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PubMed Id: 15592455 
Rush J, et al. (2005) Immunoaffinity profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation in cancer cells. Nat Biotechnol 23, 94-101 15592455
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 Y406 449460 Phosphorylation ERPDLItyEPFytsG
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 Y518 449530 Phosphorylation GGVKKPtyDPVSEDQ
ACLY ACLY P53396 human 120,839 Y131 450359 Phosphorylation YATREGDyVLFHHEG
ACLY ACLY P53396 human 120,839 Y682 450360 Phosphorylation sRtTDGVyEGVAIGG
ACTA1 ACTA1 P68133 human 42,051 Y220 450507 Phosphorylation DIkEkLCyVALDFEN
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y218 450508 Phosphorylation DIkEkLCyVALDFEQ
AKAP11 AKAP11 Q9UKA4 human 210,512 Y488 473012 Phosphorylation HDSVyyTyEDyAKSI
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1078 450373 Phosphorylation MELQsPEyKLSKLRT
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1092 450374 Phosphorylation TSTIMtDyNPNyCFA
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1096 450375 Phosphorylation MtDyNPNyCFAGKTS
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1282 450378 Phosphorylation RDIyRAsyyRKGGCA
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1584 450380 Phosphorylation FPCGNVNyGyQQQGL
ataxin-2L ATXN2L Q8WWM7 human 113,374 Y277 462893 Phosphorylation yDsSLssytVPLEKD
BAP37 PHB2 Q99623 human 33,296 Y128 450606 Phosphorylation yQRLGLDyEERVLPs
BID BID P55957 human 21,995 Y54 449420 Phosphorylation LAPQWEGyDELQtDG
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
CASKIN2 CASKIN2 Q8WXE0 human 126,783 Y384 451690 Phosphorylation EPPHPLtysQLPRVG
CD28 CD28 P10747 human 25,066 Y209 450284 Phosphorylation TRkHyQPyAPPRDFA
CD2AP CD2AP Q9Y5K6 human 71,451 Y88 449487 Phosphorylation LVQRIstyGLPAGGI
CD3D CD3D P04234 human 18,930 Y149 448916 Phosphorylation LLRNDQVyQPLRDRD
CD3D CD3D P04234 human 18,930 Y160 448915 Phosphorylation RDRDDAQysHLGGNW
CD3Z CD247 P20963 human 18,696 Y64 448935 Phosphorylation RsADAPAyQQGQNQL
CD3Z CD247 P20963 human 18,696 Y72 448936 Phosphorylation QQGQNQLyNELNLGR
CDC37 CDC37 Q16543 human 44,468 Y298 451691 Phosphorylation GLDPVEVyEsLPEEL
CDV-3 CDV3 Q9UKY7 human 27,335 Y190 449688 Phosphorylation PQGPPEIysDtQFPs
CLIM1 PDLIM1 O00151 human 36,072 Y144 448986 Phosphorylation ARVItNQyNNPAGLy
CLIM1 PDLIM1 O00151 human 36,072 Y151 448987 Phosphorylation yNNPAGLyssENISN
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
coronin 1C CORO1C Q9ULV4 human 53,249 Y301 450628 Phosphorylation EITDEsPyVHyLNTF
CRK CRK P46108 human 33,831 Y239 450357 Phosphorylation NLQNGPIyARVIQKR
CRKL CRKL P46109 human 33,777 Y207 447954 Phosphorylation IPEPAHAyAQPQttt
CUL3 CUL3 Q13618 human 88,930 Y58 450829 Phosphorylation GLSFEELyRNAYtMV
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 Y162 449075 Phosphorylation QAPVGsVyQktNAVs
DCP1B DCP1B Q8IZD4 human 67,723 Y191 449007 Phosphorylation ITsssAIyDNPNLIK
DDX3 DDX3X O00571 human 73,243 Y69 448982 Phosphorylation ssKDKDAyssFGsRs
DENND1B iso5 DENND1B Q6P3S1-5 human 86,552 Y475 449454 Phosphorylation HKENEEDyGTCSssV
DJ-1 PARK7 Q99497 human 19,891 Y67 450491 Phosphorylation DAkkEGPyDVVVLPG
DOCK2 DOCK2 Q92608 human 211,948 Y209 449471 Phosphorylation MskDQPdyAMysRIS
DOK1 DOK1 Q99704 human 52,392 Y377 448368 Phosphorylation PVPPQGLyDLPREPK
DYRK3 DYRK3 O43781 human 65,714 Y209 449425 Phosphorylation RDHLAYRyEVLKIIG
EHD4 EHD4 Q9H223 human 61,175 Y451 449693 Phosphorylation VAKDKPVyDELFytL
EHD4 EHD4 Q9H223 human 61,175 Y456 449694 Phosphorylation PVyDELFytLsPING
EIF3M EIF3M Q7L2H7 human 42,503 Y351 454042 Phosphorylation kQQWQQLyDtLNAWk
ELMO1 ELMO1 Q92556 human 83,829 Y724 455566 Phosphorylation PsNyDFVyDCN____
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y85 449654 Phosphorylation KkEDALLyQskGyND
EML4 EML4 Q9HC35 human 108,916 Y226 450615 Phosphorylation IINQEGEyIKMFMRG
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 Y287 450348 Phosphorylation yksFIkDyPVVsIED
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y972 448974 Phosphorylation PQSAPQIyGPPQyNI
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y977 459461 Phosphorylation QIyGPPQyNIQysss
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y981 448975 Phosphorylation PPQyNIQysssAAVK
Ets-1 ETS1 P14921 human 50,408 Y223 448911 Phosphorylation TDTLQNDyFAIKQEV
FABP5 FABP5 Q01469 human 15,164 Y131 450575 Phosphorylation NVTCTRIyEKVE___
FAF1 FAF1 Q9UNN5 human 73,954 Y225 450382 Phosphorylation QEVkRNVyDLTSIPV
FBP1 FUBP1 Q96AE4 human 67,560 Y58 454058 Phosphorylation TsLNsNDyGyGGQkR
FIP1L1 FIP1L1 Q6UN15 human 66,526 Y426 450838 Phosphorylation RSARAFPyGNVAFPH
FKBP8 FKBP8 Q14318 human 44,562 Y322 453993 Phosphorylation VLAQQGEysEAIPIL
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 Y1047 454034 Phosphorylation PYEVEVTydGVPVPG
FNTB FNTB P49356 human 48,774 Y300 450561 Phosphorylation NKLVDGCySFWQAGL
GBE1 GBE1 Q04446 human 80,474 Y173 450578 Phosphorylation REGDNVNyDWIHWDP
GMF-beta GMFB P60983 human 16,713 Y84 450824 Phosphorylation HDDGRVsyPLCFIFS
GSR GSR P00390 human 56,257 Y65 450505 Phosphorylation AAGAVASyDYLVIGG
HBS1 HBS1L Q9Y450 human 75,473 Y58 463682 Phosphorylation EPVEEyDyEDLkEss
HIPK2 HIPK2 Q9H2X6 human 130,966 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
hnRNP 2H9 HNRNPH3 P31942 human 36,926 Y159 463598 Phosphorylation DyGGyNNyGyGNDGF
hnRNP F HNRNPF P52597 human 45,672 Y246 454061 Phosphorylation GyGGyEEysGLSDGy
hnRNP H1 HNRNPH1 P31943 human 49,229 Y246 454056 Phosphorylation GyGGyDDyNGyNdGy
hnRNP H2 HNRNPH2 P55795 human 49,264 Y236 449476 Phosphorylation ErMRrGAyGGGyGGy
hnRNP H2 HNRNPH2 P55795 human 49,264 Y249 449479 Phosphorylation GyDDyGGyNdGyGFG
hnRNP R HNRNPR O43390 human 70,943 Y436 451785 Phosphorylation tAyEDyyyHPPPRMP
HSP60 HSPD1 P10809 human 61,055 Y227 450519 Phosphorylation DRGyIsPyFINTskG
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 Y484 450349 Phosphorylation kEtQksIyyItGEsk
IMPDH2 IMPDH2 P12268 human 55,805 Y400 450524 Phosphorylation TtEAPGEyFFsDGIR
IRS1 IRS1 P35568 human 131,591 Y46 450355 Phosphorylation GGPARLEyyENEKkW
KA35 KRT39 Q6A163 human 55,651 Y379 460130 Phosphorylation LERQNQEyEILLDVK
Kaiso ZBTB33 Q86T24 human 74,484 Y442 454045 Phosphorylation ANIGEDtyDIVIPVK
LAMTOR1 LAMTOR1 Q6IAA8 human 17,745 Y40 448970 Phosphorylation LNGAEPNyHsLPsAR
LDH-B LDHB P07195 human 36,638 Y240 450513 Phosphorylation kMVVEsAyEVIkLkG
leupaxin LPXN O60711 human 43,332 Y22 448942 Phosphorylation tLQDsDEysNPAPLP
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y301 448949 Phosphorylation GRyyEGyyAAGPGyG
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y317 448947 Phosphorylation RNDsDPtyGQQGHPN
LYN LYN P07948 human 58,574 Y508 447624 Phosphorylation ytAtEGQyQQQP___
MAX MAX P61244 human 18,275 Y123 449013 Phosphorylation PSsDNsLytNAKGST
MDH2 MDH2 P40926 human 35,503 Y56 450555 Phosphorylation LVsRLTLyDIAHTPG
NUDE1 NDE1 Q9NXR1 human 38,808 Y279 448969 Phosphorylation ASCRNLVyDQsPNRt
P38A MAPK14 Q16539 human 41,293 Y182 447971 Phosphorylation tDDEMtGyVAtRWYR
PIK3R1 PIK3R1 P27986 human 83,598 Y607 448136 Phosphorylation NENtEDQysLVEDDE
PITHD1 PITHD1 Q9GZP4 human 24,178 Y189 449065 Phosphorylation HEVTICNyEAsANPA
POLR2A POLR2A P24928 human 217,176 Y145 450650 Phosphorylation KkRLTHVyDLCkGKN
PRDX1 PRDX1 Q06830 human 22,110 Y194 448924 Phosphorylation DVQkSkEyFskQK__
PSMA2 PSMA2 P25787 human 25,899 Y98 450354 Phosphorylation RkLAQQyyLVyQEPI
PSMB7 PSMB7 Q99436 human 29,965 Y154 450604 Phosphorylation DVTGPHLySIYPHGS
RAMA1 SKA3 Q8IX90 human 46,359 Y280 454062 Phosphorylation LEKsDAEytNsPLVP
RASA1 RASA1 P20936 human 116,403 Y615 450352 Phosphorylation VKHFtNPyCNIYLNS
RBM4 RBM4 Q9BWF3 human 40,314 Y194 454065 Phosphorylation TEQyNEQyGAVRTPy
RCAS1 EBAG9 O00559 human 24,377 Y94 454057 Phosphorylation LEQLEPDyFKDMtPt
RNPS1 RNPS1 Q15287 human 34,208 Y205 450586 Phosphorylation HPHLSkGyAyVEFEN
RoXaN ZC3H7B Q9UGR2 human 111,578 Y664 450623 Phosphorylation KVWLLQQySGMtHED
RPL8 RPL8 P62917 human 28,025 Y133 450542 Phosphorylation LARAsGNyATVISHN
RPS3A RPS3A P61247 human 29,945 Y256 448925 Phosphorylation kVERADGyEPPVQEs
SEPT2 SEPT2 Q15019 human 41,487 Y17 449516 Phosphorylation INPEtPGyVGFANLP

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