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PubMed Id: 21659605 
Yu Y, et al. (2011) Phosphoproteomic analysis identifies Grb10 as an mTORC1 substrate that negatively regulates insulin signaling. Science 332, 1322-6 21659605
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP2 Eif4ebp2 P70445 mouse 12,898 T46 449410 Phosphorylation GGtLFsttPGGtRII
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S391 453032 Phosphorylation EEKsQsPsPPPLPED
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S477 467399 Phosphorylation HPAQLLRsLsPLsGt
ADD1 Add1 Q9QYC0 mouse 80,647 S465 452288 Phosphorylation EEGQNGssPKSKTKW
Afadin Mllt4 Q9QZQ1 mouse 206,499 S1201 452344 Phosphorylation AAKITsVstGNLCtE
AFAP Afap1 Q80YS6 mouse 80,615 S549 453839 Phosphorylation GGVKRtAsNAEQyKY
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 T4342 467420 Phosphorylation GPKLDIDtPDIDIHG
Akt1 Akt1 P31750 mouse 55,707 S124 450018 Phosphorylation tMDFRsGsPsDNsGA
Akt1 Akt1 P31750 mouse 55,707 S129 450019 Phosphorylation sGsPsDNsGAEEMEV
AML1 Runx1 Q03347 mouse 48,610 T14 452745 Phosphorylation ASTSRRFtPPstALs
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 S632 467451 Phosphorylation AWINEPPsDsEsEDE
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 S634 467452 Phosphorylation INEPPsDsEsEDEKP
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 T1253 467470 Phosphorylation RGRKRGRtAsDsDEQ
ARHGAP18 Arhgap18 Q8K0Q5 mouse 74,930 S68 460810 Phosphorylation DRsssQDsLDEsMEA
ARHGEF2 Arhgef2 Q60875 mouse 111,974 S952 467499 Phosphorylation GsEEEVssRLsPPHs
ARID1A Arid1a A2BH40 mouse 242,092 S773 452534 Phosphorylation PQPGsALsPRQPSGG
ARVCF Arvcf P98203 mouse 105,066 S337 467502 Phosphorylation PERGsLGsLDRVVRR
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S378 452700 Phosphorylation TDGKKGtsPGSELPP
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 T609 452701 Phosphorylation EEVPPPttPPAPKME
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P50136 mouse 50,371 S344 451657 Phosphorylation DDssAyRsVDEVNyW
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S529 455195 Phosphorylation KsIFREEsPLRIKMI
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S656 453262 Phosphorylation IHRRIDIsPsALRKH
BIN1 Bin1 O08539 mouse 64,470 S332 455391 Phosphorylation PGAtIPKsPsQLRKG
BZW2 Bzw2 Q91VK1 mouse 48,063 S414 454564 Phosphorylation NAEEEsEsEGEEs__
Calnexin Canx P35564 mouse 67,278 S563 456360 Phosphorylation EEDGVtGsQDEEDsK
Caveolin-2 Cav2 Q9WVC3 mouse 18,227 Y27 454430 Phosphorylation sHHsGVDyADPEKyV
CCDC6 Ccdc6 D3YZP9 mouse 52,939 S233 452441 Phosphorylation EKLDQPVsAPPsPRD
CCDC6 Ccdc6 D3YZP9 mouse 52,939 S360 454699 Phosphorylation PsssRPIsPGLsyAs
CDC5L Cdc5l Q6A068 mouse 92,190 T385 449380 Phosphorylation PLKGGLNtPLHEsDF
CDK7 Cdk7 Q03147 mouse 38,968 S164 450041 Phosphorylation GLAKsFGsPNRAytH
CDK7 Cdk7 Q03147 mouse 38,968 T170 448306 Phosphorylation GsPNRAytHQVVTRW
CHOP Ddit3 P35639 mouse 19,189 S78 448090 Phosphorylation EVTRTSQsPRsPDSS
CK1E Csnk1e Q9JMK2 mouse 47,322 S405 449794 Phosphorylation EVSRLAAsQtsVPFD
CLASP1 Clasp1 Q80TV8 mouse 169,227 S1193 460744 Phosphorylation IEkFSFRsQEDLNEP
Cortactin Cttn Q60598 mouse 61,250 S417 465632 Phosphorylation PIEDRPPssPIyEDA
CROP Luc7l3 Q5SUF2 mouse 51,450 S431 467330 Phosphorylation KsEGDtQsN______
CSIG Rsl1d1 Q8BVY0 mouse 50,421 T407 456095 Phosphorylation PEASAPGtsGkkQKK
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 Y321 455136 Phosphorylation PRRRLRsyEDMIGEE
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 S346 465638 Phosphorylation LAQHERGsLAsLDsL
CTTNBP2NL Cttnbp2nl Q99LJ0 mouse 69,841 S488 454464 Phosphorylation sPPsRDLsPtLLDNS
DBN1 Dbn1 Q9QXS6 mouse 77,287 S387 456739 Phosphorylation PIPtRsPsDsstAst
DCAMKL1 Dclk1 Q9JLM8 mouse 84,153 S307 454213 Phosphorylation GPSRRsKsPAstssV
DNMT1 Dnmt1 P13864 mouse 183,189 S717 452655 Phosphorylation DDVsEMPsPKKLHQG
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S636 449194 Phosphorylation TASARRNsssPVsPA
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S641 449193 Phosphorylation RNsssPVsPAsVPGQ
EAR-2 Nr2f6 P43136 mouse 41,968 S35 452616 Phosphorylation ATEDDSAsPPGAtsD
EHD2 Ehd2 Q8BH64 mouse 61,174 S438 453001 Phosphorylation IEDGEEGsEDDAEWV
eIF3-delta Eif3g Q9Z1D1 mouse 35,638 T41 454227 Phosphorylation IPLPtGDtsPEPELL
eIF4G Eif4g1 Q6NZJ6 mouse 176,077 S1149 449800 Phosphorylation VVQRSsLsRERGEKA
eIF4G Eif4g1 Q6NZJ6 mouse 176,077 S1189 449797 Phosphorylation PAtKRsFsKEVEERs
EIF5B Eif5b Q05D44 mouse 137,616 S183 452566 Phosphorylation KERsRVNssGEsGGE
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 T495 454226 Phosphorylation tNLIttVtPEkKAEE
EphB3 Ephb3 P54754 mouse 109,662 Y603 451547 Phosphorylation IAPGMKVyIDPFtyE
ERK5 Mapk7 Q9WVS8 mouse 87,733 T723 455520 Phosphorylation LPPVFsGtPKGSGAG
ESYT2 Esyt2 Q3TZZ7 mouse 94,139 S685 449187 Phosphorylation PsIAsDIsLPIATQE
FBXW9 Fbxw9 NP_081067 mouse 50,534 S18 454483 Phosphorylation PRsCEEEsDPEPDPD
GATAD2B Gatad2b Q8VHR5 mouse 65,411 S123 449236 Phosphorylation DRGRLtPsPDIIVLs
GATAD2B Gatad2b Q8VHR5 mouse 65,411 S335 455979 Phosphorylation GTVNRVssPLPsPsA
girdin Ccdc88a Q5SNZ0 mouse 215,918 S1677 454193 Phosphorylation HHKMKAGsPGsEVVT
GIT2 Git2 Q9JLQ2 mouse 78,766 Y541 450866 Phosphorylation NstPEsDyDNTACDP
GRB10 Grb10 Q60760 mouse 70,585 S96 454185 Phosphorylation LTGAAPGsPPsVAPs
GSK3A Gsk3a Q2NL51 mouse 51,661 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRYYR
GTF2F1 Gtf2f1 Q3THK3 mouse 57,241 S224 457576 Phosphorylation ssDAsDAsGEEGSRT
GTF2F2 Gtf2f2 Q8R0A0 mouse 28,381 S248 456886 Phosphorylation HYQTEEKsD______
GTPBP1 Gtpbp1 O08582 mouse 72,301 S47 467312 Phosphorylation GGFDsDCsEDGEALN
Hck Hck P08103 mouse 59,129 Y409 448168 Phosphorylation RIIEDNEytAREGAK
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S423 447913 Phosphorylation CEEEFsDsDEEGEGG
HDAC7 Hdac7 Q8C2B3 mouse 101,287 S344 455621 Phosphorylation RPLNRtRsEPLPPsA
HGK Map4k4 P97820 mouse 140,602 S619 452064 Phosphorylation RVPVRTtsRsPVLSR
HMGA1 Hmga1 P17095 mouse 11,614 S36 455950 Phosphorylation PRKQPPVsPGtALVG
HN1 Hn1 P97825 mouse 16,081 S87 455943 Phosphorylation PGTQRsNssEAssGD
HSP27 Hspb1 P14602 mouse 23,014 S86 448403 Phosphorylation RALNRQLssGVsEIR
HSPC274 5730494N06Rik Q8CIB6 mouse 13,188 S24 454551 Phosphorylation VKySRLAstDDGyID
JIP4 Spag9 Q58A65 mouse 146,219 T217 449392 Phosphorylation PAGDGLLtPDtQKGG
KIAA1522 Kiaa1522 A2A7S8 mouse 104,842 S543 453918 Phosphorylation GLAVAPAsPGKAQPP
KLC2 Klc2 O88448 mouse 66,662 S575 452949 Phosphorylation SRMKRAssLNFLNKS
Lamin B1 Lmnb1 P14733 mouse 66,786 S392 456894 Phosphorylation EEERLkLsPsPssRV
LARP Larp1 Q6ZQ58 mouse 121,125 S751 453830 Phosphorylation LPttVPEsPNyRNAR
LRRC8C Lrrc8c Q8R502 mouse 92,372 S212 456646 Phosphorylation GNLVRsQsLKsIPEK
LSD1 Kdm1a Q6ZQ88 mouse 92,851 S138 449181 Phosphorylation LsEDEyysEEERNAK
LSD1 Kdm1a Q6ZQ88 mouse 92,851 S167 453105 Phosphorylation PPEEENEsEPEEPsG
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S667 456388 Phosphorylation EMEEVHPsDEEEEEt
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S895 456389 Phosphorylation VPsAGtIsPtssLEE
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S1747 456396 Phosphorylation VERWLAEsPVGLPPE
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S828 456415 Phosphorylation EAERsLMssPEDLtK
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 Y1331 456419 Phosphorylation GsAGHtPyyQsPtDE
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1334 454138 Phosphorylation GHtPyyQsPtDEKSS
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 T1598 454158 Phosphorylation KsGtstPttPGstAI
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 T1609 454160 Phosphorylation stAItPGtPPsyssR
MARCKS Marcks P26645 mouse 29,661 S113 454162 Phosphorylation AEPAEPssPAAEAEG
MARCKS Marcks P26645 mouse 29,661 S163 451837 Phosphorylation sFkLsGFsFKKsKKE
MARK2 Mark2 Q05512 mouse 86,306 S453 453135 Phosphorylation stAKVPAsPLPGLDR
MCM2 Mcm2 P97310 mouse 102,078 S21 455956 Phosphorylation ARQRRRIsDPLtssP
MCM3 Mcm3 P25206 mouse 91,546 T719 449197 Phosphorylation tQMPQVHtPKtDDsQ
MCT1 Slc16a1 P53986 mouse 53,267 S210 456585 Phosphorylation VkLEKLKskEsLQEA
MINK Mink1 Q9JM52 mouse 147,295 S746 452457 Phosphorylation ASTKLDSsPVLsPGN
MITF Mitf Q08874 mouse 58,627 S414 451221 Phosphorylation IPSTGLCsPDLVNRI
MLP Marcksl1 P28667 mouse 20,165 T148 454299 Phosphorylation QEGKAAAtPEsQEPQ
MXRA7 Mxra7 Q9CZH7 mouse 19,458 S79 454514 Phosphorylation RVAEPEEsEAEEPAA
MYST2 Myst2 Q5SVQ0 mouse 70,641 S59 460899 Phosphorylation sQssQDssPVRNLPS

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