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(2009) CST Curation Set: 8654; Year: 2009; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, KMS-12-BM/untreated; Disease: -; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-K-e-GG Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Ubiquitin (D4A7A10) XP(R) Rabbit mAb Cat#: 3925, PTMScan(R) Ubiquitin Branch Motif (K-e-GG) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1990
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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14-3-3 epsilon YWHAE P62258 human 29,174 K106 7251003 Ubiquitylation DILDVLDkHLIPAAN
ABCC1 ABCC1 P33527 human 171,591 K496 4953858 Ubiquitylation TyQVAHMkskDNRIk
ABHD2 ABHD2 P08910 human 48,315 K57 3935310 Ubiquitylation GLsRFLLkSCPLLtK
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 K328 3887017 Ubiquitylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 K61 3883289 Ubiquitylation VGDEAQskRGILtLk
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 K113 486404 Ubiquitylation tEAPLNPkANREKMt
ACTG2 ACTG2 P63267 human 41,877 K329 3887044 Ubiquitylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ADRM1 ADRM1 Q16186 human 42,153 K34 486668 Ubiquitylation RAGKMsLkGTtVtPD
Alix PDCD6IP Q8WUM4 human 96,023 K640 10837605 Ubiquitylation HQEFSkMkQSNNEAN
ANP32A ANP32A P39687 human 28,585 K99 3933251 Ubiquitylation HLNLsGNkIkDLsTI
ARIH1 ARIH1 Q9Y4X5 human 64,118 K316 486715 Ubiquitylation ENWHDPVkCkWLKKW
ARL8B ARL8B Q9NVJ2 human 21,539 K141 3934083 Ubiquitylation LPNALDEkQLIEkMN
ataxin-10 ATXN10 Q9UBB4 human 53,489 K262 3932259 Ubiquitylation TSDEPLTkDDIPVFL
AZIN1 AZIN1 O14977 human 49,535 K175 12246100 Ubiquitylation MKFGTTLkNCRHLLE
BAT3 BAG6 P46379 human 119,409 K56 3934497 Ubiquitylation SVSIPSEkQRLIYQG
BLOC1S1 BLOC1S1 P78537 human 17,263 K145 12312567 Ubiquitylation tALEyVYkGQLQSAP
CCDC50 iso2 CCDC50 Q8IVM0 human 35,822 K152 12247305 Ubiquitylation yyEDGGMkPRVMKEA
CCT-alpha TCP1 P17987 human 60,344 K541 3933616 Ubiquitylation HPEskDDkHGsyEDA
CCT-delta CCT4 P50991 human 57,924 K65 12301980 Ubiquitylation DKMIQDGkGDVTITN
CCT-eta CCT7 Q99832 human 59,367 K55 10836020 Ubiquitylation LIVDGrGkAtIsNDG
CCT-gamma CCT3 P49368 human 60,534 K44 10835566 Ubiquitylation IRTCLGPkSMMKMLL
CCT-theta CCT8 P50990 human 59,621 K254 12306417 Ubiquitylation DGMITETkGtVLIkt
CLIC4 CLIC4 Q9Y696 human 28,772 K199 3934424 Ubiquitylation LPkLHIVkVVAKKYR
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 K144 3931430 Ubiquitylation ANCyEEVkDRCTLAE
Cofilin-2 CFL2 Q9Y281 human 18,737 K112 12250446 Ubiquitylation APESAPLkSkMIyAS
CUL2 CUL2 Q13617 human 86,983 K16 12249271 Ubiquitylation DFDETWNkLLTTIkA
CUL5 CUL5 Q93034 human 90,955 K724 3883390 Ubiquitylation EAIIQIMkMRKKIsN
DCUN1D1 DCUN1D1 Q96GG9 human 30,124 K149 486774 Ubiquitylation PkMEQELkEPGRFKD
DDB1 DDB1 Q16531 human 126,968 K92 12363803 Ubiquitylation NACILEykQSGESID
DNAJA1 DNAJA1 P31689 human 44,868 K338 12246388 Ubiquitylation NGFLsPDkLsLLEkL
dynactin 4 DCTN4 Q9UJW0 human 52,337 K181 12253551 Ubiquitylation MPLAFsDkyGLGTRL
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 K219 12287513 Ubiquitylation kGWKVTRkDGNAsGT
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 K273 3883276 Ubiquitylation RVEtGVLkPGMVVTF
EEF2 EEF2 P13639 human 95,338 K272 3883142 Ubiquitylation yFDPANGkFSkSATS
EIF4A1 EIF4A1 P60842 human 46,154 K54 3885228 Ubiquitylation IyAyGFEkPSAIQQR
ETNK1 ETNK1 Q9HBU6 human 50,968 K172 12287815 Ubiquitylation LVRIYGNkTELLVDR
FADS2 FADS2 O95864 human 52,259 K108 10835285 Ubiquitylation QDHGkNSkITEDFRA
FAM152B DESI1 Q6ICB0 human 18,263 K18 8102244 Ubiquitylation LYVYDLSkGLARRLs
FANCD2 FANCD2 Q9BXW9 human 164,128 K561 486248 Ubiquitylation DMHLVIRkQLSSTVF
FANCI FANCI Q9NVI1 human 149,324 K715 12361953 Ubiquitylation SITNRMIkSELEDFE
FUNDC2 FUNDC2 Q9BWH2 human 20,676 K150 10836043 Ubiquitylation KEQLKIRksNQIPTE
GAPDH GAPDH P04406 human 36,053 K263 486756 Ubiquitylation DDIkkVVkQAsEGPL
GART GART P22102 human 107,767 K107 10838246 Ubiquitylation AAQLESSkRFAkEFM
GMPS GMPS P49915 human 76,715 K182 4332244 Ubiquitylation AGIANESkkLYGAQF
H1B HIST1H1B P16401 human 22,580 K100 486635 Ubiquitylation kGtLVQTkGtGAsGs
H1C HIST1H1C P16403 human 21,365 K34 4331792 Ubiquitylation KAGGtPRkAsGPPVs
H1D HIST1H1D P16402 human 22,350 K47 486636 Ubiquitylation PVsELITkAVAAskE
H1D HIST1H1D P16402 human 22,350 K65 486637 Ubiquitylation VsLAALkkALAAAGy
H1E HIST1H1E P10412 human 21,865 K90 486628 Ubiquitylation GLksLVskGtLVQTk
H1F1 HIST1H1A Q02539 human 21,842 K93 486594 Ubiquitylation GIksLVskGtLVQTk
H2A.1 HIST1H2AI P0C0S8 human 14,091 K100 12250995 Ubiquitylation ELNkLLGkVtIAQGG
H2A.1 HIST1H2AI P0C0S8 human 14,091 K120 482913 Ubiquitylation QAVLLPkktEsHHkA
H2AL HIST1H2AC Q93077 human 14,105 K119 3945403 Ubiquitylation IQAVLLPkktEsHHk
H2AO HIST2H2AA3 Q6FI13 human 14,095 K120 3931644 Ubiquitylation QAVLLPkktEsHHkA
H2AX H2AFX P16104 human 15,145 K119 3945263 Ubiquitylation IQAVLLPkktsAtVG
H2AX H2AFX P16104 human 15,145 K128 3932239 Ubiquitylation tsAtVGPkAPsGGkk
H2B HIST1H2BB P33778 human 13,950 K121 465519 Ubiquitylation EGtkAVtkyTsSk__
H2B1A HIST1H2BA Q96A08 human 14,167 K110 3931568 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1A HIST1H2BA Q96A08 human 14,167 K118 3931572 Ubiquitylation HAVsEGtkAVtkyTs
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 K6 486809 Ubiquitylation __MPEPAksAPAPkk
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 K58 12315006 Ubiquitylation PDtGIsskAMGIMNs
H2B1D HIST1H2BD P58876 human 13,936 K47 486787 Ubiquitylation VyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H2B1D HIST1H2BD P58876 human 13,936 K117 3931384 Ubiquitylation HAVsEGtkAVtkyTs
H2B1K HIST1H2BK O60814 human 13,890 K47 486791 Ubiquitylation VyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 K47 486753 Ubiquitylation VyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 K109 3931622 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 K121 486872 Ubiquitylation EGtkAVtkyTsSk__
H2B1N HIST1H2BN Q99877 human 13,922 K109 3931606 Ubiquitylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B2E HIST2H2BE Q16778 human 13,920 K47 486755 Ubiquitylation IyVykVLkQVHPDtG
H2B2F HIST2H2BF Q5QNW6 human 13,920 K35 12361130 Ubiquitylation KKRKRsRkEsysVyV
H2BFS H2BFS P57053 human 13,944 K6 4331835 Ubiquitylation __MPEPAksAPAPkk
H4 HIST1H4A P62805 human 11,367 K32 3932669 Ubiquitylation DNIQGItkPAIRRLA
HBXAP RSF1 Q96T23 human 163,821 K320 12252346 Ubiquitylation DSFkENVkPIKVEVK
HIST3H2A HIST3H2A Q7L7L0 human 14,121 K96 12247257 Ubiquitylation RNDEELNkLLGRVtI
HIST3H2A HIST3H2A Q7L7L0 human 14,121 K120 12247262 Ubiquitylation QAVLLPkktEsHHkA
hnRNP 2H9 HNRNPH3 P31942 human 36,926 K67 12301927 Ubiquitylation AFVQFAskEIAENAL
hnRNP E1 PCBP1 Q15365 human 37,498 K314 7252809 Ubiquitylation QMSGAQIkIANPVEG
hnRNP E1 PCBP1 Q15365 human 37,498 K351 486666 Ubiquitylation NARLSSEkGMGCS__
hnRNP H2 HNRNPH2 P55795 human 49,264 K167 12300807 Ubiquitylation AsQEIAEkALkkHKE
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 K198 10835630 Ubiquitylation RVVLIGGkPDRVVEC
hnRNP L HNRNPL P14866 human 64,133 K533 12301591 Ubiquitylation VkRPssVkVFsGkSE
hnRNP M HNRNPM P52272 human 77,516 K242 10835597 Ubiquitylation ILEDkDGkSRGIGTV
hnRNP U HNRNPU Q00839 human 90,584 K333 12249227 Ubiquitylation SYGVSkGkVCFEMkV
HSP90A HSP90AA1 P07900 human 84,660 K615 10997847 Ubiquitylation ANMERIMkAQALRDN
HSPA2 HSPA2 P54652 human 70,021 K510 3884396 Ubiquitylation kItITNDkGRLSkDD
ILF2 ILF2 Q12905 human 43,062 K45 12287558 Ubiquitylation EMAFPRVkPAPDETs
ITM2C ITM2C Q9NQX7 human 30,224 K14 7251133 Ubiquitylation QPAVAGIkGDkADkA
KCTD10 KCTD10 Q9H3F6 human 35,432 K25 10836063 Ubiquitylation ATRTTsFkGtSPSSk
LAGE3 LAGE3 Q14657 human 14,804 K95 10835803 Ubiquitylation PHQRVVGkDLTVSGR
Lamin B1 LMNB1 P20700 human 66,408 K182 4332212 Ubiquitylation ASLAAAkkQLADETL
Lamin B2 LMNB2 Q03252 human 67,689 K373 10842450 Ubiquitylation MEINAYRkLLEGEEE
MCM2 MCM2 P49736 human 101,896 K469 10839870 Ubiquitylation kMITSLSkDQQIGEk
MIF MIF P14174 human 12,476 K78 3931481 Ubiquitylation AQNRSYSkLLCGLLA
MLLT11 MLLT11 Q13015 human 10,061 K39 7251128 Ubiquitylation LSDTAtykVkDSsVG
MORC3 MORC3 Q14149 human 107,113 K891 12302186 Ubiquitylation HMDGESLkLRsLRVN
MTA2 MTA2 O94776 human 75,023 K32 12363625 Ubiquitylation RRIEELNkTANGNVE
NEDD8 NEDD8 Q15843 human 9,072 K54 486667 Ubiquitylation GkQMNDEkTAADykI
NF-GMB CSDA P16989 human 40,090 K124 486761 Ubiquitylation FVHQtAIkkNNPRKy
NUP153 NUP153 P49790 human 153,938 K228 12361796 Ubiquitylation HTATSSkkPAFNLsA
NUP37 NUP37 Q8NFH4 human 36,708 K114 12363849 Ubiquitylation FTSDLQDkNEYkVLE

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