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PubMed Id: 18776048 
Guha U, et al. (2008) Comparisons of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins in cells expressing lung cancer-specific alleles of EGFR and KRAS. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105, 14112-7 18776048
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 Y160 3479065 Phosphorylation VtRRVtAytVDVTGR
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HstPPsAyGsVkAyt
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y238 450389 Phosphorylation RyKsySPyDMLEsIR
ARHGAP21 ARHGAP21 Q5T5U3 human 217,331 S1744 7308622 Phosphorylation KKGKstGsLLtPTRG
ASXL3 ASXL3 Q9C0F0 human 241,919 S1089 7308600 Phosphorylation IVsGAMGsPGEGGKT
BDP1 PTPN18 Q99952 human 50,482 Y389 449000 Phosphorylation SAEEAPLysKVtPRA
Caveolin-1 CAV1 Q03135 human 20,472 Y14 448422 Phosphorylation VDsEGHLytVPIREQ
CCDC136 CCDC136 Q96JN2 human 134,045 S595 7308644 Phosphorylation LTLPLPKsGLLLKsQ
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVykGRHkTT
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y15 447740 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykAR
CDK3 CDK3 Q00526 human 35,046 Y15 449490 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVyKAK
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y600 457901 Phosphorylation EIPQAERyQEAAPNV
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 Y162 449075 Phosphorylation QAPVGsVyQktNAVs
DDX10 DDX10 Q13206 human 100,888 T255 7308618 Phosphorylation QtLLFSAtQTKSVKD
Desmoplakin DSP P15924 human 331,774 S2161 7308608 Phosphorylation IDRDLyRsLNDPRDS
DYRK1A DYRK1A Q13627 human 85,584 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK1B DYRK1B Q9Y463 human 69,198 Y273 449567 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y727 457949 Phosphorylation sGAFGtVykGLWIPE
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y998 452118 Phosphorylation sPtDsNFyRALMDEE
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1110 448058 Phosphorylation GsVQNPVyHNQPLNP
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1172 448059 Phosphorylation IsLDNPDyQQDFFPk
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1197 448060 Phosphorylation stAENAEyLRVAPQS
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y594 450860 Phosphorylation tyVDPHtyEDPNQAV
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y772 450861 Phosphorylation EDDPEAtyttsGGkI
ETEA FAF2 Q96CS3 human 52,623 Y79 462170 Phosphorylation NTADHRIysyVVSRP
FANCM FANCM Q8IYD8 human 232,191 Y609 7308638 Phosphorylation QSNKRSIyKAISsNR
FANCM FANCM Q8IYD8 human 232,191 S614 7308641 Phosphorylation SIyKAISsNRQVLHF
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y420 447882 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytARQGAK
G3BP-1 G3BP1 Q13283 human 52,164 S230 455386 Phosphorylation APEDAQKsssPAPAD
GATAD2A GATAD2A Q86YP4 human 68,063 S527 7308626 Phosphorylation NGAVLQAssQLsrGS
GATAD2A GATAD2A Q86YP4 human 68,063 S531 7308630 Phosphorylation LQAssQLsrGSATtP
GATAD2A GATAD2A Q86YP4 human 68,063 T537 7308634 Phosphorylation LsrGSATtPrGVLHT
GPIbA GP1BA P07359 human 71,540 T163 7308605 Phosphorylation PPGLLTPtPKLEKLS
GRF-1 ARHGAP35 Q9NRY4 human 170,514 Y1105 448941 Phosphorylation RNEEENIysVPHDst
GSK3A GSK3A P49840 human 50,981 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
H2AFY2 H2AFY2 Q9P0M6 human 40,058 S198 7308657 Phosphorylation LVLGQKLsLtQSDIS
H2AFY2 H2AFY2 Q9P0M6 human 40,058 T200 7308661 Phosphorylation LGQKLsLtQSDISHI
HER2 ERBB2 P04626 human 137,910 Y735 458002 Phosphorylation sGAFGtVykGIWIPD
HER4 ERBB4 Q15303 human 146,808 Y733 457838 Phosphorylation sGAFGtVyKGIWVPE
HIPK1 HIPK1 Q86Z02 human 130,843 Y352 450388 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
HIPK2 HIPK2 Q9H2X6 human 130,966 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
IK IK Q13123 human 65,602 T42 3801530 Phosphorylation DFRKLLMtPRAAPtS
IRAP LNPEP Q9UIQ6 human 117,349 Y70 448984 Phosphorylation MEEDEEDyESSAKLL
IRSp53 BAIAP2 Q9UQB8 human 60,868 S336 7308700 Phosphorylation sQSkLsDsysNtLPV
IRSp53 BAIAP2 Q9UQB8 human 60,868 Y337 450772 Phosphorylation QSkLsDsysNtLPVR
ITGB1 ITGB1 P05556 human 88,415 Y795 447711 Phosphorylation ttVVNPkyEGk____
ITGB4 ITGB4 P16144 human 202,167 Y1207 451665 Phosphorylation GAQGEGPyssLVSCR
K14 KRT14 P02533 human 51,561 Y46 462276 Phosphorylation sCRAPstyGGGLSVs
K7 KRT7 P08729 human 51,386 Y40 450337 Phosphorylation GLGsssLyGLGAsrP
LAMTOR1 LAMTOR1 Q6IAA8 human 17,745 Y40 448970 Phosphorylation LNGAEPNyHsLPsAR
Lck LCK P06239 human 58,001 Y394 447822 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytAREGAk
Met MET P08581 human 155,541 Y1234 448470 Phosphorylation RDMyDkEyysVHNkt
Met MET P08581 human 155,541 Y1235 448471 Phosphorylation DMyDkEyysVHNktG
MIG-6 ERRFI1 Q9UJM3 human 50,560 Y394 451607 Phosphorylation KKVsstHyyLLPERP
P130Cas BCAR1 P56945 human 93,372 Y249 448721 Phosphorylation APGPQDIyDVPPVRG
P130Cas BCAR1 P56945 human 93,372 Y387 451539 Phosphorylation RPGPGtLyDVPRERV
P38A MAPK14 Q16539 human 41,293 Y182 447971 Phosphorylation tDDEMtGyVAtRWYR
PHACTR1 PHACTR1 Q9C0D0 human 66,308 S467 477739 Phosphorylation TKLTRRLsQRPtAEE
PHACTR1 PHACTR1 Q9C0D0 human 66,308 T471 7308653 Phosphorylation RRLsQRPtAEELEQR
plakophilin 3 PKP3 Q9Y446 human 87,082 Y84 449514 Phosphorylation RGTSrGQyHtLQAGF
PRP4 PRPF4B Q13523 human 116,987 Y849 449515 Phosphorylation ADNDItPyLVsRFyR
PTRF PTRF Q6NZI2 human 43,476 Y156 458334 Phosphorylation RNFkVMIyQDEVkLP
PTRF PTRF Q6NZI2 human 43,476 Y308 450709 Phosphorylation FtPDHVVyARSktAV
PXN iso2 PXN P49023-2 human 60,967 Y88 448909 Phosphorylation PQsssPVyGssAKTs
PXN iso2 PXN P49023-2 human 60,967 Y118 448604 Phosphorylation VGEEEHVysFPNKQK
Rin1 RIN1 Q13671 human 84,099 Y36 450778 Phosphorylation kPAQDPLyDVPNAsG
RPS27 RPS27 P42677 human 9,461 Y31 454262 Phosphorylation LVQsPNsyFMDVKCP
RPS27L RPS27L Q71UM5 human 9,477 Y31 4611908 Phosphorylation LVQsPNsyFMDVKCP
SHB SHB Q15464 human 55,042 Y268 451577 Phosphorylation GKGEsAGyMEPyEAQ
SHC1 SHC1 P29353 human 62,822 Y349 448509 Phosphorylation EEPPDHQyyNDFPGK
SHC1 SHC1 P29353 human 62,822 Y350 448510 Phosphorylation EPPDHQyyNDFPGKE
SHIP-2 INPPL1 O15357 human 138,599 Y1135 448885 Phosphorylation KtLsEVDyAPAGPAr
SKT KIAA1217 Q5T5P2 human 214,116 Y244 451638 Phosphorylation KDESRNVyyELNDVR
SLC38A5 SLC38A5 Q8WUX1 human 51,457 Y19 464950 Phosphorylation LPSDAVGyRQEREGF
SLC3A1 SLC3A1 Q07837 human 78,852 Y236 7308612 Phosphorylation RTGKYTDyYIWHDCt
SLC3A1 SLC3A1 Q07837 human 78,852 T243 7308615 Phosphorylation yYIWHDCtHENGKTI
Src SRC P12931 human 59,835 Y419 448234 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytARQGAK
TAGLN2 TAGLN2 P37802 human 22,391 Y192 454863 Phosphorylation sQAGMtGyGMPrQIL
TAGLN3 TAGLN3 Q9UI15 human 22,473 Y192 464598 Phosphorylation sQAGMtGyGMPrQIM
Talin-1 TLN1 Q9Y490 human 269,767 Y70 450384 Phosphorylation EAGKALDyyMLRNGD
Yes YES1 P07947 human 60,801 Y426 447619 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytARQGAK
ZNF184 ZNF184 Q99676 human 86,174 S652 7308647 Phosphorylation NKCEKTFsQSSHLtQ
ZNF184 ZNF184 Q99676 human 86,174 T658 7308650 Phosphorylation FsQSSHLtQHQRIHt

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