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PubMed Id: 18083107 
Rikova K, et al. (2007) Global survey of phosphotyrosine signaling identifies oncogenic kinases in lung cancer. Cell 131, 1190-203 18083107
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ABCF2 ABCF2 Q9UG63 human 71,290 Y487 457776 Phosphorylation LEyMMKCyPEIKEKE
Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 Y257 450300 Phosphorylation GGQyGEVyEGVWKKy
abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 Y373 449010 Phosphorylation GsPGHtIyAKVDNEI
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 Y284 450946 Phosphorylation LPQNDDHyVMQEHRK
ACTA1 ACTA1 P68133 human 42,051 Y55 454025 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y218 450508 Phosphorylation DIkEkLCyVALDFEQ
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y240 457936 Phosphorylation sSsLEksyELPDGQV
ADD3 ADD3 Q9UEY8 human 79,155 Y446 459574 Phosphorylation WLNsPNtyMkVNVPE
AFAP AFAP1 Q8N556 human 80,725 Y353 458150 Phosphorylation EDVPtCGyLNVLSNS
AKR1B10 AKR1B10 O60218 human 36,020 Y316 454591 Phosphorylation DyPFNAEy_______
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1078 450373 Phosphorylation MELQsPEyKLSKLRT
ALK ALK Q9UM73 human 176,442 Y1092 450374 Phosphorylation TSTIMtDyNPNyCFA
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HstPPsAyGsVkAyt
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y238 450389 Phosphorylation RyKsySPyDMLEsIR
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y317 455809 Phosphorylation KYGksLyyyIQQDtk
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y318 457872 Phosphorylation YGksLyyyIQQDtkG
APLP2 APLP2 Q06481 human 86,956 Y750 454940 Phosphorylation NkMQNHGyENPtyky
APP APP P05067 human 86,943 Y757 448202 Phosphorylation SkMQQNGyENPtykF
ARPP-19 ARPP19 P56211 human 12,323 Y65 451621 Phosphorylation kyFDsGDyNMAkAkM
ATP1A1 ATP1A1 P05023 human 112,896 Y55 461949 Phosphorylation LDELHRkyGtDLsRG
ATP5I ATP5I P56385 human 7,933 Y30 462029 Phosphorylation VAyGAtRyNyLkPRA
BAG3 BAG3 O95817 human 61,595 Y457 458074 Phosphorylation kyLMIEEyLtKELLA
BAP37 PHB2 Q99623 human 33,296 Y248 457125 Phosphorylation ALskNPGyIkLRKIR
BCAP PIK3AP1 Q6ZUJ8 human 90,398 Y570 450912 Phosphorylation QERPGNFyVSSEsIR
BCS1L BCS1L Q9Y276 human 47,534 Y181 458056 Phosphorylation SEWRPFGyPRRRRPL
BRDT BRDT Q58F21 human 107,954 Y296 461920 Phosphorylation FSyAWPFyNPVDVNA
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
Cas-L NEDD9 Q14511 human 92,861 Y177 448894 Phosphorylation SRyQKDVyDIPPsHt
Caveolin-1 CAV1 Q03135 human 20,472 Y6 455028 Phosphorylation __MsGGkyVDsEGHL
CCDC79 CCDC79 Q8NA31 human 83,064 Y235 455033 Phosphorylation LTLANNTyVQKYFVS
CDCP1 CDCP1 Q9H5V8 human 92,932 Y707 451576 Phosphorylation kGPAVGIyNDNINTE
CENTD2 ARAP1 Q96P48 human 162,192 Y737 450922 Phosphorylation MKPLEKHysVVLPtV
Claudin-9 CLDN9 O95484 human 22,848 Y200 461939 Phosphorylation PRGPRLGySIPSRSG
Cofilin-2 CFL2 Q9Y281 human 18,737 Y117 457465 Phosphorylation PLkSkMIyASskDAI
COPS2 COPS2 P61201 human 51,597 Y165 462039 Phosphorylation LyLEREEyGKLQKIL
CPD CPD O75976 human 152,931 Y1344 458448 Phosphorylation LRQHHDEyEDEIRMM
CRIP2 CRIP2 P52943 human 22,493 Y196 462016 Phosphorylation NTGAVGsyIyDRDPE
CSAD CSAD Q9Y600 human 55,023 Y158 460285 Phosphorylation GGSISNMyAVNLARY
CSFR CSF1R P07333 human 107,984 Y809 448365 Phosphorylation DIMNDSNyIVkGNAR
CTNNA1 CTNNA1 P35221 human 100,071 Y280 461999 Phosphorylation GGGGELAyALNNFDK
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y174 454930 Phosphorylation AssVsNNyIQtLGRD
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y321 455136 Phosphorylation PRRRLRsyEDMIGEE
CTNNG JUP P14923 human 81,745 Y74 454990 Phosphorylation PsQGDLEyQMsTTAR
CTNNG JUP P14923 human 81,745 Y550 456972 Phosphorylation AAGtQQPytDGVRME
CTNNG JUP P14923 human 81,745 Y644 456973 Phosphorylation RNEGTATyAAAVLFR
CXADR CXADR P78310 human 40,030 Y313 462044 Phosphorylation sPsNMEGyskTQyNQ
CYFIP1 CYFIP1 Q7L576 human 145,182 Y108 457248 Phosphorylation QPNRVEIyEkTVEVL
CYSRT1 C9orf169 A8MQ03 human 15,313 Y91 456319 Phosphorylation WQQPGNPysssQRQA
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 Y162 449075 Phosphorylation QAPVGsVyQktNAVs
DDR2 DDR2 Q16832 human 96,736 Y740 456862 Phosphorylation RNLysGDyyRIQGRA
DLG1 DLG1 Q12959 human 100,455 Y760 454924 Phosphorylation yEVDGRDyHFVtsRE
DLG3 DLG3 Q92796 human 90,314 Y673 451629 Phosphorylation NEVDGQDyHFVVsRE
DOK1 DOK1 Q99704 human 52,392 Y409 448370 Phosphorylation yNPAtDDyAVPPPRS
DSC2 DSC2 Q02487 human 99,962 Y821 455121 Phosphorylation tEVDNCRytysEWHs
DSC2 DSC2 Q02487 human 99,962 Y859 462048 Phosphorylation DyVLTyNyEGRGsVA
dynactin 2 DCTN2 Q13561 human 44,231 Y86 455443 Phosphorylation TGyEsGEyEMLGEGL
DYRK3 DYRK3 O43781 human 65,714 Y367 461929 Phosphorylation CFEYQKLytyIQsRF
EFNB1 EFNB1 P98172 human 38,007 Y324 448342 Phosphorylation yEKVsGDyGHPVyIV
EFNB1 EFNB1 P98172 human 38,007 Y343 448344 Phosphorylation PQsPANIyykV____
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y998 452118 Phosphorylation sPtDsNFyRALMDEE
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1092 448057 Phosphorylation tFLPVPEyINQsVPK
ELMO2 ELMO2 Q96JJ3 human 82,615 Y48 450756 Phosphorylation WsLPNPEyytLRYAD
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y105 456731 Phosphorylation syFtTRtyGEPEsAG
EML1 EML1 O00423 human 89,861 Y186 461914 Phosphorylation VFsAEEGyVKMFLRG
eNOS NOS3 P29474 human 133,289 Y81 456466 Phosphorylation WEVGSITyDTLSAQA
EphA1 EPHA1 P21709 human 108,127 Y605 461986 Phosphorylation PyVDLQAyEDPAQGA
EphA3 EPHA3 P29320 human 110,131 Y596 449912 Phosphorylation KLPGLRtyVDPHtyE
EphA3 EPHA3 P29320 human 110,131 Y779 448910 Phosphorylation EDDPEAAyTtRGGKI
EphB1 EPHB1 P54762 human 109,885 Y600 450470 Phosphorylation IyIDPFtyEDPNEAV
EphB2 EPHB2 P29323 human 117,493 Y596 448326 Phosphorylation MtPGMKIyIDPFtyE
EphB2 EPHB2 P29323 human 117,493 Y602 448327 Phosphorylation IyIDPFtyEDPNEAV
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y774 454255 Phosphorylation ENssDPtytssLGGK
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y1107 448973 Phosphorylation PEGDyLsyREFHSAG
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y1270 457841 Phosphorylation PLRPQANysQIHHPP
ERK2 MAPK1 P28482 human 41,390 Y187 447594 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWyR
Ets-1 ETS1 P14921 human 50,408 Y205 449429 Phosphorylation sLkYENDyPsVILRD
Ezrin EZR P15311 human 69,413 Y146 448758 Phosphorylation kEVHksGyLSsERLI
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y407 447888 Phosphorylation IIDEEDtytMPSTRD
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y576 447889 Phosphorylation RyMEDstyyKAsKGK
FASN FASN P49327 human 273,427 Y2439 460090 Phosphorylation QytPkAkyHGNVMLL
Fer FER P16591 human 94,638 Y714 448461 Phosphorylation RQEDGGVyssSGLkQ
GAB1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y317 449581 Phosphorylation PPtPGNtyQIPRTFP
GABRA6 GABRA6 Q16445 human 51,024 Y420 457887 Phosphorylation GTSKIDQySRILFPV
GAGE5 GAGE5 Q13069 human 12,924 Y10 449543 Phosphorylation WRGRsTyyWPRPRRy
GCP2 TUBGCP2 Q9BSJ2 human 102,534 Y83 450608 Phosphorylation RNLDPLVyLLsKLTE
GDE AGL P35573 human 174,764 Y584 454696 Phosphorylation IREAMsAyNsHEEGR
GOLPH4 GOLIM4 O00461 human 81,880 Y673 458410 Phosphorylation PKGREEHyEEEEEEE
GPR126 GPR126 Q86SQ4 human 136,695 Y1172 456189 Phosphorylation sIGSNStyLTSKSKS
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y387 458030 Phosphorylation KVPsEGAyDIILPRA
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y414 458031 Phosphorylation TLRAEDMysAQsHQA
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
H2B1M HIST1H2BM Q99879 human 13,989 Y41 458160 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B2F HIST2H2BF Q5QNW6 human 13,920 Y41 458139 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H4 HIST1H4A P62805 human 11,367 Y52 450346 Phosphorylation KRIsGLIyEEtrGVL
HER2 ERBB2 P04626 human 137,910 Y1005 458003 Phosphorylation sPLDstFyRsLLEDD
HER3 ERBB3 P21860 human 148,098 Y1197 448640 Phosphorylation EEDEDEEyEyMNRRR
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y360 455009 Phosphorylation GrssGsPyGGGyGsG
Hrs HGS O14964 human 86,192 Y308 455122 Phosphorylation APPAssLysSPVNSS
Hrs HGS O14964 human 86,192 Y329 450191 Phosphorylation IDPELARyLNRNyWE
HSFY1 HSFY2 Q96LI6 human 45,107 Y176 458664 Phosphorylation LSKLKFyyNPNFKRG

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