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PubMed Id: 17525332 
Matsuoka S, et al. (2007) ATM and ATR substrate analysis reveals extensive protein networks responsive to DNA damage. Science 316, 1160-6 17525332
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 T548 481855 Phosphorylation ENtQIEDtEPMsPVL
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S552 452383 Phosphorylation IEDtEPMsPVLNsKF
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S831 452385 Phosphorylation EPVEQdssQPsLPLV
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 T1214 481854 Phosphorylation VsAPGDDtEsLHsQG
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S1290 481850 Phosphorylation CETEVsPsQtGGSSG
82-FIP NUFIP2 Q7Z417 human 76,121 S608 482001 Phosphorylation LQKADTssQGALVFL
abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 S458 481690 Phosphorylation tsQGsINsPVysRHS
Abraxas FAM175A Q6UWZ7 human 46,663 T365 481988 Phosphorylation kRSRLLDtQDKRSKA
ADRB2 ADRB2 P07550 human 46,459 S246 481741 Phosphorylation RFHVQNLsQVEQDGR
AG2 C11orf96 Q7Z7L8 human 46,114 S385 482663 Phosphorylation EVEEEGVsPMEEEKA
AKAP12 AKAP12 Q02952 human 191,482 S732 481957 Phosphorylation TDGILAGsQEHDPGQ
alphaSNBP(A) LSM14A Q8ND56 human 50,530 T175 472309 Phosphorylation QDTRSLKtQLsQGRs
alphaSNBP(A) LSM14A Q8ND56 human 50,530 S178 472285 Phosphorylation RSLKtQLsQGRssPQ
ANKRD25 KANK2 Q63ZY3 human 91,174 S568 481973 Phosphorylation ECQLSREsQHIPTAE
APPL APPL1 Q9UKG1 human 79,663 S691 482284 Phosphorylation QFVVLsSsQsEEsDL
ARID1A ARID1A O14497 human 242,045 S604 456304 Phosphorylation FPPPQELsQDsFGSQ
ATM ATM Q13315 human 350,687 T72 481861 Phosphorylation QKYIQKEtECLRIAk
ATP11C ATP11C Q8NB49 human 129,477 S445 460829 Phosphorylation tQEVDGLsQtDGtLT
AurA AURKA O14965 human 45,809 S369 481694 Phosphorylation RLLKHNPsQRPMLRE
BAP28 HEATR1 Q9H583 human 242,370 S1492 482210 Phosphorylation VsFNKSEsQEEMLQV
Bcl-7A BCL7A Q4VC05 human 22,810 S203 477777 Phosphorylation KKMKLEAsQQNsEEM
BRCA1 BRCA1 P38398 human 207,721 S1330 481775 Phosphorylation QMRHQsEsQGVGLsD
BTF3 BTF3 P20290 human 22,168 S30 481756 Phosphorylation PGGEAtLsQPPPRGG
C9orf89 iso2 C9orf89 Q96LW7-2 human 20,626 S113 482605 Phosphorylation CtELDsGsQSGELSN
CABIN1 CABIN1 Q9Y6J0 human 246,352 T2089 482336 Phosphorylation AQEAASEtQPLSsPP
CAF-1A CHAF1A Q13111 human 106,926 S206 452781 Phosphorylation sQECsPRsCPELtSG
CBP CREBBP Q92793 human 265,351 S124 472303 Phosphorylation AMGKsPLsQGDSsAP
CBP CREBBP Q92793 human 265,351 S1755 482091 Phosphorylation GLDDEGssQGEPQSk
CCAR1 CCAR1 Q8IX12 human 132,821 S214 482024 Phosphorylation TLPNQNQsQTQPLLK
CCDC45 CEP95 Q96GE4 human 95,297 S422 482119 Phosphorylation EETLsQHsDGIVEYG
CCDC82 CCDC82 Q8N4S0 human 64,002 S131 470966 Phosphorylation QDQEKHLsQEDNDLN
CDCA3 CDCA3 Q99618 human 28,998 T177 482632 Phosphorylation KPSRDPEtPRSsGSM
CENPF CENPF P49454 human 367,764 S2638 481801 Phosphorylation EQLVSKLsQVEGEHQ
CGGBP1 CGGBP1 Q9UFW8 human 18,820 S164 482269 Phosphorylation NENQLLNsQDC____
Chk1 CHEK1 O14757 human 54,434 S317 447833 Phosphorylation ENVkYsssQPEPRTG
CLASP2 CLASP2 O75122 human 141,133 S327 481717 Phosphorylation SDRsSsssQEsLNRP
CLASP2 CLASP2 O75122 human 141,133 S994 481715 Phosphorylation GGDAtDssQtALDNK
claspin CLSPN Q9HAW4 human 151,094 S950 469472 Phosphorylation LCsGKFtsQDAstPA
CNOT4 CNOT4 O95628 human 63,510 S71 460920 Phosphorylation PAVYKPLsQEELQRI
COPS1 GPS1 Q13098 human 55,537 S483 467705 Phosphorylation GELtPANsQsRMsTN
CREB CREB1 P16220 human 36,688 S111 451808 Phosphorylation TIAEsEDsQEsVDsV
CREB CREB1 P16220 human 36,688 T119 481751 Phosphorylation QEsVDsVtDsQKRRE
CROP LUC7L3 O95232 human 51,466 T429 467331 Phosphorylation DIKsEGDtQsN____
CSTF2 CSTF2 P33240 human 60,959 S524 481768 Phosphorylation GsQPGGFsPGQNQVt
CTH CTH P32929 human 44,508 S8 482634 Phosphorylation MQEKDASsQGFLPHF
CTNND2 CTNND2 Q9UQB3 human 132,656 S474 482311 Phosphorylation VPLQRTGsQHGPQNA
CUTL1 CUX1 P39880 human 164,187 S1233 481783 Phosphorylation PSVGtEysQGAsPQP
DAZAP1 DAZAP1 Q96EP5 human 43,383 S204 482114 Phosphorylation APGQPGAsQWGSRVV
DCK DCK P27707 human 30,519 T64 460949 Phosphorylation RWCNVQstQDEFEEL
DHPS DHPS P49366 human 40,971 S78 456306 Phosphorylation EkkLEPLsQDEDQHA
DNAJA3 DNAJA3 Q96EY1 human 52,489 S169 482116 Phosphorylation FDPGASGsQHSYWKG
DOCK7 DOCK7 Q96N67 human 242,561 S1430 482604 Phosphorylation IAsPPERsPsGsAFG
eIF3-zeta EIF3D O15371 human 63,973 S67 481700 Phosphorylation SSQFGGGsQyAYFHE
Elf-1 ELF1 P32519 human 67,498 S474 481765 Phosphorylation ILQAIPSsQPMTVLK
ELL ELL P55199 human 68,265 S561 477896 Phosphorylation DAQLRQLsQGsEEYE
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 S47 472324 Phosphorylation DPEEEkGsQPPPAAE
EXO1 EXO1 Q9UQ84 human 94,103 S714 482301 Phosphorylation CNIKLLDsQSDQTSK
FANCA FANCA O15360 human 162,775 S1449 460787 Phosphorylation AAPDADLsQEPHLF_
FANCD2 FANCD2 Q9BXW9 human 164,128 S178 482181 Phosphorylation NIPRLIVsQLkWLDR
FANCD2 FANCD2 Q9BXW9 human 164,128 S717 453231 Phosphorylation KDGGPVTsQESGQkL
FKBP4 FKBP4 Q02790 human 51,805 S451 477716 Phosphorylation QKSNtAGsQsQVETE
FLJ36779 Q96NJ1 human 14,269 S82 482620 Phosphorylation RSRVsADsQGGRAGS
FLJ37310 Q8N1X5 human 16,487 S76 482642 Phosphorylation LGNGDRPsAGATVGG
FMIP THOC5 Q13769 human 78,508 S314 467902 Phosphorylation sQDDEsDsDAEEEQt
FOG1 ZFPM1 Q8IX07 human 104,888 S668 452859 Phosphorylation RGSEGsQsPGsSVDD
GAPVD1 GAPVD1 Q14C86 human 164,980 S1105 481678 Phosphorylation DDLPdsAsQAAHPQD
GNL1 GNL1 P36915 human 68,661 S68 478176 Phosphorylation RRLNQQPsQGLGPRG
GTF2F2 GTF2F2 P13984 human 28,380 S142 460889 Phosphorylation SSkPVRLsQQLDkVV
GTF3B BRF1 Q92994 human 73,840 S433 482100 Phosphorylation SIRECISsQSSDPKD
GTF3C1 GTF3C1 Q12789 human 238,875 S1969 481843 Phosphorylation SFGAANIsQAARERD
HBXAP RSF1 Q96T23 human 163,821 S524 460896 Phosphorylation ISVLEIHsQKAQIEE
HERC1 HERC1 Q15751 human 532,228 S1517 478153 Phosphorylation sRsEsDLsQPEsDEE
HGK MAP4K4 O95819 human 142,101 S692 481734 Phosphorylation NsGsQPGsHPGsQsG
HMGA1 HMGA1 P17096 human 11,676 S44 479856 Phosphorylation PGtALVGsQkEPsEV
HOXB6 HOXB6 P17509 human 25,432 S214 450896 Phosphorylation LLSAsQLsAEEEEEK
HPCA HPCA P84074 human 22,427 S191 480099 Phosphorylation QCDPSSAsQF_____
HSPA9B HSPA9 P38646 human 73,680 S200 481780 Phosphorylation VPAYFNDsQRQAtkD
HUWE1 HUWE1 Q7Z6Z7 human 481,891 T3822 482008 Phosphorylation PsPsAQDtQSIAsDG
IGHMBP2 IGHMBP2 P38935 human 109,149 S656 481781 Phosphorylation ENYSHENsQGSSHAA
ISY1 iso1 ISY1 Q9ULR0-1 human 37,567 S222 482291 Phosphorylation YAVtEEEsDEEGsQE
JIP4 SPAG9 O60271 human 146,205 S265 482032 Phosphorylation VEQEDELsDVsQGGs
JIP4 SPAG9 O60271 human 146,205 S268 477745 Phosphorylation EDELsDVsQGGsKAt
JIP4 SPAG9 O60271 human 146,205 S730 453192 Phosphorylation GSKQRsAsQssLDKL
kanadaptin SLC4A1AP Q9BWU0 human 88,814 S532 482177 Phosphorylation QVLSEsPsQDsLDAF
KCTD12 KCTD12 Q96CX2 human 35,701 S187 454335 Phosphorylation ELAsRsPsGGAAGPL
KIAA1683 KIAA1683 Q9H0B3 human 127,693 T314 482194 Phosphorylation tRPSRAQtQGPVKAE
KLHDC5 KLHDC5 Q9P2K6 human 56,868 S410 482254 Phosphorylation LGPNRRSsQSEDMLT
LEDGF PSIP1 O75475 human 60,103 T437 482265 Phosphorylation GEGDsVItQVLNksL
LRBA LRBA P50851 human 319,108 S1787 481802 Phosphorylation VPtVDsVsQDPVSNM
LRFN1 LRFN1 Q9P244 human 82,318 S613 482666 Phosphorylation EALREVEsQAAPAVA
LRWD1 LRWD1 Q9UFC0 human 70,861 S251 453861 Phosphorylation PskRACAsPsAQVEG
MBD1 MBD1 Q9UIS9 human 66,607 S295 482279 Phosphorylation PLPPPPPsQsPEPtE
MCM2 MCM2 P49736 human 101,896 S108 456310 Phosphorylation DVEELtAsQREAAER
MCM3 MCM3 P25205 human 90,981 T674 481762 Phosphorylation RsEDEsEtEDEEEKs
MCM3 MCM3 P25205 human 90,981 S681 481760 Phosphorylation tEDEEEKsQEDQEQK
MCM7 MCM7 P33993 human 81,308 S549 481769 Phosphorylation QHsRQPPsQFEPLDM
MED1 MED1 Q15648 human 168,478 S1134 477909 Phosphorylation LsSSMyssQGSSGSs
MED17 MED17 Q9NVC6 human 72,890 S37 482237 Phosphorylation YLPPLSMsQNLARLA
MSH3 MSH3 P20585 human 127,412 S201 481757 Phosphorylation DTTLFDLsQFGSSNT
MUM1 MUM1 Q2TAK8 human 78,636 S365 481935 Phosphorylation RCLPCPDsQKLEKEC

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