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PubMed Id: 18187866 
Imami K, et al. (2008) Automated Phosphoproteome Analysis for Cultured Cancer Cells by Two-Dimensional NanoLC-MS Using a Calcined Titania/C18 Biphasic Column. Anal Sci 24, 161-6 18187866
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T68 471504 Phosphorylation ECRNsPVtktPPRDL
ABCD3 ABCD3 P28288 human 75,476 Y145 2525658 Phosphorylation LVNNFLKyGLNELKL
Abi-1 ABI1 Q8IZP0 human 55,081 S183 486178 Phosphorylation PPtQKPPsPPMsGRG
ACBD5 ACBD5 Q5T8D3 human 60,092 T131 2526229 Phosphorylation IIEtMPMtEKVEELL
ACF7 MACF1 Q9UPN3 human 838,308 S4521 468157 Phosphorylation LAELEQNsPKIQKVK
ADCK1 ADCK1 Q86TW2 human 60,577 T441 2526964 Phosphorylation QMLLILKtNDLLRGI
ALG10 ALG10 Q5BKT4 human 55,606 S387 2526202 Phosphorylation AGWSIADsLKSKSIF
alphaSNBP(A) LSM14A Q8ND56 human 50,530 S216 467433 Phosphorylation PAAVGRRsPVstRPL
ANKRD32 ANKRD32 Q9BQI6 human 121,050 Y916 2526760 Phosphorylation KGELPLDyVVsPQIk
ARID1A ARID1A O14497 human 242,045 S696 452533 Phosphorylation LPGIRGPsPsPVGsP
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S754 452552 Phosphorylation KRtsstCsNEsLsVG
ASS1 ASS1 P00966 human 46,530 S352 2525478 Phosphorylation VEGKVQVsVLKGQVy
ataxin-2L ATXN2L Q8WWM7 human 113,374 S594 453201 Phosphorylation LtsEPMGsPVssKtE
ATP13A1 ATP13A1 Q9HD20 human 132,955 S935 460910 Phosphorylation TSQRDRLsQVLRDLE
BCDIN3 MEPCE Q7L2J0 human 74,355 T213 467546 Phosphorylation SRtLNAEtPKssPLP
BCLAF1 BCLAF1 Q9NYF8 human 106,122 S512 459688 Phosphorylation LKDLFDysPPLHkNL
BIN1 BIN1 O00499 human 64,699 S296 452527 Phosphorylation APAKGNKsPsPPDGs
CAP1 CAP1 Q01518 human 51,901 S310 2525971 Phosphorylation PKPQtsPsPkRAtKK
CARHSP1 CARHSP1 Q9Y2V2 human 15,892 S41 455702 Phosphorylation LRGNVVPsPLPtRRt
CCDC37 CCDC37 Q494V2 human 71,117 T90 2526175 Phosphorylation MRVHQKMtySSkVSA
CCDC6 CCDC6 Q16204 human 53,291 S244 450707 Phosphorylation QPVsAPPsPRDIsME
CCDC63 CCDC63 Q8NA47 human 66,250 T74 2526496 Phosphorylation KTEQDEItLLLSLMK
CCNG2 CCNG2 Q16589 human 38,866 S220 2526148 Phosphorylation LEVETLKsVELLEIL
CCNG2 CCNG2 Q16589 human 38,866 S234 2526151 Phosphorylation LLLVKKHsKINDTEF
CCR10 CCR10 P46092 human 38,416 T295 2525739 Phosphorylation KDVALLVtsGLALAR
CCR10 CCR10 P46092 human 38,416 S296 2525736 Phosphorylation DVALLVtsGLALARC
CHD-3 CHD3 Q12873 human 226,592 S43 2525307 Phosphorylation DDIRLLPsALGVKKR
CHIP STUB1 Q9UNE7 human 34,856 S23 453858 Phosphorylation GGGsPEksPsAQELK
CSFR CSF1R P07333 human 107,984 S555 2525523 Phosphorylation VRWKIIEsyEGNsyt
CSFR CSF1R P07333 human 107,984 T567 2525529 Phosphorylation sytFIDPtQLPyNEK
CSIG RSL1D1 O76021 human 54,973 S361 453493 Phosphorylation QVKAtNEsEDEIPQL
DAB2 DAB2 P98082 human 82,448 T151 2525935 Phosphorylation HQFFAIKtGQQAEPL
DAP3 DAP3 P51398 human 45,566 T272 2525766 Phosphorylation INALWGRttLKREDK
DBN1 DBN1 Q16643 human 71,429 S142 452446 Phosphorylation NGLARLssPVLHRLR
DCC DCC P43146 human 158,457 T1074 2525724 Phosphorylation TNLIDRstLNEPPIG
Desmoplakin DSP P15924 human 331,774 S2821 465771 Phosphorylation PsPyNMssAPGsRSG
DHRS6 BDH2 Q9BUT1 human 26,724 S132 2526769 Phosphorylation SGNIINMsSVASSVk
DOPEY2 DOPEY2 Q9Y3R5 human 258,230 S936 2527060 Phosphorylation LEALFRFsVIWHLTR
EAP1 IRF2BPL Q9H1B7 human 82,659 S547 476516 Phosphorylation sLRKRKAsPEPPDsA
EAP1 IRF2BPL Q9H1B7 human 82,659 S659 449192 Phosphorylation SARRNsssPVsPAsV
EEF1D EEF1D P29692 human 31,122 S133 455672 Phosphorylation APQtQHVsPMRQVEP
EID1 EID1 Q9Y6B2 human 20,876 S8 2527102 Phosphorylation MsEMAELsELYEESS
EIF3C EIF3C Q99613 human 105,344 S39 457560 Phosphorylation GKQPLLLsEDEEDtK
EIF4G3 EIF4G3 O43432 human 176,652 S495 483539 Phosphorylation QNLNSRRsPVPAQIA
EIF5B EIF5B O60841 human 138,827 S190 452568 Phosphorylation sGEsGDEsDEFLQsR
EPS15R EPS15L1 Q9UBC2 human 94,255 S255 451878 Phosphorylation LNstGsLsPKHsLKQ
EPS8L2 EPS8L2 Q9H6S3 human 80,621 S8 2526820 Phosphorylation MsQSGAVsCCPGATN
FAM122A FAM122A Q96E09 human 30,529 S143 467589 Phosphorylation RIDFIPVsPAPsPtR
FAM53C FAM53C Q9NYF3 human 43,091 T6 2526883 Phosphorylation __MITLItEQLQKQt
FBXO4 FBXO4 Q9UKT5 human 44,136 S12 453026 Phosphorylation EPRsGtNsPPPPFSD
FCHSD1 FCHSD1 Q86WN1 human 76,942 S140 2526415 Phosphorylation AQAEVLQsVRELSRS
FLI FLII Q13045 human 144,751 S856 452779 Phosphorylation NAEAVLQsPGLsGkV
FLN29 TRAFD1 O14545 human 64,841 T323 2525337 Phosphorylation RALPsLNtGsssPRG
FLN29 TRAFD1 O14545 human 64,841 S415 449166 Phosphorylation DsQPQEtsPELPRRR
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 S2152 451357 Phosphorylation TRRRRAPsVANVGsH
FLNB FLNB O75369 human 278,164 S658 2525418 Phosphorylation yGPGLEKsGCIVNNL
FMN2 FMN2 Q9NZ56 human 180,106 T493 2526256 Phosphorylation TEELGARtPRVGGsA
FOXK1 FOXK1 P85037 human 75,457 T436 467913 Phosphorylation PRsGGLQtPECLsRE
FOXK2 FOXK2 Q01167 human 69,062 S398 483637 Phosphorylation EsLsREGsPAPLEPE
GCP6 TUBGCP6 Q96RT7 human 200,498 Y439 2526742 Phosphorylation FTSGLRRyLQYyRAC
GMPS GMPS P49915 human 76,715 S332 483221 Phosphorylation kTLNMttsPEEKRKI
HDGF HDGF P51858 human 26,788 S132 452718 Phosphorylation kkGNAEGssDEEGKL
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 S87 455943 Phosphorylation sGLQRRNssEAssGD
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 S88 455942 Phosphorylation GLQRRNssEAssGDF
hnRNP H1 HNRNPH1 P31943 human 49,229 S104 455395 Phosphorylation LkHtGPNsPDtANDG
hnRNP H2 HNRNPH2 P55795 human 49,264 S104 455396 Phosphorylation LkHtGPNsPDtANDG
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 S216 450148 Phosphorylation ILDLIsEsPIkGRAQ
HOXB2 HOXB2 P14652 human 37,914 T52 2525583 Phosphorylation PPPPFEQtFPsLQPG
HPS3 HPS3 Q969F9 human 113,736 Y957 2526664 Phosphorylation GGEKYQLyLSsLKET
HSF1 HSF1 Q00613 human 57,260 S303 449045 Phosphorylation RVkEEPPsPPQsPRV
HSP105 HSPH1 Q92598 human 96,865 S809 457021 Phosphorylation QPKPKIEsPKLERtP
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 S82 448403 Phosphorylation RALsRQLssGVsEIR
IFI16 IFI16 Q16666 human 88,256 S153 449306 Phosphorylation EEQtQPPsPAGAGMs
IFI27 IFI27 P40305 human 11,268 T7 2525694 Phosphorylation _MEASALtsSAVTSV
IFI30 IFI30 P13284 human 27,964 T45 2525574 Phosphorylation GPPVNYKtGNLYLRG
IHPK3 IP6K3 Q96PC2 human 46,417 S242 2526715 Phosphorylation HMRKCAQstsACLGV
IHPK3 IP6K3 Q96PC2 human 46,417 T243 2526721 Phosphorylation MRKCAQstsACLGVR
ILKAP ILKAP Q9H0C8 human 42,907 T81 2526790 Phosphorylation GKGAKRKtsEEEkNG
K17 KRT17 Q04695 human 48,106 S32 483641 Phosphorylation sRtsCRLsGGLGAGs
KCNN1 KCNN1 Q92952 human 59,987 T409 2526652 Phosphorylation TWLIYKHtRLVKKPD
KI-67 MKI67 P46013 human 358,694 S352 2525304 Phosphorylation MKtPVQYsQQQNsPQ
KIAA1671 KIAA1671 Q9BY89 human 196,711 T248 2526775 Phosphorylation RPVsAIFtEsIQPQK
KIF21A KIF21A Q7Z4S6 human 187,179 S1239 2526358 Phosphorylation EKKIPEPsPVtRRKA
KLC4 KLC4 Q9NSK0 human 68,640 S83 2526859 Phosphorylation ENIELGLsEAQVMLA
lamin A/C LMNA P02545 human 74,139 S22 452604 Phosphorylation QAsstPLsPtRItRL
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 T526 453638 Phosphorylation PGsPRAVtPVPtKTE
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 S774 453830 Phosphorylation LPttVPEsPNyRNtR
LARP5 LARP4B Q92615 human 80,552 S601 2526628 Phosphorylation AtyERsPsPAHLPDD
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 S375 2526655 Phosphorylation LQPKGGHsGQLGPSS
MAMDC4 MAMDC4 Q6UXC1 human 131,499 T205 2526313 Phosphorylation FSATRNAtHRGAVAL
MAP4 MAP4 P27816 human 121,005 S507 452280 Phosphorylation VGLLKDMsPLsEtEM
MEK2 MAP2K2 P36507 human 44,424 T396 483596 Phosphorylation LNQPGtPtRtAV___
MGC5509 C2orf49 Q9BVC5 human 25,858 S189 476505 Phosphorylation sPsGPVKsPPLsPVG
MGMT MGMT P16455 human 21,646 T10 2525604 Phosphorylation KDCEMKRttLDsPLG
MGMT MGMT P16455 human 21,646 T11 2525607 Phosphorylation DCEMKRttLDsPLGK
MITF MITF O75030 human 58,795 T54 2525406 Phosphorylation PISSSSMtSRILLRQ
MRCKB CDC42BPB Q9Y5S2 human 194,315 T1196 2527093 Phosphorylation TSSLLILtENENEKR
MYBBP1A MYBBP1A Q9BQG0 human 148,855 S1163 453935 Phosphorylation EIPsAtQsPIsKKRK
MYH10 MYH10 P35580 human 228,999 T1376 2525685 Phosphorylation LQSQLADtKKkVDDD
MYO5C MYO5C Q9NQX4 human 202,810 S1104 2526850 Phosphorylation REMREKMsEITKQLL

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