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PubMed Id: 18846507 
Pan C, Gnad F, Olsen JV, Mann M (2008) Quantitative phosphoproteome analysis of a mouse liver cell line reveals specificity of phosphatase inhibitors. Proteomics 8, 4534-46 18846507
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 Eif4ebp1 Q60876 mouse 12,325 T69 447528 Phosphorylation RNsPVAKtPPKDLPA
53BP1 Tp53bp1 P70399 mouse 211,340 S621 470478 Phosphorylation VPsPATRsEALssVL
53BP1 Tp53bp1 P70399 mouse 211,340 S1347 470477 Phosphorylation rGGPGKLsPRKGISQ
ADD3 Add3 Q9QYB5 mouse 78,777 S693 452158 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKNKK
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 T5571 466948 Phosphorylation APstPtGtLEFAGGD
Akt1 Akt1 P31750 mouse 55,707 S129 450019 Phosphorylation sGsPsDNsGAEEMEV
alphaSNBP(A) Lsm14a Q8K2F8 mouse 50,546 S192 467432 Phosphorylation QLDPLRKsPtMEQAV
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 S1356 453843 Phosphorylation RAQQRAEsPEtsAVE
ARHGEF7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28 mouse 97,056 S497 454356 Phosphorylation LSASPRMsGFIyQGK
ataxin-2 Atxn2 O70305 mouse 136,485 S836 467509 Phosphorylation KtNsPsIsPsMLsNA
ATF-2 Atf2 P16951 mouse 52,298 T51 448224 Phosphorylation sVIVADQtPtPtRFL
ATRX Atrx Q61687 mouse 278,587 S719 467526 Phosphorylation IGDQNsDsDEMLAVL
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S221 453258 Phosphorylation GLsAyDNsPRsPHsP
BIRC6 Birc6 O88738 mouse 532,170 S483 467465 Phosphorylation sDDLLEDsDsEEHsR
BNIP3 Bnip3 O55003 mouse 20,978 S88 469685 Phosphorylation GEkNstLsEEDyIER
BRD1 Brd1 E9PZ26 mouse 133,373 S1183 467561 Phosphorylation RVHGEPAsDLsDID_
BZW2 Bzw2 Q91VK1 mouse 48,063 S412 454563 Phosphorylation LQNAEEEsEsEGEEs
C2F Emg1 O35130 mouse 26,974 S16 467584 Phosphorylation QPRERRFsVQEQDWE
Calnexin Canx P35564 mouse 67,278 S582 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CAPZB Capzb P47757 mouse 31,345 S263 467605 Phosphorylation KQLQRELsQVLTQRQ
CCDC6 Ccdc6 D3YZP9 mouse 52,939 S233 452441 Phosphorylation EKLDQPVsAPPsPRD
CCNK Ccnk O88874 mouse 61,363 S325 452586 Phosphorylation AQQPKKPsPQPsPPR
CCNK Ccnk O88874 mouse 61,363 S329 467715 Phosphorylation KKPsPQPsPPRQAKR
CDC23 Cdc23 Q8BGZ4 mouse 68,562 T596 459698 Phosphorylation PLNLssVtP______
CENPE Cenpe Q6RT24 mouse 286,525 S2426 460551 Phosphorylation FFDNRSKsLPAPHPI
CHERP Cherp Q8CGZ0 mouse 106,169 S826 467653 Phosphorylation RRRsRsRsPtPPsAA
CHIP Stub1 Q9WUD1 mouse 34,909 S20 453857 Phosphorylation LGtGGGGsPDksPsA
Chk1 Chek1 O35280 mouse 54,381 S296 447832 Phosphorylation GFSKHIHsNLDFsPV
CK1E Csnk1e Q9JMK2 mouse 47,322 S405 449794 Phosphorylation EVSRLAAsQtsVPFD
CK2B Csnk2b P67871 mouse 24,942 S2 447646 Phosphorylation ______MsssEEVSW
CK2B Csnk2b P67871 mouse 24,942 S4 455683 Phosphorylation ____MsssEEVSWIS
coilin Coil Q5SU73 mouse 61,917 T122 459728 Phosphorylation KLMEDEEtDQGYKSL
Cortactin Cttn Q60598 mouse 61,250 T401 449245 Phosphorylation QARAKKQtPPAsPsP
CSRP1 Csrp1 P97315 mouse 20,583 S192 467707 Phosphorylation GAGALVHsE______
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 T658 454161 Phosphorylation RsRtsVQtEDDQLIA
CTPS Ctps P70698 mouse 66,682 S574 452258 Phosphorylation ysDRsGsssPDsEIt
DDX16 Dhx16 G3X8X0 mouse 119,072 S103 449223 Phosphorylation SYKLLEDsEsGEEAV
DEK Dek Q7TNV0 mouse 43,159 S311 465705 Phosphorylation KEsEsEDssDDEPLI
DEK Dek Q7TNV0 mouse 43,159 S312 465706 Phosphorylation EsEsEDssDDEPLIK
DNAJC2 Dnajc2 P54103 mouse 71,722 S49 469783 Phosphorylation RNRNAstsFQELEDK
DNMT1 Dnmt1 P13864 mouse 183,189 S717 452655 Phosphorylation DDVsEMPsPKKLHQG
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 S141 470435 Phosphorylation NGEADEPsFsDPEDF
EIF4B Eif4b Q8BGD9 mouse 68,840 S504 452271 Phosphorylation ssDtEQPsPtsGGGK
ELYS Ahctf1 Q8CJF7 mouse 247,646 S2198 459747 Phosphorylation PVEIKLVsPLAsPVD
EphA2 Epha2 Q03145 mouse 108,852 Y773 450861 Phosphorylation EDDPEAtyTtsGGKI
EPS8L2 Eps8l2 Q99K30 mouse 82,229 S573 465683 Phosphorylation QKYWGPAsPtHKLPP
FAM53C Fam53c Q8BXQ8 mouse 43,261 S234 467587 Phosphorylation PQRRFsLsPsLGPQA
FLNC Flnc Q8VHX6 mouse 291,119 S2234 467899 Phosphorylation LGRERLGsFGsItRQ
FNBP1L Fnbp1l Q8K012 mouse 69,885 S295 467904 Phosphorylation QHIYRTIsDGtISAA
FOXK1 Foxk1 P42128 mouse 74,920 S199 467910 Phosphorylation HKEEAPAsPLRPLyP
FOXK1 Foxk1 P42128 mouse 74,920 S431 467912 Phosphorylation ECLsREGsPIPHDPD
FRA10AC1 5730455O13Rik Q8BP78 mouse 37,202 S12 467915 Phosphorylation GGyDsDFsDDEQGGG
GBF1 Gbf1 Q6DFZ1 mouse 206,782 S1318 467932 Phosphorylation sLDRGytsDsEVytD
GIT1 Git1 Q68FF6 mouse 85,300 Y554 448965 Phosphorylation ELEDDAIysVHVPAG
GPN1 Gpn1 Q8VCE2 mouse 41,598 S314 469971 Phosphorylation EAGKGNAsPVLDPSD
GRK5 Grk5 Q8VEB1 mouse 67,732 T485 451512 Phosphorylation LDIEQFstVKGVNLD
GTF2F1 Gtf2f1 Q3THK3 mouse 57,241 S217 456993 Phosphorylation LEDDLEMssDAsDAs
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 S36 450120 Phosphorylation AGVRRkAsGPPVsEL
HARS2 Hars2 Q99KK9 mouse 56,985 S66 470423 Phosphorylation PKGTRDLsPQQMVVR
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S393 467978 Phosphorylation EDAIPEEsGDEDEED
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S402 465815 Phosphorylation GRGtPsssDsEPEGE
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S668 467986 Phosphorylation HERTRLAsEsANDDN
HMGCS1 Hmgcs1 Q8JZK9 mouse 57,569 S495 467990 Phosphorylation TATEHIPsPAkKVPR
HMGN1 Hmgn1 P18608 mouse 10,152 S87 451697 Phosphorylation tENQsPAsEEEkEAk
hnRNP A1 Hnrnpa1 P49312 mouse 34,196 S6 455946 Phosphorylation __MsksEsPkEPEQL
IRS1 Irs1 P35569 mouse 130,723 S3 468034 Phosphorylation _____MAsPPDTDGF
ITGB4 iso2 Itgb4 A2A863-2 mouse 194,753 S1389 465820 Phosphorylation AYPGsANsLHRMTAA
IWS1 Iws1 Q8C1D8 mouse 85,248 S309 467867 Phosphorylation KGLHssDsEEEEPKr
JNK1 Mapk8 Q91Y86 mouse 44,229 Y185 447645 Phosphorylation tsFMMtPyVVtRYYR
JNK3 Mapk10 Q61831 mouse 52,532 T221 448034 Phosphorylation AGTsFMMtPyVVtRY
KPNA2 Kpna2 P52293 mouse 57,928 S62 459854 Phosphorylation SFPDDAtsPLQENRN
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S414 465834 Phosphorylation sQsQGGGsVtkkRKL
Lamin B2 Lmnb2 P21619 mouse 67,318 S383 459856 Phosphorylation EEERLkLsPsPssRI
LARP4 Larp4 Q8BWW4 mouse 79,763 S717 451955 Phosphorylation EQYVPPRsPK_____
LIM Pdlim5 Q8CI51 mouse 63,299 Y251 449524 Phosphorylation VERNTEFyHIPTHSD
LPP Lpp Q8BFW7 mouse 65,891 Y245 449712 Phosphorylation GPSSGQIyGPGPrGY
LRP1 Lrp1 Q91ZX7 mouse 504,742 S4521 450168 Phosphorylation GGHGsRHsLAstDEK
MAP4 Map4 P27546 mouse 117,429 S1046 470381 Phosphorylation KAQAKVGsLDNVGHL
MARK3 Mark3 Q03141 mouse 84,390 S419 470092 Phosphorylation SQKQRRysDHAGPAI
matrin 3 Matr3 Q8K310 mouse 94,630 S188 465842 Phosphorylation KRHFRRDsFDDRGPs
MKL1 Mkl1 Q8K4J6 mouse 102,546 T488 469405 Phosphorylation KFGsTGstPPVsPTP
MKL2 Mkl2 P59759 mouse 117,547 S66 470835 Phosphorylation GIMPPLKsPAAFHEQ
MSK2 Rps6ka4 Q9Z2B9 mouse 85,652 S343 450045 Phosphorylation TRLEPVYsPAGsPPP
MSK2 Rps6ka4 Q9Z2B9 mouse 85,652 S347 447952 Phosphorylation PVYsPAGsPPPGDPR
MYH9 Myh9 Q8VDD5 mouse 226,372 S1943 456730 Phosphorylation RKGtGDCsDEEVDGK
MYO18A Myo18a Q9JMH9 mouse 232,755 S2037 457022 Phosphorylation RFsHsyLsDsDtEAK
N-CoR1 Ncor1 Q60974 mouse 270,642 S224 470329 Phosphorylation PEPEKPVsPPPVEQK
NADK Nadk P58058 mouse 48,597 S48 467325 Phosphorylation rAKsRsLsAsPALGS
NASP Nasp Q99MD9 mouse 83,954 S188 470418 Phosphorylation GREDMDIsEPEEKLQ
NF-GMB Csda Q9JKB3 mouse 38,814 S328 468267 Phosphorylation PYNYRRRsRPLNAVs
NKAP Nkap Q9D0F4 mouse 47,227 S269 470637 Phosphorylation SDSSSKEsQEEFLEN
NMT1 Nmt1 O70310 mouse 56,888 S47 452670 Phosphorylation sHNRsGLsPANDTGA
NOC2L Noc2l Q9WV70 mouse 85,424 S673 459888 Phosphorylation KDLFELDssEGEDst
NOLC1 Nolc1 Q6ZQK6 mouse 73,742 S702 452423 Phosphorylation VNsVKFDsE______
NPM1 Npm1 Q61937 mouse 32,560 S70 459898 Phosphorylation EAMNyEGsPIKVtLA
NPM1 Npm1 Q61937 mouse 32,560 T198 448515 Phosphorylation VKKsVRdtPAKNAQK
NUCB1 Nucb1 Q02819 mouse 53,409 S85 457084 Phosphorylation DIKsGKLsQELDFVS
OSBPL11 Osbpl11 Q8CI95 mouse 83,629 S177 468348 Phosphorylation NPPLKsRsFsLAssG
P130Cas Bcar1 Q61140 mouse 94,285 Y391 451539 Phosphorylation RPGPGtLyDVPRERV
PAK4 Pak4 Q8BTW9 mouse 64,623 S476 448023 Phosphorylation KEVPRRKsLVGtPyW

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