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PubMed Id: 19367708 
Zanivan S, et al. (2008) Solid tumor proteome and phosphoproteome analysis by high resolution mass spectrometry. J Proteome Res 7, 5314-26 19367708
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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53BP1 Tp53bp1 P70399 mouse 211,340 S527 467375 Phosphorylation SKMEsLGsPRtEEDR
AAK1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 mouse 103,346 S635 467380 Phosphorylation AGHRRILsDVtHsAV
abLIM Ablim1 Q8K4G5 mouse 96,805 S475 451847 Phosphorylation GEsPRtLsPtPsAEG
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S387 455928 Phosphorylation SQsLEEKsQsPsPPP
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S389 453031 Phosphorylation sLEEKsQsPsPPPLP
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S1328 456760 Phosphorylation HSRSRsRstPVRDRG
ACLY Acly Q91V92 mouse 119,728 S455 448631 Phosphorylation PAPSRtAsFsEsRAD
ADD1 Add1 Q9QYC0 mouse 80,647 S465 452288 Phosphorylation EEGQNGssPKSKTKW
ADD2 Add2 Q9QYB8 mouse 80,642 S712 449802 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKSKK
Afadin Mllt4 Q9QZQ1 mouse 206,499 S1182 451906 Phosphorylation NVANQPPsPGGKGPy
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S5522 452763 Phosphorylation DLKssKAsLGsLEGE
Akt1 Akt1 P31750 mouse 55,707 S129 450019 Phosphorylation sGsPsDNsGAEEMEV
ANK3 Ank3 G5E8K5 mouse 214,062 S1451 467443 Phosphorylation EKADRRQsFAsLALR
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 S632 467451 Phosphorylation AWINEPPsDsEsEDE
APPL Appl1 Q8K3H0 mouse 79,328 S401 449251 Phosphorylation ALEAVtPsPsFQQRH
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 S1356 453843 Phosphorylation RAQQRAEsPEtsAVE
ARHGEF7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28 mouse 97,056 S673 455215 Phosphorylation RKPERKPsDEEFAVR
ARPP-19 Arpp19 P56212 mouse 12,293 S62 465742 Phosphorylation KGQkyFDsGDyNMAK
ataxin-1 Atxn1 P54254 mouse 83,793 S751 449110 Phosphorylation ATRKRRWsAPETRKL
axin 1 Axin1 O35625 mouse 96,276 S492 451104 Phosphorylation sPGPGHRsPDSGHVA
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S1090 467538 Phosphorylation sEtRsEGsEyEEIPK
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S177 453256 Phosphorylation EGEPQEEsPLKsKsQ
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 S461 448868 Phosphorylation GLPYIDDsPsssPHL
BIN1 Bin1 O08539 mouse 64,470 S296 452527 Phosphorylation APEKGNKsPsPPPDG
BRD1 Brd1 E9PZ26 mouse 133,373 S1183 467561 Phosphorylation RVHGEPAsDLsDID_
CAMSAP1L1 Camsap1l1 Q8C1B1 mouse 164,333 S573 454512 Phosphorylation NIKLNQssPDNLtDT
CAPZB Capzb P47757 mouse 31,345 S263 467605 Phosphorylation KQLQRELsQVLTQRQ
CD44 Cd44 P15379 mouse 85,617 S742 450988 Phosphorylation LNGEAsKsQEMVHLV
CDC42EP1 Cdc42ep1 Q91W92 mouse 43,096 S210 467628 Phosphorylation RRsDsLLsFRFDLDL
CDK11B Cdk11b P24788 mouse 91,513 S270 452643 Phosphorylation LsDLQDIsDSERKTS
CDK7 Cdk7 Q03147 mouse 38,968 S164 450041 Phosphorylation GLAKsFGsPNRAytH
CK1D Csnk1d Q9DC28 mouse 47,316 S382 467662 Phosphorylation rGAPVNVsssDLTGR
COQ9 Coq9 Q8K1Z0 mouse 35,083 S81 467685 Phosphorylation PPRYtDQsGEEEEDY
CROP Luc7l3 Q5SUF2 mouse 51,450 S425 467329 Phosphorylation GTsEDIKsEGDtQsN
CSRP1 Csrp1 P97315 mouse 20,583 S192 467707 Phosphorylation GAGALVHsE______
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 S349 456854 Phosphorylation HERGsLAsLDsLRkG
DCP1A Dcp1a Q91YD3 mouse 65,219 S545 449277 Phosphorylation ERKAssPsPLtVGTA
DDX24 Ddx24 Q9ESV0 mouse 96,429 S80 452946 Phosphorylation KRKAQAVsEEEEEEE
DEK Dek Q7TNV0 mouse 43,159 S33 465616 Phosphorylation MPGPREEsEEEEEDD
desmin Des P31001 mouse 53,498 S32 466343 Phosphorylation sLGsPLssPVFPrAG
DNAJC5 Dnajc5 P60904 mouse 22,101 S10 448129 Phosphorylation DQRQRsLstsGEsLy
E1B-AP5 Hnrnpul1 Q8VDM6 mouse 96,002 S195 467768 Phosphorylation REDRRGRsPQPPAEE
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S638 449192 Phosphorylation SARRNsssPVsPAsV
EEF2 Eef2 P58252 mouse 95,314 T59 450254 Phosphorylation GEtRFtDtRKDEQER
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 S79 452347 Phosphorylation tAtsPAAsPtPQsAE
EIF5 Eif5 P59325 mouse 48,968 S388 448030 Phosphorylation KEAEEEssGGEEEDe
EPB41L1 Epb41l1 Q9Z2H5 mouse 98,315 S648 456375 Phosphorylation PELDRDKsDsEtEGL
EPPK1 Eppk1 Q8R0W0 mouse 724,737 S3220 467814 Phosphorylation PGLRRQVsAsELCTs
Erbin Erbb2ip Q80TH2 mouse 157,248 S599 467822 Phosphorylation FEEsEELssDEEMKM
ERK3 Mapk6 Q61532 mouse 82,199 S189 448267 Phosphorylation YSHKGHLsEGLVTKW
FAM122A Fam122a Q9DB52 mouse 30,270 S140 467589 Phosphorylation RIDFIPVsPAPsPtR
FAM83F Fam83f Q3UKU4 mouse 55,012 S7 467834 Phosphorylation _MAEsQLsCLDEAHV
FKBP15 Fkbp15 Q6P9Q6 mouse 132,961 S1159 453901 Phosphorylation DsQHCsLsGDEEDEL
FNBP1L Fnbp1l Q8K012 mouse 69,885 S295 467904 Phosphorylation QHIYRTIsDGtISAA
GAPVD1 Gapvd1 Q6PAR5 mouse 162,402 S902 468085 Phosphorylation ERLVRsRssDIVSsV
GIT1 Git1 Q68FF6 mouse 85,300 S601 467936 Phosphorylation SKLSRHGsGADsDyE
GRF-1 Grlf1 Q91YM2 mouse 170,393 S1179 452492 Phosphorylation RtSFsVGsDDELGPI
GRK2 Adrbk1 Q99MK8 mouse 79,639 S670 447725 Phosphorylation KMKNKPRsPVVELsK
H2AFY H2afy Q9QZQ8 mouse 39,735 S170 467972 Phosphorylation GEVSkAAsADsttEG
HCA59 BC005624 Q3TQI7 mouse 33,544 S17 453265 Phosphorylation RRRADsEsEEDEQEs
Hck Hck P08103 mouse 59,129 Y409 448168 Phosphorylation RIIEDNEytAREGAK
HDAC2 Hdac2 P70288 mouse 55,302 S422 467979 Phosphorylation IACDEEFsDsEDEGE
HDAC6 Hdac6 Q9Z2V5 mouse 125,787 S21 453006 Phosphorylation KsRHNPQsPLQESsA
HDGF Hdgf P51859 mouse 26,269 S132 452718 Phosphorylation kKGsAEGssDEEGKL
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S376 454542 Phosphorylation RAERGGssGEELEDE
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S670 467987 Phosphorylation RTRLAsEsANDDNED
HMGA1 Hmga1 P17095 mouse 11,614 S99 452256 Phosphorylation KEEEEGIsQEssEEE
HMGA1 Hmga1 P17095 mouse 11,614 S103 452255 Phosphorylation EGIsQEssEEEQ___
HMGN1 Hmgn1 P18608 mouse 10,152 S7 447788 Phosphorylation _MPKRKVsADGAAkA
hnRNP A1 Hnrnpa1 P49312 mouse 34,196 S6 455946 Phosphorylation __MsksEsPkEPEQL
hnRNP C1/C2 Hnrnpc Q9Z204 mouse 34,385 S249 456311 Phosphorylation EEEQssAsVKKDETN
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61979 mouse 50,976 S284 448185 Phosphorylation RRDyDDMsPRRGPPP
HRC Hrc Q9QZV4 mouse 83,623 S104 468003 Phosphorylation EVGEENVsEEVFRGH
IRF2BP1 Irf2bp1 Q8R3Y8 mouse 61,751 S436 468031 Phosphorylation VAEALGHsPKDPGGG
IRTKS Baiap2l1 Q9DBJ3 mouse 57,188 S421 468037 Phosphorylation PAPVRsIstVDLTEK
JAK2 Jak2 Q62120 mouse 130,235 S523 465671 Phosphorylation GISDVQIsPtLQRHN
JIP4 Spag9 Q58A65 mouse 146,219 S733 451872 Phosphorylation QRsAsQssLDKLDQE
Jun Jun P05627 mouse 35,944 S73 447943 Phosphorylation VGLLKLAsPELERLI
kanadaptin Slc4a1ap E9Q585 mouse 79,672 S258 468042 Phosphorylation KKMLGEDsDEEEEAN
KCTD12 Kctd12 Q6WVG3 mouse 35,892 S153 454334 Phosphorylation RGVHKEGsLGDELLP
KIAA1522 Kiaa1522 A2A7S8 mouse 104,842 S909 455697 Phosphorylation LQLERPVsPEAQADL
KIF1B Kif1b Q60575 mouse 204,081 S1454 452551 Phosphorylation CKMADTGsPGMQRRR
KRI1 Kri1 Q8VDQ9 mouse 82,057 S142 467856 Phosphorylation KYVDEDNsDGEtVDH
KRI1 Kri1 Q8VDQ9 mouse 82,057 S178 467857 Phosphorylation RAFVEDssDEDsAGE
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S403 456874 Phosphorylation QRsRGRAssHssQsQ
liprin beta 1 Ppfibp1 Q8C8U0 mouse 108,540 S595 468129 Phosphorylation WSRDLGQsNsDLDMP
LISCH Lsr Q99KG5 mouse 66,108 S588 457008 Phosphorylation MkkNLALsREsLVV_
LISCH Lsr Q99KG5 mouse 66,108 S591 457009 Phosphorylation NLALsREsLVV____
LMO6 Prickle3 Q80VL3 mouse 69,727 S502 452207 Phosphorylation AQRRRPRsPPPRTPS
LSR7 Kiaa1704 Q69ZC8 mouse 38,955 S104 468153 Phosphorylation GFKKQDDsPPRPIIG
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S1747 456396 Phosphorylation VERWLAEsPVGLPPE
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1373 454139 Phosphorylation ENERAsLsPMDEPVP
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1395 454142 Phosphorylation KVLsPLRsPPLLGsE
MARCKS Marcks P26645 mouse 29,661 S29 455960 Phosphorylation AAVAssPsKANGQEN
matrin 3 Matr3 Q8K310 mouse 94,630 S598 452692 Phosphorylation KsRKRsysPDGKEsP
MCRS1 Mcrs1 Q99L90 mouse 51,692 S282 454350 Phosphorylation GDQVLNFsDAEDLID
MFAP1 Mfap1a Q9CQU1 mouse 51,954 S52 459862 Phosphorylation PDyAPMEssDEEDEE
MIRab13 Micall1 Q8BGT6 mouse 94,079 S481 456243 Phosphorylation YGItPtssPKTKKRP
MPHOSPH10 Mphosph10 Q810V0 mouse 78,735 S168 468201 Phosphorylation PRKsPVFsDEDsDLD
NDRG1 Ndrg1 Q62433 mouse 43,009 S342 454248 Phosphorylation tsLEGtRsRsHtsEG

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