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PubMed Id: 21659604 
This page summarizes selected information from the article referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Hsu PP, et al. (2011) The mTOR-regulated phosphoproteome reveals a mechanism of mTORC1-mediated inhibition of growth factor signaling. Science 332, 1317-22 21659604
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Protein GeneSymb ACC# Organism MW (Da) RSD SiteGrpId Mod Type Site Sequence
4E-BP2 EIF4EBP2 Q13542 human 12,939 Y34 448940 Phosphorylation AAQLPHDyCttPGGt
AP2M1 AP2M1 Q96CW1 human 49,655 T156 448782 Phosphorylation SQItsQVtGQIGWRR
APPL APPL1 Q9UKG1 human 79,663 S401 449251 Phosphorylation ALEAVtPsPsFQQRH
ARS2 SRRT Q9BXP5 human 100,666 T544 449123 Phosphorylation LWAsEPGtPPLPTsL
BCLAF1 BCLAF1 Q9NYF8 human 106,122 S397 449138 Phosphorylation GKQKFNDsEGDDtEE
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 S459 448868 Phosphorylation GLPyIDDsPsssPHL
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 S463 448869 Phosphorylation IDDsPsssPHLSSKG
Bright ARID3A Q99856 human 62,889 S81 449136 Phosphorylation HPAsPGGsEDGPPGs
CAAP1 CAAP1 Q9H8G2 human 38,368 S312 449157 Phosphorylation ILGLAEssPNEPKAA
Calnexin CANX P27824 human 67,568 S583 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CCDC86 CCDC86 Q9H6F5 human 40,236 S91 449163 Phosphorylation QPEPGAAsPQRQQDL
CCNL1 CCNL1 Q9UK58 human 59,634 S335 449134 Phosphorylation LStLGGFsPAsKPss
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 T595 449142 Phosphorylation GsPLKAytPVVVtLW
Cezanne OTUD7B Q6GQQ9 human 92,526 S449 449141 Phosphorylation APLAQPEsPtASAGD
COBRA1 NELFB Q8WX92 human 65,697 S557 449143 Phosphorylation QLDHRKPsPAQAAEt
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 T401 449245 Phosphorylation QARAKtQtPPVsPAP
CTNNA1 CTNNA1 P35221 human 100,071 S641 449139 Phosphorylation tPEELDDsDFEtEDF
CTPS CTPS1 P17812 human 66,690 S575 449144 Phosphorylation sDRsGsssPDsEItE
DDX16 DHX16 O60231 human 119,264 S103 449223 Phosphorylation SYRLLEDsEEssEET
E1B-AP5 HNRNPUL1 Q9BUJ2 human 95,739 S512 449149 Phosphorylation DQTNVyGsAQRRKMR
EAP1 IRF2BPL Q9H1B7 human 82,659 S657 449194 Phosphorylation TASARRNsssPVsPA
eIF3-delta EIF3G O75821 human 35,611 S42 449151 Phosphorylation PLAtGDtsPEPELLP
eIF4G2 EIF4G2 P78344 human 102,362 T508 449145 Phosphorylation AQPPrtQtPPLGQtP
EPS15R EPS15L1 Q9UBC2 human 94,255 S229 449259 Phosphorylation AVPVLPAsPPPKDsL
ESYT2 ESYT2 A0FGR8 human 102,357 S761 449187 Phosphorylation PsIAsDIsLPIAtQE
exportin 6 XPO6 Q96QU8 human 128,883 T204 449219 Phosphorylation KHsVtAAtPPPsPtS
exportin 6 XPO6 Q96QU8 human 128,883 S208 449220 Phosphorylation tAAtPPPsPtSGEsG
FLN29 TRAFD1 O14545 human 64,841 S415 449166 Phosphorylation DsQPQEtsPELPRRR
G3BP-1 G3BP1 Q13283 human 52,164 S149 449041 Phosphorylation VtEPQEEsEEEVEEP
G3BP-1 G3BP1 Q13283 human 52,164 S232 449042 Phosphorylation EDAQKsssPAPADIA
GATAD2B GATAD2B Q8WXI9 human 65,261 T120 449235 Phosphorylation EPERGRLtPsPDIIV
GATAD2B GATAD2B Q8WXI9 human 65,261 S122 449236 Phosphorylation ERGRLtPsPDIIVLs
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 S388 449169 Phosphorylation HDyDsVAsDEDtDQE
GTF3C4 GTF3C4 Q9UKN8 human 91,982 S611 449172 Phosphorylation sKILLVDsPGMGNAD
GTSE1 GTSE1 Q9NYZ3 human 76,645 S592 449252 Phosphorylation VPQALNFsPEESDST
HIRIP3 HIRIP3 Q9BW71 human 61,957 S227 449170 Phosphorylation LKEsEQEsEEEILAQ
hnRNP C1/C2 HNRNPC P07910 human 33,670 S260 448833 Phosphorylation sEGGADDsAEEGDLL
hnRNP C1/C2 HNRNPC P07910 human 33,670 S299 448834 Phosphorylation EGEDDRDsANGEDDs
HSL LIPE Q05469 human 116,598 S855 448804 Phosphorylation EPMRRsVsEAALAQP
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 S255 449266 Phosphorylation PKIEDVGsDEEDDsG
kanadaptin SLC4A1AP Q9BWU0 human 88,814 S466 449174 Phosphorylation EDEDFyDsDDDTFLD
KHSRP KHSRP Q92945 human 73,115 T95 449168 Phosphorylation IGGDAAttVNNstPd
KIF23 iso2 KIF23 Q02241-2 human 98,105 S684 449206 Phosphorylation KVTQRsVsPsPVPLL
Ku70 XRCC6 P12956 human 69,843 S27 449267 Phosphorylation QEENLEAsGDYkYSG
LIG1 LIG1 P18858 human 101,736 S76 449246 Phosphorylation EEEDEALsPAKGQKP
LSD1 KDM1A O60341 human 92,903 S137 449181 Phosphorylation LSEDEYYsEEERNAK
MCM3 MCM3 P25205 human 90,981 T722 449197 Phosphorylation EEMPQVHtPKTADSQ
Meg-3 FAM129B Q96TA1 human 84,138 S665 449198 Phosphorylation AQGLRPEsPPPAGPL
Meg-3 FAM129B Q96TA1 human 84,138 S692 449200 Phosphorylation KAAPEASsPPASPLQ
Meg-3 FAM129B Q96TA1 human 84,138 S696 449201 Phosphorylation EASSPPAsPLQHLLP
MFAP1 MFAP1 P55081 human 51,958 T267 449202 Phosphorylation AALDALNtDDENDEE
MORC2 MORC2 Q9Y6X9 human 117,823 S743 449185 Phosphorylation RKRSVAVsDEEEVEE
MRE11A MRE11A P49959 human 80,593 S688 449207 Phosphorylation SKGVDFEsSEDDDDD
MTA1 MTA1 Q13330 human 80,786 S576 449208 Phosphorylation APVINNGsPTILGKR
NCL NCL P19338 human 76,614 S145 449269 Phosphorylation KNAKKEDsDEEEDDD
NCL NCL P19338 human 76,614 S153 449270 Phosphorylation DEEEDDDsEEDEEDD
NFAT90 ILF3 Q12906 human 95,338 S482 449210 Phosphorylation DSSKGEDsAEETEAK
NKAP NKAP Q8N5F7 human 47,138 S149 449164 Phosphorylation APEVWGLsPKNPEPD
NSUN2 NSUN2 Q08J23 human 86,471 S456 449160 Phosphorylation TRESTQLsPADLTEG
OSBPL11 OSBPL11 Q9BXB4 human 83,643 S181 449212 Phosphorylation SLASSSNsPISQRRP
OSR1 OXSR1 O95747 human 58,022 S339 449248 Phosphorylation EDGGWEWsDDEFDEE
PHACTR4 PHACTR4 Q8IZ21 human 78,211 S118 449162 Phosphorylation IGNARSSsPVQVEEE
PPP1R2 PPP1R2 P41236 human 23,015 S121 449052 Phosphorylation YRIQEQEsSGEEDSD
PPP1R2 PPP1R2 P41236 human 23,015 S122 449053 Phosphorylation RIQEQESsGEEDSDL
PTPLAD1 PTPLAD1 Q9P035 human 43,160 S114 449171 Phosphorylation FDRWLDEsDAEMELR
RAD18 RAD18 Q9NS91 human 56,223 S99 449217 Phosphorylation LLQFALEsPAKSPAS
RAD18 RAD18 Q9NS91 human 56,223 S471 449218 Phosphorylation DLQDTEIsPRQNRRT
RanGAP1 RANGAP1 P46060 human 63,542 S428 449221 Phosphorylation EPAPVLSsPPPADVS
RanGAP1 RANGAP1 P46060 human 63,542 S442 449222 Phosphorylation STFLAFPsPEKLLRL
RPRD2 RPRD2 Q5VT52 human 156,020 S593 449180 Phosphorylation IPKSFNYsPNSSTSE
SCML2 SCML2 Q9UQR0 human 77,257 S499 449226 Phosphorylation ERQSTKRsPQQTVPY
SCML2 SCML2 Q9UQR0 human 77,257 S511 449227 Phosphorylation VPYVVPLsPKLPKTK
Scribble SCRIB Q14160 human 174,885 S1566 449228 Phosphorylation STSPGRLsPDFAEEL
SF3B2 SF3B2 Q13435 human 100,228 S309 449225 Phosphorylation SSLGQSAsETEEDTV
SG2NA STRN3 Q13033 human 87,209 S229 449273 Phosphorylation QILNGGEsPKQKGQE
SH2BP1 CTR9 Q6PD62 human 133,502 T925 449176 Phosphorylation DEFVNDDtDDDLPIS
SMEK1 SMEK1 Q6IN85 human 95,368 S777 449159 Phosphorylation GSPGSPGsPGSPGSV
SSRP1 SSRP1 Q08945 human 81,075 S444 449120 Phosphorylation SYDEYADsDEDQHDA
SUZ12 SUZ12 Q96BD9 human 83,055 S546 449173 Phosphorylation SMSEFLEsEDGEVEQ
TFIP11 TFIP11 Q9UBB9 human 96,820 S210 449233 Phosphorylation QDFPVVDsEEEAEEE
Tho1 THOC1 Q96FV9 human 75,666 S560 449216 Phosphorylation ALLKENEsPDVRRDK
TJAP1 TJAP1 Q5JTD0 human 61,821 S300 449158 Phosphorylation SLGTARGsPEEELPL
TLE3 TLE3 Q04726 human 83,417 S240 449260 Phosphorylation DSLSRYDsDGDKSDD
TLE3 TLE3 Q04726 human 83,417 S245 449261 Phosphorylation YDSDGDKsDDLVVDV
TLK1 TLK1 Q9UKI8-2 human 89,023 S180 449213 Phosphorylation YQGGNGSsPVRGIPP
TMEM87A TMEM87A Q8NBN3 human 63,430 S540 449280 Phosphorylation ALPALLDsDEERMIT
USP16 USP16 Q9Y5T5 human 93,570 S552 449274 Phosphorylation DLEVLTSsPTRNLNG
WAPL WAPAL Q7Z5K2 human 132,946 S77 449167 Phosphorylation GDPFGFDsDDESLPV
Wee1 WEE1 P30291 human 71,597 S139 449250 Phosphorylation YFLGSSFsPVRCGGP
WRAP53 WRAP53 Q9BUR4 human 59,309 S90 449155 Phosphorylation FGSPSELsPRIEEQE
WRAP53 WRAP53 Q9BUR4 human 59,309 S491 449154 Phosphorylation VFPEPTEsGDEGEEL
ZNF148 ZNF148 Q9UQR1 human 88,976 S306 449243 Phosphorylation EDSGFSTsPKDNSLP
4E-BP2 Eif4ebp2 P70445 mouse 12,898 Y34 448940 Phosphorylation AAQLPQDyCttPGGt
AP2M1 Ap2m1 P84091 mouse 49,655 T156 448782 Phosphorylation SQItsQVtGQIGWRR
APPL Appl1 Q8K3H0 mouse 79,328 S401 449251 Phosphorylation ALEAVtPsPsFQQRH
ARS2 Srrt Q99MR6 mouse 100,452 T543 449123 Phosphorylation LWAsEPGtPPVPtsL
ataxin-1 Atxn1 P54254 mouse 83,793 S751 449110 Phosphorylation ATRKRRWsAPETRKL
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S395 449138 Phosphorylation AKQKFHDsEGDDtEE
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 S461 448868 Phosphorylation GLPYIDDsPsssPHL
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 S465 448869 Phosphorylation IDDsPsssPHLSSKG

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