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PubMed Id: 18234856 
Blethrow JD, Glavy JS, Morgan DO, Shokat KM (2008) Covalent capture of kinase-specific phosphopeptides reveals Cdk1-cyclin B substrates. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105, 1442-7 18234856
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AAK1 AAK1 Q2M2I8 human 103,885 T389 483910 Phosphorylation LPIQPALtPRKRATV
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 S5763 483522 Phosphorylation EAEAEAssPkGkFsL
APRIN PDS5B Q9NTI5 human 164,667 T1370 467472 Phosphorylation AIEstQstPQKGRGR
ASE-1 CD3EAP O15446 human 54,986 S285 453847 Phosphorylation PLEDtVLsPtKKRKR
Calnexin CANX P27824 human 67,568 S583 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CARHSP1 CARHSP1 Q9Y2V2 human 15,892 T23 3963128 Phosphorylation AsVGLLDtPRsRERs
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 S405 447700 Phosphorylation KtQtPPVsPAPQPtE
Diaphanous-1 DIAPH1 O60610 human 141,347 T768 3946102 Phosphorylation PVLPFGLtPKkLykP
DRP1 DNM1L O00429 human 81,877 S616 454690 Phosphorylation PIPIMPAsPQKGHAV
dUTPase DUT P33316 human 26,563 S99 451166 Phosphorylation GPEtPAIsPSKRARP
EFHD2 EFHD2 Q96C19 human 26,697 S74 478224 Phosphorylation QGIGEPQsPsRRVFN
GAPVD1 GAPVD1 Q14C86 human 164,980 S950 483086 Phosphorylation APHsssssPsKDssR
GMPS GMPS P49915 human 76,715 T318 3801478 Phosphorylation PIsDEDRtPRKRISk
GRP58 PDIA3 P30101 human 56,782 S456 3963114 Phosphorylation GFPtIyFsPANkKLN
H1E HIST1H1E P10412 human 21,865 T18 467971 Phosphorylation APAPAEktPVkKKAR
HMGA1 iso2 HMGA1 P17096-2 human 10,679 T42 451515 Phosphorylation kEPsEVPtPkrPrGr
HMGCS1 HMGCS1 Q01581 human 57,294 S495 467990 Phosphorylation IAtEHIPsPAkkVPR
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 S216 450148 Phosphorylation ILDLIsEsPIkGRAQ
HuR ELAVL1 Q15717 human 36,092 S202 3197192 Phosphorylation LLsQLyHsPArrFGG
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 S391 1984215 Phosphorylation sVAGsPLsPGPVRAP
KI-67 MKI67 P46013 human 358,694 T761 3148266 Phosphorylation GIAEMFktPVKEQPQ
lamin A/C LMNA P02545 human 74,139 S22 452604 Phosphorylation QAsstPLsPtRItRL
lamin A/C LMNA P02545 human 74,139 S392 452606 Phosphorylation ERLRLsPsPtsQRsR
Lamin B1 LMNB1 P20700 human 66,408 S23 455421 Phosphorylation GGPttPLsPtRLsRL
LDH-A LDHA P00338 human 36,689 T248 3883800 Phosphorylation VIkLkGYtsWAIGLS
LDH-A LDHA P00338 human 36,689 S249 3883801 Phosphorylation IkLkGYtsWAIGLSV
LIG1 LIG1 P18858 human 101,736 S76 449246 Phosphorylation EEEDEALsPAKGQKP
MAP7 MAP7 Q14244 human 84,052 S209 460314 Phosphorylation ssAtLLNsPDRARRL
NAGK NAGK Q9UJ70 human 37,376 S76 3245045 Phosphorylation RsLGLsLsGGDQEDA
NCL NCL P19338 human 76,614 T121 470366 Phosphorylation PGkALVAtPGkkGAA
NICE-4 UBAP2L Q14157 human 114,534 S454 452474 Phosphorylation AAPPPPssPLPsKst
NIPA ZC3HC1 Q86WB0 human 55,262 S395 478573 Phosphorylation PGLEVPssPLRKAKR
NME1 NME1 P15531 human 17,149 T94 3180917 Phosphorylation GRVMLGEtNPADskP
NME1 NME1 P15531 human 17,149 S120 450098 Phosphorylation GRNIIhGsDsVEsAE
NME2 NME2 P22392 human 17,298 T94 3182029 Phosphorylation GRVMLGEtNPADskP
NOLC1 NOLC1 Q14978 human 73,603 T607 451911 Phosphorylation AkKIKLQtPNtFPKR
NOLC1 NOLC1 Q14978 human 73,603 T610 451912 Phosphorylation IKLQtPNtFPKRKKG
NPM1 NPM1 P06748 human 32,575 S70 459898 Phosphorylation EAMNyEGsPIKVtLA
NPM1 NPM1 P06748 human 32,575 T237 449560 Phosphorylation kQEKtPKtPkGPssV
NSBP1 HMGN5 P82970 human 31,525 T31 456124 Phosphorylation sAMLVPVtPEVkPKR
NUCKS NUCKS1 Q9H1E3 human 27,296 S181 452956 Phosphorylation LkAtVtPsPVkGKGk
NuMA-1 NUMA1 Q14980 human 238,260 T2055 472502 Phosphorylation MAFsILNtPkkLGNs
OGFR OGFR Q9NZT2 human 73,325 S378 2906773 Phosphorylation EDRPEPLsPKEsKKR
ORC6L ORC6 Q9Y5N6 human 28,107 T195 470324 Phosphorylation REPGDVAtPPRKRKK
PAICS PAICS P22234 human 47,079 S27 483584 Phosphorylation EVyELLDsPGkVLLQ
palladin PALLD Q8WX93 human 150,564 S641 3207888 Phosphorylation PTPAVLLsPTKEPPP
palladin PALLD Q8WX93 human 150,564 S766 3963122 Phosphorylation SsLPsPMsPTPRQFG
PIK4CB PI4KB Q9UBF8 human 91,379 S266 457619 Phosphorylation PAPDtGLsPsKRTHQ
PKN2 PKN2 Q16513 human 112,035 S535 3197384 Phosphorylation VNHsGtFsPQAPVPT
POLR2A POLR2A P24928 human 217,176 S1920 452274 Phosphorylation sPtysPtsPKysPts
POLR2A POLR2A P24928 human 217,176 S1934 452275 Phosphorylation sPtysPtsPKGSTYs
PPP1CA PPP1CA P62136 human 37,512 T320 448686 Phosphorylation NPGGRPItPPRNsAK
PYCR2 PYCR2 Q96C36 human 33,637 S304 483394 Phosphorylation VSTLtPssPGkLLtR
RANBP2 RANBP2 P49792 human 358,199 S2251 468569 Phosphorylation HAsPLAssPVRkNLF
RGPD5/6 RGPD5; RGPD6 Q99666 human 198,924 S1275 3963125 Phosphorylation HAsPLAssPVRKNLF
RRM2 RRM2 P31350 human 44,878 S20 457399 Phosphorylation DPQQLQLsPLkGLsL
SAMHD1 SAMHD1 Q9Y3Z3 human 72,201 T592 468674 Phosphorylation DVIAPLItPQKKEWN
SPT5 SUPT5H O00267 human 121,000 S666 468817 Phosphorylation VGGFAPMsPrISsPM
SRm300 SRRM2 Q9UQ35 human 299,615 T866 453390 Phosphorylation QANEQsVtPQRRsCF
SRm300 SRRM2 Q9UQ35 human 299,615 T1413 468856 Phosphorylation VLDAVPRtPsRERss
SSR1 SSR1 P43307 human 32,235 S268 3072271 Phosphorylation LNQINkAsPRRLPRK
STMN1 STMN1 P16949 human 17,303 S25 448555 Phosphorylation QAFELILsPRskEsV
STMN1 STMN1 P16949 human 17,303 S38 448556 Phosphorylation sVPEFPLsPPKKKDL
TFPT TFPT P0C1Z6 human 28,278 S180 451482 Phosphorylation PAPPEPGsPAPGEGP
TMPO iso6 TMPO P42166 human 75,492 S424 469953 Phosphorylation FQETEFLsPPRKVPR
TNRC15 GIGYF2 Q6Y7W6-3 human 152,399 S30 483131 Phosphorylation sItsPPLsPALPKYK
TOP2A TOP2A P11388 human 174,385 S1213 452237 Phosphorylation QMAEVLPsPRGQRVI
TOP2B TOP2B Q02880 human 183,267 S1424 3194111 Phosphorylation DKDEytFsPGKsKAt
TPP1 TPP1 O14773 human 61,248 T201 3963104 Phosphorylation VGLHLGVtPSVIRKR
TPX2 TPX2 Q9ULW0 human 85,653 S738 453052 Phosphorylation QPLTVPVsPkFSTRF
treacle TCOF1 Q13428 human 152,106 S156 486513 Phosphorylation ANLLsGksPRKsAEP
treacle TCOF1 Q13428 human 152,106 S583 476272 Phosphorylation LQAkPtssPAKGPPQ
treacle TCOF1 Q13428 human 152,106 T983 469266 Phosphorylation AQAQAAstPRKARAS
U2AF2 U2AF2 P26368 human 53,501 S79 470379 Phosphorylation EHGGLIRsPRHEKKK
UNG UNG P13051 human 34,645 S64 2018601 Phosphorylation EPGtPPssPLsAEQL
USP14 USP14 P54578 human 56,069 T235 3192043 Phosphorylation sSSAsAAtPskkKSL
ZC3H11A ZC3H11A O75152 human 89,131 T321 3175981 Phosphorylation PETNIDKtPKKAQVs
ZNF261 ZMYM3 Q14202 human 152,379 T826 3801541 Phosphorylation PPPPPPAtPRKNKAA
AAK1 Aak1 P0C1X8 rat 103,761 T388 483910 Phosphorylation LPIQPALtPRKRATV
Calnexin Canx P35565 rat 67,255 S582 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
DRP1 Dnm1l O35303 rat 83,908 S635 454690 Phosphorylation PIPIMPAsPQKGHAV
EFHD2 Efhd2 Q4FZY0 rat 26,759 S73 478224 Phosphorylation QGIGEPQsPSRRVFN
GRP58 Pdia3 P11598 rat 56,623 S456 3963114 Phosphorylation GFPTIyFsPANKKLT
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61980 rat 50,976 S216 450148 Phosphorylation ILDLISEsPIkGRAQ
lamin A/C Lmna P48679 rat 74,324 S22 452604 Phosphorylation QASStPLsPTRITRL
lamin A/C Lmna P48679 rat 74,324 S392 452606 Phosphorylation ERLRLsPsPTsQRSR
MAP7 Map7 NP_001099740 rat 84,731 S231 460314 Phosphorylation sSATLLNsPDRARRL
NME1 Nme1 Q05982 rat 17,193 T94 3180917 Phosphorylation GRVMLGEtNPADskP
NME1 Nme1 Q05982 rat 17,193 S120 450098 Phosphorylation GRNIIHGsDSVEsAE
NME2 Nme2 P19804 rat 17,283 T94 3182029 Phosphorylation GRVMLGEtNPADskP
NME2 Nme2 P19804 rat 17,283 S120 4714197 Phosphorylation GRNIIHGsDSVEsAE
NOLC1 Nolc1 P41777 rat 73,563 T612 451911 Phosphorylation SKKVKLQtPNtFPKR
NOLC1 Nolc1 P41777 rat 73,563 T615 451912 Phosphorylation VKLQtPNtFPKRKKG
NPM1 Npm1 P13084 rat 32,560 S70 459898 Phosphorylation EAMNYEGsPIKVTLA
NPM1 Npm1 P13084 rat 32,560 T235 449560 Phosphorylation KQEKTPKtPkGPSsV
NUCKS Nucks1 Q9EPJ0 rat 27,140 S181 452956 Phosphorylation LKATVtPsPVkGKGk
NuMA-1 Numa1 F1LW91 rat 233,421 T2021 472502 Phosphorylation MAFSILNtPKKLGNS
POLR2A Polr2a D4A5A6 rat 217,206 S1920 452274 Phosphorylation sPTYsPTsPKySPts
POLR2A Polr2a D4A5A6 rat 217,206 S1934 452275 Phosphorylation sPTYsPTsPKGSTYS
PPP1CA Ppp1ca P62138 rat 37,512 T320 448686 Phosphorylation NPGGRPItPPRNSAK

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