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PubMed Id: 20363803 
Christensen GL, et al. (2010) Quantitative phosphoproteomics dissection of seven-transmembrane receptor signaling using full and biased agonists. Mol Cell Proteomics 9, 1540-53 20363803
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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82-FIP NUFIP2 Q7Z417 human 76,121 S629 454190 Phosphorylation EsQNPLAsPtNtLLG
ABCF1 ABCF1 Q8NE71 human 95,926 S109 453457 Phosphorylation KKLsVPtsDEEDEVP
abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 S431 451847 Phosphorylation GEsPRtLsPtPsAEG
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 T414 453037 Phosphorylation QtAsEEEtPPPLLtK
ADD1 ADD1 P35611 human 80,955 S436 451595 Phosphorylation tCsPLRHsFQKQQRE
ADD2 ADD2 P35612 human 80,854 S713 449802 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKsKK
anillin ANLN Q9NQW6 human 124,199 S323 453248 Phosphorylation LLPKtPIsPLKtGVs
AR AR P10275 human 98,989 S94 448416 Phosphorylation QQQGEDGsPQAHRRG
ARHGEF2 ARHGEF2 Q92974 human 111,543 S932 453199 Phosphorylation RERQELGsPEERLQD
ARRB1 ARRB1 P49407 human 47,066 S412 447493 Phosphorylation EEEDGtGsPQLNNR_
ASK1 MAP3K5 Q99683 human 154,537 S1033 451423 Phosphorylation EDHsAPPsPEEKDSG
axin 1 AXIN1 O15169 human 95,635 T481 451091 Phosphorylation HVQRVLRtPGRQsPG
axin 1 AXIN1 O15169 human 95,635 S493 451104 Phosphorylation sPGPGHRsPDSGHVA
BAD BAD Q92934 human 18,392 S99 447862 Phosphorylation PFRGRsRsAPPNLWA
BCKDH E1-alpha BCKDHA P12694 human 50,471 S337 449636 Phosphorylation TYRIGHHstsDDssA
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 S459 448868 Phosphorylation GLPyIDDsPsssPHL
BICD2 BICD2 Q8TD16 human 93,533 S582 451873 Phosphorylation PEARGRRsPILLPKG
BMZF-2 BAZ2A Q9UIF9 human 211,198 S496 453017 Phosphorylation SVTSPKAsPVTsPAA
BRD2 BRD2 P25440 human 88,061 S301 452277 Phosphorylation LAPGsPAsPPGsLEP
BRD8 BRD8 Q9H0E9-2 human 102,839 T264 453481 Phosphorylation KMLGQkAtPPPsPLL
Bright ARID3A Q99856 human 62,889 S88 449137 Phosphorylation sEDGPPGsEEEDAAR
CAD CAD P27708 human 242,984 S1859 451247 Phosphorylation PPRIhRAsDPGLPAE
Caldesmon CALD1 Q05682 human 93,231 T753 448468 Phosphorylation INEWLTktPDGNksP
Caldesmon CALD1 Q05682 human 93,231 S759 448465 Phosphorylation ktPDGNksPAPKPsD
Calnexin CANX P27824 human 67,568 S583 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CAMSAP3 CAMSAP3 Q9P1Y5 human 134,750 S769 453925 Phosphorylation RVPATRRsPGPGPSQ
CBCP1 CCNY Q8ND76 human 39,337 S326 453488 Phosphorylation SARKRsAsADNLtLP
CCDC132 CCDC132 Q96JG6 human 111,174 S494 453560 Phosphorylation KFMEQsRsPsVsPsK
CCNK iso1 CCNK O75909-1 human 41,293 S329 452587 Phosphorylation KPsPQPssPRQVKRA
CDK11B CDK11B P21127 human 92,707 S589 452644 Phosphorylation GLAREyGsPLKAytP
CDK12 CDK12 Q9NYV4 human 164,155 S249 452994 Phosphorylation YGQDyDLsPsRSHts
CDK12 CDK12 Q9NYV4 human 164,155 S1083 452992 Phosphorylation tEPVKNssPAPPQPA
CDK9 CDK9 P50750 human 42,778 T186 450950 Phosphorylation NSQPNRytNRVVTLW
CLASP1 CLASP1 Q7Z460 human 169,451 S1223 453490 Phosphorylation SRdGGAAsPATEGRG
CLN3 CLN3 Q13286 human 47,623 S12 452795 Phosphorylation AGSRRRFsDsEGEEt
cPLA2 PLA2G4A P47712 human 85,239 S437 448900 Phosphorylation VsNDssDsDDEsHEP
CTPS CTPS1 P17812 human 66,690 S573 452257 Phosphorylation tysDRsGsssPDsEI
DAXX DAXX Q9UER7 human 81,373 S495 448626 Phosphorylation AGKDGDKsPMsSLQI
DDX29 DHX29 Q7Z478 human 155,236 S200 453499 Phosphorylation PQIQAtIsPPLQPKT
DDX51 DDX51 Q8N8A6 human 72,457 S83 453505 Phosphorylation VNDAEPGsPEAPQGK
DRPLA ATN1 P54259 human 125,414 T653 452338 Phosphorylation PGAyKtAtPPGyKPG
eEF1B EEF1B2 P24534 human 24,764 S106 452653 Phosphorylation DDIdLFGsDDEEEsE
EIF5 EIF5 P55010 human 49,223 S390 448030 Phosphorylation KEAEEEssGGEEEDE
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 S550 452206 Phosphorylation SSKRVsRsLDGAPIG
EPS15R EPS15L1 Q9UBC2 human 94,255 S255 451878 Phosphorylation LNstGsLsPKHsLKQ
ERK1 MAPK3 P27361 human 43,136 T202 447542 Phosphorylation HDHtGFLtEyVAtRW
ERK2 MAPK1 P28482 human 41,390 T185 447593 Phosphorylation HDHtGFLtEyVAtRW
EZH2 EZH2 Q15910 human 85,363 T487 452848 Phosphorylation APAEDVDtPPRKKKR
FAM21C FAM21C Q9Y4E1 human 144,668 S158 453395 Phosphorylation LDIKAGNsDsEEDDA
FNBP1 FNBP1 Q96RU3 human 71,307 S296 451956 Phosphorylation QPMkRtVsDNsLsNs
FOP FGFR1OP O95684 human 43,065 S160 451899 Phosphorylation DVHsPPKsPEGKtsA
GATAD2B GATAD2B Q8WXI9 human 65,261 S122 449236 Phosphorylation ERGRLtPsPDIIVLs
GBF1 GBF1 Q92538 human 206,446 S1784 452875 Phosphorylation AssssPGsPVAssPs
GCFC PAXBP1 Q9Y5B6 human 104,804 S557 453070 Phosphorylation ADHLEGLssDDEEtS
GOLGA4 GOLGA4 Q13439 human 261,140 S71 452809 Phosphorylation KLQLRVPsVEsLFRs
GRF-1 ARHGAP35 Q9NRY4 human 170,514 S1179 452492 Phosphorylation RtsFsVGsDDELGPI
GRK5 GRK5 P34947 human 67,787 S484 451511 Phosphorylation VLDIEQFstVKGVNL
H2AX H2AFX P16104 human 15,145 S140 448841 Phosphorylation GkkAtQAsQEy____
HDAC1 HDAC1 Q13547 human 55,103 S423 447913 Phosphorylation CEEEFsDsEEEGEGG
HDGF2 HDGFRP2 Q7Z4V5 human 74,317 S369 453589 Phosphorylation AERGsGGssGDELRE
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 S284 448185 Phosphorylation rrDyDDMsPrrGPPP
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 S255 449266 Phosphorylation PKIEDVGsDEEDDsG
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 S915 453067 Phosphorylation PLPPEPKsPGEyINI
JIP1 MAPK8IP1 Q9UQF2 human 77,524 S341 449953 Phosphorylation EGFDCLssPERAEPP
JIP4 SPAG9 O60271 human 146,205 T217 449392 Phosphorylation PAGDGLLtPDAQKGG
Jun JUN P05412 human 35,676 S73 447943 Phosphorylation VGLLKLAsPELERLI
KANSL2 KANSL2 Q9H9L4 human 55,042 S149 449285 Phosphorylation ILDEDsWsDGEQEPI
KIF1B KIF1B O60333 human 204,476 S1057 452550 Phosphorylation AMTRsGLsLEELRIV
KLC1 iso4 KLC1 Q07866-4 human 71,996 S600 453928 Phosphorylation PGMKRAssLNVLNVG
KLC2 KLC2 Q9H0B6 human 68,935 S582 452949 Phosphorylation PRMKRAssLNFLNKs
lamin A/C LMNA P02545 human 74,139 S390 452605 Phosphorylation EEERLRLsPsPtsQR
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 T526 453638 Phosphorylation PGsPRAVtPVPtKTE
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 S548 453634 Phosphorylation LPKGLsAsLPDLDsE
LEO1 LEO1 Q8WVC0 human 75,404 S279 453642 Phosphorylation EsARGsDsEDEVLRM
LIG1 LIG1 P18858 human 101,736 S141 452259 Phosphorylation QEVLEEQsEDEDREA
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S937 454147 Phosphorylation GAGFEEssEtGDyEE
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S1260 454135 Phosphorylation PsKsPsLsPsPPsPL
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 S1400 454142 Phosphorylation KVLsPLRsPPLIGsE
MARCKS MARCKS P29966 human 31,555 S46 454165 Phosphorylation VKVNGDAsPAAAESG
matrin 3 MATR3 P43243 human 94,623 S598 452692 Phosphorylation KSRKRsysPDGkEsP
MCEF AFF4 Q9UHB7 human 127,459 S1043 453834 Phosphorylation YNNsQAPsPGLGSKA
MCEF AFF4 Q9UHB7 human 127,459 S1058 453835 Phosphorylation VGMPsPVsPKLsPGN
MECP2 MECP2 P51608 human 52,441 S80 452713 Phosphorylation AVPEAsAsPKQRRSI
MIER1 MIER1 Q8N108 human 57,983 S166 453194 Phosphorylation NsEVEEEsEEDEDyI
MORC2 MORC2 Q9Y6X9 human 117,823 S615 452523 Phosphorylation RRPQRPRsPPLPAVI
NDRG1 NDRG1 Q92597 human 42,835 T366 454246 Phosphorylation GtRsRsHtsEGAHLD
NIPBL NIPBL Q6KC79 human 316,051 S2672 453937 Phosphorylation AEtEDDEsDGEDRGG
NPM1 NPM1 P06748 human 32,575 T219 449023 Phosphorylation kDskPsstPRskGQE
NSUN2 NSUN2 Q08J23 human 86,471 S456 449160 Phosphorylation tREstQLsPADLtEG
NSUN2 NSUN2 Q08J23 human 86,471 S751 453225 Phosphorylation PDAEEANsPDVtAGC
NUCKS NUCKS1 Q9H1E3 human 27,296 T179 452965 Phosphorylation PRLkAtVtPsPVkGK
NUCKS NUCKS1 Q9H1E3 human 27,296 S229 452962 Phosphorylation tsPPPEKsGDEGsED
OTUD4 OTUD4 Q01804 human 124,044 S1023 451888 Phosphorylation VQRPkEEssEDENEV
p53 TP53 P04637 human 43,653 S9 447538 Phosphorylation EEPQsDPsVEPPLsQ
PCM-1 PCM1 Q15154 human 228,533 S1765 454218 Phosphorylation DGPKNVRsDIsDQEE
PCYT1A PCYT1A P49585 human 41,731 S343 451326 Phosphorylation WPFsGKtsPPCsPAN
PDHA1 PDHA1 P08559 human 43,296 S293 448258 Phosphorylation TYRyHGHsMsDPGVs
PKAR1A PRKAR1A P10644 human 42,982 S83 450936 Phosphorylation DsREDEIsPPPPNPV
POLR2A POLR2A P24928 human 217,176 S1920 452274 Phosphorylation sPtysPtsPKysPts
PRAS40 AKT1S1 Q96B36 human 27,383 S202 454571 Phosphorylation EKRtEARssDEENGP

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