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PubMed Id: 15345747 
Ballif BA, et al. (2004) Phosphoproteomic analysis of the developing mouse brain. Mol Cell Proteomics 3, 1093-101 15345747
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6P542 mouse 94,945 S103 454453 Phosphorylation MERLKQLsVPAsDEE
abLIM Ablim1 Q8K4G5 mouse 96,805 S479 451848 Phosphorylation RtLsPtPsAEGyQDV
AFAP1L1 Afap1l1 Q8BZI0 mouse 86,638 S343 454507 Phosphorylation ADQDKRLsQEKQNsD
ANK2 Ank2 Q8C8R3 mouse 426,261 T3718 454518 Phosphorylation QQEYYVTtPGAEVED
APOOL Apool Q78IK4 mouse 29,261 S51 454556 Phosphorylation YTAPPLHsKYVEEQP
APOOL iso2 Apool Q9CZB4 mouse 29,329 S36 454554 Phosphorylation EEPKKQLsETRISsL
ARFGEF3 Arfgef3 Q3UGY8 mouse 240,091 S1881 454473 Phosphorylation QWRARLPsLSVQPVS
ARHGAP12 Arhgap12 Q8C0D4 mouse 95,352 S584 454192 Phosphorylation AEEEtPDsPGVEKHD
ARHGAP14 Srgap3 Q812A2 mouse 124,420 S1071 454342 Phosphorylation VQHRssssSSSGVGS
ARHGEF12 Arhgef12 Q8R4H2 mouse 172,349 S341 454347 Phosphorylation EPQSLVGsPSTRGAP
ARHGEF7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28 mouse 97,056 S497 454356 Phosphorylation LSASPRMsGFIyQGK
ARVCF Arvcf P98203 mouse 105,066 S269 454318 Phosphorylation GLEDDtRsLAADDEG
ASE-1 Cd3eap Q76KJ5 mouse 43,082 T241 454467 Phosphorylation ELPVPSAtSSKKRKK
ataxin-3 Atxn3 Q9CVD2 mouse 40,533 S219 454351 Phosphorylation VLEAADGsGIFDEDE
BIN1 Bin1 O08539 mouse 64,470 S298 452528 Phosphorylation EKGNKsPsPPPDGsP
BPY2-IP1 Map1s Q8C052 mouse 102,939 S724 454510 Phosphorylation DPVPVADsDDDAGsE
BZW2 Bzw2 Q91VK1 mouse 48,063 S414 454564 Phosphorylation NAEEEsEsEGEEs__
CAMSAP1L1 Camsap1l1 Q8C1B1 mouse 164,333 S573 454512 Phosphorylation NIKLNQssPDNLtDT
CASP3 Casp3 P70677 mouse 31,475 S26 454178 Phosphorylation ktIHGSksVDSGIYL
CCDC25 Ccdc25 Q78PG9 mouse 24,480 S204 454468 Phosphorylation SNQDGNDsDEFM___
CCDC97 Ccdc97 Q9DBT3 mouse 38,724 T215 454579 Phosphorylation PRsGsPGtPAYPLSD
CDC23 Cdc23 Q8BGZ4 mouse 68,562 T562 454344 Phosphorylation QLRNQGEtPTsDTPG
CDC42EP1 Cdc42ep1 Q91W92 mouse 43,096 S121 454535 Phosphorylation PIIKNAIsLPQLNQA
CDK11B Cdk11b P24788 mouse 91,513 S270 452643 Phosphorylation LsDLQDIsDSERKTS
CNKSR2 Cnksr2 Q80YA9 mouse 117,396 S390 454340 Phosphorylation PVHKGsEsPNSFLDQ
cordon-bleu Cobl Q5NBX1 mouse 143,865 S826 454471 Phosphorylation MNGSRTIsPPSAVVE
CRK Crk Q64010 mouse 33,815 S41 454189 Phosphorylation VFLVRDsstsPGDYV
CRKL Crkl P47941 mouse 33,830 S107 454172 Phosphorylation EPAPRyPsPPVGsVs
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 T658 454161 Phosphorylation RsRtsVQtEDDQLIA
CTNNA2 Ctnna2 Q61301 mouse 105,286 S262 454323 Phosphorylation SSAAQAtsPTDEAKG
CTNNA2 Ctnna2 Q61301 mouse 105,286 S640 454324 Phosphorylation PEELEDDsDFEQEDy
CTNNA2 Ctnna2 Q61301 mouse 105,286 S901 454325 Phosphorylation yGtAAVNsPVVsWKM
DBC-1 Ccar2 Q8VDP4 mouse 103,002 S677 453497 Phosphorylation tEVRsVAsNQsEMEy
DBN1 Dbn1 Q9QXS6 mouse 77,287 S390 454215 Phosphorylation tRsPsDsstAstPIA
DCAMKL1 Dclk1 Q9JLM8 mouse 84,153 S305 454212 Phosphorylation sPGPSRRsKsPAsts
DCAMKL1 iso2 Dclk1 Q9JLM8-2 mouse 40,409 S352 10791000 Phosphorylation RDLyRPLssDDLDsV
DDX16 Dhx16 G3X8X0 mouse 119,072 S103 449223 Phosphorylation SYKLLEDsEsGEEAV
DDX16 Dhx16 G3X8X0 mouse 119,072 S105 454479 Phosphorylation KLLEDsEsGEEAVGS
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 T513 454200 Phosphorylation PAsVsPttPtsPtEG
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S516 449258 Phosphorylation VsPttPtsPtEGEAs
dynactin 2 Dctn2 Q99KJ8 mouse 44,117 S83 454207 Phosphorylation TKRTGYEsGDyEMLG
eIF3-delta Eif3g Q9Z1D1 mouse 35,638 S42 449151 Phosphorylation PLPtGDtsPEPELLP
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 T31 454116 Phosphorylation PAsEsPPtDEAAGsG
EIF5 Eif5 P59325 mouse 48,968 S388 448030 Phosphorylation KEAEEEssGGEEEDe
EIF5B Eif5b Q05D44 mouse 137,616 S215 454519 Phosphorylation KsVPtVDsGNEDDDs
enamelin Enam O55196 mouse 140,954 T1038 454279 Phosphorylation PPRKNQEtSPVHtES
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 T495 454226 Phosphorylation tNLIttVtPEkKAEE
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 S543 454223 Phosphorylation TAADGEtsAtEsDQE
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 S547 454224 Phosphorylation GEtsAtEsDQEEDAE
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 S804 454225 Phosphorylation StsVGsIsPGGAKLE
epsin 2 Epn2 Q8CHU3 mouse 63,472 S173 454197 Phosphorylation ITFGrGssQPNLSTS
EXOC8 Exoc8 Q6PGF7 mouse 81,035 T313 454459 Phosphorylation EDDEELAtPEAEEEK
FAM122A Fam122a Q9DB52 mouse 30,270 S267 454578 Phosphorylation tttDsPVsPAQAAsP
FBXW9 Fbxw9 NP_081067 mouse 50,534 S18 454483 Phosphorylation PRsCEEEsDPEPDPD
FEZ1 Fez1 Q8K0X8 mouse 45,215 S58 454522 Phosphorylation SEIISFKsMEDLVNE
Fv4 Fv4 P11370 mouse 74,453 S677 454288 Phosphorylation IDPEEVEsRE_____
G2 D430041D05Rik NP_001028519 mouse 153,379 S899 454506 Phosphorylation RKRNVtAsDEEEGAG
G3BP-1 G3bp1 P97855 mouse 51,829 S149 449041 Phosphorylation VtEPQEEsEEEVEEP
G3BP-1 G3bp1 P97855 mouse 51,829 S231 449042 Phosphorylation DDVQKstsPAPADVA
G3BP-2 G3bp2 P97379 mouse 54,088 T227 454182 Phosphorylation ELEEKsAtPPPAEPA
GAP43 Gap43 P06837 mouse 23,632 T172 449106 Phosphorylation VtDAAATtPAAEDAA
girdin Ccdc88a Q5SNZ0 mouse 215,918 S1677 454193 Phosphorylation HHKMKAGsPGsEVVT
girdin Ccdc88a Q5SNZ0 mouse 215,918 S1704 454194 Phosphorylation SIQLKsssQENLLDE
girdin Ccdc88a Q5SNZ0 mouse 215,918 S1840 454195 Phosphorylation LPVSVDSsPPTAGSS
GLCCI1 Glcci1 Q8K3I9 mouse 57,479 S99 454528 Phosphorylation ARGPsPssPtPPPAA
GRB10 Grb10 Q60760 mouse 70,585 S96 454185 Phosphorylation LTGAAPGsPPsVAPs
HDGF Hdgf P51859 mouse 26,269 S202 452721 Phosphorylation VEKNstPsEPdsGQG
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S376 454542 Phosphorylation RAERGGssGEELEDE
HGK Map4k4 P97820 mouse 140,602 S795 454183 Phosphorylation EDTRAAssPNLsNGE
HUWE1 Huwe1 Q7TMY8 mouse 482,635 S3758 454336 Phosphorylation LGssGLGsAssIQAA
IGF2BP3 Igf2bp3 Q9CPN8 mouse 63,575 S165 454513 Phosphorylation TAAQQNPsPQLRGRR
ITGA2B Itga2b Q9QUM0 mouse 112,678 S5 454361 Phosphorylation ___MARAsCAWHsLW
ITGA2B Itga2b Q9QUM0 mouse 112,678 S10 454360 Phosphorylation RAsCAWHsLWLLQWT
ITIH2 Itih2 Q61703 mouse 105,928 S60 454327 Phosphorylation QRsLPEEsGEEtDTV
ITSN1 Itsn1 Q9Z0R4 mouse 194,297 S315 454374 Phosphorylation FRRVRsGsGMsVISs
ITSN1 Itsn1 Q9Z0R4 mouse 194,297 S895 454376 Phosphorylation PAtAtGssPsPVLGQ
JNK1 Mapk8 Q91Y86 mouse 44,229 Y185 447645 Phosphorylation tsFMMtPyVVtRYYR
JNK1 Mapk8 Q91Y86 mouse 44,229 S377 454204 Phosphorylation GVIRGQPsPLAQVQQ
KCTD15 Kctd15 Q8K0E1 mouse 31,886 S35 454521 Phosphorylation SRLSLTRsPVsPLAA
KIF21B Kif21b Q9QXL1 mouse 186,180 T583 454363 Phosphorylation QAENsEEtDENEAEE
KIF2A iso1 Kif2a P28740-1 mouse 80,861 S554 454303 Phosphorylation SYDYDDFsPSITRVK
KIF3A Kif3a P28741 mouse 80,170 S689 454304 Phosphorylation KMGRRKRsAKPEtVI
LRBA Lrba Q9ESE1 mouse 317,064 S999 454582 Phosphorylation NssIGRAssIDsAsN
LRBA Lrba Q9ESE1 mouse 317,064 S1000 454583 Phosphorylation ssIGRAssIDsAsNT
LSR7 Kiaa1704 Q69ZC8 mouse 38,955 S146 454446 Phosphorylation FNSEEAEsGEDEDIV
Lunapark Lnp Q7TQ95 mouse 47,500 S411 454470 Phosphorylation sPVLRADsVPNLEPs
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S934 454147 Phosphorylation GAGFEEssEtGDyEE
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1255 454135 Phosphorylation PAKsPsLsPsPPsPI
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1317 454137 Phosphorylation EKtLEVVsPsQsVtG
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1334 454138 Phosphorylation GHtPyyQsPtDEKSS
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1373 454139 Phosphorylation ENERAsLsPMDEPVP
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1384 454140 Phosphorylation EPVPDsEsPVEKVLs
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1391 454141 Phosphorylation sPVEKVLsPLRsPPL
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1395 454142 Phosphorylation KVLsPLRsPPLLGsE
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1497 454144 Phosphorylation RKLGGDVsPtQIDVS
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1789 454145 Phosphorylation PLtPREssPLysPGF
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1793 454146 Phosphorylation REssPLysPGFsDSt
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 S626 454153 Phosphorylation QAKASQPsPPAQEAG
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 S726 454155 Phosphorylation FGRGHDLsPLAsDIL
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 S823 454156 Phosphorylation GTRsRLAsVsADAEV

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