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(2009) CST Curation Set: 8059; Year: 2009; Biosample/Treatment: tissue, gastrointestinal tract/untreated; Disease: gastric cancer; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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A6r TWF2 Q6IBS0 human 39,548 Y309 450383 Phosphorylation ELTAEFLyDEVHPKQ
Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 Y185 450304 Phosphorylation TAsDGKLyVsSESRF
ACADSB ACADSB P45954 human 47,485 Y198 462905 Phosphorylation RADKEGDyyVLNGSK
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 Y859 448883 Phosphorylation KKVsstHyyLLPERP
ACP1 ACP1 P24666 human 18,042 Y132 450718 Phosphorylation QLIIEDPyyGNDsDF
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 S199 477773 Phosphorylation ILtERGysFtttAER
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y198 458083 Phosphorylation kILtERGysFtttAE
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y294 454673 Phosphorylation VDIRkDLyANtVLsG
ACTN1 ACTN1 P12814 human 103,058 Y193 460481 Phosphorylation HRPELIDyGkLRkDD
ACTN4 ACTN4 O43707 human 104,854 Y234 459351 Phosphorylation AFEVAEkyLDIPkML
ACY3 ACY3 Q96HD9 human 35,241 Y165 5953187 Phosphorylation QRSGEESyNLDSVAK
AFAP1L2 AFAP1L2 Q8N4X5 human 91,300 Y413 451085 Phosphorylation DPsPDHLysFRILHK
AIP1 MAGI2 Q86UL8 human 158,754 Y362 472690 Phosphorylation EKIDDPIyGTyyVDH
albumin ALB P02768 human 69,367 Y164 456701 Phosphorylation TFLkkyLyEIArRHP
albumin ALB P02768 human 69,367 Y365 1012798 Phosphorylation YARRHPDysVVLLLR
ANK1 ANK1 P16157 human 206,265 Y603 472707 Phosphorylation HsPAWNGytPLHIAA
ANK1 ANK1 P16157 human 206,265 Y1073 3421307 Phosphorylation MSRLCQDyDTIGPEG
ANK3 ANK3 Q12955 human 480,410 Y533 451580 Phosphorylation NAAttsGytPLHLsA
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HstPPsAyGsVkAyt
ANXA4 ANXA4 P09525 human 35,883 Y296 3901762 Phosphorylation RLYGkSLysFIkGDT
ANXA5 ANXA5 P08758 human 35,937 Y297 462974 Phosphorylation kNFATSLysMIkGDT
ANXA6 ANXA6 P08133 human 75,873 Y302 476957 Phosphorylation TKyEkSLysMIkNDT
Arg ABL2 P42684 human 128,343 Y439 447923 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
ARHGAP12 ARHGAP12 Q8IWW6 human 96,254 Y243 451932 Phosphorylation GRPDsPVyANLQELK
ARHGAP42 ARHGAP42 A6NI28 human 98,569 Y792 462467 Phosphorylation DtAssNGyQRPGsVV
ASS1 ASS1 P00966 human 46,530 Y133 463014 Phosphorylation VRFELsCysLAPQIK
ATP1A1 ATP1A1 P05023 human 112,896 Y55 461949 Phosphorylation LDELHRkyGtDLsRG
ATP6V1E1 ATP6V1E1 P36543 human 26,145 Y56 463029 Phosphorylation QRLKIMEyyEKKEKQ
ATP6V1E2 ATP6V1E2 Q96A05 human 26,074 Y57 475350 Phosphorylation RLKIMEyyEKKEKQI
ATP6V1H ATP6V1H Q9UI12 human 55,883 Y388 457240 Phosphorylation VRLNEKNyELLKILT
BAP37 PHB2 Q99623 human 33,296 Y248 457125 Phosphorylation ALskNPGyIkLRKIR
Bcr BCR P11274 human 142,819 Y177 447792 Phosphorylation ADAEKPFyVNVEFHH
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
Cas-L NEDD9 Q14511 human 92,861 Y92 448893 Phosphorylation TFGQQKLyQVPNPQA
Cas-L NEDD9 Q14511 human 92,861 Y106 454832 Phosphorylation AAPRDtIyQVPPsyQ
Catalase CAT P04040 human 59,756 Y84 463116 Phosphorylation KGAGAFGyFEVTHDI
Cbl-b CBLB Q13191 human 109,450 Y889 450827 Phosphorylation tNRtsQDyDQLPsCs
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykGR
CDK3 CDK3 Q00526 human 35,046 Y15 449490 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVyKAK
Claudin-2 CLDN2 P57739 human 24,549 Y198 462034 Phosphorylation RsNyyDAyQAQPLAT
CLTC CLTC Q00610 human 191,615 Y899 455645 Phosphorylation RFLRENPyyDsRVVG
CLTC CLTC Q00610 human 191,615 Y1206 463152 Phosphorylation QQVGDRCyDEkMyDA
CLYBL CLYBL Q8N0X4 human 37,359 Y224 12223303 Phosphorylation KETLDILyARQKIVV
CNP CNP P09543 human 47,579 Y110 455175 Phosphorylation LDEDLAAyCRRRDIR
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
CRK CRK P46108 human 33,831 Y221 447951 Phosphorylation GGPEPGPyAQPsVNt
CTNNA1 CTNNA1 P35221 human 100,071 Y177 457896 Phosphorylation EQDLGIQykALkPEV
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y228 449648 Phosphorylation yPGGsDNyGsLsRVt
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y904 457825 Phosphorylation TksLDNNystPNERG
CYB5R1 CYB5R1 Q9UHQ9 human 34,095 Y84 479151 Phosphorylation LPVGKHIyLSTRIDG
DAPP1 DAPP1 Q9UN19 human 32,194 Y139 448325 Phosphorylation kVEEPsIyEsVRVHT
DDR1 DDR1 Q08345 human 101,128 Y792 462055 Phosphorylation FGMsRNLyAGDyyRV
DDR1 DDR1 Q08345 human 101,128 Y796 457957 Phosphorylation RNLyAGDyyRVQGRA
DLG3 DLG3 Q92796 human 90,314 Y673 451629 Phosphorylation NEVDGQDyHFVVsRE
DYRK1A DYRK1A Q13627 human 85,584 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK2 DYRK2 Q92630 human 66,652 Y382 454666 Phosphorylation EHQRVytyIQsRFYR
EEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 Y29 449568 Phosphorylation tttGHLIykCGGIDk
EEF1A2 EEF1A2 Q05639 human 50,470 Y29 449569 Phosphorylation tttGHLIykCGGIDk
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1172 448059 Phosphorylation IsLDNPDyQQDFFPk
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1197 448060 Phosphorylation stAENAEyLRVAPQS
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 Y44 448919 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
EPS8 EPS8 Q12929 human 91,882 Y525 457963 Phosphorylation NRHIDRNyEPLKtQP
ERK2 MAPK1 P28482 human 41,390 T185 447593 Phosphorylation HDHtGFLtEyVAtRW
ERP29 ERP29 P30040 human 28,993 Y66 457923 Phosphorylation KFDTQyPyGEKQDEF
ESYT1 ESYT1 Q9BSJ8 human 122,856 Y822 450610 Phosphorylation GTkHLsPyAtLtVGD
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y397 447887 Phosphorylation sVsEtDDyAEIIDEE
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y441 462051 Phosphorylation GDVHQGIyMsPENPA
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y576 447889 Phosphorylation RyMEDstyyKAsKGK
FCER1G FCER1G P30273 human 9,667 Y65 451737 Phosphorylation yEkSDGVytGLstRN
Fer FER P16591 human 94,638 Y402 457934 Phosphorylation EPPPVVNyEEDARsV
FGD5 FGD5 Q6ZNL6 human 159,891 Y820 464904 Phosphorylation TANENDGyVDMSSFN
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 Y1604 458019 Phosphorylation QDNHDGtytVAYVPD
FLNA FLNA P21333 human 280,739 Y2388 458020 Phosphorylation tEIDQDKyAVRFIPR
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y214 455043 Phosphorylation KLDNGGyyITtRAQF
G6PD G6PD P11413 human 59,257 Y401 450521 Phosphorylation VQPNEAVytkMMTKk
GAB1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y406 447946 Phosphorylation DAssQDCyDIPRAFP
GATM GATM P50440 human 48,455 Y275 12223281 Phosphorylation QRSQVTNyLGIEWMR
GATM GATM P50440 human 48,455 Y289 4195948 Phosphorylation RRHLAPDyRVHIISF
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 Y598 454381 Phosphorylation GsGADsDyENtQsGD
GLUD1 GLUD1 P00367 human 61,398 Y512 463452 Phosphorylation IVHSGLAytMERSAR
GPRC5B GPRC5B Q9NZH0 human 44,795 Y376 462507 Phosphorylation APFRSNVyQPTEMAV
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y312 462496 Phosphorylation KSSPEQsyQGDMyPT
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y324 462497 Phosphorylation yPTRGVGyEtILkEQ
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y414 458031 Phosphorylation TLRAEDMysAQsHQA
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y438 457818 Phosphorylation sQVFRNPyVWD____
GRF-1 ARHGAP35 Q9NRY4 human 170,514 Y1105 448941 Phosphorylation RNEEENIysVPHDst
GSK3A GSK3A P49840 human 50,981 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
GSK3A GSK3A P49840 human 50,981 S282 467965 Phosphorylation PNVsyICsRyyRAPE
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
GSTA1 GSTA1 P08263 human 25,631 Y49 462286 Phosphorylation DKLRNDGyLMFQQVP
GSTA2 GSTA2 P09210 human 25,664 Y147 3471546 Phosphorylation LKsHGQDyLVGNkLs
H4 HIST1H4A P62805 human 11,367 Y89 457867 Phosphorylation VtAMDVVyALkRQGR
HBB HBB P68871 human 15,998 Y131 465302 Phosphorylation tPPVQAAyQkVVAGV
HBB HBB P68871 human 15,998 Y146 464837 Phosphorylation ANALAHkyH______
Hic-5 TGFB1I1 O43294 human 49,814 Y60 450964 Phosphorylation SGDKDHLystVCKPR
HIPK1 HIPK1 Q86Z02 human 130,843 Y352 450388 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
HIPK2 HIPK2 Q9H2X6 human 130,966 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
HIPK3 HIPK3 Q9H422 human 133,743 S362 4777846 Phosphorylation VCstyLQsRYYRAPE
HSP60 HSPD1 P10809 human 61,055 Y243 457891 Phosphorylation kCEFQDAyVLLsEkk
IDH1 IDH1 O75874 human 46,659 S41 23114928 Phosphorylation yVELDLHsyDLGIEN

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