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(2007) CST Curation Set: 2658; Year: 2007; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, Jurkat/pervanadate & calyculin; Disease: T cell leukemia; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AARSD1 AARSD1 Q9BTE6-2 human 58,752 Y106 476948 Phosphorylation ELAHVEHyAELLKKV
ACLY ACLY P53396 human 120,839 Y682 450360 Phosphorylation sRtTDGVyEGVAIGG
AKAP12 AKAP12 Q02952 human 191,482 S381 10941947 Phosphorylation yEkVELPsEEQVsGs
AKAP2 AKAP2 Q9Y2D5 human 94,661 Y850 462949 Phosphorylation LRWEAGIyANQEEED
ANKRD13 ANKRD13A Q8IZ07 human 67,619 Y485 472710 Phosphorylation VHLQDEDyEIMQFAI
ATG2B ATG2B Q96BY7 human 232,763 Y2012 475446 Phosphorylation TDTAQTIyEtAAREH
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
CAPRIN1 CAPRIN1 Q14444 human 78,366 Y283 457454 Phosphorylation EPEPAEEyTEQsEVE
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y446 448776 Phosphorylation GtEPEPVysMEAADy
DBN1 DBN1 Q16643 human 71,429 Y597 449001 Phosphorylation GTQAsEGyFsQsQEE
DBNL DBNL Q9UJU6 human 48,207 Y334 450090 Phosphorylation QAEEEAVyEEPPEQE
dynactin 2 DCTN2 Q13561 human 44,231 Y207 477004 Phosphorylation PDsSLVTyELHSRPE
EM55 MPP1 Q00013 human 52,296 Y48 457933 Phosphorylation NtVtEDMytNGsPAP
EM55 MPP1 Q00013 human 52,296 S57 3193847 Phosphorylation NGsPAPGsPAQVKGQ
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y90 459233 Phosphorylation LLyQskGyNDDyyEE
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y94 448937 Phosphorylation skGyNDDyyEEsyFt
EPB41 EPB41 P11171 human 97,017 Y767 463286 Phosphorylation TETKTITyEAAQTDD
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 Y906 450714 Phosphorylation TETKTItyEsPQIDG
EPB41L3 EPB41L3 Q9Y2J2 human 120,678 Y987 465102 Phosphorylation TETKTITyESSQVDP
FXR1 FXR1 P51114 human 69,721 Y103 475380 Phosphorylation YAACDATyNEIVTFE
FXR2 FXR2 P51116 human 74,223 Y113 475381 Phosphorylation YAACDATyNEIVTLE
hnRNP E2 PCBP2 Q15366 human 38,580 Y236 454748 Phosphorylation AytIQGQyAIPQPDL
IL2RG IL2RG P31785 human 42,287 Y325 463586 Phosphorylation AEsLQPDysERLCLV
KHDRBS1 KHDRBS1 Q07666 human 48,227 Y396 460169 Phosphorylation QsQGDSEyyDYGHGE
LOC646603 C4orf51 C9J302 human 23,001 S2 25298847 Phosphorylation ______MsHYFYLTP
midasin MDN1 Q9NU22 human 632,820 Y5163 473745 Phosphorylation DAyDAQTyDVASKEQ
MORF4L1 MORF4L1 Q9UBU8 human 41,474 Y123 477079 Phosphorylation QkANQEQyAEGkMRG
NEK9 NEK9 Q8TD19 human 107,168 Y845 473796 Phosphorylation sEKDtLPyEELQGLK
NSBP1 HMGN5 P82970 human 31,525 Y76 454040 Phosphorylation EAVVEEDyNENAKNG
NUP93 NUP93 Q8N1F7 human 93,488 Y166 463926 Phosphorylation tQEsEPsyIsDVGPP
PAR3-alpha PARD3 Q8TEW0 human 151,423 Y119 473835 Phosphorylation NVSAFQPyQATSEIE
RBM33 RBM33 Q96EV2 human 129,986 Y148 3542624 Phosphorylation EYPEEGQyEGHEAEL
ROCK1 ROCK1 Q13464 human 158,175 Y913 473283 Phosphorylation RGLLEEQyFELtQES
RSRC2 RSRC2 Q7L4I2 human 50,560 Y407 967364 Phosphorylation FRNLDAQyEMARSQT
SRPK1 SRPK1 Q96SB4 human 74,325 Y365 477144 Phosphorylation GVIEVINyTQNSNNE
STI1 STIP1 P31948 human 62,639 Y354 448957 Phosphorylation kEQERLAyINPDLAL
SUGT1 SUGT1 Q9Y2Z0 human 41,024 Y317 448955 Phosphorylation NRLFQQIysDGsDEV
SYNGR2 SYNGR2 O43760 human 24,810 Y218 475520 Phosphorylation NAETTEGyQPPPVy_
SYNGR2 SYNGR2 O43760 human 24,810 Y224 474142 Phosphorylation GyQPPPVy_______
TUBA1A TUBA1A Q71U36 human 50,136 Y432 6835023 Phosphorylation MAALEkDyEEVGVDs
TUBA1B TUBA1B P68363 human 50,152 Y432 458555 Phosphorylation MAALEkDyEEVGVDs
TUBA1C TUBA1C Q9BQE3 human 49,895 Y432 459373 Phosphorylation MAALEkDyEEVGADs
TUBA4A TUBA4A P68366 human 49,924 Y432 448950 Phosphorylation MAALEKDyEEVGIDs
ZXDC ZXDC Q2QGD7 human 89,988 S523 25321118 Phosphorylation SDTPANAsGSAGGSD

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