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PubMed Id: 20007894 
Jørgensen C, et al. (2009) Cell-specific information processing in segregating populations of Eph receptor ephrin-expressing cells. Science 326, 1502-9 20007894
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Abi-1 ABI1 Q8IZP0 human 55,081 Y198 455437 Phosphorylation tLGRNtPyKtLEPVK
Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 Y393 450298 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 Y373 449010 Phosphorylation GsPGHtIyAKVDNEI
ADD2 ADD2 P35612 human 80,854 Y489 449419 Phosphorylation PNQFVPLyTDPQEVL
Afadin MLLT4 P55196 human 206,804 Y1497 455007 Phosphorylation IERRDLQyItVsKEE
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 Y160 3479065 Phosphorylation VtRRVtAytVDVTGR
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 Y715 467267 Phosphorylation GTKVkGEyDVtVPKL
ANKS1A ANKS1A Q92625 human 123,108 Y834 449068 Phosphorylation AsLADRPyEEPPQKP
ANTXR1 ANTXR1 Q9H6X2 human 62,789 Y425 458176 Phosphorylation VkMPEQEyEFPEPRN
AP2B1 AP2B1 P63010 human 104,553 Y276 462040 Phosphorylation LLPkDsDyyNMLLKK
APC APC P25054 human 311,646 Y1078 459422 Phosphorylation QSTTYPVyTEsTDDK
BAG3 BAG3 O95817 human 61,595 Y247 451782 Phosphorylation yQtHQPVyHKIQGDD
BMPR2 BMPR2 Q13873 human 115,201 Y546 10887906 Phosphorylation KIGPYPDysSSsyIE
CACYBP CACYBP Q9HB71 human 26,210 Y199 462187 Phosphorylation MNVLkkIyEDGDDDM
CADM1 CADM1 Q9BY67 human 48,509 Y440 478752 Phosphorylation NsEEkkEyFI_____
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
Caveolin-1 CAV1 Q03135 human 20,472 Y14 448422 Phosphorylation VDsEGHLytVPIREQ
CCT-alpha TCP1 P17987 human 60,344 Y545 460489 Phosphorylation kDDkHGsyEDAVHsG
CD2AP CD2AP Q9Y5K6 human 71,451 Y88 449487 Phosphorylation LVQRIstyGLPAGGI
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 T14 447608 Phosphorylation IEkIGEGtyGVVykG
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykGR
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y15 447740 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykAR
CIRBP CIRBP Q14011 human 18,648 Y141 454679 Phosphorylation GyGGsrDyyssrsQs
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y89 449644 Phosphorylation yALyDAtyEtkEskk
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y154 454842 Phosphorylation kHAsQKDyssGFGGk
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y334 450862 Phosphorylation VTQVssAyQkTVPVE
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 S405 447700 Phosphorylation KtQtPPVsPAPQPtE
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 S418 447701 Phosphorylation tEERLPssPVyEDAA
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y96 449495 Phosphorylation QDHSHLLystIPRMQ
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y217 449647 Phosphorylation PDGysRHyEDGyPGG
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y600 457901 Phosphorylation EIPQAERyQEAAPNV
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y865 457902 Phosphorylation RsQssHsyDDstLPL
CTNNG JUP P14923 human 81,745 Y22 457802 Phosphorylation EWQQtytyDsGIHSG
DCBLD1 DCBLD1 Q8N8Z6 human 77,920 Y578 3470366 Phosphorylation STDAGGHyDCPQRAG
DCBLD1 DCBLD1 Q8N8Z6 human 77,920 Y600 3479143 Phosphorylation LAPPEPEyAtPIVER
DOK1 DOK1 Q99704 human 52,392 Y449 448879 Phosphorylation KsHNsALysQVQKSG
DSC2 DSC2 Q02487 human 99,962 S824 4709182 Phosphorylation DNCRytysEWHsFTQ
DSG2 DSG2 Q14126 human 122,294 Y775 10887913 Phosphorylation NEEFLRNyFTDKAAs
DSG2 DSG2 Q14126 human 122,294 Y968 458587 Phosphorylation LIVTERVyAPAStLV
DSG2 DSG2 Q14126 human 122,294 Y1061 458589 Phosphorylation AstLQssyQIPTENS
DYRK3 DYRK3 O43781 human 65,714 Y369 451268 Phosphorylation EYQKLytyIQsRFYR
DYRK4 DYRK4 Q9NR20 human 59,608 Y264 454665 Phosphorylation EHQKVytyIQsRFYR
EFNB1 EFNB1 P98172 human 38,007 Y313 451664 Phosphorylation LRTTENNyCPHyEKV
EFNB1 EFNB1 P98172 human 38,007 Y343 448344 Phosphorylation PQsPANIyykV____
EFNB2 EFNB2 P52799 human 36,923 Y304 451679 Phosphorylation DSVFCPHyEKVsGDy
EHM2 EPB41L4B Q9H329 human 99,712 Y447 473161 Phosphorylation TNPEVHNyQPQyHPN
EHM2 iso2 EPB41L4B Q9H329-2 human 58,566 Y493 451634 Phosphorylation GDDsHFDyVHDQNQK
EIF4B EIF4B P23588 human 69,151 Y316 451713 Phosphorylation sWssRDDysRDDyRR
EIF4H EIF4H Q15056 human 27,385 Y12 448981 Phosphorylation DTyDDRAyssFGGGr
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y95 448938 Phosphorylation kGyNDDyyEEsyFtT
endofin ZFYVE16 Q7Z3T8 human 168,903 Y221 454067 Phosphorylation TLsDsyNySGTENLk
EPB41L3 EPB41L3 Q9Y2J2 human 120,678 Y872 10887915 Phosphorylation HASGDASySAGDSGD
EphA3 EPHA3 P29320 human 110,131 Y602 449913 Phosphorylation tyVDPHtyEDPTQAV
EphA5 EPHA5 P54756 human 114,803 Y650 455023 Phosphorylation KLPGVRtyIDPHtyE
EphB2 EPHB2 P29323 human 117,493 Y577 449766 Phosphorylation FERADsEytDKLQHy
EphB2 EPHB2 P29323 human 117,493 S586 9417840 Phosphorylation DKLQHytsGHMtPGM
EphB2 EPHB2 P29323 human 117,493 Y912 449782 Phosphorylation LDRTIPDyTSFNTVD
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y596 450855 Phosphorylation VyIDPFtyEDPNEAV
EPS8 EPS8 Q12929 human 91,882 Y45 3586106 Phosphorylation KTSAKALyEQRKNyA
EPS8 EPS8 Q12929 human 91,882 Y498 450735 Phosphorylation yAFssNIytRGsHLD
epsin 1 EPN1 Q9Y6I3 human 60,293 Y17 463292 Phosphorylation MkNIVHNysEAEIkV
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y52 465150 Phosphorylation EKTLEELyLDANQIE
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y920 448976 Phosphorylation sKsAtLLyDQPLQVF
Ezrin EZR P15311 human 69,413 Y354 448105 Phosphorylation LMLRLQDyEEktKKA
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y407 447888 Phosphorylation IIDEEDtytMPSTRD
FAM65A FAM65A Q6ZS17 human 132,308 Y448 12004216 Phosphorylation LANGHAPySRTLsHI
FRMD6 FRMD6 Q96NE9 human 72,044 Y412 462469 Phosphorylation DTGPEDsySSSAIHR
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y185 465282 Phosphorylation sETtkGAysLsIRDW
GAB1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y406 447946 Phosphorylation DAssQDCyDIPRAFP
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 Y598 454381 Phosphorylation GsGADsDyENtQsGD
GIT2 GIT2 Q14161 human 84,543 Y492 449431 Phosphorylation QVQtGsEytDtsNHS
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y414 458031 Phosphorylation TLRAEDMysAQsHQA
GPSM2 GPSM2 P81274 human 76,662 Y146 457745 Phosphorylation VGEARALyNLGNVYH
GRF-1 ARHGAP35 Q9NRY4 human 170,514 Y1087 449570 Phosphorylation DGFDPsDyAEPMDAV
H4 HIST1H4A P62805 human 11,367 Y52 450346 Phosphorylation KRIsGLIyEEtrGVL
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 Y341 462291 Phosphorylation GGrssGPyGGGGQyF
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 Y357 454999 Phosphorylation kPrNQGGyGGsssss
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 Y366 448921 Phosphorylation GssssssyGsGrrF_
hnRNP H1 HNRNPH1 P31943 human 49,229 Y266 450992 Phosphorylation rFGrDLNyCFsGMsD
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 S284 448185 Phosphorylation rrDyDDMsPrrGPPP
hnRNP R HNRNPR O43390 human 70,943 Y436 451785 Phosphorylation tAyEDyyyHPPPRMP
HSP70 HSPA1A; HSPA1B P0DMV8 human 70,052 Y525 450945 Phosphorylation MVQEAEkykAEDEVQ
HSP70 HSPA1A; HSPA1B P0DMV8 human 70,052 Y611 451758 Phosphorylation NPIIsGLyQGAGGPG
IGF1R IGF1R P08069 human 154,793 Y1165 448387 Phosphorylation RDIyEtDyyRKGGkG
IQGAP3 IQGAP3 Q86VI3 human 184,699 Y1098 12000519 Phosphorylation GQRSHLPyDVtPEQA
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 Y653 454969 Phosphorylation NLGADDGyMPMtPGA
IRS2 IRS2 Q9Y4H2 human 137,334 Y823 454963 Phosphorylation CGGDsDQyVLMssPV
IRSp53 BAIAP2 Q9UQB8 human 60,868 Y164 458037 Phosphorylation ySDkELQyIDAISNk
IRSp53 BAIAP2 Q9UQB8 human 60,868 Y505 450774 Phosphorylation FsQGLDDyGARSMSR
ITGB1 ITGB1 P05556 human 88,415 Y783 447710 Phosphorylation DtGENPIyksAVttV
JNK3 MAPK10 P53779 human 52,585 Y223 448035 Phosphorylation tsFMMtPyVVtRYYR
KI-67 MKI67 P46013 human 358,694 Y340 463397 Phosphorylation VGAsFPLyEPAKMKt
LAMTOR1 LAMTOR1 Q6IAA8 human 17,745 Y40 448970 Phosphorylation LNGAEPNyHsLPsAR
latrophilin 1 LPHN1 O94910 human 162,717 Y1385 465305 Phosphorylation PPGRDSLyAsGANLR
latrophilin 2 LPHN2 O95490 human 163,349 Y1406 456187 Phosphorylation RSENEDIyyKSMPNL
LDH-A LDHA P00338 human 36,689 Y239 450504 Phosphorylation kQVVEsAyEVIkLkG
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y301 448949 Phosphorylation GRyyEGyyAAGPGyG
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y317 448947 Phosphorylation RNDsDPtyGQQGHPN
MAP1B MAP1B P46821 human 270,634 Y2042 454953 Phosphorylation PDtstyCyETAEKIT
MINK MINK1 Q8N4C8 human 149,822 Y906 454915 Phosphorylation LHADsNGytNLPDVV

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