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PubMed Id: 18722006 
Mahrus S, et al. (2008) Global sequencing of proteolytic cleavage sites in apoptosis by specific labeling of protein N termini. Cell 134, 866-76 18722006
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 D829 18747276 Caspase cleavage EtEPVEQdssQPsLP
Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 D939 18747311 Caspase cleavage TKAtsLVdAVNsDAA
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 D68 18746631 Caspase cleavage ELEEVTLdGKPLQAL
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 D511 18746635 Caspase cleavage VQKSTLAdysAQKDL
AHCYL1 AHCYL1 O43865 human 58,951 D73 18746406 Caspase cleavage SIsQSstdsYSsAAS
AP1G1 AP1G1 O43747 human 91,351 D689 18747231 Caspase cleavage SQPPFLLdGLSSQPL
ARHGEF1 ARHGEF1 Q92888 human 102,435 D292 18746972 Caspase cleavage RHLKAEVdAEKPGAT
ARPP-21 ARPP21 Q9UBL0 human 89,196 D494 18747145 Caspase cleavage GQPFVNPdGTPAIYN
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 D272 18746950 Caspase cleavage DCLPEEAdGtDTHLG
ataxin-2L ATXN2L Q8WWM7 human 113,374 D584 18747206 Caspase cleavage KGKEKEVdGLLtsEP
BCAP31 iso2 BCAP31 P51572-2 human 34,752 D231 18746300 Caspase cleavage LkkGAAVdGGkLDVG
Bcl-9 BCL9 O00512 human 149,290 D349 18747539 Caspase cleavage PTLGENPdGLsQEQL
BRD8 BRD8 Q9H0E9-2 human 102,839 D633 18747216 Caspase cleavage AGEIVEAdVAIGKGD
C5orf22 C5orf22 Q49AR2 human 49,967 D196 18746892 Caspase cleavage NTAsTNCdsSSEGLE
CABLES2 CABLES2 Q9BTV7 human 52,235 D58 18746605 Caspase cleavage FLNNISLdGRPPSLG
CAF-1A CHAF1A Q13111 human 106,926 D128 18746721 Caspase cleavage EDsNEQPdSLVDHNK
CALCOCO1 CALCOCO1 Q9P1Z2 human 77,336 D134 18746784 Caspase cleavage LVTLEEAdGGSDILL
CapZIP RCSD1 Q6JBY9 human 44,504 D272 18746954 Caspase cleavage RRssEEVdGQHPAQE
CCDC9 CCDC9 Q9Y3X0 human 59,703 D299 18746984 Caspase cleavage EWDAEKTdGMFKDGP
CCT-delta CCT4 P50991 human 57,924 D268 18746946 Caspase cleavage DNQIVVsdyAQMDRV
CDC40 CDC40 O60508 human 65,521 D204 18746889 Caspase cleavage AKYVDEKdVAKPSEE
CDC5L CDC5L Q99459 human 92,251 D391 18747069 Caspase cleavage NtPLHEsdFsGVtPQ
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 D405 18747078 Caspase cleavage SSALTEGdyVPDsPA
CDK13 CDK13 Q14004 human 164,923 D1353 18747408 Caspase cleavage sAPYVSNdGLGSSSA
CFAP36 CCDC104 Q96G28 human 39,447 D144 18746795 Caspase cleavage DCLTDGSdVVSDLEH
CHD-4 CHD4 Q14839 human 218,005 D1233 18747386 Caspase cleavage LFKDEATdGGGDNKE
CHMP4A CHMP4A Q9BY43 human 25,098 D80 18746651 Caspase cleavage EQQLAQTdGTLSTLE
CLTA CLTA P09496 human 27,077 D92 18746672 Caspase cleavage QEsNGPtdsyAAISQ
COPA COPA P53621 human 138,346 D188 18746883 Caspase cleavage VRGItGVdLFGTTDA
CstF-77 CSTF3 Q12996 human 82,922 D576 18747199 Caspase cleavage PVLKDEVdRKPEYPK
CTSB CTSB P07858 human 37,822 D77 18746304 Caspase cleavage QRVMFTEdLKLPASF
CUL4B iso1 CUL4B Q13620-1 human 102,299 D25 18746538 Caspase cleavage QEVRsAtdGNtsttP
CYB5B CYB5B O43169 human 16,332 D10 18746494 Caspase cleavage TAEAsGsdGKGQEVE
DAK DAK Q3LXA3 human 58,947 D362 18747027 Caspase cleavage AEPQEAPdsTAAGGS
DATF1 DIDO1 Q9BTC0 human 243,873 D1352 18747400 Caspase cleavage EPKTTAEdGVPAPPL
DBN1 DBN1 Q16643 human 71,429 D167 18747542 Caspase cleavage GTtyQKTdAAVEMKR
DDX46 DDX46 Q7L014 human 117,362 D871 18747292 Caspase cleavage NLGIESQdVMQQATN
DDX46 DDX46 Q7L014 human 117,362 D922 18747296 Caspase cleavage kQEEERQdGGQNEsF
DNAJC7 DNAJC7 Q99615 human 56,441 D8 18746440 Caspase cleavage MAAAAECdVVMAATE
DOCK10 DOCK10 Q96BY6 human 249,531 D327 18746997 Caspase cleavage ECTPEETdSSENNLH
EDC4 EDC4 Q6P2E9 human 151,661 D57 18746593 Caspase cleavage PDPLCSGdSTSANKT
EDC4 EDC4 Q6P2E9 human 151,661 D662 18746601 Caspase cleavage LSPKLQLdGSLTMSS
EDRF1 C10orf137 Q3B7T1 human 138,528 D115 18746736 Caspase cleavage GMAYDFIdSVGNDVD
EFTUD1 EFTUD1 Q7Z2Z2 human 125,430 D932 18747308 Caspase cleavage NENQELQdGCSEAFE
EIF5A EIF5A P63241 human 16,832 D6 18746422 Caspase cleavage __MADDLdFEtGdAG
EIF5B EIF5B O60841 human 138,827 D20 18746324 Caspase cleavage tKDDIDLdALAAEIE
Elf-1 ELF1 P32519 human 67,498 D145 18746798 Caspase cleavage THVSVTLdGIPEVME
EPB41 EPB41 P11171 human 97,017 D550 18747191 Caspase cleavage LDGAAAVdsADRsPR
epsin 2 EPN2 O95208 human 68,482 D339 18747007 Caspase cleavage TTLLDLMdALPSSGP
FAM125A FAM125A Q96EY5 human 28,783 D172 18746863 Caspase cleavage DMQGLsLdAAsQPSk
FAM44A BOD1L1 Q8NFC6 human 330,466 D1708 18747435 Caspase cleavage sIssEEVdGsQGNMM
FAM44A BOD1L1 Q8NFC6 human 330,466 D2044 18747438 Caspase cleavage SVENEECdGLMATTA
FIP1L1 FIP1L1 Q6UN15 human 66,526 D158 18746831 Caspase cleavage PLLEVDLdSFEDKPW
FLI1 FLI1 Q01543 human 50,982 D20 18746516 Caspase cleavage sDDQSLFdSAyGAAA
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 D1048 18747330 Caspase cleavage YEVEVTydGVPVPGs
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 D1336 18747334 Caspase cleavage HSVDVtYdGsPVPSs
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 D1504 18747338 Caspase cleavage VDVVDNAdGtQTVNY
FLNB FLNB O75369 human 278,164 D1476 18747326 Caspase cleavage VNVVDNGdGTHTVTY
FNBP1 FNBP1 Q96RU3 human 71,307 D519 18747167 Caspase cleavage AQDREsPdGsytEEQ
FNBP3 PRPF40A O75400 human 108,805 D133 18746781 Caspase cleavage PPGVNSMdVAAGTAS
FNBP4 FNBP4 Q8N3X1 human 110,266 D425 18746811 Caspase cleavage LRALEEGdGsVsGss
FXR2 FXR2 P51116 human 74,223 D605 18746314 Caspase cleavage tDGsIsGdRQPVtVA
GAPVD1 GAPVD1 Q14C86 human 164,980 D1102 18747358 Caspase cleavage IsADDLPdsAsQAAH
GARS GARS P41250 human 83,166 D56 18746591 Caspase cleavage AASRssMdGAGAEEV
GBF1 GBF1 Q92538 human 206,446 D368 18747032 Caspase cleavage tsPADHSdsAsVHDM
GLDC GLDC P23378 human 112,730 D36 18746318 Caspase cleavage CWAPRSRdSssGGGD
GLRX3 GLRX3 O76003 human 37,432 D101 18746704 Caspase cleavage SQKIDRLdGAHAPEL
GMIP GMIP Q9P107 human 106,683 D472 18747125 Caspase cleavage ERDPDLGdGLENGLG
GNL1 GNL1 P36915 human 68,661 D343 18746321 Caspase cleavage VLVEQQTdSAMEPTG
GOLGB1 GOLGB1 Q14789 human 376,019 D1801 18747445 Caspase cleavage PGETEEQdSLSMSTR
GPKOW GPKOW Q92917 human 52,229 D37 18746567 Caspase cleavage RRLADsGdGAGPsPE
GPKOW GPKOW Q92917 human 52,229 D98 18746570 Caspase cleavage tDTGALAdGVVsQAV
GTF2B GTF2B Q00403 human 34,833 D207 18746905 Caspase cleavage KALETSVdLITTGDF
GTF2F1 GTF2F1 P35269 human 58,240 D272 18746956 Caspase cleavage DFEGQEVdYMSDGSS
H2AFY H2AFY O75367 human 39,617 D172 18746866 Caspase cleavage VskAAsAdsttEGtP
HDAC7 HDAC7 Q8WUI4 human 102,927 D412 18747088 Caspase cleavage sAEDLETdGGGPGQV
HDGF2 HDGFRP2 Q7Z4V5 human 74,317 D241 18746933 Caspase cleavage sDsKADsdGAKPEPV
HMOX2 HMOX2 P30519 human 36,033 D251 18746937 Caspase cleavage LARETLEdGFPVHDG
hnRNP A2/B1 HNRNPA2B1 P22626 human 37,430 D76 18746357 Caspase cleavage FssMAEVdAAMAARP
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 D115 18746739 Caspase cleavage kRAVsREdsVkPGAH
hnRNP D0 HNRNPD Q14103 human 38,434 D69 18746639 Caspase cleavage ESEGAKIdAskNEED
HSP105 HSPH1 Q92598 human 96,865 D547 18747187 Caspase cleavage TQPQVQTdAQQTSQs
HUWE1 HUWE1 Q7Z6Z7 human 481,891 D3664 18747478 Caspase cleavage QCEtLsPdGLPEEQP
HUWE1 HUWE1 Q7Z6Z7 human 481,891 D3773 18747482 Caspase cleavage RQLEAEAdAIIQMVR
IK IK Q13123 human 65,602 D324 18746994 Caspase cleavage NIFEDIGdyVPsttK
INF2 INF2 Q27J81 human 135,624 D1051 18747342 Caspase cleavage SRGWDLVdAVtPGPQ
KHDRBS1 KHDRBS1 Q07666 human 48,227 D75 18746643 Caspase cleavage PPSAtGPdAtVGGPA
KHSRP KHSRP Q92945 human 73,115 D128 18746310 Caspase cleavage kkLAsQGdsIssQLG
KI-67 MKI67 P46013 human 358,694 D2147 18747460 Caspase cleavage LTQTTHTdKVPGDED
kindlin-3 FERMT3 Q86UX7 human 75,953 D344 18747011 Caspase cleavage sAPTDVLdsLTTIPE
KPNA1 KPNA1 P52294 human 60,222 D64 18746622 Caspase cleavage TEEEVMsdGGFHEAQ
KRR1 KRR1 Q13601 human 43,665 D38 18746573 Caspase cleavage sELLTVPdGWkEPAF
Ku80 XRCC5 P13010 human 82,705 D455 18747115 Caspase cleavage EAQLNAVdALIDSMS
LAGE3 LAGE3 Q14657 human 14,804 D28 18746548 Caspase cleavage HSCRGGVdTAAAPAG
LCOR LCOR Q96JN0 human 47,006 D80 18747515 Caspase cleavage QSEPSEQdGVLDLST
liprin alpha 1 PPFIA1 Q13136 human 135,779 D218 18746914 Caspase cleavage NQKKTLTdGVLDINH
LMO1 LMO1 P25800 human 17,828 D8 18746446 Caspase cleavage MMVLDKEdGVPMLSV
LRBA LRBA P50851 human 319,108 D1756 18747441 Caspase cleavage VSVVSSVdsAQASDM
LRCH4 LRCH4 O75427 human 73,450 D358 18747024 Caspase cleavage PVQIDFIdSHVPGED
MAGE-G1 NDNL2 Q96MG7 human 34,308 D41 18746579 Caspase cleavage EDARVLRdGFAEEAP

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