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(2009) CST Curation Set: 8637; Year: 2009; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, L363/Velcade; Disease: -; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-K-e-GG Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Ubiquitin (D4A7A10) XP(R) Rabbit mAb Cat#: 3925, PTMScan(R) Ubiquitin Branch Motif (K-e-GG) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1990
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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14-3-3 eta YWHAH Q04917 human 28,219 K125 3932585 Ubiquitylation EskVFyLkMkGDyyR
AARS AARS P49588 human 106,810 K747 12246535 Ubiquitylation VTEEAIAkGIRRIVA
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 K50 3883254 Ubiquitylation VMVGMGQkDsyVGDE
ACTC1 ACTC1 P68032 human 42,019 K52 8084640 Ubiquitylation VMVGMGQkDsyVGDE
ACTG2 ACTG2 P63267 human 41,877 K329 3887044 Ubiquitylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ADRM1 ADRM1 Q16186 human 42,153 K83 10838604 Ubiquitylation FPDDCEFkRVPQCPS
ADRM1 ADRM1 Q16186 human 42,153 K390 12249331 Ubiquitylation NNAkPEQkEGDTkDk
AFAP AFAP1 Q8N556 human 80,725 K528 12289796 Ubiquitylation NGVtGKGkTLSSQPK
ALDOA ALDOA P04075 human 39,420 K108 3883127 Ubiquitylation kGGVVGIkVDkGVVP
ALDOA ALDOA P04075 human 39,420 K330 486894 Ubiquitylation AAQEEyVkRALANsL
Alix PDCD6IP Q8WUM4 human 96,023 K640 10837605 Ubiquitylation HQEFSkMkQSNNEAN
ANKRD13 ANKRD13A Q8IZ07 human 67,619 K257 4332385 Ubiquitylation FWGWRTDkAEVVNGY
ANXA6 ANXA6 P08133 human 75,873 K478 3932104 Ubiquitylation RAINEAYkEDYHkSL
ARF1 ARF1 P84077 human 20,697 K38 12302109 Ubiquitylation TTILykLkLGEIVTT
ATP6V1H ATP6V1H Q9UI12 human 55,883 K396 12302663 Ubiquitylation ELLKILTkLLEVSDD
AZIN1 AZIN1 O14977 human 49,535 K175 12246100 Ubiquitylation MKFGTTLkNCRHLLE
BRCC3 iso2 BRCC3 P46736-2 human 33,150 K180 10837109 Ubiquitylation FQSIQAQkSSEYERI
BTF3 BTF3 P20290 human 22,168 K57 10835445 Ubiquitylation MNQEkLAkLQAQVRI
CALCOCO2 CALCOCO2 Q13137 human 52,254 K396 12252206 Ubiquitylation PsPLSIkkCPICKAD
CBX3 CBX3 Q13185 human 20,811 K159 3933931 Ubiquitylation LAkEANMkCPQIVIA
CCT-theta CCT8 P50990 human 59,621 K235 10835584 Ubiquitylation EGDVtsVkDAKIAVY
CCT-zeta CCT6A P40227 human 58,024 K10 12286453 Ubiquitylation AVktLNPkAEVARAQ
CD74 CD74 P04233 human 33,516 K43 10835313 Ubiquitylation RPGAPEskCsRGALY
CDC37 CDC37 Q16543 human 44,468 K347 12287631 Ubiquitylation GLWVPNSkASEAkEG
CDC73 CDC73 Q6P1J9 human 60,577 K247 12302328 Ubiquitylation StGkNFskNIFAILQ
CDK6 CDK6 Q00534 human 36,938 K287 6198962 Ubiquitylation CLTFNPAkRIsAysA
CDKN2C CDKN2C P42773 human 18,127 K46 6423506 Ubiquitylation RTALQVMkLGNPEIA
CETN1 CETN1 Q12798 human 19,570 K120 12246725 Ubiquitylation FDDDETGkISFkNLk
CETN2 CETN2 P41208 human 19,738 K120 12093472 Ubiquitylation FDDDEtGkISFkNLk
CHIC2 CHIC2 Q9UKJ5 human 19,254 K117 486680 Ubiquitylation RTRRSIEkLLEWENN
CMIP CMIP Q8IY22 human 86,331 K74 3885463 Ubiquitylation HPRTFLskILtskFL
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 K44 8104331 Ubiquitylation LFCLsEDkkNIILEE
COMT COMT P21964 human 30,037 K212 12304435 Ubiquitylation EECGLLRkGTVLLAD
CPSF6 CPSF6 Q16630 human 59,210 K185 4106116 Ubiquitylation GQMSGEGkAGPPGGS
DCK DCK P27707 human 30,519 K117 12246350 Ubiquitylation ASLNGkLkDAEkPVL
DDI2 DDI2 Q5TDH0 human 44,523 K77 12308927 Ubiquitylation DVVILRQkENADPRP
DDX48 EIF4A3 P38919 human 46,871 K60 8104916 Ubiquitylation IyAyGFEkPSAIQQR
DNAJA1 DNAJA1 P31689 human 44,868 K338 12246388 Ubiquitylation NGFLsPDkLsLLEkL
EEF2 EEF2 P13639 human 95,338 K239 486723 Ubiquitylation YVAkFAAkGEGQLGP
EEF2 EEF2 P13639 human 95,338 K272 3883142 Ubiquitylation yFDPANGkFSkSATS
eIF3-theta EIF3A Q14152 human 166,569 K420 3884997 Ubiquitylation WVREQPEkEPELQQY
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 K343 10841239 Ubiquitylation sCNCLLLkVNQIGSV
ENTH CLINT1 Q14677 human 68,259 K192 12302208 Ubiquitylation DEEWDkNkSAFPFSD
ENTH CLINT1 Q14677 human 68,259 K218 12306508 Ubiquitylation tIDDtIskFRRKDRE
epsin 1 EPN1 Q9Y6I3 human 60,293 K107 3937073 Ubiquitylation MyAVQTLkDFQyVDR
ETNK1 ETNK1 Q9HBU6 human 50,968 K172 12287815 Ubiquitylation LVRIYGNkTELLVDR
FAM127B FAM127B Q9BWD3 human 13,188 K86 12247448 Ubiquitylation WVIPYIRkESPLLND
FASN FASN P49327 human 273,427 K1142 10842629 Ubiquitylation QEELQLCkGLVQALQ
GAPDH GAPDH P04406 human 36,053 K61 8104306 Ubiquitylation GkFHGtVkAENGkLV
GGA3 GGA3 Q9NZ52 human 78,315 K264 3933583 Ubiquitylation NkRRTLFkLAsETED
GRB2 GRB2 P62993 human 25,206 K109 10835659 Ubiquitylation GNDVQHFkVLRDGAG
H1B HIST1H1B P16401 human 22,580 K100 486635 Ubiquitylation kGtLVQTkGtGAsGs
H1C HIST1H1C P16403 human 21,365 K106 4332192 Ubiquitylation tGAsGsFkLNkkAAs
H1D HIST1H1D P16402 human 22,350 K47 486636 Ubiquitylation PVsELITkAVAAskE
H1D HIST1H1D P16402 human 22,350 K91 486639 Ubiquitylation GLksLVskGtLVQTk
H1D HIST1H1D P16402 human 22,350 K98 486640 Ubiquitylation kGtLVQTkGtGAsGs
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 K47 486788 Ubiquitylation VyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 K126 10843351 Ubiquitylation VtkYTsSk_______
H2B1D HIST1H2BD P58876 human 13,936 K121 486951 Ubiquitylation EGtkAVtkyTsSk__
H2B1H HIST1H2BH Q93079 human 13,892 K86 12245856 Ubiquitylation SRLAHyNkRstItsR
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 K109 3931622 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2BFH HIST1H2BO P23527 human 13,906 K47 10835473 Ubiquitylation IyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H3 HIST1H3A P68431 human 15,273 K18 3932846 Ubiquitylation tGGkAPrkQLATkAA
H3 HIST1H3A P68431 human 15,273 K56 3932855 Ubiquitylation REIRRyQkstELLIR
HBS1 HBS1L Q9Y450 human 75,473 K107 12311425 Ubiquitylation ILIEAVLkNkFDVQk
HERPUD1 HERPUD1 Q15011 human 43,720 K61 10842544 Ubiquitylation QRLIYsGkLLLDHQC
HLAA HLA-A P01892 human 40,922 K364 12319457 Ubiquitylation DVsLtACkV______
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 K350 12247900 Ubiquitylation GGGQyFAkPrNQGGy
hnRNP D0 HNRNPD Q14103 human 38,434 K129 12253019 Ubiquitylation EVVDCtLkLDPITGR
HSC70 HSPA8 P11142 human 70,898 K507 3884747 Ubiquitylation kItITNDkGRLskED
HSP105 HSPH1 Q92598 human 96,865 K471 10840648 Ubiquitylation VQNVsAQkDGEkSRV
HSP27 HSPB1 P04792 human 22,783 K112 10839133 Ubiquitylation APDELTVktkDGVVE
HSP70 HSPA1A; HSPA1B P0DMV8 human 70,052 K524 486312 Ubiquitylation RMVQEAEkykAEDEV
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 K69 3932580 Ubiquitylation PskLDsGkELkIDII
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 K624 10997859 Ubiquitylation MGyMMAkkHLEINPD
HSPA1L HSPA1L P34931 human 70,375 K509 3932155 Ubiquitylation kItITNDkGRLSkEE
HTATIP2 HTATIP2 Q9BUP3 human 27,049 K137 10842862 Ubiquitylation LSSKGADkSSNFLYL
IGJ IGJ P01591 human 18,099 K92 10836756 Ubiquitylation YHLsDLCkkCDPTEV
IGJ IGJ P01591 human 18,099 K93 10842077 Ubiquitylation HLsDLCkkCDPTEVE
IMPDH2 IMPDH2 P12268 human 55,805 K293 10841297 Ubiquitylation MIkYIkDkYPNLQVI
INTS7 INTS7 Q9NVH2 human 106,834 K867 486611 Ubiquitylation SKSGQDYkIPIDNMT
ITGB1 ITGB1 P05556 human 88,415 K774 486758 Ubiquitylation EKEKMNAkWDtGENP
ITM1 STT3A P46977 human 80,530 K613 10839820 Ubiquitylation TDTGkHIkENDyytP
ITM2C ITM2C Q9NQX7 human 30,224 K20 4954051 Ubiquitylation IkGDkADkASASAPA
KRas KRAS P01116 human 21,656 K128 3883993 Ubiquitylation PSRTVDTkQAQDLAR
Kv1.3 KCNA3 P22001 human 63,842 K120 12301875 Ubiquitylation LRFETQLkTLCQFPE
LAPTM5 LAPTM5 Q13571 human 29,937 K248 12319715 Ubiquitylation EALSLPskTPEGGPA
LSM7 LSM7 Q9UK45 human 11,602 K9 12302668 Ubiquitylation ADKEKkkkEsILDLS
LSM7 LSM7 Q9UK45 human 11,602 K17 12302672 Ubiquitylation EsILDLSkYIDktIR
Lyric MTDH Q86UE4 human 63,837 K150 10841993 Ubiquitylation tPQsVtAkQPPEIDK
MIB1 MIB1 Q86YT6 human 110,136 K787 12306578 Ubiquitylation CPDPNLCkALAkCHK
MIB1 MIB1 Q86YT6 human 110,136 K854 10842692 Ubiquitylation VKKCLICkEQVQSRT
MIST1 BHLHA15 Q7RTS1 human 20,818 K125 12304615 Ubiquitylation TLAKNYIksLtATIL
MORF4L1 MORF4L1 Q9UBU8 human 41,474 K143 3934384 Ubiquitylation KTSGLQQkNVEVKTK
MTX1 MTX1 Q13505 human 51,477 K190 3932380 Ubiquitylation GAPLkVHkISNPWQs
MYO6 MYO6 Q9UM54 human 149,691 K1076 7251385 Ubiquitylation GPAVLATkAAAGTkK
neurobeachin NBEA Q8NFP9 human 327,822 K2353 12249462 Ubiquitylation PIGALNPkRAVFYAE
NGLY1 NGLY1 Q96IV0 human 74,390 K419 4332423 Ubiquitylation DtINGLNkQRQLFLS
NICE-4 UBAP2L Q14157 human 114,534 K864 10837416 Ubiquitylation PysGDLtkFGRGDAS
NME2 NME2 P22392 human 17,298 K124 10835453 Ubiquitylation IhGsDsVkSAEkEIs

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