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(2008) CST Curation Set: 5243; Year: 2008; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, MCF-7/normal; Disease: breast adenocarcinoma; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-RXX(s/t)(phosphorylation)
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AGO2 AGO2 Q9UKV8 human 97,208 S387 472450 Phosphorylation SkLMRsAsFNtDPyV
ANKRD50 ANKRD50 Q9ULJ7 human 155,859 S1222 4172668 Phosphorylation tEQIQQHsLPRSRsR
ASXL2 ASXL2 Q76L83 human 153,820 S571 6221189 Phosphorylation EsLKRKSsLTQEEAP
AUTS2 AUTS2 Q8WXX7 human 138,982 S941 5738069 Phosphorylation KQLARVPsPyVRtPV
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 S301 472340 Phosphorylation GPLLRsQstsEQEKR
C14orf142 C14orf142 Q9BXV9 human 10,859 T98 25284956 Phosphorylation PSAKRPKtPs_____
CCDC6 CCDC6 Q16204 human 53,291 S323 472363 Phosphorylation EALCRQLsEsEssLE
CCDC6 CCDC6 Q16204 human 53,291 S328 472364 Phosphorylation QLsEsEssLEMDDER
CDK11A CDK11A Q9UQ88 human 91,362 T739 3216567 Phosphorylation QQRVKRGtsPRPPEG
CDK11A CDK11A Q9UQ88 human 91,362 S740 3216564 Phosphorylation QRVKRGtsPRPPEGG
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 T751 468449 Phosphorylation QQRVKRGtsPRPPEG
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 S752 468448 Phosphorylation QRVKRGtsPRPPEGG
CENPF CENPF P49454 human 367,764 T1637 6220641 Phosphorylation ENLTRKEtPsAPAKG
CSIG RSL1D1 O76021 human 54,973 S150 25288195 Phosphorylation EAKLRLLsSFDFFLT
DDX10 DDX10 Q13206 human 100,888 S875 3983546 Phosphorylation LHLLRsQs_______
DENND4C DENND4C Q5VZ89 human 186,857 S1042 3201972 Phosphorylation HALERRssLPLDHGs
FAM83B FAM83B Q5T0W9 human 114,799 S914 25291845 Phosphorylation TPERRPtssPRPTsS
FCHO2 FCHO2 Q0JRZ9 human 88,924 S387 485382 Phosphorylation sIGNItLsPAIsRHs
FCHO2 FCHO2 Q0JRZ9 human 88,924 S394 467844 Phosphorylation sPAIsRHsPVQMNRN
FCHO2 FCHO2 Q0JRZ9 human 88,924 S403 467846 Phosphorylation VQMNRNLsNEELTKS
FNBP1 FNBP1 Q96RU3 human 71,307 S296 451956 Phosphorylation QPMkRtVsDNsLsNs
FNBP1 FNBP1 Q96RU3 human 71,307 S299 476487 Phosphorylation kRtVsDNsLsNsRGE
GRIP1 GRIP1 Q9Y3R0 human 122,422 S953 3919361 Phosphorylation SQLGRQAsFQERSSS
HID1 HID1 Q8IV36 human 88,745 S670 479933 Phosphorylation WREQRRPstssAsGQ
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 S79 1211810 Phosphorylation GGREDLEssGLQRRN
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 S87 455943 Phosphorylation sGLQRRNssEAssGD
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 S91 4713604 Phosphorylation RRNssEAssGDFLDL
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 T143 471871 Phosphorylation RCFtRkytLPPGVDP
INTS8 INTS8 Q75QN2 human 113,088 T18 3820620 Phosphorylation ATSSRPCtPPQtCWF
K19 KRT19 P08727 human 44,106 T275 25296671 Phosphorylation EAWFTsrtEELNrEV
KHS1 MAP4K5 Q9Y4K4 human 95,040 S436 4752594 Phosphorylation LRRQssPsCGPVAET
LSD1 KDM1A O60341 human 92,903 T841 3983533 Phosphorylation YTLPRQAtPGVPAQQ
MISP MISP Q8IVT2 human 75,357 S394 457010 Phosphorylation PGLRRALssDsILsP
MUSK MUSK O15146 human 97,056 T31 25300901 Phosphorylation LPKAPVItTPLETVD
N-CoR1 NCOR1 O75376 human 270,210 S70 3828921 Phosphorylation QQLRRRPsLLsEFHP
NHERF SLC9A3R1 O14745 human 38,868 S280 470168 Phosphorylation LAEAALEsPRPALVR
NHERF SLC9A3R1 O14745 human 38,868 S288 484159 Phosphorylation PRPALVRsAssDtsE
NHERF SLC9A3R1 O14745 human 38,868 S290 450313 Phosphorylation PALVRsAssDtsEEL
NHERF SLC9A3R1 O14745 human 38,868 S291 456988 Phosphorylation ALVRsAssDtsEELN
NHERF SLC9A3R1 O14745 human 38,868 T293 468297 Phosphorylation VRsAssDtsEELNsQ
NuMA-1 NUMA1 Q14980 human 238,260 T2015 472014 Phosphorylation SCFPRPMtPRDRHEG
OSBP2 OSBP2 Q969R2 human 101,266 S473 25303413 Phosphorylation ITEAKEDsRKAEGST
PCNT PCNT O95613 human 378,037 S1653 11088136 Phosphorylation RALLRREsEVLDLKE
PEA-15 PEA15 Q15121 human 15,040 S104 455750 Phosphorylation tkLtRIPsAKKyKDI
PIEZO1 PIEZO1 Q92508 human 286,790 S1646 459755 Phosphorylation QGLMRtAsELLLDRR
PPP2R5C iso3 PPP2R5C Q13362-3 human 56,661 S458 3892580 Phosphorylation RPLARRKsELPQDPH
PPP2R5C iso4 PPP2R5C Q13362-4 human 62,755 S513 3892580 Phosphorylation RPLARRKsELPQDPH
PPP2R5D PPP2R5D Q14738 human 69,992 S573 457390 Phosphorylation KVLLRRKsELPQDVy
PRAS40 AKT1S1 Q96B36 human 27,383 T246 470067 Phosphorylation LPRPRLNtsDFQKLK
RABEP2 RABEP2 Q9H5N1 human 63,543 S200 6220655 Phosphorylation stELLPLsRDPsPPL
RABEP2 RABEP2 Q9H5N1 human 63,543 S204 477811 Phosphorylation LPLsRDPsPPLEPLE
RALBP1 RALBP1 Q15311 human 76,063 T27 487522 Phosphorylation HGSGLtRtPssEEIs
RALBP1 RALBP1 Q15311 human 76,063 S29 472361 Phosphorylation SGLtRtPssEEIsPt
RAMA1 SKA3 Q8IX90 human 46,359 T358 459962 Phosphorylation SYENLLRtPtPPEVT
RAMA1 SKA3 Q8IX90 human 46,359 T360 459963 Phosphorylation ENLLRtPtPPEVTkI
SACS SACS Q9NZJ4 human 521,126 T989 25310150 Phosphorylation KIEQLKTtSCLKLVL
Scribble SCRIB Q14160 human 174,885 T475 3976775 Phosphorylation RGLQRRAtPHPSELK
SGEF ARHGEF26 Q96DR7 human 97,346 S222 1245429 Phosphorylation LPLQRLPsQENELLE
SHARP SPEN Q96T58 human 402,248 S1857 6422966 Phosphorylation EKLKRsNsPRGEAQk
SKI2W SKIV2L Q15477 human 137,755 S256 452841 Phosphorylation APLARAssLEDLVLK
SMRT NCOR2 Q9Y618 human 274,804 T1391 3217644 Phosphorylation KLLKREGtPPPPPPs
SMTNL2 SMTNL2 Q2TAL5 human 50,196 T305 6220789 Phosphorylation RELVRSQtLPRTSEA
SRm300 SRRM2 Q9UQ35 human 299,615 S2581 453335 Phosphorylation VALKRVPsPtPAPKE
SRm300 SRRM2 Q9UQ35 human 299,615 T2583 468857 Phosphorylation LKRVPsPtPAPKEAV
STMN1 STMN1 P16949 human 17,303 S16 448554 Phosphorylation kELEKRAsGQAFELI
supervillin SVIL O95425 human 247,746 S1052 3830679 Phosphorylation NVMKRKFsLRAAEFG
TAO2 TAOK2 Q9UL54 human 138,251 T344 472612 Phosphorylation PyMHRAGtLTsLESS
TAO2 TAOK2 Q9UL54 human 138,251 S347 25313456 Phosphorylation HRAGtLTsLESSHSV
TRIP10 TRIP10 Q15642 human 68,352 S296 484893 Phosphorylation QPMNRAPsDssLGtP
TRIP10 TRIP10 Q15642 human 68,352 S298 484895 Phosphorylation MNRAPsDssLGtPsD
U2AF2 U2AF2 P26368 human 53,501 S79 470379 Phosphorylation EHGGLIRsPRHEKKK
VASP VASP P50552 human 39,830 S325 1855961 Phosphorylation PRMKssssVttSEtQ
WNK1 WNK1 Q9H4A3 human 250,794 T74 25316837 Phosphorylation GAAATTTtTEHRFFR

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