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PubMed Id: 17370265 
Denis NJ, et al. (2007) Tryptic digestion of ubiquitin standards reveals an improved strategy for identifying ubiquitinated proteins by mass spectrometry. Proteomics 7, 868-74 17370265
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ABCF1 ABCF1 Q8NE71 human 95,926 K573 6797149 Ubiquitylation KSTKQAEkQTKEALt
ABCF1 ABCF1 Q8NE71 human 95,926 K582 6797148 Ubiquitylation TKEALtRkQQKCRRK
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 K5 6797103 Ubiquitylation ___MWRRkHPrTSGG
ACTN4 ACTN4 O43707 human 104,854 K378 6797163 Ubiquitylation AFMPSEGkMVSDINN
ANK3 ANK3 Q12955 human 480,410 K4338 6797134 Ubiquitylation RTsPADGkPRLsLHE
ANKRD6 ANKRD6 Q9Y2G4 human 79,971 K40 6797162 Ubiquitylation GARVAVTkHGRTPLH
BARD1 BARD1 Q99728 human 86,648 K423 6797114 Ubiquitylation LLPNMAVkRNHRGEt
BAZ2B BAZ2B Q9UIF8 human 240,459 K1538 6797155 Ubiquitylation TGSSGPGkFYsPLPN
CASP8AP2 CASP8AP2 Q9UKL3 human 222,658 K92 6797169 Ubiquitylation LQMKELMkkFKEIQT
CASP8AP2 CASP8AP2 Q9UKL3 human 222,658 K93 6797168 Ubiquitylation QMKELMkkFKEIQTQ
CCT-theta CCT8 P50990 human 59,621 K225 6797105 Ubiquitylation LHGMVFKkEtEGDVt
CENPE CENPE Q02224 human 316,415 K1937 6781706 Ubiquitylation RMLSKEHkETVDKLR
CEP162 CEP162 Q5TB80 human 161,943 K908 6781703 Ubiquitylation GNPSIRQkIRLKDKA
CEP170B CEP170B Q9Y4F5 human 171,688 K289 6797142 Ubiquitylation KIKDHITkFsLRQRR
Chk1 CHEK1 O14757 human 54,434 K436 6797153 Ubiquitylation NLLEMDDkILVDFRL
COL4A3 COL4A3 Q01955 human 161,812 K1414 6797154 Ubiquitylation EKGNKGSkGEPGPAG
CUL1 CUL1 Q13616 human 89,679 K708 6797161 Ubiquitylation KNIEEDRkLLIQAAI
CUL1 CUL1 Q13616 human 89,679 K720 6797160 Ubiquitylation AAIVRIMkMRKVLKH
Diaphanous-1 DIAPH1 O60610 human 141,347 K486 6797124 Ubiquitylation AkAAELEkkLDSELT
Diaphanous-3 DIAPH3 Q9NSV4 human 136,926 K139 6797119 Ubiquitylation DMNLNEDkKAPLREK
envoplakin EVPL Q92817 human 231,604 K1467 6797102 Ubiquitylation IIMEEVVkLEKDPDL
FAM44A BOD1L1 Q8NFC6 human 330,466 K2981 6778636 Ubiquitylation VsDPVEDkkEQEsDE
FAM44A BOD1L1 Q8NFC6 human 330,466 K2982 6778637 Ubiquitylation sDPVEDkkEQEsDEE
GABRA5 GABRA5 P31644 human 52,146 K355 6778640 Ubiquitylation GWAWDGKkALEAAKI
GABRB1 GABRB1 P18505 human 54,235 K46 6797126 Ubiquitylation ETVDRLLkGYDIRLR
GON4L GON4L Q3T8J9 human 248,620 K534 6797123 Ubiquitylation TADDEDWkMWLGGLM
H1C HIST1H1C P16403 human 21,365 K206 6797156 Ubiquitylation kPkVVKPkKAAPKKK
HACL1 HACL1 Q9UJ83 human 63,729 K153 6797164 Ubiquitylation AIPFVIEkAVRSSIY
HIVEP2 HIVEP2 P31629 human 269,053 K2092 6797110 Ubiquitylation MRHLSPRkEAALRRE
INO80C INO80C Q6PI98 human 20,643 K21 6797117 Ubiquitylation PGIVRNskkRPAsPs
INO80C INO80C Q6PI98 human 20,643 K22 6797118 Ubiquitylation GIVRNskkRPAsPsH
INO80C INO80C Q6PI98 human 20,643 K41 6797116 Ubiquitylation GGGYGAskKKKASAS
KIAA0586 KIAA0586 Q9BVV6 human 169,307 K380 6781707 Ubiquitylation NNDsLTRkSESSNTT
KPNB1 KPNB1 Q14974 human 97,170 K206 6797122 Ubiquitylation LNSLEFTkANFDkES
KPNB1 KPNB1 Q14974 human 97,170 K211 6797121 Ubiquitylation FTkANFDkESERHFI
KTN1 KTN1 Q86UP2 human 156,275 K309 6781704 Ubiquitylation LCVVDLLkEKSGVIQ
LRRC16 LRRC16A Q5VZK9 human 151,557 K593 6781709 Ubiquitylation MGAKMLAkALQINtK
MCM10 MCM10 Q7L590 human 98,183 K627 6797130 Ubiquitylation APATMtPkLGRGVLE
MYH4 MYH4 Q9Y623 human 223,071 K1813 487073 Ubiquitylation QLALKGGkkQIQKLE
MYH4 MYH4 Q9Y623 human 223,071 K1814 6797138 Ubiquitylation LALKGGkkQIQKLEA
NHE4 SLC9A4 Q6AI14 human 89,814 K352 6797107 Ubiquitylation QTSYTTIkYFMKMLS
NHE6 iso2 SLC9A6 Q92581-2 human 77,917 K475 6778639 Ubiquitylation LNLGRRSkIGSNFQH
NSAP1 SYNCRIP O60506 human 69,603 K123 6797120 Ubiquitylation skGPDEAkIkALLER
OGDH OGDH Q02218 human 115,935 K534 6778635 Ubiquitylation yKQIRKQkPVLQKYA
PCYOX1 PCYOX1 Q9UHG3 human 56,640 K162 6781702 Ubiquitylation WVEDVLDkFMRIYRY
PEX1 PEX1 O43933 human 142,867 K833 6781701 Ubiquitylation LRSVNLHkPRDLGWD
PGAM2 PGAM2 P15259 human 28,766 K179 6797158 Ubiquitylation VPQIKAGkRVLIAAH
PGAM2 PGAM2 P15259 human 28,766 K195 6797157 Ubiquitylation NsLRGIVkHLEGMSD
plakophilin 4 PKP4 Q99569 human 131,868 K611 6797135 Ubiquitylation DENKIAMkNVGGIPA
PLS3 PLS3 P13797 human 70,811 K168 6797112 Ubiquitylation GDGIVLCkMINLsVP
POMGNT1 POMGNT1 Q8WZA1 human 75,252 K537 6797140 Ubiquitylation LRNVDSLkkEAYEVE
POMGNT1 POMGNT1 Q8WZA1 human 75,252 K538 6797139 Ubiquitylation RNVDSLkkEAYEVEV
POTE2 POTEE Q6S8J3 human 121,363 K684 6797132 Ubiquitylation LEDIEsVkkkNDNLL
PSMA6 PSMA6 P60900 human 27,399 K59 6797150 Ubiquitylation TQKkVPDkLLDssTV
RBM25 RBM25 P49756 human 100,186 K477 6797146 Ubiquitylation KKTREYEkEAEREEE
RGS12 RGS12 O14924 human 156,357 K1115 6797129 Ubiquitylation RGKASADkQKGVPVK
RIC3 RIC3 Q7Z5B4 human 41,092 K202 6781700 Ubiquitylation TRVMKEGkFIDRFSP
RIMBP2 RIMBP2 O15034 human 116,026 K727 6797137 Ubiquitylation AsVDDFLkGSELGkQ
RIMBP2 RIMBP2 O15034 human 116,026 K733 6797136 Ubiquitylation LkGSELGkQPHCCHG
RPL29 RPL29 P47914 human 17,752 K56 25345900 Ubiquitylation HNKKGLKkMQANNAk
RPL29 RPL29 P47914 human 17,752 K73 12246487 Ubiquitylation sARAEAIkALVKPKE
RPRC1 MAP7D1 Q3KQU3 human 92,820 K439 6781708 Ubiquitylation ARERsLKkRQsLPAs
RPT2 PSMC1 P62191 human 49,185 K237 486314 Ubiquitylation TGkTLLAkAVANQTS
RSK3 RPS6KA2 Q15349 human 83,239 K630 6797115 Ubiquitylation LARIGsGkYALSGGN
SEL1L2 SEL1L2 Q5TEA6 human 77,964 K101 6797106 Ubiquitylation HLQKQAEkNFTDEGD
SNX14 SNX14 Q9Y5W7 human 110,182 K246 6797113 Ubiquitylation DELHYLRkLTELLFP
SPEF2 SPEF2 Q9C093 human 209,811 K982 6797147 Ubiquitylation KGkSSGGkVPVKKSP
SYCP1 SYCP1 Q15431 human 114,192 K295 6781705 Ubiquitylation LLEESRDkVNQLEEK
TNRC18 TNRC18 O15417 human 314,519 K2328 6797127 Ubiquitylation GsEEPGAkARGRGRK
TPP2 TPP2 P29144 human 138,350 K1005 6797145 Ubiquitylation TKTKNGSkDKEKDSE
TPP2 TPP2 P29144 human 138,350 K1013 6797144 Ubiquitylation DKEKDSEkEKDLKEE
TRIM45 TRIM45 Q9H8W5 human 64,359 K371 6797141 Ubiquitylation TRPGVNDkIRFCPQE
UHRF1 UHRF1 Q96T88 human 89,814 K385 6797159 Ubiquitylation RESKKKAkMASATSS
VCIP135 VCPIP1 Q96JH7 human 134,321 K870 6797131 Ubiquitylation AHSAHTVkQEDIAVT
Vinculin VCL P18206 human 123,799 K386 6797166 Ubiquitylation NSKQSIAkKIDAAQN
VPRBP VPRBP Q9Y4B6 human 169,007 K280 6797111 Ubiquitylation GDRENFRkAKQKLGF
VPS13C VPS13C Q709C8 human 422,390 K2357 6797167 Ubiquitylation NLRLDVKkNPVQDKS
VWF VWF P04275 human 309,264 K1720 6797101 Ubiquitylation FAKAFISkANIGPRL
ZCCHC3 ZCCHC3 Q9NUD5 human 43,618 K45 6797143 Ubiquitylation MGWAQVVkNLAEKKG

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