDEKRELL
MAP4 Map4 Q5M7W5 rat 110,301 S902 468166 Phosphorylation SRLAtTVsAPDLkSV
MARCKS Marcks P30009 rat 29,795 S163 451837 Phosphorylation sFkLsGFsFkKSKKE
MCT1 Slc16a1 P53987 rat 53,238 S210 456585 Phosphorylation GKVEKLKsKEsLQEA
MCT1 Slc16a1 P53987 rat 53,238 S213 456586 Phosphorylation EKLKsKEsLQEAGKs
MON1A Mon1a B1WC06 rat 62,154 S56 484374 Phosphorylation AMFVHTRsYEDLTEL
MYO18A LOC360570 NP_001165608 rat 233,347 S140 3737860 Phosphorylation QMIVKRFsFSQRSRD

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