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PubMed Id: 22028470 
Carlson SM, et al. (2011) Large-Scale Discovery of ERK2 Substrates Identifies ERK-Mediated Transcriptional Regulation by ETV3. Sci Signal 4, rs11 22028470
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-T Eif4enif1 Q9EST3 mouse 107,986 S114 21686708 Phosphorylation DDLDVVLsPQRRSFG
53BP2 Trp53bp2 Q8CG79 mouse 125,301 T585 15401906 Phosphorylation AAAVRPFtPQPSKDT
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S217 3250916 Phosphorylation PsGsGPAsPttGsAV
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 T695 10788942 Phosphorylation LPEVSVKtPKIsMPD
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S2985 4693290 Phosphorylation GPsLDIKsPKLDVNA
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S4879 3148491 Phosphorylation DVEFDIKsPKFKAEA
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S4890 470907 Phosphorylation KAEAPLPsPKLEGEI
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S4906 7103416 Phosphorylation VPDVDIssPGINVEA
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 T5567 3148545 Phosphorylation REFsAPstPtGtLEF
AHNAK2 iso2 Ahnak2 Q3URZ6 mouse 83,174 T510 15417563 Phosphorylation IPASTIQtPSYGFSL
AIM1 Aim1 E9PVP1 mouse 184,731 T655 8143602 Phosphorylation QDATsPLtPTRLLNI
AKAP12 Akap12 Q9WTQ5 mouse 180,695 S273 476342 Phosphorylation KPLEsPtsPVSNETT
ARHGAP10 Arhgap10 Q6Y5D8 mouse 89,366 S715 7248954 Phosphorylation RMsPFPLsPAASIVD
ARHGEF17 Arhgef17 Q80U35 mouse 221,671 T695 4746259 Phosphorylation VsPEtPPtPGALRRR
ATG2B Atg2b Q80XK6 mouse 231,399 T398 21686700 Phosphorylation YETETARtPSSREEE
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 T609 452701 Phosphorylation EEVPPPttPPAPKME
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S1002 467535 Phosphorylation tPPGGNLsPAPRLRR
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S1217 452699 Phosphorylation KLISGPLsPMsRAGN
CDC42EP1 Cdc42ep1 Q91W92 mouse 43,096 S113 3193874 Phosphorylation SPAPPPIsPIIKNAI
CDC42EP1 Cdc42ep1 Q91W92 mouse 43,096 T197 21686702 Phosphorylation SSFPSEPtPNPELRR
CDC42EP2 Cdc42ep2 Q8JZX9 mouse 22,997 S101 4270888 Phosphorylation RELPDGLsPLLKNAI
CEP170 Cep170 Q6A065 mouse 175,050 T562 21686704 Phosphorylation EERKPLStPGFHNsE
CEP170B Kiaa0284 Q80U49 mouse 170,821 T529 3843372 Phosphorylation PVLPAPLtPRGAsPV
CEP170B Kiaa0284 Q80U49 mouse 170,821 T968 485661 Phosphorylation KNGPsPTtPQtPGPQ
CHD-8 Chd8 Q09XV5 mouse 290,847 S2520 455413 Phosphorylation RTTGYPSsPAtTTSG
cPLA2 Pla2g4a P47713 mouse 85,222 S505 447597 Phosphorylation LNTSYPLsPLRDFss
DENND2A Dennd2a Q8C4S8 mouse 113,094 S397 472226 Phosphorylation CVLtFPAsPtssIPD
DENND4C Dennd4c A6H8H2 mouse 211,458 S1221 3202029 Phosphorylation DSEDKLFsPVISRNL
DLG5 Dlg5 Q3UGX5 mouse 214,382 T1279 3843835 Phosphorylation ERIKIPLtPRYPRSV
DLG7 Dlgap5 Q8K4R9 mouse 90,196 S328 456337 Phosphorylation SYQVAPLsPRSANAF
DNAJC30 Dnajc30 P59041 mouse 24,762 T137 21686706 Phosphorylation PPRPPPYtPRAPGGS
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S207 454199 Phosphorylation PGEDFPAsPQRRTTG
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S516 449258 Phosphorylation VsPttPtsPtEGEAs
DOCK1 Dock1 Q8BUR4 mouse 215,085 T1772 3801979 Phosphorylation QQtPPPVtPRAKLSF
DOCK7 Dock7 Q8R1A4 mouse 241,438 S862 482766 Phosphorylation LPNtYPNsPsPGPGG
DYNC1I2 Dync1i2 O88487 mouse 68,394 S81 449148 Phosphorylation PIVPPPMsPssKsVs
EEF1G Eef1g Q9D8N0 mouse 50,061 S387 466970 Phosphorylation QELAFPLsPDWQVDY
EGFR Egfr Q01279 mouse 134,853 T695 448054 Phosphorylation RELVEPLtPSGEAPN
ELYS Ahctf1 Q8CJF7 mouse 247,646 T1954 14573029 Phosphorylation TGLDVPAtPRKRGRP
ERF Erf P70459 mouse 59,050 T529 448321 Phosphorylation GEsGGPLtPRRVssD
ETV3 Etv3 Q8R4Z4 mouse 57,026 S139 14159952 Phosphorylation SSGVVPQsAPPVPTA
FAM149B1 Fam149b1 Q6NSV7 mouse 63,213 S163 21686710 Phosphorylation GYGLYPRsPsAVSAS
FAM195B Fam195b Q3UGS4 mouse 11,101 T30 9322247 Phosphorylation tNssEIFtPAHEENV
FAM207A 1810008A18Rik P58468 mouse 24,814 S38 4709532 Phosphorylation VEPALPQsPAGGAGA
FAM65A Fam65a Q68FE6 mouse 132,352 T351 467861 Phosphorylation YsQsPPDtPSLREQA
FCHSD2 Fchsd2 Q3USJ8 mouse 84,282 S681 454693 Phosphorylation SsQFFPRsPsANENS
FOXO1A Foxo1 Q9R1E0 mouse 69,518 S295 471972 Phosphorylation QFSKWPAsPGSHsND
GJA1 Gja1 P23242 mouse 43,004 S255 448852 Phosphorylation HAtTGPLsPskDCGs
GLI2 Gli2 Q0VGT2 mouse 165,031 T885 21686712 Phosphorylation ATGGPPPtPLPGLDR
GTSE1 Gtse1 Q8R080 mouse 78,752 S460 4763255 Phosphorylation PQFSVGEsPGGVtPK
HER2 Erbb2 P70424 mouse 138,579 T702 472481 Phosphorylation TELVEPLtPsGAVPN
Hic-5 Tgfb1i1 Q62219 mouse 50,101 S141 472323 Phosphorylation SSPTVPPsPFPAPSK
HIPK1 Hipk1 O88904 mouse 130,723 S1200 467005 Phosphorylation IYTGYPLsPTKISQY
hnRNP H1 Hnrnph1 O35737 mouse 49,199 S104 455395 Phosphorylation LKHtGPNsPDtANDG
hnRNP H2 Hnrnph2 P70333 mouse 49,280 S104 455396 Phosphorylation LKHtGPNsPDtANDG
HUWE1 Huwe1 Q7TMY8 mouse 482,635 S3922 472064 Phosphorylation kDEPPPLsPAPLtPA
HUWE1 Huwe1 Q7TMY8 mouse 482,635 T3927 472065 Phosphorylation PLsPAPLtPAtPssL
HUWE1 Huwe1 Q7TMY8 mouse 482,635 T3930 472066 Phosphorylation PAPLtPAtPssLDPF
IRS2 Irs2 P81122 mouse 136,763 T653 15228280 Phosphorylation DDGyMPMtPGAALRs
KSR Ksr1 Q61097 mouse 96,755 T260 449298 Phosphorylation sFItPPttPQLRRHA
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S22 452604 Phosphorylation QAsstPLsPtRItRL
LARP Larp1 Q6ZQ58 mouse 121,125 T278 4928285 Phosphorylation PVSVAPPtPAWQPET
LARP Larp1 Q6ZQ58 mouse 121,125 S751 453830 Phosphorylation LPttVPEsPNyRNAR
LOK Stk10 O55098 mouse 111,906 T950 449363 Phosphorylation EAEPRPttPsKASNF
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 T1806 471459 Phosphorylation PtRNEPttPSWLAEI
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 T2182 481116 Phosphorylation ALALVPGtPtRtRHD
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 T1784 456417 Phosphorylation ksDIsPLtPREssPL
MAPKAPK2 Mapkapk2 P49138 mouse 44,050 T320 448273 Phosphorylation QsTKVPQtPLHtsRV
MAST1 Mast1 Q9R1L5 mouse 170,997 S1260 4784799 Phosphorylation KSAEPPRsPLLKRVQ
MAST2 Mast2 Q60592 mouse 190,534 S1337 4727576 Phosphorylation KSAEPPRsPLLKRVQ
MAST4 Mast4 Q811L6 mouse 284,004 S1436 4749578 Phosphorylation KSAEPPRsPLLKRVQ
MSH6 Msh6 P54276 mouse 151,084 S14 471949 Phosphorylation LYSFFPKsPALGDTK
MYBBP1A Mybbp1a Q7TPV4 mouse 152,037 S1280 459879 Phosphorylation VNGAtPVsPIEPEsK
MYO9B Myo9b Q9QY06 mouse 238,834 T1317 1983800 Phosphorylation RATGAALtPtEERRI
NICE-4 Ubap2l Q80X50 mouse 116,799 T864 449365 Phosphorylation IPFPTPTtPLTGRDG
Nidogen-1 Nid1 P10493 mouse 136,538 S331 21686714 Phosphorylation HNVPRILsPGYEATE
Nogo Rtn4 Q99P72 mouse 126,613 T156 15412809 Phosphorylation EPAAPPStPAAPKRR
NRAGE Maged1 Q9QYH6 mouse 85,670 S166 3984371 Phosphorylation TTYNFPQsPsANEMT
NUP153 Nup153 Q80WR0 mouse 152,068 T594 21686716 Phosphorylation APCEDPFtPAkILRE
NUP153 Nup153 Q80WR0 mouse 152,068 T610 3191095 Phosphorylation sVLDILktPGFAsPK
OGA Mgea5 Q9EQQ9 mouse 103,162 T709 472476 Phosphorylation FFQPPPLtPTSKVYT
p70S6K Rps6kb1 Q8BSK8 mouse 59,146 S447 448357 Phosphorylation GsPRtPVsPVKFsPG
PDXDC1 Pdxdc1 Q99K01 mouse 87,335 T691 485769 Phosphorylation tGVtPPPtPLGtRSK
PEX14 Pex14 Q9R0A0 mouse 41,208 S232 455420 Phosphorylation NRRQFPPsPsAPKIP
PHF2 Phf2 Q9WTU0 mouse 120,814 S651 3175945 Phosphorylation KALRPPssPGVFGAL
PHLDB1 Phldb1 Q6PDH0 mouse 150,070 S445 468424 Phosphorylation RTLQPPEsPRLGRRG
PHLDB1 Phldb1 Q6PDH0 mouse 150,070 S463 7103243 Phosphorylation MRELPPLsPsLsRRA
PLCD3 Plcd3 Q8K2J0 mouse 88,607 S31 21686718 Phosphorylation APLAFPPsPASSDSS
Pnk1 Pnkp Q9JLV6 mouse 57,223 S187 21686720 Phosphorylation SGKVFPTsPSDWRIL
RAI1 Rai1 Q61818 mouse 201,571 T1051 3865777 Phosphorylation TALSEPQtPGPPGLT
RAI14 Rai14 Q9EP71 mouse 108,852 T249 486552 Phosphorylation SQDADLKtPtKPKQH
RANBP10 Ranbp10 Q6VN19 mouse 67,188 S365 454461 Phosphorylation sQDsyPGsPsLsPRH
RAPH1 iso4 Raph1 NP_001038978 mouse 136,739 S611 3203571 Phosphorylation TSLMPPLsPQTKIIT
RAPH1 iso4 Raph1 NP_001038978 mouse 136,739 T879 5518475 Phosphorylation SQFPPPPtPPPVDSQ
RBM9 Rbm9 Q8BP71 mouse 47,330 T65 5968614 Phosphorylation GMQNEPLtPGYHGFP
RBPMS iso2 Rbpms Q9WVB0-2 mouse 24,291 T118 3208560 Phosphorylation VGtPNPStPLPNTVP
RELL1 Rell1 Q8K2J7 mouse 29,351 T262 3253153 Phosphorylation VNGDVPAtPVKRERs
REXO1 Rexo1 Q7TT28 mouse 130,790 T259 21686724 Phosphorylation SRGAEPYtPALkKPC
RIPK3 Ripk3 Q9QZL0 mouse 53,322 T399 21686726 Phosphorylation tLPFRGTtPGPVFTE
RLF Rlf E9Q532 mouse 206,278 S521 471981 Phosphorylation QRGIYPKsPtGsLEQ

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