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(2005) CST Curation Set: 864; Year: 2005; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, MV4-11/-; Disease: acute myelogenous leukemia; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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Abl ABL1 P00519 human 122,873 Y393 450298 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
ACBD3 ACBD3 Q9H3P7 human 60,593 Y492 460520 Phosphorylation RDCHEEVyAGSHQYP
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 Y518 449530 Phosphorylation GGVKKPtyDPVSEDQ
Ack TNK2 Q07912 human 114,569 Y859 448883 Phosphorylation KKVsstHyyLLPERP
ACTA2 ACTA2 P62736 human 42,009 Y55 2408902 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y53 465180 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y166 450720 Phosphorylation VtHTVPIyEGyALPH
ACTB ACTB P60709 human 41,737 Y198 457935 Phosphorylation kILtERGysFtttAE
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y53 464831 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y166 455080 Phosphorylation VtHTVPIyEGyALPH
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y198 458083 Phosphorylation kILtERGysFtttAE
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y218 455564 Phosphorylation DIkEkLCyVALDFEQ
ACTG2 ACTG2 P63267 human 41,877 Y54 2408903 Phosphorylation GMGQkDsyVGDEAQs
AIM1 AIM1 Q9Y4K1 human 188,676 Y1027 465109 Phosphorylation RPGKVVIySEPDVSE
AK2 AK2 P54819 human 26,478 Y12 462945 Phosphorylation VPAAEPEyPkGIRAV
ALDH9A1 ALDH9A1 P49189 human 53,802 Y476 459562 Phosphorylation NGRVTIEyYSQLKTV
ANTXR1 ANTXR1 Q9H6X2 human 62,789 Y382 458240 Phosphorylation WPtVDAsyyGGRGVG
ANTXR2 ANTXR2 P58335 human 53,666 Y380 3781577 Phosphorylation WPtVDAsyyGGRGVG
ANXA2 ANXA2 P07355 human 38,604 Y24 449483 Phosphorylation HstPPsAyGsVkAyt
Arg ABL2 P42684 human 128,343 Y439 447923 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
ARHGAP27 iso5 ARHGAP27 B7Z6T0 human 44,210 Y28 449021 Phosphorylation DDPPEPVyANIERQP
Arp3 ACTR3 P61158 human 47,371 Y202 456537 Phosphorylation IAGRDItyFIQQLLR
ARPC3 ARPC3 O15145 human 20,547 Y47 450793 Phosphorylation DIVDEAIyyFkANVF
ATP1A1 ATP1A1 P05023 human 112,896 Y260 454981 Phosphorylation TARGIVVytGDRtVM
BAP37 PHB2 Q99623 human 33,296 Y248 457125 Phosphorylation ALskNPGyIkLRKIR
BCAP PIK3AP1 Q6ZUJ8 human 90,398 Y570 450912 Phosphorylation QERPGNFyVSSEsIR
BCAP PIK3AP1 Q6ZUJ8 human 90,398 Y694 450993 Phosphorylation AKVEFGVyEsGPRKs
Btk BTK Q06187 human 76,281 Y223 447485 Phosphorylation LKKVVALyDyMPMNA
Btk BTK Q06187 human 76,281 Y344 459315 Phosphorylation CSTPQsQyyLAEKHL
Btk BTK Q06187 human 76,281 Y361 456556 Phosphorylation TIPELINyHQHNsAG
Btk BTK Q06187 human 76,281 Y551 447486 Phosphorylation RYVLDDEytsSVGSk
CASC5 CASC5 Q8NG31 human 265,391 Y129 462934 Phosphorylation NKKLEDNyCEITGMN
Catalase CAT P04040 human 59,756 Y231 450444 Phosphorylation NANGEAVyCkFHYkT
Cbl CBL P22681 human 99,633 Y700 448529 Phosphorylation EGEEDtEyMtPssRP
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y15 447610 Phosphorylation EkIGEGtyGVVykGR
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 Y19 449488 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVykGRHkTT
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y19 449489 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVykARNkLT
CDK3 CDK3 Q00526 human 35,046 Y19 449491 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVyKAKNRET
CDV-3 CDV3 Q9UKY7 human 27,335 Y190 449688 Phosphorylation PQGPPEIysDtQFPs
CENTD2 ARAP1 Q96P48 human 162,192 Y975 457117 Phosphorylation SDIPVIVyRCVDYIT
CLTC CLTC Q00610 human 191,615 Y899 455645 Phosphorylation RFLRENPyyDsRVVG
Cofilin-1 CFL1 P23528 human 18,502 Y140 449641 Phosphorylation HELQANCyEEVkDRC
coronin 1C CORO1C Q9ULV4 human 53,249 Y301 450628 Phosphorylation EITDEsPyVHyLNTF
Dcp1b DCP1B Q8IZD4 human 67,723 Y133 450371 Phosphorylation LMKNLTQyEQLKAHQ
DNMT1 DNMT1 P26358 human 183,165 Y969 459275 Phosphorylation EPVDEDLyPEHYRkY
DOCK2 DOCK2 Q92608 human 211,948 Y212 449008 Phosphorylation DQPdyAMysRISSsP
Dok1 DOK1 Q99704 human 52,392 Y449 448879 Phosphorylation KsHNsALysQVQKSG
Dok2 DOK2 O60496 human 45,379 Y139 449649 Phosphorylation CMEENELyssAVtVG
Dok2 DOK2 O60496 human 45,379 Y299 448880 Phosphorylation PRGQEGEyAVPFDAV
DYRK1A DYRK1A Q13627 human 85,584 Y321 448553 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
DYRK1B DYRK1B Q9Y463 human 69,198 Y273 449567 Phosphorylation LGQRIyQyIQsRFYR
eEF1A1 EEF1A1 P68104 human 50,141 Y29 449568 Phosphorylation tttGHLIykCGGIDk
eEF1A2 EEF1A2 Q05639 human 50,470 Y29 449569 Phosphorylation tttGHLIykCGGIDk
eEF1A2 EEF1A2 Q05639 human 50,470 Y141 450365 Phosphorylation REHALLAytLGVkQL
eIF4H EIF4H Q15056 human 27,385 Y45 450425 Phosphorylation TEPPytAyVGNLPFN
ELMO2 ELMO2 Q96JJ3 human 82,615 Y48 450756 Phosphorylation WSLPNPEyytLRYAD
ENO1 ENO1 P06733 human 47,169 Y44 448919 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
ENO3 ENO3 P13929 human 46,987 Y44 458370 Phosphorylation sGAstGIyEALELRD
ERK2 MAPK1 P28482 human 41,390 Y187 447594 Phosphorylation HtGFLtEyVAtRWyR
ERK5 MAPK7 Q13164 human 88,386 Y221 448206 Phosphorylation HQyFMtEyVAtRWYR
ESYT1 ESYT1 Q9BSJ8 human 122,856 Y822 450610 Phosphorylation GTkHLsPyAtLtVGD
ESYT2 ESYT2 A0FGR8 human 102,357 Y824 455646 Phosphorylation SEDGSDPyVRMYLLP
FAK PTK2 Q05397 human 119,233 Y576 447889 Phosphorylation RyMEDstyyKAsKGK
FLT3 FLT3 P36888 human 112,903 Y842 454872 Phosphorylation DIMSDsNyVVRGNAR
FLT3 FLT3 P36888 human 112,903 Y955 454873 Phosphorylation ADAEEAMyQNVDGRV
Fyn FYN P06241 human 60,762 Y420 447882 Phosphorylation RLIEDNEytARQGAK
G6PD G6PD P11413 human 59,257 Y112 455132 Phosphorylation NsyVAGQyDDAASYQ
G6PD G6PD P11413 human 59,257 Y507 451668 Phosphorylation GFQyEGtykWVNPHk
Gab1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y406 447946 Phosphorylation DAssQDCyDIPRAFP
Gab1 GAB1 Q13480 human 76,616 Y659 447949 Phosphorylation VADERVDyVVVDQQK
galectin-9 LGALS9 O00182 human 39,518 Y71 463672 Phosphorylation PRFEDGGyVVCNTRQ
GDI2 GDI2 P50395 human 50,663 Y203 454082 Phosphorylation DYLDQPCyEtINRIk
GOLGA5 GOLGA5 Q8TBA6 human 83,024 Y54 448945 Phosphorylation QQNtDLIyQtGPKST
GRF-1 ARHGAP35 Q9NRY4 human 170,514 Y1105 448941 Phosphorylation RNEEENIysVPHDst
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
H2B1C HIST1H2BC P62807 human 13,906 Y41 458004 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B1H HIST1H2BH Q93079 human 13,892 Y41 457990 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B1K HIST1H2BK O60814 human 13,890 Y41 458108 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B1L HIST1H2BL Q99880 human 13,952 Y41 458161 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H2B1N HIST1H2BN Q99877 human 13,922 Y41 457989 Phosphorylation RkEsysVyVykVLkQ
H4 HIST1H4A P62805 human 11,367 Y52 450346 Phosphorylation KRIsGLIyEEtrGVL
Hck HCK P08631 human 59,600 Y209 457874 Phosphorylation tLDNGGFyISPRSTF
Hck HCK P08631 human 59,600 Y522 448322 Phosphorylation YTATEsQyQQQP___
HEFL CASS4 Q9NQ75 human 87,144 Y244 449494 Phosphorylation PQKSEWIyDtPVsPG
HIPK1 HIPK1 Q86Z02 human 130,843 Y352 450388 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
HIPK2 HIPK2 Q9H2X6 human 130,966 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
hnRNP A0 HNRNPA0 Q13151 human 30,841 Y180 448956 Phosphorylation AVPKEDIysGGGGGG
hnRNP A2/B1 HNRNPA2B1 P22626 human 37,430 Y347 454701 Phosphorylation GsGGsGGyGGrSry_
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y373 454702 Phosphorylation sGGGsGGyGsrrF__
hnRNP U HNRNPU Q00839 human 90,584 Y473 450573 Phosphorylation yFPIPEEytFIQNVP
Hrs HGS O14964 human 86,192 Y132 454962 Phosphorylation ykVVQDtyQIMkVEG
Hrs HGS O14964 human 86,192 Y216 450344 Phosphorylation VRVCEPCyEQLNRkA
HSC70 HSPA8 P11142 human 70,898 Y41 454960 Phosphorylation GNRTtPsyVAFtDTE
HSP70 HSPA1A; HSPA1B P0DMV8 human 70,052 Y41 454970 Phosphorylation GNRTtPsyVAFtDTE
HSP70RY HSPA4 P34932 human 94,331 Y336 450554 Phosphorylation KLKKEDIyAVEIVGG
HSP90A HSP90AA1 P07900 human 84,660 Y197 459268 Phosphorylation LkEDQtEyLEERRIK
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 Y484 450349 Phosphorylation kEtQksIyyItGEsk
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 Y596 454703 Phosphorylation CCIVtstyGWtANME
HSP90B HSP90AB1 P08238 human 83,264 Y619 462285 Phosphorylation RDNstMGyMMAkkHL
HSPA1L HSPA1L P34931 human 70,375 Y43 2428919 Phosphorylation GNRTtPsyVAFtDTE

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