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PubMed Id: 21728379 
Yang L, et al. (2011) The fasted/fed mouse metabolic acetylome: N6-acetylation differences suggest acetylation coordinates organ-specific fuel switching. J Proteome Res 10, 4134-49 21728379
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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14-3-3 eta Ywhah P68510 mouse 28,212 K125 3649474 Acetylation ESkVFYLkMkGDYyR
14-3-3 sigma Sfn O70456 mouse 27,706 K122 3649446 Acetylation EsRVFYLkMkGDYyR
ACAA2 Acaa2 Q8BWT1 mouse 41,830 K137 466511 Acetylation RNVRFGtkFGLDLkL
ACADVL Acadvl P50544 mouse 70,876 K52 1194901 Acetylation ATQAVLDkPEtLsSD
ACADVL Acadvl P50544 mouse 70,876 K359 27584202 Acetylation TMKSLIAkAVDHATN
ACAT1 Acat1 Q8QZT1 mouse 44,816 K227 466509 Acetylation kEAWDAGkFASEITP
ACAT1 Acat1 Q8QZT1 mouse 44,816 K270 1197098 Acetylation kLkTVFQkENGTITA
ACO2 Aco2 Q99KI0 mouse 85,464 K523 19010536 Acetylation GkDGkkFkLEAPDAD
ACTA2 Acta2 P62737 mouse 42,009 K193 11323338 Acetylation DLtDyLMkILtERGy
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 K50 461691 Acetylation VMVGMGQkDsyVGDE
ACTG1 Actg1 P63260 mouse 41,793 K50 475525 Acetylation VMVGMGQkDsyVGDE
ACTG2 Actg2 P63268 mouse 41,877 K62 3607791 Acetylation VGDEAQskRGILtLk
ACTG2 Actg2 P63268 mouse 41,877 K192 11323353 Acetylation DLtDyLMkILtERGy
AK3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 mouse 25,426 K29 1194463 Acetylation tVSSRITkHFELkHL
AK3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 mouse 25,426 K64 1197663 Acetylation KTFIDQGkLIPDDVM
AK3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 mouse 25,426 K80 19010680 Acetylation RLALHELkTLTQCSW
albumin Alb P07724 mouse 68,693 K236 27584219 Acetylation kFGERAFkAWAVARL
ALDOA Aldoa P05064 mouse 39,356 K14 15291620 Acetylation ALTPEQkkELSDIAH
ALDOART1 Aldoart1 Q9CPQ9 mouse 39,285 K330 9931296 Acetylation AAQEEYIkRALANsL
ALPL Alpl P09242 mouse 57,514 K159 27584229 Acetylation RWAKDAGkSVGIVTT
AMACR Amacr O09174 mouse 41,704 K117 27584233 Acetylation GQsGIFSkVAGHDIN
APOA1 Apoa1 Q00623 mouse 30,616 K256 27582000 Acetylation QVQSVIDkASETLTA
APOA2 Apoa2 P09813 mouse 11,309 K67 3837560 Acetylation QAkAYFEkTHEQLTP
ARG1 Arg1 Q61176 mouse 34,808 K17 19010940 Acetylation IIGAPFSkGQPRGGV
ATAD3A Atad3 Q925I1 mouse 66,742 K490 467142 Acetylation LVRMYFDkYVLkPAT
ATP5H Atp5h Q9DCX2 mouse 18,749 K73 3807304 Acetylation LVDDFEkkYNALkIP
ATP5J Atp5j P97450 mouse 12,496 K46 1186633 Acetylation VQkLFVDkIREYkSK
ATP5J Atp5j P97450 mouse 12,496 K105 3283381 Acetylation PkFEVIDkPQs____
ATP5O Atp5o Q9DB20 mouse 23,364 K88 27584264 Acetylation PYIkRTVkVkSLNDI
ATP8 Mtatp8 P03930 mouse 7,766 K54 467093 Acetylation VkTPWELkWTkIYLP
BCKDHB Bckdhb Q6P3A8 mouse 42,880 K239 11322710 Acetylation PCIFFEPkILYRAAV
CA3 Ca3 P16015 mouse 29,366 K135 25541336 Acetylation NtFGEALkQPDGIAV
CALML3 Calml3 Q9D6P8 mouse 16,701 K95 27584336 Acetylation EAFRVFDkDGNGFVS
Calmodulin Calm1 P62204 mouse 16,838 K14 1260164 Acetylation EEQIAEFkEAFsLFD
Calmodulin Calm1 P62204 mouse 16,838 K22 11322475 Acetylation EAFsLFDkDGDGTIT
calsequestrin 1 Casq1 O09165 mouse 46,378 K63 27584351 Acetylation NyKNVFKkYEVLALL
CCDC90B Ccdc90b Q8C3X2 mouse 29,597 K197 27584365 Acetylation EATNEFAkKDTQTKS
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K32 27584432 Acetylation kHNNHMAkVLtPDLY
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K41 15292922 Acetylation LtPDLYNkLRDKETP
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K101 27584412 Acetylation QDRHGGYkPTDkHkT
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K259 27584427 Acetylation RFCVGLQkIEEIFkk
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K304 27584417 Acetylation VkLANLSkHPkFEEI
CKM Ckm P07310 mouse 43,045 K365 9931502 Acetylation KLMVEMEkKLEkGQs
CMPK Cmpk1 Q9DBP5 mouse 22,165 K43 19011281 Acetylation ELLRDERkNPDSQYG
COMMD6 Commd6 Q3V4B5 mouse 9,795 K41 7807147 Acetylation SDSCRSLkYPYVAVM
COX5A Cox5a P12787 mouse 16,101 K109 25541291 Acetylation VRILEVVkDKAGPHK
COX5A Cox5a P12787 mouse 16,101 K145 480894 Acetylation PEELGLDkV______
COX7A2 Cox7a2 P48771 mouse 9,291 K33 480869 Acetylation NKVPEKQkLFQEDNG
CRIP2 Crip2 Q9DCT8 mouse 22,727 K200 27584477 Acetylation VGsYIyDkDPEGTVQ
CYB5A Cyb5a P56395 mouse 15,241 K10 19011386 Acetylation GQsDkDVkyYTLEEI
CYB5A Cyb5a P56395 mouse 15,241 K33 19011392 Acetylation TWVILHHkVYDLTkF
CYB5B Cyb5b Q9CQX2 mouse 16,318 K88 27584491 Acetylation PDAREMLkQYYIGDV
CYB5B Cyb5b Q9CQX2 mouse 16,318 K101 27584497 Acetylation DVHPsDLkPKGDDKD
DCI Dci P42125 mouse 32,250 K229 1194093 Acetylation kARSVMTkWLAIPDH
DCPS Dcps Q9DAR7 mouse 38,988 K137 11321955 Acetylation VVYPATEkHLQkYMR
DECR1 Decr1 Q9CQ62 mouse 36,214 K260 1197371 Acetylation DPTGRFEkEMIDRIP
DLD Dld O08749 mouse 54,272 K122 19011531 Acetylation EVRLNLEkMMEQkHS
DLD Dld O08749 mouse 54,272 K410 461156 Acetylation GKSEEQLkEEGIEFK
DLD Dld O08749 mouse 54,272 K420 461157 Acetylation GIEFKIGkFPFAANS
DNAJC12 Dnajc12 Q9R022 mouse 22,853 K58 27584511 Acetylation KAVETFQkLQKAKEI
EHHADH Ehhadh Q9DBM2 mouse 78,301 K579 461837 Acetylation kGWYQYDkPLGRIHk
ETFB Etfb Q9DCW4 mouse 27,623 K116 1187223 Acetylation AkLAEkEkVDLLFLG
FABP1 Fabp1 P12710 mouse 14,246 K96 19011666 Acetylation NkMVTtFkGIksVTE
FASN Fasn P19096 mouse 272,428 K673 461613 Acetylation KQEGVFAkEVRTGGL
FH Fh P97807 mouse 54,357 K77 1186641 Acetylation VRSTMNFkIGGAtER
FH Fh P97807 mouse 54,357 K112 466438 Acetylation QEYGLDPkIAsAIMk
GCHFR Gchfr P99025 mouse 9,584 K59 27584598 Acetylation PPRIVLDkLECkGFR
GEMIN5 Gemin5 Q8BX17 mouse 166,592 K738 4138659 Acetylation KKRLSQFkPKLKKKK
GLUD1 Glud1 P26443 mouse 61,337 K90 1186425 Acetylation DkLVEDLkTREsEEQ
GOT2 Got2 P05202 mouse 47,411 K107 15291337 Acetylation GGLAEFCkASAELAL
GRP58 Pdia3 P27773 mouse 56,678 K129 1186437 Acetylation DGIVSHLkKQAGPAs
GSTP1 Gstp1 P19157 mouse 23,609 K103 15292060 Acetylation GVEDLRGkYVTLIyt
GSTZ1 Gstz1 Q9WVL0 mouse 24,275 K177 19012113 Acetylation VANAERFkVDLsPYP
H2A.1 Hist1h2ab P22752 mouse 14,135 K96 4138118 Acetylation rNDEELNkLLGRVtI
H2A.4 Hist1h2aa Q8CGP4 mouse 14,056 K96 19012123 Acetylation RNDEELNkLLGRVtI
H2AE Hist1h2af Q8CGP5 mouse 14,162 K96 7802107 Acetylation RNDEELNkLLGRVtI
H2B Hist1h2bn P10853 mouse 13,936 K44 3966514 Acetylation sysVyVykVLkQVHP
H2B Hist1h2bn P10853 mouse 13,936 K109 3600535 Acetylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1C Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 mouse 13,906 K109 482377 Acetylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1D Hist1h2bm P10854 mouse 13,936 K121 482343 Acetylation EGtkAVTkYTSSk__
H2B1K Hist1h2bk Q8CGP1 mouse 13,920 K44 19012135 Acetylation sysVyVykVLkQVHP
H2B1K Hist1h2bk Q8CGP1 mouse 13,920 K47 11315572 Acetylation VyVykVLkQVHPDTG
H2B1L Hist2h2be Q64524 mouse 13,993 K47 11315537 Acetylation IYVYKVLkQVHPDTG
H2B1N Hist1h2bb Q64475 mouse 13,952 K109 482379 Acetylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H3 Hist1h3a P68433 mouse 15,273 K14 458954 Acetylation ARkstGGkAPrkQLA
H3F3A H3f3a P84244 mouse 15,328 K24 18545311 Acetylation PRkQLATkAARKSAP
H3F3A H3f3a P84244 mouse 15,328 K80 18545315 Acetylation REIAQDFktDLRFQS
H3F3C H3f3c P02301 mouse 15,315 K10 27118118 Acetylation LTKQTARkSTGGkAP
H4 Hist1h4a P62806 mouse 11,367 K17 458960 Acetylation GLGkGGAkRHRkVLr
H4H4 Hist1h4m P62806 mouse 11,367 K17 480228 Acetylation GLGkGGAkRHRKVLR
HADH2 iso5 Hsd17b10 Q99N15 mouse 27,274 K9 7608206 Acetylation AAAVRSVkGLVAVVT
HADHA Hadha Q8BMS1 mouse 82,670 K406 461764 Acetylation rGQQQVFkGLNDkVk
HBB Hbb-b2 P02089 mouse 15,878 K18 480861 Acetylation AVsCLWAkVNPDEVG
HBB Hbb-b2 P02089 mouse 15,878 K96 480903 Acetylation LsELHCDkLHVDPEN
HBD Hbb-b1 P02088 mouse 15,840 K96 479669 Acetylation LsELHCDkLHVDPEN
HBD Hbb-b1 P02088 mouse 15,840 K145 479788 Acetylation VAtALAHkyH_____
HIP St13 Q99L47 mouse 41,656 K152 3836126 Acetylation RLAILYAkRAsVFVk
HIST1H2AH Hist1h2ah Q8CGP6 mouse 13,950 K96 27584640 Acetylation RNDEELNkLLGRVTI
HIST1H2BP Hist1h2bp Q8CGP2 mouse 13,992 K121 25562701 Acetylation EGtkAVTkYTSSK__
HIST3H2A Hist3h2a Q8BFU2 mouse 14,121 K96 18546358 Acetylation RNDEELNkLLGRVtI

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