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PubMed Id: 23608596 
Gnad F, et al. (2013) Systems-wide Analysis of K-Ras, Cdc42, and PAK4 Signaling by Quantitative Phosphoproteomics. Mol Cell Proteomics 12, 2070-80 23608596
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S479 467400 Phosphorylation AQLLRsLsPLsGttD
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 T106 28702602 Phosphorylation EEHPVLLtEAPLNPk
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S136 2565487 Phosphorylation KIKPRLRsEDGVEGD
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S5198 4693426 Phosphorylation FGISTPGsDLDINIK
AKAP11 Akap11 E9Q777 mouse 208,848 S434 3215496 Phosphorylation HLsDAPDsPRPVMTs
ALKBH5 Alkbh5 Q3TSG4 mouse 44,411 S65 469767 Phosphorylation KRKyQEDsDPERsDy
ANK3 Ank3 G5E8K5 mouse 214,062 S1451 467443 Phosphorylation EKADRRQsFAsLALR
APRT Aprt P08030 mouse 19,724 S15 7445005 Phosphorylation LVARRIRsFPDFPIP
ARHGAP21 Arhgap21 Q6DFV3 mouse 215,743 S850 467488 Phosphorylation PLIRRQLsHDQEsVG
ARHGAP23 Arhgap23 Q69ZH9 mouse 161,832 S594 472610 Phosphorylation FALSRHYsQDCssIK
ARHGEF2 Arhgef2 Q60875 mouse 111,974 S646 485982 Phosphorylation RGLFRLEsFEsLRGE
ATAD2 iso2 Atad2 G3X963 mouse 155,284 S322 3202989 Phosphorylation LsstGPRsPyCKRMS
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S350 467540 Phosphorylation DEEDGRDsDEEGAEG
BIKE Bmp2k Q91Z96 mouse 126,185 S733 28702609 Phosphorylation KGHDDsEsDFESDPP
BMS1L Bms1 Q6PGF5 mouse 145,414 T817 467557 Phosphorylation EEEVKEEtDPsEEES
BMS1L Bms1 Q6PGF5 mouse 145,414 S820 467555 Phosphorylation VKEEtDPsEEESARK
BPAG1 Dst Q91ZU6 mouse 834,218 S7336 471662 Phosphorylation SRRGsDAsDFDISEI
BRCA1 Brca1 P48754 mouse 198,795 S1454 448730 Phosphorylation ESGMGRPsPFKsPLA
Caldesmon Cald1 E9QA15 mouse 89,273 S734 448465 Phosphorylation KsPDGNKsPAPKPSD
CAMSAP1L1 Camsap1l1 Q8C1B1 mouse 164,333 S573 454512 Phosphorylation NIKLNQssPDNLtDT
capicua Cic Q924A2 mouse 258,130 S2304 467601 Phosphorylation KNstDLDsAPEDPts
CDH10 Cdh10 P70408 mouse 88,312 S784 2048329 Phosphorylation EMYGGGEsDKDA___
CDH6 Cdh6 P97326 mouse 88,355 S786 2050177 Phosphorylation DMYGGMDsDKDs___
CDK12 Cdk12 Q14AX6 mouse 163,681 S292 452493 Phosphorylation QSSTRsPsPYsRRQR
CDK13 Cdk13 Q69ZA1 mouse 164,553 S316 465758 Phosphorylation AYRRRQRsLsPLGGR
CDK13 Cdk13 Q69ZA1 mouse 164,553 S318 453237 Phosphorylation RRRQRsLsPLGGRDE
CEP170 Cep170 Q6A065 mouse 175,050 S238 1211834 Phosphorylation FPFCREPsyFEIPTK
CEP170 Cep170 Q6A065 mouse 175,050 S1150 457059 Phosphorylation PRRTRLGsLsARsDs
CFAP97 Cfap97 Q6ZPR1 mouse 60,837 S161 485649 Phosphorylation ytDGEEssDDGKKYV
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 S312 471450 Phosphorylation DDDLDVEsDFDDAsI
CHD-7 Chd7 A2AJK6 mouse 334,061 S1571 15408864 Phosphorylation MEFsDLEsDSEEKPC
CNAP1 Ncapd2 Q8K2Z4 mouse 155,665 S1323 459723 Phosphorylation QPLtsVDsDNDFVtP
COBLL1 Cobll1 Q3UMF0 mouse 137,382 S896 467681 Phosphorylation RHLHRtLssPtGtEt
cordon-bleu Cobl Q5NBX1 mouse 143,865 T522 3827438 Phosphorylation sDQDLAGtPELGPQK
CRYAB Cryab P23927 mouse 20,069 S19 447728 Phosphorylation RPFFPFHsPsRLFDQ
CTU2 Ctu2 Q3U308 mouse 56,105 T508 28702615 Phosphorylation EIQEYLItDEEEDS_
DICER1 Dicer1 Q8R418 mouse 216,821 S1466 4764550 Phosphorylation FVRkIsLsPFSASDS
DMXL1 Dmxl1 Q6PNC0 mouse 336,008 S572 3892591 Phosphorylation TGLTRstsMLISSAH
EEF2 Eef2 P58252 mouse 95,314 T57 448040 Phosphorylation RAGEtRFtDtRKDEQ
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 S120 467779 Phosphorylation GAEEEGGsDGsAAEA
EIF3C Eif3c Q8R1B4 mouse 105,531 S39 457560 Phosphorylation GKQPLLLsEDEEDtK
EIF3E Eif3e P60229 mouse 52,221 S399 477917 Phosphorylation VMGNNAVsPyQQVIE
ENO1 Eno1 P17182 mouse 47,141 S263 486228 Phosphorylation kYDLDFksPDDPsRy
ERK1 Mapk3 Q63844 mouse 43,066 T203 447542 Phosphorylation HDHtGFLtEyVAtRW
ESF1 Esf1 Q3V1V3 mouse 98,048 S657 459695 Phosphorylation DsEDELPsDVDFNDP
EST1A Smg6 P61406 mouse 160,496 T478 477998 Phosphorylation PQLHFLDtDDEIsPT
FAM110C Fam110c Q8VE94 mouse 45,319 S311 11053176 Phosphorylation KGLQRSQsDLSSRYS
FAM122A Fam122a Q9DB52 mouse 30,270 S73 467015 Phosphorylation HGLLLPAsPVRMHSS
FAM134A Fam134a Q6NS82 mouse 57,542 T380 470967 Phosphorylation LSKQALDtEEEGAAD
FAM177A1 Fam177a1 Q8BR63 mouse 23,578 S65 1983934 Phosphorylation GEtMEEystDEDEVD
FAM190B Fam190b Q3UHI0 mouse 92,932 S242 12216419 Phosphorylation SSITRSHsFNRAVDL
FAM44A Bod1l E9Q6J5 mouse 327,453 S480 3149521 Phosphorylation YLYSKyysDsDDELT
FLNA Flna Q8BTM8 mouse 281,222 S2224 23107367 Phosphorylation KGQHVPGsPFQFTVG
FLNA Flna Q8BTM8 mouse 281,222 S2414 3181766 Phosphorylation NGTHIPGsPFKIRVG
FLNB Flnb Q80X90 mouse 277,825 S1505 3176095 Phosphorylation ADEEIPRsPFkVKVL
FLNC Flnc Q8VHX6 mouse 291,119 S1051 28702629 Phosphorylation DGHPVPGsPFAVEGV
FRA10AC1 5730455O13Rik Q8BP78 mouse 37,202 S9 467916 Phosphorylation HGHGGyDsDFsDDEQ
FRA10AC1 5730455O13Rik Q8BP78 mouse 37,202 S12 467915 Phosphorylation GGyDsDFsDDEQGGG
GATAD2A Gatad2a Q8CHY6 mouse 67,334 S596 9831727 Phosphorylation TLAFVsPsLAVHKTS
GBF1 Gbf1 Q6DFZ1 mouse 206,782 T1337 454448 Phosphorylation GKIHRsAtDADMVNS
GOLGA5 Golga5 Q9QYE6 mouse 82,368 S116 467952 Phosphorylation QFVRRKKsEPDDELL
GPAM Gpam Q61586 mouse 93,705 S694 469747 Phosphorylation sDEEDEDsDFGEEQR
H2B1D Hist1h2bm P10854 mouse 13,936 S37 1210710 Phosphorylation RKRSRkEsysVyVyk
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S421 447912 Phosphorylation IACEEEFsDsDEEGE
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S423 447913 Phosphorylation CEEEFsDsDEEGEGG
helicase B Helb Q6NVF4 mouse 121,471 T992 4737177 Phosphorylation SVNDDVDtDEESAQL
HIRIP3 Hirip3 Q8BLH7 mouse 65,215 S134 471020 Phosphorylation ALKKAVEstDEDHQt
HIRIP3 Hirip3 Q8BLH7 mouse 65,215 T141 484858 Phosphorylation stDEDHQtDLDAKMG
HuR Elavl1 P70372 mouse 36,169 S202 3197192 Phosphorylation LLSQLyHsPARrFGG
ICLN Clns1a Q923F1 mouse 26,523 S100 454539 Phosphorylation EEsKEPLsDEDEEDN
IFIH1 Ifih1 Q8R5F7 mouse 115,971 S1022 4764960 Phosphorylation YSEYCLYsDED____
ISCU Iscu Q9D7P6 mouse 18,098 S15 469833 Phosphorylation GRLRRAAsALLLRsP
IWS1 Iws1 Q8C1D8 mouse 85,248 S343 453551 Phosphorylation KRKAAVLsDsEDDAG
kanadaptin Slc4a1ap E9Q585 mouse 79,672 S412 449174 Phosphorylation EDEDFyDsDDDtFLD
KIDINS220 Kidins220 E9Q9B7 mouse 199,184 S918 451418 Phosphorylation RTITRQMsFDLTKLL
KIF1B iso3 Kif1b Q60575-3 mouse 130,123 S1138 7320186 Phosphorylation PRMRRQFsAPNLKAG
KIF23 Kif23 E9Q5G3 mouse 108,776 S860 3194060 Phosphorylation LTHQELAsDGEIQTK
KLHL38 Klhl38 Q8BSF5 mouse 65,651 S56 4753221 Phosphorylation RSVLASSsPYFKAMF
KNL2 Mis18bp1 Q80WQ8 mouse 113,956 T741 14570736 Phosphorylation LDHLPGLtDDEEWSE
LARP5 Larp4b Q6A0A2 mouse 81,627 S739 469399 Phosphorylation EQNtPPKsPQ_____
LEO1 Leo1 Q5XJE5 mouse 75,597 S247 7102558 Phosphorylation DEEKMQNsDDERPQV
LIMCH1 Limch1 Q3UH68 mouse 118,196 S493 453612 Phosphorylation MKYLRQQsLPPPKFT
LRRC16 Lrrc16a Q6EDY6 mouse 151,860 S937 11089527 Phosphorylation SRMLRPVsRAFEMEF
Lunapark Lnp Q7TQ95 mouse 47,500 T392 3950441 Phosphorylation PAENQEEtENEETST
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1317 454137 Phosphorylation EKtLEVVsPsQsVtG
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1391 454141 Phosphorylation sPVEKVLsPLRsPPL
matrin 3 Matr3 Q8K310 mouse 94,630 S596 452691 Phosphorylation KDKsRKRsysPDGKE
MCM3 Mcm3 P25206 mouse 91,546 S672 468175 Phosphorylation KKAsEDEsDLEDEEE
MEKK4 Map3k4 O08648 mouse 179,834 S492 468186 Phosphorylation RKLERLEsEEDSIGW
MFAP1 Mfap1a Q9CQU1 mouse 51,954 T267 449202 Phosphorylation AALDALNtDDENDEE
MIG-6 Errfi1 Q99JZ7 mouse 50,075 S368 3892645 Phosphorylation KALQRQssEGsANKV
MRLC2 Myl12b Q3THE2 mouse 19,779 T19 448596 Phosphorylation KKRPQRAtsNVFAMF
MTA2 Mta2 Q9R190 mouse 75,030 S435 3177793 Phosphorylation RPEAQsLsPytTSAN
MYBBP1A Mybbp1a Q7TPV4 mouse 152,037 S742 9765972 Phosphorylation DsEDGEEsEEEDRDK
MYH9 Myh9 Q8VDD5 mouse 226,372 T869 28702646 Phosphorylation LAAENRLtEMETMQS
MYH9 Myh9 Q8VDD5 mouse 226,372 S1943 456730 Phosphorylation RKGtGDCsDEEVDGK
MYO18A Myo18a Q9JMH9 mouse 232,755 S2037 457022 Phosphorylation RFsHsyLsDsDtEAK
MYO18A Myo18a Q9JMH9 mouse 232,755 S2039 457023 Phosphorylation sHsyLsDsDtEAKLT
MYO9B Myo9b Q9QY06 mouse 238,834 S1647 4781996 Phosphorylation SYTGRRKsELGAEPG
NACA Naca P70670 mouse 220,499 S2086 4957305 Phosphorylation TkPDVYksPAsDTYI

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