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(2008) CST Curation Set: 4591; Year: 2008; Biosample/Treatment: tissue, liver/normal; Disease: -; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-AcK Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Acetylated-Lysine (Ac-K2-100) Rabbit mAb Cat#: 9814, PTMScan(R) Acetyl-Lys Motif (Ac-K) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1989
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ATP5A1 Atp5a1 Q03265 mouse 59,753 K531 466473 Acetylation GNIRsDGkIsEQSDA
BAZ2B Baz2b A2AUY4 mouse 234,001 K939 3856604 Acetylation MKAMEARkKAEEKER
BCAS1 Bcas1 Q80YN3 mouse 67,378 K537 3856707 Acetylation EPAGTAQkNKETSSS
BRCA1 Brca1 P48754 mouse 198,795 K1603 3856769 Acetylation VVSGLTPkEVMTVQk
BRCA1 Brca1 P48754 mouse 198,795 K1610 3856774 Acetylation kEVMTVQkFAEkYRL
BRCA1 Brca1 P48754 mouse 198,795 K1614 3856778 Acetylation TVQkFAEkYRLTLTD
CCDC105 Ccdc105 Q9D4K7 mouse 57,304 K101 5997213 Acetylation TLWKGKMkPPAWYAR
DDX42 Ddx42 Q810A7 mouse 101,965 K626 3856716 Acetylation GANQHVSkELLDLAM
DYN2 Dnm2 P39054 mouse 98,145 K583 3856644 Acetylation EKGFMSNkHVFAIFN
EPB41L5 Epb41l5 Q8BGS1 mouse 81,636 K575 3856681 Acetylation AQVEAVHkVTREDsL
Fmo13 Gm4846 B2RWH8 mouse 61,644 K34 7812729 Acetylation LEPTCFEkSNDIGGL
GLUD1 Glud1 P26443 mouse 61,337 K503 461125 Acetylation RIsGAsEkDIVHsGL
GPR124 Gpr124 Q91ZV8 mouse 143,170 K1194 3856733 Acetylation RAGETGGkSRLKALR
GSTA5 Gsta1 P13745 mouse 25,608 K196 7812703 Acetylation SSLPNVkkFLQPGSQ
HTRA3 Htra3 Q9D236 mouse 49,149 K288 7653320 Acetylation STAQRDGkELGLRDS
JARID2 Jarid2 Q62315 mouse 137,445 K305 3856672 Acetylation DLRKQVSkVNGVTRM
LOC100045417 LOC100045417 XP_001474250 mouse 43,176 K74 7812735 Acetylation TLFGIEKkSRETLTE
LOC100045417 LOC100045417 XP_001474250 mouse 43,176 K85 7812738 Acetylation TLTEMFNkLEKKGSI
LRRFIP2 Lrrfip2 Q91WK0 mouse 47,148 K375 3856721 Acetylation ELKAERRkLQRELRT
MLH3 Mlh3 Q68FG1 mouse 158,717 K973 3856677 Acetylation LFPCNDSkISRDSDV
MYH10 Myh10 Q61879 mouse 228,996 K1520 3856666 Acetylation MEDLMSSkDDVGKNV
NLRC4 Nlrc4 Q3UP24 mouse 116,749 K195 3856656 Acetylation SGGCRALkGFRLVFF
Nlrp4d Nlrp4d Q66X24 mouse 108,021 K52 7812708 Acetylation EVKKASRkDLDNLQL
NUDT5 Nudt5 Q9JKX6 mouse 23,984 K29 3856764 Acetylation ISEGkWVkFEKTTYM
OSBPL1A Osbpl1a Q91XL9 mouse 107,795 K140 3856728 Acetylation VERTQQRkLEELLLG
PCOLCE Pcolce Q61398 mouse 50,168 K238 3856660 Acetylation LGKFCGDkAPSPISS
PRCC Prcc Q9EQC8 mouse 52,302 K441 3856748 Acetylation KTMKSFSkKKGEQPT
RFX8 Rfx8 D3YU81 mouse 67,285 K292 7812747 Acetylation KEVTGFVkRLRRKTY
RIF1 Rif1 Q6PR54 mouse 266,228 K1036 3856685 Acetylation sPKIKSGkLLEEEks
RIF1 Rif1 Q6PR54 mouse 266,228 K1042 3856691 Acetylation GkLLEEEkstDFVFI
RIN2 Rin2 Q9D684 mouse 101,559 K662 3856738 Acetylation PDLMELEkIkLKFMT
RIN2 Rin2 Q9D684 mouse 101,559 K664 3856743 Acetylation LMELEkIkLKFMTMQ
SNRNP48 Snrnp48 Q9D361 mouse 39,453 K73 7812721 Acetylation MPKSSLTkHMESCRL
SNRNP48 Snrnp48 Q9D361 mouse 39,453 K87 7812725 Acetylation LRKLGYTkEEENEMY
SRP54 Srp54 P14576 mouse 55,721 K438 3856639 Acetylation VKKMGGIkGLFkGGD
SUV39H2 Suv39h2 Q9EQQ0 mouse 54,098 K138 3856753 Acetylation GVEYYLVkWKGWPDS
TLK2 Tlk2 O55047 mouse 82,261 K239 3856617 Acetylation NRCVTMSkkLLIEKS
TLK2 Tlk2 O55047 mouse 82,261 K240 3856623 Acetylation RCVTMSkkLLIEKSK
TRIP12 Trip12 G5E870 mouse 224,128 K1719 3856610 Acetylation LPFGRTAkPAHIAKV
TTBK1 Ttbk1 Q6PCN3 mouse 141,613 K828 7812711 Acetylation LEPEEGSkTLVLVsP
TTBK1 Ttbk1 Q6PCN3 mouse 141,613 K840 7812716 Acetylation VsPGDMKkSPVTAEL
TTC3 Ttc3 O88196 mouse 223,931 K1022 3856629 Acetylation GCIKVKNkGkKKKPK
TTC3 Ttc3 O88196 mouse 223,931 K1024 3856634 Acetylation IKVKNkGkKKKPKDS
USP29 Usp29 Q9ES63 mouse 97,823 K189 3856758 Acetylation SSSAEVNkDIPKENT
VCP Vcp Q01853 mouse 89,322 K8 3298704 Acetylation MAsGADskGDDLSTA
WFS1 Wfs1 P56695 mouse 100,579 K109 3856650 Acetylation KAQTEVGkHYLRLAN
ZNF653 Znf653 Q6YND2 mouse 67,517 K602 3856697 Acetylation FEKLDSVkFHTLKSH
ZNF653 Znf653 Q6YND2 mouse 67,517 K613 3856702 Acetylation LKSHPDHkPT_____

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