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PubMed Id: 21183079 
Huttlin EL, et al. (2010) A tissue-specific atlas of mouse protein phosphorylation and expression. Cell 143, 1174-89 21183079
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 Eif4ebp1 Q60876 mouse 12,325 S100 449033 Phosphorylation sQsQLPssPEDKRAG
abLIM Ablim1 Q8K4G5 mouse 96,805 Y401 449009 Phosphorylation RtssEsIysRPGSSI
AMPKA1 Prkaa1 Q5EG47 mouse 63,929 T183 448786 Phosphorylation sDGEFLRtsCGsPNY
AP2M1 Ap2m1 P84091 mouse 49,655 T156 448782 Phosphorylation SQItsQVtGQIGWRR
APPL Appl1 Q8K3H0 mouse 79,328 S401 449251 Phosphorylation ALEAVtPsPsFQQRH
ARHGAP27 Arhgap27 A2AB59 mouse 97,049 Y227 449021 Phosphorylation DDPPEPVyANVERQP
ARHGAP27 iso2 Arhgap27 A2AB59-2 mouse 75,802 Y28 449021 Phosphorylation DDPPEPVyANVERQP
ataxin-1 Atxn1 P54254 mouse 83,793 S751 449110 Phosphorylation ATRKRRWsAPETRKL
ATF-2 Atf2 P16951 mouse 52,298 S94 449244 Phosphorylation KKMPLDLsPLAtPII
ATM Atm Q62388 mouse 349,418 S1987 448797 Phosphorylation SPTFEEGsQGTTISS
ATP1A1 Atp1a1 Q8VDN2 mouse 112,982 S16 449086 Phosphorylation kyEPAAVsEHGDkkG
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S395 449138 Phosphorylation AKQKFHDsEGDDtEE
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 S461 448868 Phosphorylation GLPYIDDsPsssPHL
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 S465 448869 Phosphorylation IDDsPsssPHLSSKG
Bright Arid3a Q62431 mouse 64,173 S82 449136 Phosphorylation HPssPGGsEDGPPIs
Bright Arid3a Q62431 mouse 64,173 S89 449137 Phosphorylation sEDGPPIsGDEDTAR
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 S344 449288 Phosphorylation yEHDsDLsPPRKRQA
C5aR C5ar1 P30993 mouse 39,023 S328 448821 Phosphorylation RNALsEDsVGRDskT
CAAP1 5830433M19Rik Q8VDY9 mouse 37,825 S307 449157 Phosphorylation ILGLAEssPKEPKVA
Calnexin Canx P35564 mouse 67,278 S582 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CBL Cbl P22682 mouse 100,564 S667 448875 Phosphorylation PKIKPSssANAIysL
CBL Cbl P22682 mouse 100,564 S692 448873 Phosphorylation PPGEQGEsEEDtEyM
CCDC52 Ccdc52 Q8C804 mouse 95,645 S764 449281 Phosphorylation KLVGLNLsssPVsPV
CCNL1 Ccnl1 Q52KE7 mouse 60,133 S341 449134 Phosphorylation LstLGGFsPAskPss
CCNL1 Ccnl1 Q52KE7 mouse 60,133 S348 449135 Phosphorylation sPAskPssPREVKAE
CDK11B Cdk11b P24788 mouse 91,513 T584 449142 Phosphorylation GsPLKAytPVVVTLW
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 T1533 449344 Phosphorylation PGsPsPKtPtPstPG
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 T1535 449345 Phosphorylation sPsPKtPtPstPGDt
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 T1538 449346 Phosphorylation PKtPtPstPGDtQPN
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 T1546 449347 Phosphorylation PGDtQPNtPAPVPPA
COBRA1 Cobra1 Q8C4Y3 mouse 65,636 S557 449143 Phosphorylation QLDHRKPsPtQAAEt
COPS1 Gps1 Q99LD4 mouse 53,442 T459 449348 Phosphorylation EGsQGELtPANsQSR
Cortactin Cttn Q60598 mouse 61,250 T401 449245 Phosphorylation QARAKKQtPPAsPsP
cPLA2 Pla2g4a P47713 mouse 85,222 S437 448900 Phosphorylation VsNDssDsDDEAQGP
CRYAB Cryab P23927 mouse 20,069 S59 448783 Phosphorylation PSFLRAPsWIDtGLS
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 S641 449139 Phosphorylation tPEELDDsDFEtEDF
CTPS Ctps P70698 mouse 66,682 S575 449144 Phosphorylation sDRsGsssPDsEItE
DCP1A Dcp1a Q91YD3 mouse 65,219 S543 449276 Phosphorylation DLERKAssPsPLtVG
DCP1A Dcp1a Q91YD3 mouse 65,219 S545 449277 Phosphorylation ERKAssPsPLtVGTA
DDX16 Dhx16 G3X8X0 mouse 119,072 S103 449223 Phosphorylation SYKLLEDsEsGEEAV
DDX21 Ddx21 Q9JIK5 mouse 93,551 T387 449349 Phosphorylation GIDILVGtPGRIKDH
DEAF1 Deaf1 Q9Z1T5 mouse 59,633 S177 449147 Phosphorylation PLtPGPQsPPtPLAP
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S516 449258 Phosphorylation VsPttPtsPtEGEAs
DYNC1I2 Dync1i2 O88487 mouse 68,394 S81 449148 Phosphorylation PIVPPPMsPssKsVs
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S636 449194 Phosphorylation TASARRNsssPVsPA
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S638 449192 Phosphorylation SARRNsssPVsPAsV
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S641 449193 Phosphorylation RNsssPVsPAsVPGQ
eIF3-delta Eif3g Q9Z1D1 mouse 35,638 S42 449151 Phosphorylation PLPtGDtsPEPELLP
EIF4G2 Eif4g2 Q62448 mouse 102,106 T507 449145 Phosphorylation AQPPRtQtPPLGQtP
ESYT2 Esyt2 Q3TZZ7 mouse 94,139 S685 449187 Phosphorylation PsIAsDIsLPIATQE
Ets-1 Ets1 P27577 mouse 50,202 S251 449316 Phosphorylation GKLGGQDsFEsVESY
Ets-1 Ets1 P27577 mouse 50,202 S282 449317 Phosphorylation NSLQRVPsyDsFDYE
Ets-1 Ets1 P27577 mouse 50,202 S285 449318 Phosphorylation QRVPsyDsFDYEDYP
Exportin-6 Xpo6 Q924Z6 mouse 128,664 T204 449219 Phosphorylation KHsVtAAtPPPsPts
Exportin-6 Xpo6 Q924Z6 mouse 128,664 S208 449220 Phosphorylation tAAtPPPsPtsGEsG
FIP1L1 Fip1l1 Q9D824 mouse 64,959 S235 449289 Phosphorylation STKAEFtsPPsLFKT
FLNA Flna Q8BTM8 mouse 281,222 S2523 448843 Phosphorylation VTGPRLVsNHsLHET
G3BP-1 G3bp1 P97855 mouse 51,829 S149 449041 Phosphorylation VtEPQEEsEEEVEEP
G3BP-1 G3bp1 P97855 mouse 51,829 S231 449042 Phosphorylation DDVQKstsPAPADVA
GAB1 Gab1 Q9QYY0 mouse 76,812 S266 448876 Phosphorylation yNLPRSYsHDVLPKE
GAP43 Gap43 P06837 mouse 23,632 S96 449105 Phosphorylation tDAAPAtsPkAEEPs
GAP43 Gap43 P06837 mouse 23,632 T172 449106 Phosphorylation VtDAAATtPAAEDAA
GATAD2B Gatad2b Q8VHR5 mouse 65,411 T121 449235 Phosphorylation EPDRGRLtPsPDIIV
GATAD2B Gatad2b Q8VHR5 mouse 65,411 S123 449236 Phosphorylation DRGRLtPsPDIIVLs
GIT1 Git1 Q68FF6 mouse 85,300 S397 449169 Phosphorylation HDyDsVAsDEDtDQE
GJA1 Gja1 P23242 mouse 43,004 S255 448852 Phosphorylation HAtTGPLsPskDCGs
GluR4 Gria4 Q9Z2W8 mouse 100,847 S862 448810 Phosphorylation IRNKARLsItGsVGE
GRF-1 Grlf1 Q91YM2 mouse 170,393 Y1105 448941 Phosphorylation RNEEENIysVPHDST
GSK3B Gsk3b Q9WV60 mouse 46,710 S9 449111 Phosphorylation SGRPRttsFAEsCKP
GTF3C4 Gtf3c4 Q8BMQ2 mouse 91,613 S607 449172 Phosphorylation SKILLVDsPGMGDGE
H2AX H2afx P27661 mouse 15,143 S140 448841 Phosphorylation GkKAsQAsQEy____
HIRIP3 Hirip3 Q8BLH7 mouse 65,215 S234 449170 Phosphorylation CQEEsEEsGEEsPAK
hnRNP C1/C2 Hnrnpc Q9Z204 mouse 34,385 S268 448833 Phosphorylation sEAGADDsAEEGDLL
hnRNP C1/C2 Hnrnpc Q9Z204 mouse 34,385 S306 448834 Phosphorylation EGEDDRDsANGEDDs
hnRNP D0 Hnrnpd Q60668 mouse 38,354 S83 449336 Phosphorylation DEGHsNssPRHTEAA
HSF1 Hsf1 P38532 mouse 57,223 S303 449045 Phosphorylation RVKQEPPsPPHsPRV
HSF1 Hsf1 P38532 mouse 57,223 S307 449046 Phosphorylation EPPsPPHsPRVLEAs
HSL Lipe P54310 mouse 83,348 S557 448803 Phosphorylation PtESMRRsVsEAALA
HSL Lipe P54310 mouse 83,348 S559 448804 Phosphorylation ESMRRsVsEAALAQP
HSP90B Hsp90ab1 P11499 mouse 83,281 S255 449266 Phosphorylation PKIEDVGsDEEDDsG
kanadaptin Slc4a1ap E9Q585 mouse 79,672 S412 449174 Phosphorylation EDEDFyDsDDDtFLD
KANSL2 2310037I24Rik Q8BQR4 mouse 54,173 S149 449285 Phosphorylation ILDEDsWsDGDQEPI
KHSRP Khsrp Q3U0V1 mouse 76,775 S182 449302 Phosphorylation SGCKVQIsPDsGGLP
KIF23 Kif23 E9Q5G3 mouse 108,776 S685 449206 Phosphorylation KIIPRsVsPsPLPLs
KSR Ksr1 Q61097 mouse 96,755 T260 449298 Phosphorylation sFItPPttPQLRRHA
KSR Ksr1 Q61097 mouse 96,755 S392 449297 Phosphorylation ARLRRtEsVPsDINN
LSD1 Kdm1a Q6ZQ88 mouse 92,851 S138 449181 Phosphorylation LsEDEyysEEERNAK
MCM3 Mcm3 P25206 mouse 91,546 T719 449197 Phosphorylation tQMPQVHtPKtDDsQ
Meg-3 Fam129b Q8R1F1 mouse 84,819 S669 449198 Phosphorylation AQDLQAEssPPAsPL
Meg-3 Fam129b Q8R1F1 mouse 84,819 S699 449201 Phosphorylation PEAsPPAsPLRHLPP
MFAP1 Mfap1a Q9CQU1 mouse 51,954 T267 449202 Phosphorylation AALDALNtDDENDEE
MIER1 Mier1 Q5UAK0 mouse 57,908 S376 449204 Phosphorylation AAssRAPsPPPtAsN
MIER1 Mier1 Q5UAK0 mouse 57,908 S382 449205 Phosphorylation PsPPPtAsNSsNsQS
MORC2 Morc2a Q69ZX6 mouse 117,330 S741 449185 Phosphorylation RKRsLAVsDEEEAEE
MRE11A Mre11a Q61216 mouse 80,223 S686 449207 Phosphorylation AKGVDFEsDEDDDDD
MTA1 Mta1 Q8K4B0 mouse 80,798 S576 449208 Phosphorylation APVINNGsPtILGKR
MYO6 Myo6 Q64331 mouse 146,409 T406 449089 Phosphorylation TAGGTKGtVIkVPLk
NAF1 Naf1 Q3UMQ8 mouse 53,246 S308 449287 Phosphorylation PPEVLDFsDDEKEKE
NCK1 Nck1 Q99M51 mouse 42,891 Y105 448953 Phosphorylation VDPGERLyDLNMPAF
NCL Ncl P09405 mouse 76,723 S145 449269 Phosphorylation KNAKKEDsDEDEDEE

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