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PubMed Id: 20116462 
Bonnette PC, et al. (2010) Phosphoproteomic characterization of PYK2 signaling pathways involved in osteogenesis. J Proteomics 73, 1306-20 20116462
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Abi-1 Abi1 Q8CBW3 mouse 52,288 Y198 455437 Phosphorylation TLGRNTPyktLEPVk
Abi-1 Abi1 Q8CBW3 mouse 52,288 Y213 449523 Phosphorylation PPTVPNDyMtsPARL
Abl Abl1 P00520 mouse 122,673 Y393 450298 Phosphorylation RLMTGDTytAHAGAK
ACAD11 Acad11 Q80XL6 mouse 87,366 Y323 473236 Phosphorylation AGISQGVyRRyLMGN
Ack Tnk2 O54967 mouse 116,975 Y284 450946 Phosphorylation LPQNDDHyVMQEHRK
Ack Tnk2 O54967 mouse 116,975 Y842 448882 Phosphorylation SFASDPKyAtPQVIQ
ACTA1 Acta1 P68134 mouse 42,051 Y55 454025 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTA1 Acta1 P68134 mouse 42,051 Y93 456520 Phosphorylation kIWHHtFyNELRVAP
ACTA2 Acta2 P62737 mouse 42,009 Y55 2408902 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 Y53 465180 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 Y91 456521 Phosphorylation KIWHHtFyNELRVAP
ACTB Actb P60710 mouse 41,737 Y198 457935 Phosphorylation kILTERGysFtttAE
ACTC1 Actc1 P68033 mouse 42,019 Y55 7766153 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTC1 Actc1 P68033 mouse 42,019 Y93 7760889 Phosphorylation kIWHHtFyNELRVAP
ACTG1 Actg1 P63260 mouse 41,793 Y91 464832 Phosphorylation KIWHHtFyNELRVAP
ACTG2 Actg2 P63268 mouse 41,877 Y54 2408903 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTN1 Actn1 Q7TPR4 mouse 103,068 Y193 460481 Phosphorylation HRPELIDyGkLRkDD
ACTN1 Actn1 Q7TPR4 mouse 103,068 Y246 454907 Phosphorylation MTYVSsFyHAFSGAQ
ACTN4 Actn4 P57780 mouse 104,977 Y266 450725 Phosphorylation MTYVSsFyHAFSGAQ
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 Y716 467267 Phosphorylation GPKVKGEyEVtPPKL
ANXA2 Anxa2 P07356 mouse 38,676 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HstPPsAyGsVKPyt
ANXA2 Anxa2 P07356 mouse 38,676 Y238 450389 Phosphorylation RYKSYsPyDMLESIK
ANXA2 Anxa2 P07356 mouse 38,676 Y316 455573 Phosphorylation RKyGKSLyyyIQQDT
Arg Abl2 Q4JIM5 mouse 128,196 Y439 447923 Phosphorylation RLMTGDTytAHAGAK
ARHGAP42 Arhgap42 B2RQE8 mouse 94,636 Y342 450878 Phosphorylation MDGKEPIytLPAIIS
ARHGAP42 Arhgap42 B2RQE8 mouse 94,636 Y759 462467 Phosphorylation DTAssNGyQRPGsVV
AXL Axl Q00993 mouse 98,191 Y697 450408 Phosphorylation KIyNGDyyRQGRIAK
Bcr Bcr Q6PAJ1 mouse 143,072 Y178 447792 Phosphorylation ADAEKPFyVNVEFHH
CAND1 Cand1 Q6ZQ38 mouse 136,332 Y82 14514816 Phosphorylation LVSKVKEyQVETIVD
CARKD Carkd Q9CZ42 mouse 36,717 Y81 451587 Phosphorylation IVGGCQEytGAPyFA
Cas-L Nedd9 O35177 mouse 93,052 Y316 451541 Phosphorylation GDtQSDAyDVPRGVQ
Caveolin-1 Cav1 P49817 mouse 20,539 Y14 448422 Phosphorylation VDsEGHLytVPIREQ
Cbl-b Cblb Q3TTA7 mouse 109,092 Y889 450827 Phosphorylation ANRAsQDyDQLPSss
CDK1 Cdk1 P11440 mouse 34,107 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVyKGRHRVT
CDK18 Cdk18 Q04899 mouse 51,848 Y132 457334 Phosphorylation DKLGEGTyAtVFKGR
CDK2 Cdk2 P97377 mouse 38,978 Y19 449489 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVyKAKNKLT
CDK3 Cdk3 Q80YP0 mouse 33,888 Y15 449490 Phosphorylation EKIGEGtyGVVyKAR
CDV-3 Cdv3 Q4VAA2 mouse 29,729 Y213 449688 Phosphorylation PQGPPEIysDTQFPs
Cofilin-1 Cfl1 P18760 mouse 18,560 Y85 449643 Phosphorylation kDCRYALyDAtyEtk
Cofilin-1 Cfl1 P18760 mouse 18,560 Y117 457464 Phosphorylation PLkSkMIyASSkDAI
Cofilin-1 Cfl1 P18760 mouse 18,560 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
Cofilin-2 Cfl2 P45591 mouse 18,710 Y85 449645 Phosphorylation NDCRYALyDAtyEtk
Cofilin-2 Cfl2 P45591 mouse 18,710 Y117 457465 Phosphorylation PLkSkMIyASSkDAI
Cortactin Cttn Q60598 mouse 61,250 Y421 447702 Phosphorylation RPPssPIyEDAAPFK
CRMP-4 Dpysl3 Q62188 mouse 61,936 Y80 14514850 Phosphorylation HTHFQMPyKGMtTVD
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 Y177 457896 Phosphorylation EQDLGIQykALKPEV
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 Y904 457825 Phosphorylation TksLDNNystLNERG
DDR2 Ddr2 Q62371 mouse 96,482 Y481 462075 Phosphorylation IFPLRPDyQEPSRLI
DDX3 Ddx3x Q62167 mouse 73,101 Y69 448982 Phosphorylation sSKDKDAyssFGsRG
DENND2B St5 Q924W7 mouse 126,861 Y498 462671 Phosphorylation GLPKENPyEDVDLKN
DOK1 Dok1 P97465 mouse 52,452 Y314 448904 Phosphorylation GPSQDSVysDPLGST
DOK1 Dok1 P97465 mouse 52,452 Y340 449499 Phosphorylation KPLyWDLyGHVQQQL
DOK1 Dok1 P97465 mouse 52,452 Y361 448367 Phosphorylation DsKEDPIyDEPEGLA
DOK1 Dok1 P97465 mouse 52,452 Y376 448368 Phosphorylation PAPPRGLyDLPQEPR
DYRK1C Dyrk1c Q61158 mouse 9,943 Y59 4345616 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK2 Dyrk2 Q5U4C9 mouse 66,556 Y380 454666 Phosphorylation EHQRVYtyIQSRFYR
DYRK4 Dyrk4 Q8BI55 mouse 72,561 Y379 454665 Phosphorylation EHQKVYtyIQSRFYR
EEF1A1 Eef1a1 P10126 mouse 50,114 Y29 449568 Phosphorylation TTTGHLIykCGGIDk
EEF1A1 Eef1a1 P10126 mouse 50,114 Y141 451546 Phosphorylation REHALLAytLGVkQL
EEF1A2 Eef1a2 P62631 mouse 50,454 Y141 450365 Phosphorylation REHALLAytLGVkQL
EFNB2 Efnb2 P52800 mouse 37,202 Y307 451679 Phosphorylation DSVFCPHyEKVsGDy
ENO2 Eno2 P17183 mouse 47,297 Y44 450517 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
ENO3 Eno3 P21550 mouse 47,025 Y44 458370 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
EphB3 Ephb3 P54754 mouse 109,662 Y595 458539 Phosphorylation ytEKLQQyIAPGMKV
EphB4 Ephb4 P54761 mouse 108,848 Y774 454255 Phosphorylation ENssDPtyTSSLGGK
FAK Ptk2 P34152 mouse 123,537 Y614 447889 Phosphorylation RyMEDstyyKAsKGK
FAK iso3 Ptk2 P34152-3 mouse 119,243 Y397 447887 Phosphorylation sVsEtDDyAEIIDEE
FAM12B Eddm3b Q8K0E4 mouse 17,725 Y92 14514836 Phosphorylation GSNWRDRyKNMyIWA
FAM12B Eddm3b Q8K0E4 mouse 17,725 Y96 14514838 Phosphorylation RDRyKNMyIWAQTPI
FGFR1 Fgfr1 P16092 mouse 91,981 Y654 447919 Phosphorylation DIHHIDyyKKTTNGR
FLNB Flnb Q80X90 mouse 277,825 Y2502 448920 Phosphorylation RSSTETCysAIPKSS
Fyn Fyn P39688 mouse 60,675 Y213 451536 Phosphorylation RKLDNGGyyItTRAQ
GAB1 Gab1 Q9QYY0 mouse 76,812 Y259 448877 Phosphorylation VsGESSLyNLPRSYs
GIT1 Git1 Q68FF6 mouse 85,300 Y554 448965 Phosphorylation ELEDDAIysVHVPAG
GRF-1 Grlf1 Q91YM2 mouse 170,393 Y1087 449570 Phosphorylation DGFDPsDyAEPMDAV
GRF-1 Grlf1 Q91YM2 mouse 170,393 Y1105 448941 Phosphorylation RNEEENIysVPHDST
GSK3A Gsk3a Q2NL51 mouse 51,661 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRYYR
H2B1C Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 mouse 13,906 Y43 464828 Phosphorylation EsysVyVykVLkQVH
H2B1D Hist1h2bm P10854 mouse 13,936 Y43 464819 Phosphorylation EsysVyVykVLkQVH
H2B1H Hist2h2bb Q64525 mouse 13,920 Y43 464961 Phosphorylation EsysVyVykVLkQVH
H2B1N Hist1h2bb Q64475 mouse 13,952 Y43 465003 Phosphorylation EsysVyVykVLkQVH
H4 Hist1h4a P62806 mouse 11,367 Y52 450346 Phosphorylation KRIsGLIyEETRGVL
Hck Hck P08103 mouse 59,129 Y409 448168 Phosphorylation RIIEDNEytAREGAK
HIPK3 Hipk3 Q9ERH7 mouse 130,081 Y359 450649 Phosphorylation SKTVCStyLQsRYYR
HLAC iso26 H2-D1 P01897 mouse 40,711 Y344 5160603 Phosphorylation TGGkGGDyALAPGsQ
hnRNP A1 Hnrnpa1 P49312 mouse 34,196 Y295 449658 Phosphorylation PyGGGGQyFAkPrNQ
HSP90A Hsp90aa1 P07901 mouse 84,788 Y605 462280 Phosphorylation CCIVTSTyGWTANME
HSP90B Hsp90ab1 P11499 mouse 83,281 Y596 454703 Phosphorylation CCIVTSTyGWTANME
IFITM3 Ifitm3 Q9CQW9 mouse 14,954 Y27 482855 Phosphorylation yERIkEEyEVAEMGA
IGF1R Igf1r Q60751 mouse 155,788 Y1167 448387 Phosphorylation RDIyEtDyyRKGGkG
IGF1R Igf1r Q60751 mouse 155,788 Y1168 448388 Phosphorylation DIyEtDyyRKGGkGL
INSR Insr P15208 mouse 155,610 Y1179 447681 Phosphorylation RDIyEtDyyRKGGkG
INSR Insr P15208 mouse 155,610 Y1180 447682 Phosphorylation DIyEtDyyRKGGkGL
IRS1 Irs1 P35569 mouse 130,723 Y608 447555 Phosphorylation NLHTDDGyMPMsPGV
ITSN2 Itsn2 Q9Z0R6 mouse 188,908 Y922 448979 Phosphorylation RGEPEALyAAVTKKP
KHNYN Kiaa0323 Q80U38 mouse 74,565 Y449 455179 Phosphorylation MVHGLQHyFSsRGIA
KIRREL Kirrel Q80W68 mouse 87,176 Y685 462464 Phosphorylation GyAQLNtysRAPASD
KIRREL Kirrel Q80W68 mouse 87,176 Y753 462465 Phosphorylation SGLERtPyEAyDPIG
LAMA1 Lama1 P19137 mouse 338,172 Y2762 14514802 Phosphorylation FASSGLIyyVAHQNQ
LDH-A Ldha P06151 mouse 36,499 Y239 450504 Phosphorylation kQVVDsAyEVIkLKG

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