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PubMed Id: 21712546 
Kettenbach AN, et al. (2011) Quantitative phosphoproteomics identifies substrates and functional modules of aurora and polo-like kinase activities in mitotic cells. Sci Signal 4, rs5 21712546
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S552 452383 Phosphorylation IEDtEPMsPVLNsKF
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S831 452385 Phosphorylation EPVEQdssQPsLPLV
ACC1 ACACA Q13085 human 265,554 S29 448771 Phosphorylation GsVsEDNsEDEISNL
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 S657 453033 Phosphorylation SNSRksLsPGVsRDs
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 T682 453038 Phosphorylation ssGQEVAtPPVPQLQ
AF-4 AFF1 P51825 human 131,422 S206 452714 Phosphorylation sPLIsLPsPVPPLsP
AFAP AFAP1 Q8N556 human 80,725 S668 453460 Phosphorylation sGTssPQsPVFRHRt
Akt1 AKT1 P31749 human 55,686 S124 450018 Phosphorylation EMDFRsGsPsDNsGA
AML1 RUNX1 Q01196 human 48,737 S21 452744 Phosphorylation tPPstALsPGkMSEA
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 S1358 453843 Phosphorylation RAQQRAEsPEssAIE
ARF GAP1 ARFGAP1 Q8N6T3 human 44,668 T135 452866 Phosphorylation ssPAQNWtPPQPRtL
ATRX ATRX P46100 human 282,586 S34 452304 Phosphorylation EEsEETSsPPRLAMN
BAT3 BAG6 P46379 human 119,409 S964 452696 Phosphorylation VQGAERAsPEPQREN
BAT3 BAG6 P46379 human 119,409 S973 452697 Phosphorylation EPQRENAsPAPGttA
Bcl-7C BCL7C Q8WUZ0 human 23,468 S126 453471 Phosphorylation PQPsRPVsPAGPPEG
BCLAF1 BCLAF1 Q9NYF8 human 106,122 S274 453260 Phosphorylation HsPERsGsGsVGNGs
BCoR BCOR Q6W2J9 human 192,189 S423 453235 Phosphorylation QDRKDGSsPPLLEKQ
BCoR-like 1 iso4 BCORL1 Q86YA6 human 43,690 S86 453474 Phosphorylation sSEEASEsPTARQIP
BIM BCL2L11 O43521 human 22,171 S118 449072 Phosphorylation DKsTQtPsPPCQAFN
BRCA1 BRCA1 P38398 human 207,721 S1524 448038 Phosphorylation LQNRNYPsQEELIKV
Bright ARID3A Q99856 human 62,889 S88 449137 Phosphorylation sEDGPPGsEEEDAAR
BUD13 BUD13 Q9BRD0 human 70,521 S325 449288 Phosphorylation yEyDPDIsPPRKKQA
C20orf112 C20orf112 Q96MY1 human 47,215 S130 452912 Phosphorylation GVKttPEsPPYSSGS
CAAP1 CAAP1 Q9H8G2 human 38,368 S312 449157 Phosphorylation ILGLAEssPNEPKAA
Caldesmon CALD1 Q05682 human 93,231 T730 448467 Phosphorylation ssPtAAGtPNkEtAG
CCNL1 CCNL1 Q9UK58 human 59,634 S335 449134 Phosphorylation LstLGGFsPAsKPss
CD44 CD44 P16070 human 81,538 S706 450988 Phosphorylation LNGEAsksQEMVHLV
CDC25B CDC25B P30305 human 64,987 S323 448409 Phosphorylation QRLFRsPsMPCsVIR
CDC5L CDC5L Q99459 human 92,251 T385 449380 Phosphorylation PLkGGLNtPLHEsdF
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 T14 447608 Phosphorylation IEkIGEGtyGVVykG
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 S283 452643 Phosphorylation LsDLQDIsDsERKTS
CDK13 CDK13 Q14004 human 164,923 S383 453241 Phosphorylation yERGGDVsPsPySSS
CDK13 CDK13 Q14004 human 164,923 S439 453242 Phosphorylation RsRHssIsPstLTLK
CDK16 CDK16 Q00536 human 55,716 S110 453449 Phosphorylation NHPPRkIstEDINkR
CDK7 CDK7 P50613 human 39,038 S164 450041 Phosphorylation GLAksFGsPNRAytH
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y421 447702 Phosphorylation RLPssPVyEDAAsFK
DATF1 DIDO1 Q9BTC0 human 243,873 S523 452938 Phosphorylation PEKtAAPsPsLLYKS
DATF1 DIDO1 Q9BTC0 human 243,873 S809 452939 Phosphorylation LEDsPPVsDsEEQQE
DBC-1 CCAR2 Q8N163 human 102,902 S678 453497 Phosphorylation sEVRsVAsNQsEMEF
DCP1A DCP1A Q9NPI6 human 63,309 S523 449276 Phosphorylation DLERKAssPsPLtIG
DRPLA ATN1 P54259 human 125,414 S746 452335 Phosphorylation sPVPPARsPsPPPKV
EDC4 EDC4 Q6P2E9 human 151,661 S729 453738 Phosphorylation AsPsRtRsPDVIssA
eEF2 EEF2 P13639 human 95,338 T59 450254 Phosphorylation GEtRFtDtRkDEQER
eEF2K EEF2K O00418 human 82,144 S78 450687 Phosphorylation ssGsPANsFHFKEAW
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 S1166 452120 Phosphorylation QKGsHQIsLDNPDyQ
eIF3-X CLUH O75153 human 146,670 S664 452569 Phosphorylation PPGQEAGsEEEGsSA
eIF4B EIF4B P23588 human 69,151 S422 451290 Phosphorylation RERsRtGsEssQtGt
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y167 449653 Phosphorylation AyQsItHyRPVsAsR
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 Y44 448919 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
EPB41 EPB41 P11171 human 97,017 S709 451159 Phosphorylation SEWDKRLstHsPFRt
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 S499 452205 Phosphorylation HTFYRLVsPEQPPKA
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 S550 452206 Phosphorylation SSKRVsRsLDGAPIG
EPS15R EPS15L1 Q9UBC2 human 94,255 S244 451879 Phosphorylation RstPsHGsVSsLNst
EZH2 EZH2 Q15910 human 85,363 T487 452848 Phosphorylation APAEDVDtPPRKKKR
FAM65A FAM65A Q6ZS17 human 132,308 S351 453541 Phosphorylation RFstysQsPPDtPSL
FBXO4 FBXO4 Q9UKT5 human 44,136 S12 453026 Phosphorylation EPRsGtNsPPPPFSD
FHOD1 FHOD1 Q9Y613 human 126,551 S367 452521 Phosphorylation EGKRsRRsLEGGGCP
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 S2523 448843 Phosphorylation VTGPRLVsNHsLHET
FNBP3 PRPF40A O75400 human 108,805 S888 452582 Phosphorylation HKsDsPEsDAEREKD
FUSIP1 SRSF10 O75494 human 31,301 S133 453583 Phosphorylation RRRsRsRsFDYNyRR
GRIN1 GPRIN1 Q7Z2K8 human 102,399 S75 453584 Phosphorylation ESRHRsPsGAGEGAS
GRK2 ADRBK1 P25098 human 79,574 S670 447725 Phosphorylation KMKNKPRsPVVELSk
GTF3C1 GTF3C1 Q12789 human 238,875 S739 453794 Phosphorylation QGEAEEDsQGKEGPs
GTF3C1 GTF3C1 Q12789 human 238,875 S1068 453791 Phosphorylation NsstDQGsDEEGsLQ
GYS1 GYS1 P13807 human 83,786 S649 448239 Phosphorylation VPPsPsLsRHssPHQ
GYS1 GYS1 P13807 human 83,786 S657 449790 Phosphorylation RHssPHQsEDEEDPR
HDAC4 HDAC4 P56524 human 119,040 S467 448489 Phosphorylation RPLGRtQsAPLPQNA
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 S15 448401 Phosphorylation FsLLrGPsWDPFRDW
IP3R1 ITPR1 Q14643 human 313,929 S1598 450681 Phosphorylation RNAARRDsVLAAsRD
islet-2 ISL2 Q96A47 human 39,768 S157 452893 Phosphorylation AAAGsPRsPGPLPGA
ITGA3 ITGA3 P26006 human 116,612 S1042 447602 Phosphorylation AEMkSQPsEtERLtD
IWS1 IWS1 Q96ST2 human 91,955 S289 453510 Phosphorylation PRNQAsDsENEELPK
IWS1 IWS1 Q96ST2 human 91,955 S422 453554 Phosphorylation sDADDsDsDAVsDKs
JIP4 SPAG9 O60271 human 146,205 T226 449393 Phosphorylation DAQKGGEtPGsEQWk
KI-67 MKI67 P46013 human 358,694 S579 452302 Phosphorylation KAQsLVIsPPAPsPR
Lck LCK P06239 human 58,001 Y394 447822 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytAREGAK
MARCKS MARCKS P29966 human 31,555 S163 447787 Phosphorylation KRFsFKKsFkLsGFs
MARCKS MARCKS P29966 human 31,555 S170 451837 Phosphorylation sFkLsGFsFkKNKkE
MCM2 MCM2 P49736 human 101,896 S41 452312 Phosphorylation RtDALtssPGRDLPP
MCM3 MCM3 P25205 human 90,981 T722 449197 Phosphorylation EEMPQVHtPKtADsQ
MCM4 MCM4 P33991 human 96,558 S32 450001 Phosphorylation RsEDARssPsQRRRG
MFAP1 MFAP1 P55081 human 51,958 S116 452340 Phosphorylation EPEVVGEsDsEVEGD
MFAP1 MFAP1 P55081 human 51,958 S118 452341 Phosphorylation EVVGEsDsEVEGDAW
MFAP1 MFAP1 P55081 human 51,958 T267 449202 Phosphorylation AALDALNtDDENDEE
MLK3 MAP3K11 Q16584 human 92,688 S524 448608 Phosphorylation FEVGPGDsPtFPRFR
Mrf-2 ARID5B Q14865 human 132,375 S1032 452830 Phosphorylation GkkARAVsPLDPSKE
MSH6 MSH6 P52701 human 152,786 S256 452726 Phosphorylation RVIsDsEsDIGGsDV
MSK2 RPS6KA4 O75676 human 85,606 S343 450045 Phosphorylation TRLEPVysPPGsPPP
mTOR MTOR P42345 human 288,892 S2481 447498 Phosphorylation tVPEsIHsFIGDGLV
NDRG1 NDRG1 Q92597 human 42,835 T328 452881 Phosphorylation TRLMRsRtAsGssVt
NEK6 NEK6 Q9HC98 human 35,714 S206 448024 Phosphorylation sEttAAHsLVGtPyy
NF1 NF1 P21359 human 319,372 S2515 452645 Phosphorylation yPTVGQtsPRARKsM
NFAT1 NFATC2 Q13469 human 100,146 S221 447847 Phosphorylation PRTsPIMsPRTsLAE
NIFK MKI67IP Q9BYG3 human 34,222 T227 449462 Phosphorylation tLDtPEKtVDsQGPt
NOLC1 NOLC1 Q14978 human 73,603 S698 452423 Phosphorylation VNsIKFDsE______
Notch 2 NOTCH2 Q04721 human 265,405 S2078 450165 Phosphorylation PPGtVLTsALsPVIC
NUCKS NUCKS1 Q9H1E3 human 27,296 S144 452955 Phosphorylation LMEDDDDsDyGssKK
NuMA-1 NUMA1 Q14980 human 238,260 S1757 453119 Phosphorylation sVPGEPAsPIsQRLP
NUP153 NUP153 P49790 human 153,938 S529 452707 Phosphorylation sPMFKFSsPIVKsTE
NUP98 NUP98 P52948 human 197,579 S623 452729 Phosphorylation RDsENLAsPsEyPEN

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