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(2010) CST Curation Set: 9130; Year: 2010; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, F9/untreated; Disease: testicular cancer; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-K-e-GG
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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14-3-3 epsilon Ywhae P62259 mouse 29,174 K50 3932496 Ubiquitylation NLLsVAykNVIGARR
14-3-3 epsilon Ywhae P62259 mouse 29,174 K196 12246456 Ubiquitylation DRACRLAkAAFDDAI
3110003A17Rik 3110003A17Rik Q4KML4 mouse 9,030 K51 15383726 Ubiquitylation EALVGTLkAAKRRKI
AARSD1 Aarsd1 Q3THG9 mouse 44,971 K376 15489156 Ubiquitylation VAEVLEGkGAGkkGR
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 K291 8106217 Ubiquitylation KCDVDIRkDLyANtV
ACTBL2 Actbl2 Q8BFZ3 mouse 42,004 K192 486972 Ubiquitylation DLtDyLMkILTERGY
ACTBL2 Actbl2 Q8BFZ3 mouse 42,004 K329 8101958 Ubiquitylation APSTMKIkIIAPPER
AFG3L2 Afg3l2 Q8JZQ2 mouse 89,519 K172 15489294 Ubiquitylation SGREITWkDFVNNYL
ARCN1 Arcn1 Q5XJY5 mouse 57,229 K450 12402527 Ubiquitylation PVIDAkNkSGSLEFS
ARF1 Arf1 P84078 mouse 20,697 K73 3884867 Ubiquitylation WDVGGQDkIRPLWRH
ARL1 Arl1 P61211 mouse 20,412 K62 15489528 Ubiquitylation TVTYkNLkFQVWDLG
ARL2 Arl2 Q9D0J4 mouse 20,864 K71 3935250 Ubiquitylation IWDVGGQkSLRSYWR
ataxin-3 Atxn3 Q9CVD2 mouse 40,533 K206 10835612 Ubiquitylation LkEQSALkADLERVL
AUP1 Aup1 P70295 mouse 46,121 K250 3936681 Ubiquitylation RVQQLVAkELGQIGt
BCOR Bcor Q8CGN4 mouse 192,631 K1464 487042 Ubiquitylation ARRLIVNkNAGETLL
BRAP Brap Q99MP8 mouse 66,991 K384 4333065 Ubiquitylation VASkTDGkIVQYECE
BRCA2 Brca2 P97929 mouse 370,664 K2264 15489752 Ubiquitylation STPDGTVkDRSLFTH
C2F Emg1 O35130 mouse 26,974 K59 12248705 Ubiquitylation LETVKVGkTyELLNC
CACYBP Cacybp Q9CXW3 mouse 26,510 K213 4332455 Ubiquitylation DMKRTINkAWVESRE
CAND1 Cand1 Q6ZQ38 mouse 136,332 K904 15489859 Ubiquitylation QEITSQPkRQYLLLH
CAPNS1 Capns1 O88456 mouse 28,463 K166 15385876 Ubiquitylation KLGFEEFkYLWNNIK
CAPZA1 Capza1 P47753 mouse 32,940 K273 15385888 Ubiquitylation RTKIDWNkILSYkIG
CCT-alpha Tcp1 P11983 mouse 60,449 K466 12351901 Ubiquitylation DSTDLVAkLRAFHNE
CCT-eta Cct7 P80313 mouse 59,652 K521 3934785 Ubiquitylation VSVDETIkNPRSTVD
CCT-theta Cct8 P42932 mouse 59,555 K254 12306417 Ubiquitylation DGMITETkGTVLIkT
CD320 Cd320 Q9Z1P5 mouse 27,739 K247 12320020 Ubiquitylation PGLLVAVkESLLLSE
CFAP36 Ccdc104 Q8C6E0 mouse 39,600 K89 15489915 Ubiquitylation ACTsPLAkTRTSQAI
CFIM25 Nudt21 Q9CQF3 mouse 26,240 K182 12348018 Ubiquitylation FLVQLQEkALFAVPk
CIAO1 Ciao1 Q99KN2 mouse 37,633 K2 15490085 Ubiquitylation ______MkDSLVLQS
CK1A Csnk1a1 Q8BK63 mouse 38,915 K62 12112130 Ubiquitylation PQLLYESkLYkILQG
CKS2 Cks2 P56390 mouse 9,874 K75 15490118 Ubiquitylation LFRRPLPkEQQK___
CLTC Cltc Q68FD5 mouse 191,557 K507 12107083 Ubiquitylation KIVLYAkkVGYTPDW
CNAP1 Ncapd2 Q8K2Z4 mouse 155,665 K675 12387862 Ubiquitylation MLPLIWSkEPGVREA
CTBP2 Ctbp2 P56546 mouse 48,957 K279 15490231 Ubiquitylation RGGLVDEkALAQALk
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 K16 15490237 Ubiquitylation INFkWDPkSLEIRTL
DCAKD Dcakd Q8BHC4 mouse 26,476 K67 12375875 Ubiquitylation ENGDIDRkVLGDLIF
DCAKD Dcakd Q8BHC4 mouse 26,476 K122 12409054 Ubiquitylation PLLFETkkLLkYMKH
DDB1 Ddb1 Q3U1J4 mouse 126,853 K897 15387157 Ubiquitylation LYEWTTEkELRTECN
DDX5 Ddx5 Q61656 mouse 69,290 K451 7254918 Ubiquitylation FFTPNNIkQVSDLIS
DNAJA1 Dnaja1 P63037 mouse 44,868 K14 12348185 Ubiquitylation YYDVLGVkPNATQEE
DNCH1 Dync1h1 Q9JHU4 mouse 532,045 K1328 15387545 Ubiquitylation LEELQDLkGVWSELS
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 K435 15387554 Ubiquitylation kKIDPNMkAGATSEG
DNMT1 Dnmt1 P13864 mouse 183,189 K1326 12392595 Ubiquitylation LAAAPGEkLPLFPEP
DNPEP Dnpep Q9Z2W0 mouse 52,207 K457 15490559 Ubiquitylation LQTLTLFkGFFELFP
DPPA5 Dppa5a Q9CQS7 mouse 13,810 K9 15490587 Ubiquitylation MVTLVTRkDIPPWVk
DPPA5 Dppa5a Q9CQS7 mouse 13,810 K35 15490599 Ubiquitylation QVQsLVLkYLFGPQG
DYNLT1 Dynlt1 P51807 mouse 12,483 K56 15387683 Ubiquitylation QTLSQLTkLGRPFkY
EB1 Mapre1 Q61166 mouse 30,016 K220 12256080 Ubiquitylation ERDFYFGkLRNIELI
EBNA1BP2 Ebna1bp2 Q9D903 mouse 34,703 K218 15490646 Ubiquitylation dFLEGDQkPVERSAK
EEF1A1 Eef1a1 P10126 mouse 50,114 K255 3886205 Ubiquitylation LPLQDVykIGGIGtV
EG546663 Gm5963 XP_001002128 mouse 8,836 K77 8085118 Ubiquitylation kADGIVSkNF_____
EIF1AX Eif1ay Q8BMJ3 mouse 16,460 K104 12248930 Ubiquitylation ADEARsLkAYGELPE
EIF1AY Eif1a Q60872 mouse 16,502 K88 6778610 Ubiquitylation LRDYQDNkADVILkY
eIF2-beta Eif2s2 Q99L45 mouse 38,092 K99 15387850 Ubiquitylation DEAEEAIkDVKIEsD
eIF3-beta Eif3i Q9QZD9 mouse 36,461 K85 12246742 Ubiquitylation LWDCETGkQLALLkT
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 K524 12302041 Ubiquitylation VKVDRTPkGTQGVVT
EIF3M Eif3m Q99JX4 mouse 42,517 K365 12255102 Ubiquitylation KQNLNKVkNSLLSLS
eIF3S6IP Eif3l Q8QZY1 mouse 66,613 K403 15490770 Ubiquitylation DKMLRMQkGDPQVYE
EIF4A1 Eif4a1 P60843 mouse 46,154 K146 3934389 Ubiquitylation NVRAEVQkLQMEAPH
EIF4A1 Eif4a1 P60843 mouse 46,154 K226 10845026 Ubiquitylation DVLEVTkkFMRDPIR
EIF4A1 Eif4a1 P60843 mouse 46,154 K369 10843883 Ubiquitylation RGGRFGRkGVAINMV
EIF4A2 Eif4a2 P10630 mouse 46,402 K285 10845102 Ubiquitylation IFLNTRRkVDWLTEk
ENO1 Eno1 P17182 mouse 47,141 K221 8104744 Ubiquitylation APNILENkEALELLk
EPS15 Eps15 P42567 mouse 98,471 K803 12256815 Ubiquitylation LDssDPLkLNDPFQP
FAM44A Bod1l E9Q6J5 mouse 327,453 K79 15388485 Ubiquitylation CLADVDTkPAYQNLR
FHL3 Fhl3 Q9R059 mouse 31,795 K167 12334309 Ubiquitylation PRCARCSkTLTQGGV
GABARAP Gabarap Q9DCD6 mouse 13,918 K24 12246177 Ubiquitylation EGEKIRkkYPDRVPV
GARS Gars Q9CZD3 mouse 81,878 K723 10842273 Ubiquitylation FEGQETGkKETVEE_
GEMIN6 Gemin6 Q9CX53 mouse 18,750 K111 15389151 Ubiquitylation SLKKWLEkNHIPVTE
GLRX3 Glrx3 Q9CQM9 mouse 37,778 K81 12311580 Ubiquitylation AVPEVSEkYEISSVP
GOLGA7 Golga7 Q91W53 mouse 15,792 K29 12306564 Ubiquitylation TRCQFQTkFPAELEN
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 K46 486641 Ubiquitylation PVsELITkAVAASkE
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 K85 486597 Ubiquitylation SRIKLGLksLVSkGI
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 K160 10834680 Ubiquitylation KTPKkAkkPAAAAVT
H1E Hist1h1e P43274 mouse 21,977 K46 486625 Ubiquitylation PVsELITkAVAASkE
H1F1 Hist1h1a P43275 mouse 21,785 K92 486594 Ubiquitylation GLkSLVNkGTLVQTk
H2AFJ H2afj Q8R1M2 mouse 14,045 K120 3933817 Ubiquitylation QAVLLPkkTEsQkVK
H2AL Hist1h2ak Q8CGP7 mouse 14,150 K119 3945403 Ubiquitylation IQAVLLPkkTETHHk
H2AO Hist2h2aa2 Q6GSS7 mouse 14,095 K100 12251706 Ubiquitylation ELNkLLGkVtIAQGG
H2B1L Hist2h2be Q64524 mouse 13,993 K109 3931622 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1N Hist1h2bb Q64475 mouse 13,952 K109 3931606 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H3 Hist1h3a P68433 mouse 15,273 K23 3932850 Ubiquitylation PrkQLATkAArksAP
H4H4 Hist1h4m P62806 mouse 11,367 K60 3932501 Ubiquitylation EETRGVLkVFLENVI
HIP St13 Q99L47 mouse 41,656 K366 4332249 Ubiquitylation LISkLSAkFGGQS__
Hist3h2ba Hist3h2ba Q9D2U9 mouse 13,994 K47 8084105 Ubiquitylation IYVYKVLkQVHPDTG
HIST3H2BB Hist3h2bb Q8CGP0 mouse 13,908 K47 12247322 Ubiquitylation IYVYKVLkQVHPDTG
hnRNP D0 Hnrnpd Q60668 mouse 38,354 K129 12253019 Ubiquitylation EVVDCTLkLDPITGR
hnRNP E2 Pcbp2 Q61990 mouse 38,222 K23 10840361 Ubiquitylation IRLLMHGkEVGSIIG
hnRNP F Hnrnpf Q9Z2X1 mouse 45,730 K171 12341124 Ubiquitylation LAEkALGkHKERIGH
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61979 mouse 50,976 K34 10838415 Ubiquitylation MEEEQAFkRsRNtDE
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61979 mouse 50,976 K219 3932651 Ubiquitylation LISEsPIkGRAQPYD
HSP27 Hspb1 P14602 mouse 23,014 K202 10839149 Ubiquitylation IGGPEAGkSEQSGAK
HSP70RY Hspa4 Q61316 mouse 94,133 K124 12353920 Ubiquitylation VTAMLLSkLkETAES
HSPA2 Hspa2 P17156 mouse 69,642 K454 12254969 Ubiquitylation EGERAMTkDNNLLGK
HSPA2 Hspa2 P17156 mouse 69,642 K503 12369658 Ubiquitylation KSTGKENkITITNDk
IMPDH2 Impdh2 P24547 mouse 55,815 K206 12246269 Ubiquitylation EILQRSKkGkLPIVN
IMPDH2 Impdh2 P24547 mouse 55,815 K208 12246273 Ubiquitylation LQRSKkGkLPIVNEN
ITCH Itch Q8C863 mouse 98,994 K192 486816 Ubiquitylation VAASGENkRANGNNs
KPNA2 Kpna2 P52293 mouse 57,928 K300 15391401 Ubiquitylation GVVPQLVkLLGATEL
L1TD1 L1td1 Q587J6 mouse 88,189 K523 15391576 Ubiquitylation QTEEPTAkEADLILE

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