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PubMed Id: 20531401 
Weintz G, et al. (2010) The phosphoproteome of toll-like receptor-activated macrophages. Mol Syst Biol 6, 371 20531401
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 Eif4ebp1 Q60876 mouse 12,325 T36 447497 Phosphorylation PPGDysttPGGtLFs
53BP1 Tp53bp1 P70399 mouse 211,340 S546 452383 Phosphorylation IDDtEPLsPVsNsKL
ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6P542 mouse 94,945 S194 467383 Phosphorylation sKPAAADsEGEEEEE
ACC1 Acaca Q5SWU9 mouse 265,257 S29 448771 Phosphorylation GsVsEDNsEDEIsNL
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S391 453032 Phosphorylation EEKsQsPsPPPLPED
ADD3 Add3 Q9QYB5 mouse 78,777 S693 452158 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKNKK
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S5504 452762 Phosphorylation GKGGVtGsPEAsIsG
ANKS1A Anks1a P59672 mouse 125,242 S679 454177 Phosphorylation KRLEKsPsFAsEWDE
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 S1166 453842 Phosphorylation SsssNPssPGRIKGR
ARHGAP21 Arhgap21 Q6DFV3 mouse 215,743 S917 467489 Phosphorylation DSGSRKGsssEVFSD
ARHGEF11 Arhgef11 Q68FM7 mouse 171,803 S693 467495 Phosphorylation AssLSTRsLENPtPP
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 S109 451944 Phosphorylation tGKGPPQsPVFEGVy
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S759 467541 Phosphorylation GLVPRERsDsGGsss
BCDIN3 Mepce Q8K3A9 mouse 72,050 T188 467546 Phosphorylation SRALNAEtPKssPLP
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P50136 mouse 50,371 S344 451657 Phosphorylation DDssAyRsVDEVNyW
BIM Bcl2l11 O54918 mouse 22,067 S83 458219 Phosphorylation FIFVRRSsLLsRSSs
BRD3 Brd3 Q8K2F0 mouse 79,762 S262 452427 Phosphorylation ITASRsEsPPPLSEP
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 S148 467567 Phosphorylation RHDtPDPsPPRKARH
CDK11B Cdk11b P24788 mouse 91,513 S270 452643 Phosphorylation LsDLQDIsDSERKTS
CHRAC1 Chrac1 Q9JKP8 mouse 14,127 S122 454359 Phosphorylation EDNEDDGsDLGEALA
Cortactin Cttn Q60598 mouse 61,250 T401 449245 Phosphorylation QARAKKQtPPAsPsP
Cot Map3k8 Q07174 mouse 52,942 S141 467688 Phosphorylation LTYRNIGsGFVPRGA
CPSF2 Cpsf2 O35218 mouse 88,383 S423 467695 Phosphorylation DIDssDEsDVEEDVD
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 S652 456362 Phosphorylation tEDFDVRsRtsVQtE
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 S655 456363 Phosphorylation FDVRsRtsVQtEDDQ
CTPS Ctps P70698 mouse 66,682 S573 452257 Phosphorylation tysDRsGsssPDsEI
CXCR4 Cxcr4 P70658 mouse 40,426 S346 458320 Phosphorylation GKRGGHssVsTESEs
DCP1A Dcp1a Q91YD3 mouse 65,219 S545 449277 Phosphorylation ERKAssPsPLtVGTA
DDX42 Ddx42 Q810A7 mouse 101,965 S185 453500 Phosphorylation EDNLEyDsDGNPIAP
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S207 454199 Phosphorylation PGEDFPAsPQRRTTG
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S510 467757 Phosphorylation TRKPAsVsPttPtsP
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S641 449193 Phosphorylation RNsssPVsPAsVPGQ
EEF1D Eef1d P57776 mouse 31,293 S133 455672 Phosphorylation APQtQHVsPMRQVEP
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 S68 467781 Phosphorylation RAKPAAQsEEEtAts
EIF3C Eif3c Q8R1B4 mouse 105,531 S39 457560 Phosphorylation GKQPLLLsEDEEDtK
eIF4G Eif4g1 Q6NZJ6 mouse 176,077 S1231 449798 Phosphorylation EAtLPPVsPPKAALs
EIF5B Eif5b Q05D44 mouse 137,616 S191 452568 Phosphorylation sGEsGGEsDEFLQSR
EPB41L1 Epb41l1 Q9Z2H5 mouse 98,315 T550 456378 Phosphorylation AsPsPKGtPEKASER
EPB41L1 Epb41l1 Q9Z2H5 mouse 98,315 S650 456376 Phosphorylation LDRDKsDsEtEGLVF
ESF1 Esf1 Q3V1V3 mouse 98,048 S651 459694 Phosphorylation KALAEEDsEDELPsD
EVL Evl P70429 mouse 44,337 S343 467827 Phosphorylation SLLsRtPsVAKsPEA
FAM122B Fam122b Q6NZE7 mouse 27,686 S115 455401 Phosphorylation RIDFtPVsPAPsPtR
FBXL20 Fbxl20 Q9CZV8 mouse 48,396 S421 467840 Phosphorylation APVtPPPsVGGSRQR
FRA2 Fosl2 P47930 mouse 35,298 S200 452624 Phosphorylation ISPEERRsPPtsGLQ
GAB1 Gab1 Q9QYY0 mouse 76,812 S266 448876 Phosphorylation yNLPRSYsHDVLPKE
GATAD2A Gatad2a Q8CHY6 mouse 67,334 S103 453705 Phosphorylation sPDVIVLsDsEQPss
GIT1 Git1 Q68FF6 mouse 85,300 S601 467936 Phosphorylation SKLSRHGsGADsDyE
GOLGA5 Golga5 Q9QYE6 mouse 82,368 S116 467952 Phosphorylation QFVRRKKsEPDDELL
GSK3B Gsk3b Q9WV60 mouse 46,710 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRYYR
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S423 447913 Phosphorylation CEEEFsDsDEEGEGG
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S375 453589 Phosphorylation ERAERGGssGEELED
HePTP Ptpn7 Q8BUM3 mouse 40,351 S93 448310 Phosphorylation TLQHQPPsPKQLEEE
HN1 Hn1 P97825 mouse 16,081 S92 455941 Phosphorylation sNssEAssGDFLDLK
hnRNP K Hnrnpk P61979 mouse 50,976 S284 448185 Phosphorylation RRDyDDMsPRRGPPP
HSP105 Hsph1 Q61699 mouse 96,407 S810 457021 Phosphorylation QPKPKIEsPkLERtP
HSP90B Hsp90ab1 P11499 mouse 83,281 S261 452234 Phosphorylation GsDEEDDsGKDKKKK
IFNGR1 Ifngr1 P15261 mouse 52,343 S370 468026 Phosphorylation TSAMtPDsPPtPtQR
IFNGR1 Ifngr1 P15261 mouse 52,343 T373 468027 Phosphorylation MtPDsPPtPtQRRsF
IWS1 Iws1 Q8C1D8 mouse 85,248 S368 453554 Phosphorylation CDADDsDsDVVsDKs
JIP4 Spag9 Q58A65 mouse 146,219 S733 451872 Phosphorylation QRsAsQssLDKLDQE
JNK3 Mapk10 Q61831 mouse 52,532 T221 448034 Phosphorylation AGTsFMMtPyVVtRY
JunB Junb P09450 mouse 35,765 T252 465822 Phosphorylation EARsRDAtPPVsPIN
JunD Jund P15066 mouse 34,905 S249 452632 Phosphorylation DVPSFGDsPPLsPID
KIF1C Kif1c O35071 mouse 122,434 S674 467316 Phosphorylation QQRLyADsDsGEDsD
KLC1 Klc1 O88447 mouse 61,450 S520 468108 Phosphorylation ESMEKRRsREsLNMD
KLC1 Klc1 O88447 mouse 61,450 S523 468109 Phosphorylation EKRRsREsLNMDVVK
L-plastin Lcp1 Q61233 mouse 70,149 S5 450852 Phosphorylation ___MARGsVsDEEMM
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S392 452606 Phosphorylation ERLRLsPsPtsQRsR
LUZP1 Luzp1 Q8R4U7 mouse 119,311 S660 468155 Phosphorylation SGREKPDsDDDLDIE
Lyric Mtdh Q80WJ7 mouse 63,846 S297 455996 Phosphorylation VKLssQLsEEKWNsV
MAP4 Map4 P27546 mouse 117,429 S667 449564 Phosphorylation PNKEPPPsPEKKAKP
matrin 3 Matr3 Q8K310 mouse 94,630 S604 452693 Phosphorylation ysPDGKEsPsDKKSK
MCRS1 Mcrs1 Q99L90 mouse 51,692 S282 454350 Phosphorylation GDQVLNFsDAEDLID
Meg-3 Fam129b Q8R1F1 mouse 84,819 S695 457026 Phosphorylation PVAVPEAsPPAsPLR
MFAP1 Mfap1a Q9CQU1 mouse 51,954 S118 452341 Phosphorylation EVVGEsDsEVEGDAW
MSK1 Rps6ka5 Q8C050 mouse 96,583 S380 455795 Phosphorylation GysFVAPsILFKRNA
MYST2 Myst2 Q5SVQ0 mouse 70,641 S59 460899 Phosphorylation sQssQDssPVRNLPS
NBS1 Nbn Q9R207 mouse 83,795 S398 460791 Phosphorylation EQSSRKLsQEtFNIK
NCL Ncl P09405 mouse 76,723 S145 449269 Phosphorylation KNAKKEDsDEDEDEE
NDRG1 Ndrg1 Q62433 mouse 43,009 S336 452880 Phosphorylation AsGssVtsLEGtRsR
NDRG1 Ndrg1 Q62433 mouse 43,009 S342 454248 Phosphorylation tsLEGtRsRsHtsEG
NEDD4L Nedd4l Q8CFI0 mouse 115,419 S508 454734 Phosphorylation DtLsNPQsPQPsPyN
NEDD4L Nedd4l Q8CFI0 mouse 115,419 S512 454735 Phosphorylation NPQsPQPsPyNsPkP
NHE1 Slc9a1 Q61165 mouse 91,468 S603 468290 Phosphorylation GGMGKIPsAVstVsM
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 S19 452957 Phosphorylation DysQFQEsDDADEDy
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 S144 452955 Phosphorylation LMEDDDDsDYGSSKK
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 S214 452959 Phosphorylation EEDEEAEsPPEKKsG
OSBP Osbp Q3B7Z2 mouse 88,797 S377 468341 Phosphorylation LGHKRtGsNIsGAss
p90RSK Rps6ka1 P18653 mouse 81,595 S358 465859 Phosphorylation DsPGIPPsAGAHQLF
PCM-1 Pcm1 Q9R0L6 mouse 228,847 S65 453131 Phosphorylation KRVTNAIsPEssPGV
PCM-1 Pcm1 Q9R0L6 mouse 228,847 S69 459936 Phosphorylation NAIsPEssPGVGRRR
PCM-1 Pcm1 Q9R0L6 mouse 228,847 S645 468384 Phosphorylation SLSSRRssLVDEAPE
PCYT1A Pcyt1a P49586 mouse 41,667 S333 451328 Phosphorylation HERsPsPsFRWPFsG
PFKFB2 Pfkfb2 P70265 mouse 59,925 S469 448460 Phosphorylation PVRMRRNsFtPLSSS
PGAM1 Pgam1 Q9DBJ1 mouse 28,832 S14 468409 Phosphorylation VLIRHGEsAWNLENR
PHF14 Phf14 Q9D4H9 mouse 99,105 S283 452588 Phosphorylation DEELtNDsLtLsQSK
PKAR1A Prkar1a Q9DBC7 mouse 43,185 S77 468450 Phosphorylation ktGIRtDsREDEIsP
PKCB iso2 Prkcb P68404-2 mouse 76,894 T641 447897 Phosphorylation tRHPPVLtPPDQEVI
Plectin-1 Plec1 Q9QXS1 mouse 534,188 S1729 457005 Phosphorylation ELQSkRAsFAEKTAQ
POGZ Pogz Q8BZH4 mouse 154,910 S422 453716 Phosphorylation PsAAKPssPEKtAPV

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