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PubMed Id: 21253578 
Gu TL, et al. (2011) Survey of tyrosine kinase signaling reveals ROS kinase fusions in human cholangiocarcinoma. PLoS One 6, e15640 21253578
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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14-3-3 gamma YWHAG P61981 human 28,303 Y49 12432972 Phosphorylation RNLLSVAyKNVVGAR
14-3-3 zeta YWHAZ P63104 human 27,745 Y126 1008082 Phosphorylation LKMKGDYyRYLAEVA
A6r TWF2 Q6IBS0 human 39,548 Y309 450383 Phosphorylation ELTAEFLyDEVHPKQ
ABCB7 ABCB7 O75027 human 82,641 S199 15407250 Phosphorylation VLIGYGVsRAGAAFF
ABCC1 ABCC1 P33527 human 171,591 Y1243 21690006 Phosphorylation YSLQVTTyLNWLVRM
ACSL1 ACSL1 P33121 human 77,943 Y567 472670 Phosphorylation FKLAQGEyIAPEKIE
ACSL1 ACSL1 P33121 human 77,943 Y577 10280641 Phosphorylation PEKIENIyMRSEPVA
ACTA1 ACTA1 P68133 human 42,051 Y93 456520 Phosphorylation KIWHHTFyNELRVAP
ACY3 ACY3 Q96HD9 human 35,241 Y88 15407320 Phosphorylation RPTPDDPyEVTRARE
ADAM9 ADAM9 Q13443 human 90,556 T761 2424926 Phosphorylation PRHVSPVtPPREVPI
ADH1C ADH1C P00326 human 39,868 Y150 4117001 Phosphorylation GVSTFSQyTVVDENA
AKR1C2 AKR1C2 P52895 human 36,735 Y24 458127 Phosphorylation PVLGFGTyAPAEVPK
ALDH1A1 ALDH1A1 P00352 human 54,862 Y426 462958 Phosphorylation KRANNTFyGLSAGVF
ANXA1 ANXA1 P04083 human 38,714 Y21 447974 Phosphorylation IENEEQEyVQTVKSS
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HSTPPSAyGSVKAYT
BCAP PIK3AP1 Q6ZUJ8 human 90,398 Y570 450912 Phosphorylation QERPGNFyVSSESIR
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 Y177 447792 Phosphorylation ADAEKPFyVNVEFHH
BDP1 PTPN18 Q99952 human 50,482 Y389 449000 Phosphorylation SAEEAPLySKVTPRA
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDKDGNGyISAAELR
calponin 3 CNN3 Q15417 human 36,414 Y261 452163 Phosphorylation SQKGMSVyGLGRQVY
CAP1 CAP1 Q01518 human 51,901 Y419 464844 Phosphorylation KTDGCHAyLSKNSLD
Cbl-b CBLB Q13191 human 109,450 Y889 450827 Phosphorylation TNRTSQDyDQLPSCS
CD46 iso4 CD46 P15529-4 human 41,359 Y357 451710 Phosphorylation GGAEYATyQTKSTTP
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGTYGVVyKGRHKTT
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 T14 447738 Phosphorylation VEKIGEGtYGVVYKA
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y15 447740 Phosphorylation EKIGEGTyGVVYKAR
CDK5 CDK5 Q00535 human 33,304 Y15 448022 Phosphorylation EKIGEGTyGTVFKAK
CDKL5 CDKL5 O76039 human 115,538 Y171 454076 Phosphorylation NNANYTEyVATRWYR
CKMT1A CKMT1A P12532 human 47,037 Y153 475235 Phosphorylation ASKIRSGyFDERYVL
CLTC CLTC Q00610 human 191,615 Y900 450754 Phosphorylation FLRENPYyDSRVVGK
CNP CNP P09543 human 47,579 Y110 455175 Phosphorylation LDEDLAAyCRRRDIR
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y68 449642 Phosphorylation GQTVDDPyATFVKML
Cofilin-2 CFL2 Q9Y281 human 18,737 Y85 449645 Phosphorylation NDCRYALyDATYETK
CRIM1 CRIM1 Q9NZV1 human 113,738 Y1033 462201 Phosphorylation HLQADNFyQTV____
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y228 449648 Phosphorylation YPGGSDNyGSLSRVT
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y280 450398 Phosphorylation HRFHPEPyGLEDDQR
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y600 457901 Phosphorylation EIPQAERyQEAAPNV
CYSTM1 CYSTM1 Q9H1C7 human 10,631 Y64 473435 Phosphorylation EPPKTTVyVVEDQRR
DCP1B DCP1B Q8IZD4 human 67,723 Y172 11116655 Phosphorylation LIKAKDEyTKCKTCS
DDX3Y DDX3Y O15523 human 73,154 Y103 450424 Phosphorylation DDRGRSDyDGIGNRE
defensin, alpha 1 DEFA1 P59665 human 10,201 Y67 15409333 Phosphorylation SRKNMACyCRIPACI
defensin, alpha 3 DEFA3 P59666 human 10,245 Y67 15409335 Phosphorylation SRKNMDCyCRIPACI
defensin, alpha 3 DEFA3 P59666 human 10,245 Y80 473525 Phosphorylation CIAGERRyGTCIYQG
DNAPK PRKDC P78527 human 469,089 Y883 463226 Phosphorylation SDEMMKSyVAWDREK
DNCH1 DYNC1H1 Q14204 human 532,408 Y3379 455647 Phosphorylation MSNPSYNyEIVNRAS
DYRK1A DYRK1A Q13627 human 85,584 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIYQyIQSRFYR
DYRK1B DYRK1B Q9Y463 human 69,198 S276 12119076 Phosphorylation RIYQYIQsRFYRSPE
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 Y141 451546 Phosphorylation REHALLAyTLGVKQL
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 Y177 462041 Phosphorylation IVKEVSTyIKKIGYN
EEF1A2 EEF1A2 Q05639 human 50,470 Y141 450365 Phosphorylation REHALLAyTLGVKQL
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1197 448060 Phosphorylation STAENAEyLRVAPQS
eIF2-alpha EIF2S1 P05198 human 36,112 Y82 463262 Phosphorylation RVDKEKGyIDLSKRR
eIF3-eta EIF3B P55884 human 92,482 Y525 450569 Phosphorylation HWQKNGDyLCVKVDR
EIF4A1 EIF4A1 P60842 human 46,154 Y48 463272 Phosphorylation ESLLRGIyAYGFEKP
ELMO2 ELMO2 Q96JJ3 human 82,615 Y48 450756 Phosphorylation WSLPNPEyYTLRYAD
ELP3 ELP3 Q9H9T3 human 62,259 Y202 450611 Phosphorylation GHTSNNIyEAVKYSE
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 Y189 461956 Phosphorylation MRIGAEVyHNLKNVI
ENO2 ENO2 P09104 human 47,269 Y44 450517 Phosphorylation SGASTGIyEALELRD
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y575 454954 Phosphorylation RQSPEDVyFSKSEQL
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y596 450855 Phosphorylation VYIDPFTyEDPNEAV
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y774 454255 Phosphorylation ENSSDPTyTSSLGGK
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y987 451663 Phosphorylation TGGPAPQy_______
ESYT1 ESYT1 Q9BSJ8 human 122,856 Y822 450610 Phosphorylation GTKHLSPyATLTVGD
ETEA FAF2 Q96CS3 human 52,623 Y79 462170 Phosphorylation NTADHRIySYVVSRP
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y925 447966 Phosphorylation DRSNDKVyENVTGLV
FBPase FBP1 P09467 human 36,842 Y216 461970 Phosphorylation IYSLNEGyARDFDPA
FBXO24 FBXO24 O75426 human 64,889 Y136 3459145 Phosphorylation APLLAHGyRRFLPTK
Fer FER P16591 human 94,638 Y714 448461 Phosphorylation RQEDGGVySSSGLKQ
Fes FES P07332 human 93,497 Y713 448353 Phosphorylation REEADGVyAASGGLR
FGB FGB P02675 human 55,928 Y408 21690003 Phosphorylation NGMFFSTyDRDNDGW
FGFR1 FGFR1 P11362 human 91,868 Y654 447919 Phosphorylation DIHHIDYyKKTTNGR
FGG FGG P02679 human 51,512 Y140 5939942 Phosphorylation IRYLQEIyNSNNQKI
FGR FGR P09769 human 59,479 Y412 448120 Phosphorylation RLIKDDEyNPCQGSK
FGR FGR P09769 human 59,479 Y523 448121 Phosphorylation FTSAEPQyQPGDQT_
FKSG10 GSDMD P57764 human 52,801 Y158 450570 Phosphorylation RSRGDNVyVVTEVLQ
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 Y1604 458019 Phosphorylation QDNHDGTyTVAYVPD
FRK FRK P42685 human 58,254 Y53 3543508 Phosphorylation YFVALFDyQARTAED
FTCD FTCD O95954 human 58,927 Y324 3569401 Phosphorylation PKERIIEyLVPERGP
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y531 447883 Phosphorylation FTATEPQyQPGENL_
G6PD G6PD P11413 human 59,257 Y401 450521 Phosphorylation VQPNEAVyTKMMTKK
GDI2 GDI2 P50395 human 50,663 Y203 454082 Phosphorylation DYLDQPCyETINRIK
GIT2 GIT2 Q14161 human 84,543 Y592 450866 Phosphorylation NSTPESDyDNTPNDM
GMD GMDS O60547 human 41,950 Y324 450499 Phosphorylation VTVDLKYyRPTEVDF
GOT1 GOT1 P17174 human 46,248 Y71 454698 Phosphorylation DNSLNHEyLPILGLA
GOT2 GOT2 P00505 human 47,518 Y75 472837 Phosphorylation RDDNGKPyVLPSVRK
GOT2 GOT2 P00505 human 47,518 Y96 463457 Phosphorylation AKNLDKEyLPIGGLA
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y312 462496 Phosphorylation KSSPEQSyQGDMYPT
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 S219 467966 Phosphorylation PNVSYICsRYYRAPE
H1T HIST1H1T P22492 human 22,019 Y75 472844 Phosphorylation KALAAAGyDVEKNNS
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 Y38 463409 Phosphorylation KRSRKESySVYVYKV
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 Y43 475133 Phosphorylation ESYSVYVyKVLKQVH
H2BFH HIST1H2BO P23527 human 13,906 Y41 9221214 Phosphorylation RKESYSIyVYKVLKQ
HBA1 HBA1; HBA2 P69905 human 15,258 Y43 474219 Phosphorylation SFPTTKTyFPHFDLS
HBA1 HBA1; HBA2 P69905 human 15,258 Y141 477033 Phosphorylation STVLTSKyR______
Hck HCK P08631 human 59,600 Y209 457874 Phosphorylation TLDNGGFyISPRSTF
HMGCS2 HMGCS2 P54868 human 56,635 Y250 3551686 Phosphorylation KPNLASEyPIVDGKL
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 Y347 449658 Phosphorylation PYGGGGQyFAKPRNQ
hnRNP A2/B1 HNRNPA2B1 P22626 human 37,430 Y244 462324 Phosphorylation GRGFGDGyNGYGGGP
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y360 455009 Phosphorylation GRSSGSPyGGGYGSG
HRSP12 HRSP12 P52758 human 14,494 Y110 3433482 Phosphorylation NFPARAAyQVAALPK

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