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(2007) CST Curation Set: 3524; Year: 2007; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, PC-12/NGF; Disease: pheochromocytoma; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Abi-2 Abi2 O35823 rat 60,171 Y137 454672 Phosphorylation PPVVPNDyVPSPTRN
Calmodulin Calm1 P62161 rat 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
CARKD Carkd D3ZLK9 rat 34,962 Y65 451587 Phosphorylation IVGGCQEyTGAPYFA
Cbl-b Cblb Q8K4S7 rat 104,652 Y845 450827 Phosphorylation sNRAsQDyDQLPSSS
CDK1 Cdk1 P39951 rat 34,135 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EKIGEGtyGVVyKGR
CDK1 Cdk1 P39951 rat 34,135 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVyKGRHRTT
CDK2 Cdk2 Q63699 rat 33,887 Y15 447740 Phosphorylation EKIGEGtyGVVyKAK
CHGB Chgb O35314 rat 77,536 Y357 458469 Phosphorylation QAPQGLQyQGRGsEE
CHGB Chgb O35314 rat 77,536 Y424 4153472 Phosphorylation RGREPGAyPALDsRQ
Claudin-6 Cldn6 NP_001095834 rat 23,306 Y218 462031 Phosphorylation SEYPSKNyV______
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 D3ZZZ9 rat 104,072 Y898 457825 Phosphorylation TKsLDNNystLNERG
DDX5 Ddx5 Q6AYI1 rat 69,239 Y497 7249873 Phosphorylation KDDRRDRySAGKrGG
DYRK1A Dyrk1a Q63470 rat 85,541 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK2 Dyrk2 F1LYY7 rat 59,654 Y308 454666 Phosphorylation EHQRVYTyIQSRFyR
EFS Efs B1WBZ1 rat 58,989 Y129 478408 Phosphorylation sPSsDSIyKVPRVNG
EGFR Egfr Q9QX70 rat 134,891 Y1109 448058 Phosphorylation GsVQNPVyHNQPLHP
ERK1 Mapk3 P21708 rat 43,081 Y205 447543 Phosphorylation HTGFLtEyVATRWYR
ERK2 Mapk1 P63086 rat 41,276 Y185 447594 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWYR
ERK5 Mapk7 P0C865 rat 87,827 Y221 448206 Phosphorylation HQYFMtEyVATRWYR
FAK Ptk2 O35346 rat 119,717 Y576 447889 Phosphorylation RyMEDstyyKAsKGK
Fyn Fyn Q62844 rat 60,702 Y213 451536 Phosphorylation RKLDNGGyyITTRAQ
GAB1 Gab1 D3ZAL7 rat 76,661 Y658 447949 Phosphorylation MSDERVDyVVVDQQK
GAB2 Gab2 Q9EQH1 rat 73,328 Y263 448878 Phosphorylation TEFKDSTyDLPRSLA
GSK3A Gsk3a P18265 rat 51,027 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyYR
GSK3B Gsk3b P18266 rat 46,742 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyYR
Hck Hck P50545 rat 59,154 Y409 448168 Phosphorylation RIIEDNEytAREGAK
HIPK1 Hipk1 A4L9P5 rat 130,801 Y352 450388 Phosphorylation SKAVCSTyLQSRYYR
HIPK2 Hipk2 D3ZKU4 rat 130,378 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCSTyLQSRYYR
HIPK3 Hipk3 O88850 rat 129,744 Y359 450649 Phosphorylation SKTVCSTyLQSRYYR
ICK Ick Q62726 rat 70,569 Y156 462533 Phosphorylation EIRSRPPytDyVSTR
ICK Ick Q62726 rat 70,569 Y159 456052 Phosphorylation SRPPytDyVSTRWYR
IRS1 Irs1 P35570 rat 131,178 Y608 447555 Phosphorylation NLHtDDGyMPMsPGV
IRS2 Irs2 F1MAL5 rat 137,239 Y650 454969 Phosphorylation NLGADDGyMPMTPGA
IRS2 Irs2 F1MAL5 rat 137,239 Y817 454963 Phosphorylation GGGDNDQyVLMSSPV
ITGB1 Itgb1 P49134 rat 88,495 Y784 447710 Phosphorylation DTGENPIyKSAVTTV
ITGB1 Itgb1 P49134 rat 88,495 Y796 447711 Phosphorylation TTVVNPkyEGK____
JNK2 Mapk9 P49186 rat 48,017 Y185 447652 Phosphorylation TNFMMtPyVVTRYYR
MAGE-E1 Magee1 A1A5P9 rat 102,181 Y893 7249868 Phosphorylation SKMKALRyVARIHRK
NT5DC2 Nt5dc2 Q6Q0N3 rat 63,653 Y490 478468 Phosphorylation RTFHNPTyFSRRLVR
P130Cas Bcar1 Q63767 rat 104,262 Y485 451539 Phosphorylation RPGPGTLyDVPRERV
P130Cas iso2 Bcar1 Q63767-2 rat 94,476 Y391 451539 Phosphorylation RPGPGTLyDVPRERV
P38A Mapk14 P70618 rat 41,321 Y182 447971 Phosphorylation TDDEMtGyVATRWYR
P38D Mapk13 Q9WTY9 rat 42,051 Y182 454935 Phosphorylation TDAEMTGyVVTRWYR
P38G Mapk12 Q63538 rat 41,985 Y185 448032 Phosphorylation ADSEMtGyVVTRWYR
PAR3-alpha Pard3 Q9Z340 rat 149,448 Y1080 454961 Phosphorylation RQARERDyAEIQDFH
peripherin Prph P21807 rat 53,550 Y468 451118 Phosphorylation DKSSIHsy_______
PGAM1 Pgam1 P25113 rat 28,832 Y92 454756 Phosphorylation WRLNERHyGGLTGLN
PGAM2 Pgam2 P16290 rat 28,755 Y92 478424 Phosphorylation WRLNERHyGGLTGLN
PIK3R1 Pik3r1 Q63787 rat 83,531 Y467 451144 Phosphorylation SREYDRLyEEYTRTS
PRP4 Prpf4b Q5RKH1 rat 117,007 Y849 449515 Phosphorylation ADNDITPyLVsRFYR
PTPRA Ptpra Q03348 rat 90,260 Y792 447613 Phosphorylation YIDAFSDyANFK___
PXN Pxn Q66H76 rat 64,019 Y88 448909 Phosphorylation PPsPSPIySSSTKNS
PXN Pxn Q66H76 rat 64,019 Y118 448604 Phosphorylation AGEEEHVySFPNKQK
Pyk2 Ptk2b P70600 rat 115,784 Y579 447956 Phosphorylation RYIEDEDyyKASVTR
Pyk2 Ptk2b P70600 rat 115,784 Y580 447957 Phosphorylation YIEDEDyyKASVTRL
RAB10 Rab10 P35281 rat 22,858 Y6 473923 Phosphorylation __MAKKTyDLLFKLL
SHC1 Shc1 G3V8S2 rat 62,686 Y423 448511 Phosphorylation ELFDDPSyVNIQNLD
SHIP-2 Inppl1 Q9WVR3 rat 139,143 Y987 448889 Phosphorylation NSFNNPAyyVLEGVP
SHP-2 Ptpn11 P41499 rat 68,458 Y584 448493 Phosphorylation REDsARVyENVGLMQ
SHPS1 Sirpa P97710 rat 55,691 Y477 451114 Phosphorylation RPEDtLTyADLDMVH
SYP Syp P07825 rat 33,311 Y75 461032 Phosphorylation PFRLHQVyFDAPSCV
TrkA Ntrk1 P35739 rat 87,868 Y499 447762 Phosphorylation HIMENPQyFSDTCVH
TrkA Ntrk1 P35739 rat 87,868 Y679 449759 Phosphorylation FGMSRDIySTDyyRV
TrkA Ntrk1 P35739 rat 87,868 Y683 447763 Phosphorylation RDIySTDyyRVGGRT
TrkA Ntrk1 P35739 rat 87,868 Y684 447764 Phosphorylation DIySTDyyRVGGRTM
TrkA iso2 Ntrk1 P35739-2 rat 87,252 Y493 447762 Phosphorylation HIMENPQyFSDTCVH
TrkA iso2 Ntrk1 P35739-2 rat 87,252 Y673 449759 Phosphorylation FGMSRDIySTDyyRV
TrkA iso2 Ntrk1 P35739-2 rat 87,252 Y677 447763 Phosphorylation RDIySTDyyRVGGRT
TrkA iso2 Ntrk1 P35739-2 rat 87,252 Y678 447764 Phosphorylation DIySTDyyRVGGRTM
VARS Vars Q04462 rat 140,368 Y469 458507 Phosphorylation LHEEGVIyRSTRLVN
Yes Yes1 Q99PW1 rat 60,588 Y220 451532 Phosphorylation RKLDNGGyyITTRAQ

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