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PubMed Id: 20167786 
Zhao S, et al. (2010) Regulation of cellular metabolism by protein lysine acetylation. Science 327, 1000-4 20167786
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AAF77225 Q9NNX4 human 40,029 K259 12721705 Acetylation KSGNLSEkSGDYCDY
ACADL ACADL P28330 human 47,656 K189 3135364 Acetylation QGIKTNAkKDGSDWI
ACTA1 ACTA1 P68133 human 42,051 K52 475524 Acetylation VMVGMGQkDsyVGDE
ACTC1 ACTC1 P68032 human 42,019 K63 7801575 Acetylation VGDEAQskRGILtLk
ADCY7 ADCY7 P51828 human 120,308 K422 14320088 Acetylation HITEATLkHLDkAYE
ADD2 ADD2 P35612 human 80,854 K576 14320353 Acetylation KKEVERKkLELDGEk
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 K5774 14321484 Acetylation kFsLFkskKPRHRsN
ALDH2 ALDH2 P05091 human 56,381 K355 461134 Acetylation VGNPFDSkTEQGPQV
ALDH6A1 ALDH6A1 Q02252 human 57,840 K55 467195 Acetylation FVESkSDkWIDIHNP
ALMS1 ALMS1 Q8TCU4 human 460,965 K896 14366300 Acetylation VPGPGDQkTGIPSAP
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 K157 466042 Acetylation MYkTDLEkDIIsDTs
AP2B1 AP2B1 P63010 human 104,553 K19 14321574 Acetylation kGEIFELkAELNNEk
APXL SHROOM2 Q13796 human 176,410 K309 14319861 Acetylation WYVPDKkkAPssPPP
ARFGEF2 ARFGEF2 Q9Y6D5 human 202,038 K17 14320176 Acetylation FVSRALEkILADkEV
ARG2 ARG2 P78540 human 38,578 K56 14319855 Acetylation IREAGLMkRLSSLGC
ARPC3 ARPC3 O15145 human 20,547 K50 12721701 Acetylation DEAIyyFkANVFFkN
ARRB2 ARRB2 P32121 human 46,106 K230 14366806 Acetylation NNSTKTVkkIkVSVR
ATP5C ATP5C1 P36542 human 32,996 K154 480868 Acetylation DQFLVAFkEVGRKPP
ATP5F1 ATP5F1 P24539 human 28,909 K233 467161 Acetylation sIStQQEkETIAkCI
ATP5H ATP5H O75947 human 18,491 K95 475535 Acetylation AQVDAEEkEDVksCA
ATP5J ATP5J P18859 human 12,588 K99 461180 Acetylation TFkFEDPkFEVIEkP
ATP6V1A ATP6V1A P38606 human 68,304 K580 14367812 Acetylation HMGDILykLSSMKFk
ATP8A2 ATP8A2 Q6ZSP3 human 133,571 K168 14321350 Acetylation MWHTIMWkEVAVGDI
ATRX ATRX P46100 human 282,586 K967 461735 Acetylation GLsDIAEkFLKkDQs
BAAT BAAT Q14032 human 46,299 K334 14367029 Acetylation GDKTINSkAHAEQAI
BARD1 BARD1 Q99728 human 86,648 K371 14320096 Acetylation sPPsCKRkVGGTSGR
CCDC51 CCDC51 Q96ER9 human 45,811 K131 14321777 Acetylation EVHQAKLkEVRDRLD
CDCA2 CDCA2 Q69YH5 human 112,676 K622 14321164 Acetylation GYFSSNGkLEEVktP
CDHR3 CDHR3 Q6ZTQ4 human 97,977 K802 14321072 Acetylation KTGARKWkDPLTQMP
CEP290 CEP290 O15078 human 290,386 K1828 14321839 Acetylation DLNNELQkKQKAYNK
CES1 CES1 P23141 human 62,521 K558 14319803 Acetylation FAKKAVEkPPQTEHI
CFAP74 CFAP74 Q9C0B2 human 178,589 K531 14321524 Acetylation FQDFDIGkVYKkkIT
CGGBP1 CGGBP1 Q9UFW8 human 18,820 K71 14321410 Acetylation SKTHTKRkAEFEEQN
CHMP1A CHMP1A Q9HD42 human 21,703 K27 14321821 Acetylation KKAEKDSkAEQAKVK
CNGA3 CNGA3 Q16281 human 78,838 K155 14319925 Acetylation EEEKKTkkKDAIVVD
CNGB3 CNGB3 Q9NQW8 human 92,167 K166 14366425 Acetylation EASPQTAkPTAVPPV
COG3 COG3 Q96JB2 human 94,096 K126 14366934 Acetylation MDQDEGTkYRQMRDY
CPS1 CPS1 P31327 human 164,939 K869 14320663 Acetylation MsLDEIEkLTyIDkW
CRAT CRAT P43155 human 70,858 K609 14320698 Acetylation RLAHyLEkALLDMRA
CYCS CYCS P99999 human 11,749 K89 1968629 Acetylation IFVGIkkkEERADLI
CYLC1 CYLC1 P35663 human 74,242 K396 14366434 Acetylation kASKNDDkkKDAKKI
DDX46 DDX46 Q7L014 human 117,362 K930 14366601 Acetylation GGQNEsFkRyEEELE
Diaphanous-2 DIAPH2 O60879 human 125,569 K130 14320236 Acetylation kkAPLRNkDFTTKRE
DLD DLD P09622 human 54,177 K143 459140 Acetylation GGIAHLFkQNkVVHV
DNAH2 DNAH2 Q9P225 human 507,698 K3534 14321610 Acetylation RPELEEQkDSLVINI
DNAJC8 DNAJC8 O75937 human 29,842 K146 11321710 Acetylation KQLKKEGkPTIVEED
DNMT1 DNMT1 P26358 human 183,165 K1111 466385 Acetylation RsPGNKGkGkGkGkG
DNMT1 DNMT1 P26358 human 183,165 K1113 466386 Acetylation PGNKGkGkGkGkGkP
DTX2 DTX2 Q86UW9 human 67,246 K557 14320813 Acetylation ELLkVAWkRRLIFTV
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 K79 461265 Acetylation TIDIsLWkFEtSkyy
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 K172 461266 Acetylation kryEEIVkEVstyIk
EEF1G EEF1G P26641 human 50,119 K147 459142 Acetylation GLLDAYLkTRTFLVG
EHHADH EHHADH Q08426 human 79,495 K346 461836 Acetylation MITsVLEkEASKMQQ
endofin ZFYVE16 Q7Z3T8 human 168,903 K228 14321102 Acetylation ySGTENLkDKKIFNQ
ERC2 ERC2 O15083 human 110,558 K879 14321015 Acetylation LLELSASkKKKTQEE
ESCO2 ESCO2 Q56NI9 human 68,307 K111 14367128 Acetylation ESRSTCLkTNDEDKS
ETV1 ETV1 P50549 human 55,131 K116 458951 Acetylation FKFSYGEkCLYNVSA
FAM107B FAM107B Q9H098 human 15,558 K100 14321065 Acetylation QLELEKQkLQEEQEN
FAM161B FAM161B Q96MY7 human 73,647 K527 7810567 Acetylation ENRNNDRkRAKEyKK
FBXL10 KDM2B Q8NHM5 human 152,615 K765 14321320 Acetylation kEGQEPAkRRsECEE
FEN1 FEN1 P39748 human 42,593 K354 458855 Acetylation TGsLssAkRKEPEPK
FGD3 FGD3 Q5JSP0 human 79,401 K533 3283570 Acetylation sSKTRRDkEKQSCKS
FGFR1 FGFR1 P11362 human 91,868 K164 14366637 Acetylation SPEKMEKkLHAVPAA
FTSJD2 FTSJD2 Q8N1G2 human 95,321 K97 14320772 Acetylation VsQkLMAkMGFREGE
FURIN FURIN P09958 human 86,678 K789 14319988 Acetylation GERTAFIkDQSAL__
GCN1L1 GCN1L1 Q92616 human 292,758 K35 14321336 Acetylation EILSELGkCVAGKDL
GLUD1 GLUD1 P00367 human 61,398 K415 461123 Acetylation PttPEADkIFLERNI
GLUD1 GLUD1 P00367 human 61,398 K503 461125 Acetylation RISGASEkDIVHSGL
GRK1 GRK1 Q15835 human 63,526 K418 14367915 Acetylation EPVKYPDkFSQASkD
H2A.4 HIST1H2AA Q96QV6 human 14,234 K127 14320830 Acetylation kTESHHHkAQSK___
H2AO HIST2H2AA3 Q6FI13 human 14,095 K6 458909 Acetylation __MsGRGkQGGkARA
H2BFS H2BFS P57053 human 13,944 K17 480206 Acetylation APkkGSkkAVTkAQk
H3F3A H3F3A P84243 human 15,328 K10 18545308 Acetylation RtkQTARkstGGkAP
H3F3A H3F3A P84243 human 15,328 K15 18545309 Acetylation ARkstGGkAPRkQLA
H4G HIST1H4G Q99525 human 11,009 K6 466383 Acetylation __MSVRGkAGkGLGk
H4G HIST1H4G Q99525 human 11,009 K9 466382 Acetylation SVRGkAGkGLGkGGA
HADHA HADHA P40939 human 83,000 K406 461764 Acetylation RGQQQVFkGLNDkVk
HDAC4 HDAC4 P56524 human 119,040 K236 14368037 Acetylation VLGMyDAkDDFPLRK
HEM1 NCKAP1L P55160 human 128,153 K1035 14321001 Acetylation NNIHCLTkAIIQVSA
HER4 ERBB4 Q15303 human 146,808 K881 14367073 Acetylation EyNADGGkMPIKWMA
HERPUD1 HERPUD1 Q15011 human 43,720 K89 14367121 Acetylation LHLVCNVksPSkMPE
HIST2H3A/C/D HIST2H3A; HIST2H3C; HIST2H3D Q71DI3 human 15,388 K10 18465124 Acetylation RTkQTArkstGGkAP
HIST3H3 HIST3H3 Q16695 human 15,508 K15 4927208 Acetylation ARkstGGkAPRkQLA
HIST3H3 HIST3H3 Q16695 human 15,508 K80 4927212 Acetylation REIAQDFktDLRFQs
HMGCL HMGCL P35914 human 34,360 K48 459150 Acetylation RDGLQNEkNIVSTPV
HMGN1 HMGN1 P05114 human 10,659 K59 458852 Acetylation TkGkRGAkGkQAEVA
HSD17B2 HSD17B2 P37059 human 42,785 K141 14319965 Acetylation VLQMDITkPVQIKDA
IMPDH2 IMPDH2 P12268 human 55,805 K293 474664 Acetylation MIkYIkDkYPNLQVI
IP3R1 ITPR1 Q14643 human 313,929 K258 14366470 Acetylation LTCDEHRkKQHVFLR
IQGAP2 IQGAP2 Q13576 human 180,578 K1467 461897 Acetylation RsIKLDGkGEPkGAk
IQSEC2 IQSEC2 Q5JU85 human 161,736 K399 14367254 Acetylation NPAYFEGkPAsLDEG
IQUB IQUB Q8NA54 human 92,581 K475 14320947 Acetylation LDKCSAPkIWRTPNG
ITSN1 ITSN1 Q15811 human 195,422 K472 474987 Acetylation QEDIVVLkAKkkTLE
IVD IVD P26440 human 46,319 K75 467182 Acetylation IDRSNEFkNLREFWK
KIAA1841 KIAA1841 Q6NSI8 human 82,007 K458 14321213 Acetylation TQLTKGCkVRDHMVT
KIF2C KIF2C Q99661 human 81,313 K276 14367116 Acetylation NKQELAkkEIDVISI
KIF5B KIF5B P33176 human 109,685 K761 14320127 Acetylation LKATDQEkSRkLHEL
KV109 IGKC P01601 human 12,730 K61 12560501 Acetylation WLAWYQQkPEkAPKS
LATS2 LATS2 Q9NRM7 human 120,136 K571 14320583 Acetylation DkGGKDkkQIQTsPV
LBA1 TRANK1 O15050 human 336,221 K1179 14366676 Acetylation TKATSHykPLDPNIH

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