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(2010) CST Curation Set: 9234; Year: 2010; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, MKN-45/pervanadate & calyculin; Disease: gastric carcinoma; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-[sty](phosphorylation)
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T41 449366 Phosphorylation ysttPGGtLFsttPG
4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 S44 3195716 Phosphorylation tPGGtLFsttPGGtR
4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T45 3195725 Phosphorylation PGGtLFsttPGGtRI
4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T46 447496 Phosphorylation GGtLFsttPGGtRII
4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T50 3195728 Phosphorylation FsttPGGtRIIyDRK
4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 Y54 3195734 Phosphorylation PGGtRIIyDRKFLME
4E-BP2 EIF4EBP2 Q13542 human 12,939 T46 449410 Phosphorylation GGtLFsttPGGtRII
AATF AATF Q9NY61 human 63,133 S20 15407235 Phosphorylation QLLNPRPsEADPEAD
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 S856 4251159 Phosphorylation RDGKKVsstHyyLLP
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 T857 15407299 Phosphorylation DGKKVsstHyyLLPE
AFAP1L2 AFAP1L2 Q8N4X5 human 91,300 Y56 462132 Phosphorylation SsDEEyIyMNKVtIN
AKNA AKNA Q7Z591 human 155,139 S997 14159251 Phosphorylation QAQRYLssPsGPLRQ
Akt1 AKT1 P31749 human 55,686 S473 447855 Phosphorylation RPHFPQFsysAsGtA
Akt2 AKT2 P31751 human 55,769 S478 4728091 Phosphorylation PQFsysAsIRE____
ANK3 iso4 ANK3 Q12955-4 human 204,142 S1473 4729840 Phosphorylation EPGMsPQsPCERTDI
ANK3 iso5 ANK3 Q12955-5 human 202,592 S1455 4650017 Phosphorylation LALRKRysyLtEPGM
ANK3 iso5 ANK3 Q12955-5 human 202,592 S1463 2023345 Phosphorylation yLtEPGMsPQsPCER
ANK3 iso5 ANK3 Q12955-5 human 202,592 S1466 4729840 Phosphorylation EPGMsPQsPCERTDI
ANKS4B ANKS4B Q8N8V4 human 46,597 S12 15407673 Phosphorylation YHQAASDsYLELLKE
ARF GAP 3 ARFGAP3 Q9NP61 human 56,928 S331 481517 Phosphorylation MQtIEQEsPIMAKPR
ARHGAP18 ARHGAP18 Q8N392 human 74,977 S263 4760955 Phosphorylation GDDAtLPsFRLPKDK
ARHGAP27 ARHGAP27 Q6ZUM4 human 98,396 T680 11088829 Phosphorylation KFLQRRPtLQsLREK
ARHGAP32 ARHGAP32 A7KAX9 human 230,529 Y1534 15414379 Phosphorylation PASMGLRyNtyVAPG
ataxin-1L ATXN1L P0C7T5 human 73,306 S671 15407884 Phosphorylation rAALLRPsFIPQEVK
ATF7 ATF7 P17544 human 52,967 S424 3181127 Phosphorylation KtQGyLEsPKEssEP
ATF7 ATF7 P17544 human 52,967 S434 3177666 Phosphorylation EssEPtGsPAPVIQH
ATP2B2 ATP2B2 Q01814 human 136,876 Y1152 477547 Phosphorylation KAFRssLyEGLEkPE
AurB AURKB Q96GD4 human 39,311 T232 450325 Phosphorylation APsLRRktMCGtLDy
AurC AURKC Q9UQB9 human 35,591 T198 455456 Phosphorylation TPSLRRktMCGtLDy
BAD BAD Q92934 human 18,392 S75 447860 Phosphorylation EIRsRHssyPAGtED
Bcl-9L BCL9L Q86UU0 human 157,129 Y1446 23086136 Phosphorylation RGVGGEVysQPPHML
Bcl-9L BCL9L Q86UU0 human 157,129 S1447 23086133 Phosphorylation GVGGEVysQPPHMLs
BCoR-like 1 BCORL1 Q5H9F3 human 182,526 S127 23086225 Phosphorylation DGLKLPAsDsAEASN
C19orf43 C19orf43 Q9BQ61 human 18,419 S114 12201621 Phosphorylation GGPGstLsFVGkRRG
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
Caveolin-2 CAV2 P51636 human 18,291 Y27 454430 Phosphorylation sHHsGLEyADPEKFA
CCT-beta CCT2 P78371 human 57,488 S28 11180105 Phosphorylation AEtARLTsFIGAIAI
CD2AP CD2AP Q9Y5K6 human 71,451 S542 469545 Phosphorylation LKKDtCysPKPsVyL
CD2AP CD2AP Q9Y5K6 human 71,451 T551 469546 Phosphorylation KPsVyLstPssAsKA
CEP44 CEP44 Q9C0F1 human 44,140 S311 15404270 Phosphorylation EVsEDyAsCsDMDLL
CHERP CHERP Q8IWX8 human 103,702 S904 477795 Phosphorylation yRRNksysFIArMKA
cordon-bleu COBL O75128 human 135,617 S864 4725385 Phosphorylation LKPQRRTssQyVASA
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y334 450862 Phosphorylation VTQVssAyQkTVPVE
CPLX1 CPLX1 O14810 human 15,030 S115 474557 Phosphorylation EVEEEDEsILDTVIK
CYP51A1 CYP51A1 Q16850 human 56,806 Y439 15409230 Phosphorylation AsGEkFAyVPFGAGR
DAG1 DAG1 Q14118 human 97,441 T884 15409233 Phosphorylation GSRPKNMtPyRsPPP
DAG1 DAG1 Q14118 human 97,441 S888 7990358 Phosphorylation KNMtPyRsPPPyVPP
DBNDD1 DBNDD1 Q9H9R9 human 17,042 S119 11077988 Phosphorylation PRAGyLRsPsWtRTR
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 Y162 449075 Phosphorylation QAPVGsVyQktNAVs
DCP1A DCP1A Q9NPI6 human 63,309 T290 15409268 Phosphorylation SVQPEITtPVLItPA
DDEF2 ASAP2 O43150 human 111,651 S728 15409286 Phosphorylation IsFyQLGsNQLQSNA
DDR1 DDR1 Q08345 human 101,128 Y792 462055 Phosphorylation FGMsRNLyAGDyyRV
DDX29 DHX29 Q7Z478 human 155,236 Y811 463194 Phosphorylation GIKKyQEyIPVQTGA
DEPDC7 DEPDC7 Q96QD5 human 58,310 Y449 3954792 Phosphorylation DPNrDAGyIyCQRID
DEPDC7 DEPDC7 Q96QD5 human 58,310 Y451 3954797 Phosphorylation NrDAGyIyCQRIDQR
DNCLI1 DYNC1LI1 Q9Y6G9 human 56,579 T439 15409445 Phosphorylation PNMkAGAtsEGVLAN
DOT1L DOT1L Q8TEK3 human 184,853 S741 15409484 Phosphorylation NtPQyLAsPLDQEVV
DOT1L DOT1L Q8TEK3 human 184,853 S753 15409487 Phosphorylation EVVPCtPsHVGRPRL
DSC2 DSC2 Q02487 human 99,962 S824 4709182 Phosphorylation DNCRytysEWHsFTQ
DSG2 DSG2 Q14126 human 122,294 Y1061 458589 Phosphorylation AstLQssyQIPTENS
DVL3 DVL3 Q92997 human 78,055 S41 15409546 Phosphorylation KGVLQRPsYKFFFKs
EHBP1 EHBP1 Q8NDI1 human 140,017 Y1023 15227431 Phosphorylation QLQsFSQyIENRPEM
EIF1AY EIF1AY O14602 human 16,442 T73 15409638 Phosphorylation RKKVWINtsDIILVG
Ezrin EZR P15311 human 69,413 S539 460992 Phosphorylation LTLssELsQARDENK
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y577 447890 Phosphorylation yMEDstyyKAsKGKL
FBXL11 KDM2A Q9Y2K7 human 132,793 S797 15410125 Phosphorylation EkAKIRGsYLTVtLQ
FSIP1 FSIP1 Q8NA03 human 66,121 S536 15410286 Phosphorylation IGRLKRPsFLDDPLy
G-alpha i2 GNAI2 P04899 human 40,451 Y168 462277 Phosphorylation ERIAQSDyIPTQQDV
G-alpha(s) GNAS P63092 human 45,665 Y190 15403596 Phosphorylation DVIkQADyVPsDQDL
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 Y510 463498 Phosphorylation DRQAFsMyEPGsALK
GOLGA5 GOLGA5 Q8TBA6 human 83,024 Y62 3658360 Phosphorylation QtGPKSTyIsSAADN
GTF3C5 GTF3C5 Q9Y5Q8 human 59,571 Y167 15227768 Phosphorylation FHQELPLyIPPPIFS
HCA59 C9orf78 Q9NZ63 human 33,688 Y279 463685 Phosphorylation KATDDyHyEKFKKMN
HEC1 NDC80 O14777 human 73,913 Y458 460538 Phosphorylation VKYRAQVyVPLkELL
HER3 ERBB3 P21860 human 148,098 Y1260 449860 Phosphorylation GTTPDEDyEyMNRQR
hnRNP C1/C2 HNRNPC P07910 human 33,670 Y137 460064 Phosphorylation RDyyDRMysyPARVP
HYLS1 HYLS1 Q96M11 human 34,359 Y264 15411028 Phosphorylation HIyVPNNyLVPTEKK
IkB-alpha NFKBIA P25963 human 35,609 S36 448204 Phosphorylation RHDsGLDsMkDEEyE
IKKG IKBKG Q9Y6K9 human 48,198 Y374 473650 Phosphorylation PLPPAPAyLssPLAL
IKKG IKBKG Q9Y6K9 human 48,198 S383 15404039 Phosphorylation ssPLALPsQRRsPPE
INSR INSR P06213 human 156,333 Y1185 447680 Phosphorylation FGMTRDIyEtDyyRK
INSR INSR P06213 human 156,333 Y1189 447681 Phosphorylation RDIyEtDyyRKGGkG
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 T350 483924 Phosphorylation RtDsLAAtPPAAKCS
JMJD1B KDM3B Q7LBC6 human 191,581 S773 3203901 Phosphorylation sNVFGRHsGGFLssP
JNK1 MAPK8 P45983 human 48,296 Y185 447645 Phosphorylation tsFMMtPyVVtRYYR
JNK2 MAPK9 P45984 human 48,139 T183 447649 Phosphorylation ACtNFMMtPyVVtRY
JNK2 MAPK9 P45984 human 48,139 Y185 447652 Phosphorylation tNFMMtPyVVtRYYR
JNK3 MAPK10 P53779 human 52,585 T221 448034 Phosphorylation AGtsFMMtPyVVtRY
JNK3 MAPK10 P53779 human 52,585 Y223 448035 Phosphorylation tsFMMtPyVVtRYYR
Jun JUN P05412 human 35,676 S63 447686 Phosphorylation KNsDLLtsPDVGLLK
K18 KRT18 P05783 human 48,058 S31 467659 Phosphorylation yGArPVssAAsVyAG
K8 KRT8 P05787 human 53,704 S21 456880 Phosphorylation TsGPrAFssrsytsG
K8 KRT8 P05787 human 53,704 S74 448539 Phosphorylation tVNQsLLsPLVLEVD
K8 KRT8 P05787 human 53,704 S280 12118102 Phosphorylation RsRAEAEsMyQIkyE
K8 KRT8 P05787 human 53,704 S445 3179230 Phosphorylation sLGssFGsGAGsssF
KCC1 SLC12A4 Q9UP95 human 120,650 Y61 462859 Phosphorylation EAsRGIDyyDRNLAL
KIBRA WWC1 Q8IX03 human 125,301 S931 3205620 Phosphorylation IIRsKtFsPGPQSQy
lamin A/C LMNA P02545 human 74,139 S390 452605 Phosphorylation EEERLRLsPsPtsQR
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 T303 4928285 Phosphorylation yVPVAPPtPAWQPEI
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 S627 453635 Phosphorylation KNtFtAWsDEEsDyE

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