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PubMed Id: 20139300 
Rinschen MM, et al. (2010) Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis reveals vasopressin V2-receptor-dependent signaling pathways in renal collecting duct cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107, 3882-7 20139300
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP2 Eif4ebp2 P70445 mouse 12,898 T41 449368 Phosphorylation yCttPGGtLFsttPG
82-FIP Nufip2 Q5F2E7 mouse 75,657 S213 467377 Phosphorylation KGADNDGsGsEsGyt
abLIM Ablim1 Q8K4G5 mouse 96,805 S397 467385 Phosphorylation RQPTRtssEsIysRP
Afadin Mllt4 Q9QZQ1 mouse 206,499 S1173 451993 Phosphorylation NRADHRssPNVANQP
AFAP Afap1 Q80YS6 mouse 80,615 S666 459648 Phosphorylation EPRSGtssPQsPVFR
AHNAK Ahnak E9Q616 mouse 604,253 S4890 470907 Phosphorylation KAEAPLPsPKLEGEI
AKAP12 Akap12 Q9WTQ5 mouse 180,695 S270 476341 Phosphorylation EPtKPLEsPtsPVSN
AKAP8 Akap8 Q9DBR0 mouse 76,294 S320 467366 Phosphorylation AKLARADsDGDLsEN
ALKBH5 Alkbh5 Q3TSG4 mouse 44,411 S362 469764 Phosphorylation PTHRRrGsFsSENYW
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 T758 467459 Phosphorylation RRHssLPtEsDEDIA
ARHGEF7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28 mouse 97,056 S673 455215 Phosphorylation RKPERKPsDEEFAVR
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 S597 453201 Phosphorylation LtSDPMGsPVssKTE
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 T686 467012 Phosphorylation NKSTsTPtsPGPRTH
BAG3 Bag3 Q9JLV1 mouse 61,860 S274 467531 Phosphorylation rAAsPFRsPVrGAss
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S454 476180 Phosphorylation WRQRRKQsssEISLA
BCKDK Bckdk O55028 mouse 46,588 S31 480962 Phosphorylation SLSLRARstsAtDTH
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S387 467564 Phosphorylation DyFsDKEsAKQKFHD
BRD1 Brd1 E9PZ26 mouse 133,373 S1186 467562 Phosphorylation GEPAsDLsDID____
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 T196 465750 Phosphorylation PRRVRHDtPDLsPPR
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 S344 449288 Phosphorylation yEHDsDLsPPRKRQA
CAF-1B Chaf1b Q9D0N7 mouse 63,132 T439 471541 Phosphorylation QDPssPCttPsPTTQ
Calnexin Canx P35564 mouse 67,278 S582 449100 Phosphorylation EDEILNRsPRNRKPR
CBCP1 Ccny Q8BGU5 mouse 39,395 S324 456622 Phosphorylation RKPMRKRsAsADNLI
CBCP1 Ccny Q8BGU5 mouse 39,395 S326 453488 Phosphorylation PMRKRsAsADNLILP
CD2AP Cd2ap Q9JLQ0 mouse 70,450 S233 480071 Phosphorylation KLRtRtsssETEEKK
CDK2 Cdk2 P97377 mouse 38,978 T14 447738 Phosphorylation VEKIGEGtyGVVyKA
CGNL1 Cgnl1 Q6AW69 mouse 148,231 S199 477750 Phosphorylation CFPksyGsQPNsPtS
CHD-4 Chd4 Q6PDQ2 mouse 217,751 S1528 452420 Phosphorylation KKMsQPGsPsPKtPt
CHMP2B Chmp2b Q8BJF9 mouse 23,935 S199 460429 Phosphorylation STSKAtIsDEEIERQ
COBLL1 Cobll1 Q3UMF0 mouse 137,382 S896 467681 Phosphorylation RHLHRtLssPtGtEt
COBLL1 Cobll1 Q3UMF0 mouse 137,382 S1028 467673 Phosphorylation IQKPAEtsPPPVAPK
COBLL1 Cobll1 Q3UMF0 mouse 137,382 S1215 477960 Phosphorylation FTLKRQssLtFQSsD
cPLA2 Pla2g4a P47713 mouse 85,222 S437 448900 Phosphorylation VsNDssDsDDEAQGP
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 S230 465770 Phosphorylation GGsDNyGsLsRVTRI
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 S288 450452 Phosphorylation GLEDDQRsMGyDDLD
DBNL Dbnl Q62418 mouse 48,700 S277 467729 Phosphorylation KQKERAMsttsVTSS
DBNL Dbnl Q62418 mouse 48,700 T299 476604 Phosphorylation PFLQKQLtQPETSYG
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S510 467757 Phosphorylation TRKPAsVsPttPtsP
DNTTIP1 Dnttip1 Q99LB0 mouse 36,852 S160 471223 Phosphorylation EEEsHRGsPIPKKRK
EAF1 Eaf1 Q9D4C5 mouse 28,967 S165 456115 Phosphorylation sPLkDNPsPEPQLDD
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S313 452487 Phosphorylation AAGKRPGsVSsTDQE
EAP1 Eap1 Q8K3X4 mouse 80,565 S637 467577 Phosphorylation ASARRNsssPVsPAs
EDC4 Edc4 Q3UJB9 mouse 152,484 S733 453738 Phosphorylation AsPsRtRsPDVIssA
EFHD2 Efhd2 Q9D8Y0 mouse 26,791 S74 478224 Phosphorylation QGIGEPQsPsRRVFN
eIF2B-epsilon Eif2b5 Q8CHW4 mouse 80,086 S540 449906 Phosphorylation ELDsRAGsPQLDDIR
eIF3-eta Eif3b Q8JZQ9 mouse 91,370 T72 467784 Phosphorylation AAQsEEEtAtsPAAs
EIF4B Eif4b Q8BGD9 mouse 68,840 S459 476096 Phosphorylation NKEEDCHsPtsKPPK
EIF4B Eif4b Q8BGD9 mouse 68,840 S495 476097 Phosphorylation SsNPPARsQssDtEQ
EPB41L2 Epb41l2 O70318 mouse 109,940 S38 452204 Phosphorylation ENEQtPVsEPEEEKG
epsin 3 Epn3 Q91W69 mouse 68,240 Y179 476917 Phosphorylation SRGsPssyTSASssP
ERK1 Mapk3 Q63844 mouse 43,066 Y205 447543 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWyR
FAM83H Fam83h Q148V8 mouse 131,115 S915 467895 Phosphorylation AYPERKGsPtSGFPN
FIP1L1 Fip1l1 Q9D824 mouse 64,959 T481 467852 Phosphorylation RERDHsPtPsVFNsD
FLNC Flnc Q8VHX6 mouse 291,119 S2234 467899 Phosphorylation LGRERLGsFGsItRQ
FNBP4 Fnbp4 Q6ZQ03 mouse 111,245 S440 453884 Phosphorylation DGsVsGssPRsDIsQ
G3BP-1 G3bp1 P97855 mouse 51,829 T230 455387 Phosphorylation PDDVQKstsPAPADV
G3BP-2 iso2 G3bp2 P97379-2 mouse 50,784 S225 467931 Phosphorylation LEELEEKsAtPPPAE
G3BP-2 iso2 G3bp2 P97379-2 mouse 50,784 T227 454182 Phosphorylation ELEEKsAtPPPAEPA
GAPVD1 Gapvd1 Q6PAR5 mouse 162,402 S902 468085 Phosphorylation ERLVRsRssDIVSsV
GATAD2A Gatad2a Q8CHY6 mouse 67,334 S110 453706 Phosphorylation sDsEQPssPRVNGLt
GYS1 Gys1 Q9Z1E4 mouse 83,927 S641 448237 Phosphorylation YRyPRPAsVPPsPsL
H1B Hist1h1b P43276 mouse 22,576 T4 456889 Phosphorylation ____MsEtAPAEtAA
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S421 447912 Phosphorylation IACEEEFsDsDEEGE
HDGF Hdgf P51859 mouse 26,269 S206 454305 Phosphorylation stPsEPdsGQGPPAE
HMGA1 Hmga1 P17095 mouse 11,614 S102 452254 Phosphorylation EEGIsQEssEEEQ__
hnRNP A1 Hnrnpa1 P49312 mouse 34,196 S312 455936 Phosphorylation yGGSSssssyGsGrr
hnRNP C1/C2 Hnrnpc Q9Z204 mouse 34,385 S246 456307 Phosphorylation EksEEEQssAsVKKD
HSP90B Hsp90ab1 P11499 mouse 83,281 S255 449266 Phosphorylation PKIEDVGsDEEDDsG
IP3R3 Itpr3 P70227 mouse 304,275 S1832 475071 Phosphorylation ATKGRVssFSMPSSS
IRF2BP2 Irf2bp2 E9Q1P8 mouse 59,292 S445 468032 Phosphorylation sssPPsPsSMNQRRL
IRF3 Irf3 P70671 mouse 46,852 S135 477901 Phosphorylation GKssLPHsQENLPKL
JunB Junb P09450 mouse 35,765 T252 465822 Phosphorylation EARsRDAtPPVsPIN
K20 Krt20 Q9D312 mouse 49,034 S13 463823 Phosphorylation QSFHRsLssssQGPA
KIAA1522 Kiaa1522 A2A7S8 mouse 104,842 S402 453916 Phosphorylation PGGSGRGsPsGGsTA
KIBRA Wwc1 Q5SXA9 mouse 124,110 S891 468102 Phosphorylation NtDsVAPsPTVVRPK
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 T19 459855 Phosphorylation sGAQAsstPLsPtRI
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S395 460763 Phosphorylation RLsPsPtsQRsRGRA
Lamin B1 Lmnb1 P14733 mouse 66,786 T21 455426 Phosphorylation srAsAPAtPLsPtRL
Lamin B1 Lmnb1 P14733 mouse 66,786 S392 456894 Phosphorylation EEERLkLsPsPssRV
LARP4 Larp4 Q8BWW4 mouse 79,763 S717 451955 Phosphorylation EQYVPPRsPK_____
latrophilin 2 Lphn2 NP_001074767 mouse 166,577 S1458 468117 Phosphorylation yQISRGNsDGyIIPI
LEDGF Psip1 Q99JF8 mouse 59,697 T269 468523 Phosphorylation NLAKPGVtstsDsED
LEDGF Psip1 Q99JF8 mouse 59,697 S274 457051 Phosphorylation GVtstsDsEDEDDQE
Lyric Mtdh Q80WJ7 mouse 63,846 S417 481344 Phosphorylation LKsQEPIsNDQKVsD
MAP2 Map2 P20357 mouse 199,132 T1620 450181 Phosphorylation yssRtPGtPGtPsyP
matrin 3 Matr3 Q8K310 mouse 94,630 S188 465842 Phosphorylation KRHFRRDsFDDRGPs
MCM2 Mcm2 P97310 mouse 102,078 S27 452310 Phosphorylation IsDPLtssPGRsSRR
MCM4 Mcm4 P49717 mouse 96,736 T19 448634 Phosphorylation SSRRGRVtPtQsLRs
MCT1 Slc16a1 P53986 mouse 53,267 S491 468178 Phosphorylation GDPtEEEsPV_____
MYH10 Myh10 Q61879 mouse 228,996 S1956 465600 Phosphorylation EGAsLELsDDDtEsK
MYH10 Myh10 Q61879 mouse 228,996 S1975 465603 Phosphorylation NDTQPPQsE______
NICE-4 Ubap2l Q80X50 mouse 116,799 S497 468302 Phosphorylation ssDNQsssPQPAQQK
NOL5A Nop56 Q9D6Z1 mouse 64,464 S529 468316 Phosphorylation sAKRKKssPKEEVAs
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 S19 452957 Phosphorylation DysQFQEsDDADEDy
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 S61 452964 Phosphorylation sQEDsEDsEEKDVKt
NUCKS Nucks1 Q80XU3 mouse 26,313 T179 452965 Phosphorylation PRLkAtVtPsPVkGK
osteopontin Spp1 P10923 mouse 32,459 S290 455729 Phosphorylation sHELEssssEVN___
PAI-RBP1 Serbp1 Q9CY58 mouse 44,714 S329 476403 Phosphorylation FVLHKsKsEEAHAED
PCYT1A Pcyt1a P49586 mouse 41,667 S346 451332 Phosphorylation sGktsPsssPAsLsR
PDAP1 Pdap1 Q3UHX2 mouse 20,605 S63 452811 Phosphorylation KsLDsDEsEDEDDDy

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