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PubMed Id: 19854140 
Choudhary C, et al. (2009) Mislocalized activation of oncogenic RTKs switches downstream signaling outcomes. Mol Cell 36, 326-39 19854140
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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1700021F05Rik 1700021F05Rik Q9CQF4 mouse 27,847 S106 457079 Phosphorylation KEADEEDsDEETsyP
AAK1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 mouse 103,346 S635 467380 Phosphorylation AGHRRILsDVtHsAV
ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6P542 mouse 94,945 S107 453457 Phosphorylation KQLsVPAsDEEDEVP
ABCF1 Abcf1 Q6P542 mouse 94,945 S194 467383 Phosphorylation sKPAAADsEGEEEEE
ACC1 Acaca Q5SWU9 mouse 265,257 S29 448771 Phosphorylation GsVsEDNsEDEIsNL
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S295 467398 Phosphorylation EVDEAQKsREAEAPt
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S391 453032 Phosphorylation EEKsQsPsPPPLPED
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S479 467400 Phosphorylation AQLLRsLsPLsGttD
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 S657 453033 Phosphorylation SSsRKsLsPGVSRDS
ACSS2 Acss2 Q9QXG4 mouse 78,862 S30 465738 Phosphorylation EGRVRGWsPPPEVRR
ADD2 Add2 Q9QYB8 mouse 80,642 S712 449802 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKSKK
ADD3 Add3 Q9QYB5 mouse 78,777 S681 453010 Phosphorylation PDGsPsKsPsKKKKK
ADD3 Add3 Q9QYB5 mouse 78,777 S693 452158 Phosphorylation KKKFRtPsFLKKNKK
AKAP8 Akap8 Q9DBR0 mouse 76,294 S320 467366 Phosphorylation AKLARADsDGDLsEN
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 S784 467457 Phosphorylation MPENALPsDEDDKDP
APC2 Anapc2 Q8BZQ7 mouse 95,307 S549 455837 Phosphorylation LLHQFSFsPEREIRN
ARHGEF7 Arhgef7 Q9ES28 mouse 97,056 S673 455215 Phosphorylation RKPERKPsDEEFAVR
ARMC10 Armc10 Q9D0L7 mouse 33,311 S43 454558 Phosphorylation RRLRPsRsAEDLtDG
ARRB1 Arrb1 Q8BWG8 mouse 46,973 S412 447493 Phosphorylation EEDDGtGsPHLNNR_
ataxin-1 Atxn1 P54254 mouse 83,793 S213 455767 Phosphorylation AGLVNPGsPPPPtQQ
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 S109 451944 Phosphorylation tGKGPPQsPVFEGVy
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 S562 451949 Phosphorylation FKLQPsssPEtGLDP
ATP8A1 Atp8a1 P70704 mouse 131,413 S25 467519 Phosphorylation yEKtDDVsEktsLAD
ATRX Atrx Q61687 mouse 278,587 S719 467526 Phosphorylation IGDQNsDsDEMLAVL
BAD Bad Q61337 mouse 22,080 S136 447862 Phosphorylation PFRGRsRsAPPNLWA
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S342 467539 Phosphorylation YTEKLKFsDEEDGRD
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S1012 456869 Phosphorylation PRLRRDYsyERVGPT
BAT2 Prrc2a Q7TSC1 mouse 229,203 S1217 452699 Phosphorylation KLISGPLsPMsRAGN
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P50136 mouse 50,371 S334 449636 Phosphorylation TYRIGHHstsDDssA
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P50136 mouse 50,371 S344 451657 Phosphorylation DDssAyRsVDEVNyW
Bcl-6 Bcl6 P41183 mouse 78,982 S334 447600 Phosphorylation KGLVsPQsPQKsDCQ
BCLAF1 Bclaf1 Q8K019 mouse 106,002 S510 459688 Phosphorylation LKELFDysPPLHKsL
BICD2 Bicd2 Q921C5 mouse 93,391 S578 451873 Phosphorylation PEGRGRRsPVLLPKG
BNIP2 Bnip2 O54940 mouse 37,769 S114 467558 Phosphorylation TEVIRKGsItEYtAT
BRAF Braf P28028 mouse 88,780 S483 447804 Phosphorylation KTLGRRDssDDWEIP
BRD1 Brd1 E9PZ26 mouse 133,373 S1186 467562 Phosphorylation GEPAsDLsDID____
BRD3 Brd3 Q8K2F0 mouse 79,762 S262 452427 Phosphorylation ITASRsEsPPPLSEP
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 S200 465752 Phosphorylation RHDtPDLsPPRRVRH
Calnexin Canx P35564 mouse 67,278 S563 456360 Phosphorylation EEDGVtGsQDEEDsK
capicua Cic Q924A2 mouse 258,130 S2311 453485 Phosphorylation sAPEDPtsPKRKMRR
CBFA2T2 Cbfa2t2 O70374 mouse 65,904 S24 452545 Phosphorylation RVPAMPGsPVEVKIQ
CCDC6 Ccdc6 D3YZP9 mouse 52,939 S237 450707 Phosphorylation QPVsAPPsPRDISME
CCDC86 Ccdc86 Q9JJ89 mouse 46,487 S18 455412 Phosphorylation LEGLKPLsPENLPVP
CCNE2 Ccne2 Q9Z238 mouse 46,669 T392 452067 Phosphorylation VCNGGIMtPPKSTEK
CCNL1 Ccnl1 Q52KE7 mouse 60,133 S344 453267 Phosphorylation LGGFsPAskPssPRE
CD84 Cd84 Q18PI6 mouse 37,378 Y265 463126 Phosphorylation DVsKKtVyAVVsRNA
CD84 Cd84 Q18PI6 mouse 37,378 Y280 454840 Phosphorylation QPTESRIyDEIPQsK
CDK1 Cdk1 P11440 mouse 34,107 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EKIGEGtyGVVyKGR
CDK10 Cdk10 Q3UMM4 mouse 40,961 T196 466984 Phosphorylation GVPVKPMtPKVVTLW
CDK13 Cdk13 Q69ZA1 mouse 164,553 S438 451875 Phosphorylation RsRsRHssIsPstLt
CDK3 Cdk3 Q80YP0 mouse 33,888 Y15 449490 Phosphorylation EKIGEGtyGVVyKAR
Cezanne Otud7b B2RUR8 mouse 91,983 S467 467638 Phosphorylation stPEsGEsDKEsVGs
CHD-1 Chd1 P40201 mouse 196,385 S5 467648 Phosphorylation ___MNGHsDEESVRN
CK2B Csnk2b P67871 mouse 24,942 S2 447646 Phosphorylation ______MsssEEVSW
COQ9 Coq9 Q8K1Z0 mouse 35,083 S81 467685 Phosphorylation PPRYtDQsGEEEEDY
CRYAB Cryab P23927 mouse 20,069 S59 448783 Phosphorylation PSFLRAPsWIDtGLS
CTNNA1 Ctnna1 P26231 mouse 100,106 S641 449139 Phosphorylation tPEELDDsDFEtEDF
CUTL1 Cux1 P53564 mouse 165,596 S1265 460701 Phosphorylation YQQkPYPsPKTIEEL
DBC-1 Ccar2 Q8VDP4 mouse 103,002 S677 453497 Phosphorylation tEVRsVAsNQsEMEy
DDX21 Ddx21 Q9JIK5 mouse 93,551 S118 455963 Phosphorylation EIItEEPsEEEADMP
DOCK2 Dock2 Q8C3J5 mouse 211,704 Y212 449008 Phosphorylation DQPDyGVySRISSSP
eEF1B Eef1b O70251 mouse 24,694 S106 452653 Phosphorylation DDIDLFGsDDEEEsE
eIF2B-epsilon Eif2b5 Q8CHW4 mouse 80,086 S536 449905 Phosphorylation VDPEELDsRAGsPQL
EIF3C Eif3c Q8R1B4 mouse 105,531 S39 457560 Phosphorylation GKQPLLLsEDEEDtK
ENO3 Eno3 P21550 mouse 47,025 Y44 458370 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
EPB41L2 Epb41l2 O70318 mouse 109,940 S38 452204 Phosphorylation ENEQtPVsEPEEEKG
ERK2 Mapk1 P63085 mouse 41,276 Y185 447594 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWYR
ESYT2 Esyt2 Q3TZZ7 mouse 94,139 S685 449187 Phosphorylation PsIAsDIsLPIATQE
EZH2 Ezh2 Q61188 mouse 85,292 T487 452848 Phosphorylation VPTEDVDtPPRKKKR
FAM122A Fam122a Q9DB52 mouse 30,270 S267 454578 Phosphorylation tttDsPVsPAQAAsP
FAM122B Fam122b Q6NZE7 mouse 27,686 S115 455401 Phosphorylation RIDFtPVsPAPsPtR
FAM122B Fam122b Q6NZE7 mouse 27,686 S119 455402 Phosphorylation tPVsPAPsPtRGFGK
FAM129A Fam129a Q3UW53 mouse 102,649 S601 467580 Phosphorylation AsPARRVsAILPGAP
FAM53C Fam53c Q8BXQ8 mouse 43,261 S232 467586 Phosphorylation CPPQRRFsLsPsLGP
FHOD1 Fhod1 Q6P9Q4 mouse 129,600 S370 452521 Phosphorylation EGKRSrRsLEGGGCP
FNBP3 Prpf40a Q9R1C7 mouse 108,481 S884 452582 Phosphorylation HKsDsPEsDtEREKD
G6PD G6pdx Q00612 mouse 59,263 Y401 450521 Phosphorylation VQPNEAVytKMMTKK
GAPDH Gapdh P16858 mouse 35,810 Y316 450721 Phosphorylation ISWyDNEyGySNRVV
GRF-1 Grlf1 Q91YM2 mouse 170,393 S1179 452492 Phosphorylation RtSFsVGsDDELGPI
GTF2F2 Gtf2f2 Q8R0A0 mouse 28,381 S248 456886 Phosphorylation HYQTEEKsD______
GTPBP1 Gtpbp1 O08582 mouse 72,301 S44 467311 Phosphorylation RLHGGFDsDCsEDGE
H2AX H2afx P27661 mouse 15,143 S137 455687 Phosphorylation PAVGkKAsQAsQEy_
Hck Hck P08103 mouse 59,129 Y409 448168 Phosphorylation RIIEDNEytAREGAK
HDAC1 Hdac1 O09106 mouse 55,075 S421 447912 Phosphorylation IACEEEFsDsDEEGE
HDAC2 Hdac2 P70288 mouse 55,302 S394 449930 Phosphorylation EDAVHEDsGDEDGED
HDGF2 iso3 Hdgfrp2 Q3UMU9-3 mouse 75,246 S459 465651 Phosphorylation VERTRKRsEGLsLER
HePTP Ptpn7 Q8BUM3 mouse 40,351 S93 448310 Phosphorylation TLQHQPPsPKQLEEE
HMGA1 Hmga1 P17095 mouse 11,614 S36 455950 Phosphorylation PRKQPPVsPGtALVG
HN1 Hn1 P97825 mouse 16,081 S87 455943 Phosphorylation PGTQRsNssEAssGD
hnRNP A1 Hnrnpa1 P49312 mouse 34,196 S6 455946 Phosphorylation __MsksEsPkEPEQL
hnRNP I Ptbp1 P17225 mouse 56,478 Y126 455639 Phosphorylation VLRGQPIyIQFSNHK
INCENP Incenp Q9WU62 mouse 101,209 S245 455415 Phosphorylation AsWGLQDsPGstDsP
JunB Junb P09450 mouse 35,765 S256 452631 Phosphorylation RDAtPPVsPINMEDQ
KI-67 Mki67 E9PVX6 mouse 350,864 S1825 456070 Phosphorylation TTKIALQsPQPGHII
KI-67 Mki67 E9PVX6 mouse 350,864 S2220 456076 Phosphorylation TLGKKtKsPGRAPGt
KLC2 Klc2 O88448 mouse 66,662 S575 452949 Phosphorylation SRMKRAssLNFLNKS
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S395 460763 Phosphorylation RLsPsPtsQRsRGRA
Lamin B1 Lmnb1 P14733 mouse 66,786 S394 454275 Phosphorylation ERLkLsPsPssRVtV
LOK Stk10 O55098 mouse 111,906 T950 449363 Phosphorylation EAEPRPttPsKASNF
LRRC8C Lrrc8c Q8R502 mouse 92,372 S215 456647 Phosphorylation VRsQsLKsIPEKFVV

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