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(2006) CST Curation Set: 1643; Year: 2006; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, SNU-16/untreated; Disease: gastric carcinoma; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Abi-1 ABI1 Q8IZP0 human 55,081 Y198 455437 Phosphorylation tLGRNtPyKtLEPVK
Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 Y393 450298 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
AHCYL1 AHCYL1 O43865 human 58,951 Y28 457506 Phosphorylation EIEDAEKysFMATVt
AKR1C3 AKR1C3 P42330 human 36,853 Y323 462006 Phosphorylation NYPysDEy_______
ANKRD1 ANKRD1 Q15327 human 36,252 Y274 472635 Phosphorylation MIRLLIMyGADLNIK
ANKRD26 ANKRD26 Q9UPS8 human 196,324 Y296 462968 Phosphorylation RKNLEATyGTVRTGN
ANXA1 ANXA1 P04083 human 38,714 Y39 455149 Phosphorylation PGsAVsPyPtFNPsS
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y30 450390 Phosphorylation AyGsVkAytNFDAER
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y316 455573 Phosphorylation RKYGksLyyyIQQDt
APLP2 APLP2 Q06481 human 86,956 Y750 454940 Phosphorylation NkMQNHGyENPtyky
APP APP P05067 human 86,943 Y757 448202 Phosphorylation SkMQQNGyENPtykF
ARPP-19 ARPP19 P56211 human 12,323 Y59 456550 Phosphorylation RLQKGQkyFDsGDyN
ATP1A1 ATP1A1 P05023 human 112,896 Y10 452054 Phosphorylation KGVGRDkyEPAAVsE
ATP1A1 ATP1A1 P05023 human 112,896 Y260 454981 Phosphorylation TARGIVVytGDRtVM
ATP5H ATP5H O75947 human 18,491 Y150 463024 Phosphorylation TkLDkkkyPyWPHQP
ATP6V1C1 ATP6V1C1 P21283 human 43,942 Y367 463028 Phosphorylation NLsQQEYyPYVYYKI
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
CC2D1A CC2D1A Q6P1N0 human 104,062 Y207 454046 Phosphorylation GPAstPtysPAPtQP
CCDC124 CCDC124 Q96CT7 human 25,835 Y38 479040 Phosphorylation QKELEDAyWKDDDKH
CD46 iso4 CD46 P15529-4 human 41,359 Y354 451709 Phosphorylation kADGGAEyAtyQtkS
CD46 iso4 CD46 P15529-4 human 41,359 Y357 451710 Phosphorylation GGAEyAtyQtkSttP
CDCP1 CDCP1 Q9H5V8 human 92,932 Y707 451576 Phosphorylation kGPAVGIyNDNINTE
CDH1 CDH1 P12830 human 97,456 Y876 458480 Phosphorylation FKkLADMyGGGEDD_
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykGR
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVykGRHkTT
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y15 447740 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykAR
CDV-3 CDV3 Q9UKY7 human 27,335 Y190 449688 Phosphorylation PQGPPEIysDtQFPs
Claudin-3 CLDN3 O15551 human 23,319 Y219 457804 Phosphorylation tGyDRKDyV______
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
coronin 1C CORO1C Q9ULV4 human 53,249 Y301 450628 Phosphorylation EITDEsPyVHyLNTF
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y178 454843 Phosphorylation ksAVGFDyQGktEKH
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y421 447702 Phosphorylation RLPssPVyEDAAsFK
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 Y446 448776 Phosphorylation GtEPEPVysMEAADy
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y96 449495 Phosphorylation QDHSHLLystIPRMQ
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y174 454930 Phosphorylation AssVsNNyIQtLGRD
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y193 457900 Phosphorylation GNGGPGPyVGQAGtA
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y228 449648 Phosphorylation yPGGsDNyGsLsRVt
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y257 450397 Phosphorylation APsRQDVyGPQPQVR
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y291 450175 Phosphorylation DDQRsMGyDDLDyGM
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y296 450176 Phosphorylation MGyDDLDyGMMsDyG
CTNND1 CTNND1 O60716 human 108,170 Y302 450177 Phosphorylation DyGMMsDyGtARRtG
CTNNG JUP P14923 human 81,745 Y660 459392 Phosphorylation SEDKNPDyRKRVsVE
CTPS CTPS1 P17812 human 66,690 Y473 458490 Phosphorylation kLYGDADyLEERHRH
CXADR CXADR P78310 human 40,030 Y318 455154 Phosphorylation EGyskTQyNQVPsED
DDX17 DDX17 Q92841 human 80,272 Y279 464884 Phosphorylation RLkStCIyGGAPkGP
DDX3 DDX3X O00571 human 73,243 Y104 448983 Phosphorylation DDrGrsDyDGIGsrG
DDX3Y DDX3Y O15523 human 73,154 Y464 473350 Phosphorylation DFLyHEGyACTSIHG
DLG3 DLG3 Q92796 human 90,314 Y808 473093 Phosphorylation IEDQSGHyIWVPSPE
DNMT1 DNMT1 P26358 human 183,165 Y969 459275 Phosphorylation EPVDEDLyPEHYRkY
DSC2 DSC2 Q02487 human 99,962 Y823 457519 Phosphorylation VDNCRytysEWHsFT
DSC3 DSC3 Q14574 human 99,969 Y818 465147 Phosphorylation VDNCRytysEWHsFT
DYRK1A DYRK1A Q13627 human 85,584 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK2 DYRK2 Q92630 human 66,652 Y382 454666 Phosphorylation EHQRVytyIQsRFYR
EFNB1 EFNB1 P98172 human 38,007 Y317 448341 Phosphorylation ENNyCPHyEKVsGDy
EFNB2 EFNB2 P52799 human 36,923 Y316 447830 Phosphorylation GDyGHPVyIVQEMPP
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y727 457949 Phosphorylation sGAFGtVykGLWIPE
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1092 448057 Phosphorylation tFLPVPEyINQsVPK
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1110 448058 Phosphorylation GsVQNPVyHNQPLNP
EGFR EGFR P00533 human 134,277 Y1172 448059 Phosphorylation IsLDNPDyQQDFFPk
EHM2 iso2 EPB41L4B Q9H329-2 human 58,566 Y493 451634 Phosphorylation GDDsHFDyVHDQNQK
EIF1 EIF1 P41567 human 12,732 Y30 450556 Phosphorylation LPAGTEDyIHIRIQQ
EIF1 EIF1 P41567 human 12,732 Y79 457300 Phosphorylation tVIEHPEyGEVIQLQ
eIF3-beta EIF3I Q13347 human 36,502 Y308 450584 Phosphorylation SSGGEDGyVRIHYFD
ENSA ENSA O43768 human 13,389 Y64 464702 Phosphorylation RLQKGQkyFDsGDyN
EphA1 EPHA1 P21709 human 108,127 Y781 457520 Phosphorylation LDDFDGtyEtQGGkI
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y575 454954 Phosphorylation RQsPEDVyFsksEQL
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y594 450860 Phosphorylation tyVDPHtyEDPNQAV
EphA2 EPHA2 P29317 human 108,266 Y772 450861 Phosphorylation EDDPEAtyttsGGkI
EphB3 EPHB3 P54753 human 110,330 Y608 451547 Phosphorylation IAPGMKVyIDPFtyE
EphB3 EPHB3 P54753 human 110,330 Y614 448275 Phosphorylation VyIDPFtyEDPNEAV
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y590 450854 Phosphorylation IGHGtKVyIDPFtyE
EphB4 EPHB4 P54760 human 108,270 Y596 450855 Phosphorylation VyIDPFtyEDPNEAV
epsin 2 EPN2 O95208 human 68,482 Y186 455128 Phosphorylation TSHsEQEyGKAGGsP
epsin 3 EPN3 Q9H201 human 68,222 Y176 473539 Phosphorylation SRRyGEDysRSRGsP
ERK2 MAPK1 P28482 human 41,390 Y187 447594 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWyR
FBXO6 FBXO6 Q9NRD1 human 33,933 Y286 478787 Phosphorylation EEAAQsPyRAVVQIF
FGFR4 FGFR4 P22455 human 87,954 Y642 461988 Phosphorylation RGVHHIDyyKKTSNG
FRK FRK P42685 human 58,254 Y497 451535 Phosphorylation YFEtDssysDANNFI
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y213 451536 Phosphorylation RKLDNGGyyITtRAQ
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y214 455043 Phosphorylation KLDNGGyyITtRAQF
FZD5 FZD5 Q13467 human 64,507 Y556 473083 Phosphorylation GAMAAGDyPEASAAL
GAB1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y406 447946 Phosphorylation DAssQDCyDIPRAFP
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 Y545 448965 Phosphorylation ELEDDAIysVHVPAG
GPRC5C GPRC5C Q9NQ84 human 48,193 Y317 455178 Phosphorylation QsyQGDMyPTRGVGy
GSK3A GSK3A P49840 human 50,981 Y279 447723 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
GUK1 GUK1 Q16774 human 21,726 Y53 457753 Phosphorylation GEENGkDyyFVTREV
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 Y41 458004 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B1H HIST1H2BH Q93079 human 13,892 Y41 457990 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B2E HIST2H2BE Q16778 human 13,920 Y43 478381 Phosphorylation EsysIyVykVLkQVH
H2B2F HIST2H2BF Q5QNW6 human 13,920 Y41 458139 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
Hck HCK P08631 human 59,600 Y411 448168 Phosphorylation RVIEDNEytAREGAk
HER3 ERBB3 P21860 human 148,098 Y1276 449857 Phosphorylation GGGPGGDyAAMGACP
HIPK1 HIPK1 Q86Z02 human 130,843 Y352 450388 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
HIPK3 HIPK3 Q9H422 human 133,743 Y359 450649 Phosphorylation SKTVCstyLQsRYYR
hnRNP 2H9 HNRNPH3 P31942 human 36,926 Y296 448988 Phosphorylation GMDNQGGyGsVGrMG
hnRNP A2/B1 HNRNPA2B1 P22626 human 37,430 Y336 455011 Phosphorylation GPyGGGNyGPGGsGG
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y360 455009 Phosphorylation GrssGsPyGGGyGsG
hnRNP H1 HNRNPH1 P31943 human 49,229 Y306 450551 Phosphorylation RAtENDIyNFFsPLN
Hrs HGS O14964 human 86,192 Y216 450344 Phosphorylation VRVCEPCyEQLNRkA

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