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(2009) CST Curation Set: 7996; Year: 2009; Biosample/Treatment: cell line, Jurkat/pervanadate & calyculin; Disease: T cell leukemia; SILAC: -; Specificity of Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: anti-pTyr Antibody Used to Purify Peptides prior to MS2: Phospho-Tyrosine Mouse mAb (P-Tyr-100) Cat#: 9411, PTMScan(R) Phospho-Tyr Motif (Y*) Immunoaffinity Beads Cat#: 1991
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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ABCE1 ABCE1 P61221 human 67,314 S591 23078432 Phosphorylation kDVEQKksGNyFFLD
ACTA1 ACTA1 P68133 human 42,051 Y93 456520 Phosphorylation kIWHHtFyNELRVAP
ACTG1 ACTG1 P63261 human 41,793 Y198 458083 Phosphorylation kILtERGysFtttAE
ADA ADA P00813 human 40,764 S291 23079474 Phosphorylation kNDQANysLNTDDPL
AKAP9 AKAP9 Q99996 human 453,667 Y2494 462953 Phosphorylation KsLENQtyFKSFEEN
ANKHD1 ANKHD1 Q8IWZ3 human 269,458 Y1661 457245 Phosphorylation PNsLSTsyKtVsLPL
AP2B1 AP2B1 P63010 human 104,553 Y574 476951 Phosphorylation IGSLASVyHKPPNAF
AP4E1 AP4E1 Q9UPM8 human 127,287 Y662 476958 Phosphorylation KVLNFEPyGLSFSSS
Arg ABL2 P42684 human 128,343 Y439 447923 Phosphorylation RLMtGDtytAHAGAK
Arg ABL2 P42684 human 128,343 Y718 456547 Phosphorylation NLVPPKCyGGSFAQR
ARHGEF2 ARHGEF2 Q92974 human 111,543 Y894 448994 Phosphorylation LPAGDALyLsFNPPQ
ATG3 ATG3 Q9NT62 human 35,864 Y18 449004 Phosphorylation kALEVAEyLtPVLKE
BDP1 PTPN18 Q99952 human 50,482 Y426 454838 Phosphorylation sPAGsGAyEDVAGGA
BROX BROX Q5VW32 human 46,476 Y331 3548154 Phosphorylation QRENGFIyFQkIPTE
Calmodulin CALM1; CALM2; CALM3 P62158 human 16,838 Y100 448707 Phosphorylation FDkDGNGyIsAAELR
CBL CBL P22681 human 99,633 Y674 448874 Phosphorylation sssANAIysLAARPL
CBL CBL P22681 human 99,633 S675 456729 Phosphorylation ssANAIysLAARPLP
CBL CBL P22681 human 99,633 S767 15228050 Phosphorylation ANtGPEEsENEDDGy
CD229 LY9 Q9HBG7 human 72,139 Y508 15402633 Phosphorylation PTAGHTLysVLsQGy
CD28 CD28 P10747 human 25,066 Y191 450282 Phosphorylation SRLLHsDyMNMtPRR
CD28 CD28 P10747 human 25,066 Y218 450285 Phosphorylation PPRDFAAyRs_____
CD3Z CD247 P20963 human 18,696 Y142 448932 Phosphorylation GkGHDGLyQGLstAt
CD5 CD5 P06127 human 54,578 S439 449786 Phosphorylation NHtAtVRsHAENPtA
CD5 CD5 P06127 human 54,578 Y453 447774 Phosphorylation AsHVDNEysQPPRNs
CD84 CD84 Q9UIB8 human 38,782 Y279 450870 Phosphorylation AASKKtIytyIMAsR
CD84 CD84 Q9UIB8 human 38,782 Y316 454841 Phosphorylation EEPVNtVysEVQFAD
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 T14 447738 Phosphorylation VEkIGEGtyGVVykA
CDK2 CDK2 P24941 human 33,930 Y19 449489 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVykARNkLT
CDK3 CDK3 Q00526 human 35,046 Y19 449491 Phosphorylation EGtyGVVyKAKNRET
CENTD2 ARAP1 Q96P48 human 162,192 S229 3209586 Phosphorylation LFPEFDDsDyDEVPE
CENTG1 AGAP2 Q99490 human 124,674 Y608 3556411 Phosphorylation NGGHtSDysssLPss
CEP350 CEP350 Q5VT06 human 350,930 Y2611 463138 Phosphorylation REKDVsEyFyEKSLP
CIRBP CIRBP Q14011 human 18,648 Y141 454679 Phosphorylation GyGGsrDyyssrsQs
CLASP2 CLASP2 O75122 human 141,133 Y1022 454681 Phosphorylation RsRDyNPyNysDsIs
CLIM1 PDLIM1 O00151 human 36,072 Y321 450991 Phosphorylation RVtPPEGyEVVtVFP
CNNM3 CNNM3 Q8NE01 human 76,119 Y301 467057 Phosphorylation ARGGGDPysDLskGV
Cofilin-2 CFL2 Q9Y281 human 18,737 Y89 449646 Phosphorylation yALyDAtyEtkEskk
COPS1 iso3 GPS1 Q13098-6 human 59,818 Y45 3455228 Phosphorylation SSsVtDLyCtPHSsR
CPD CPD O75976 human 152,931 Y1344 458448 Phosphorylation LRQHHDEyEDEIRMM
CSDC2 CSDC2 Q9Y534 human 16,786 Y105 23096428 Phosphorylation VSDIEGEyVPVEGDE
DDX3 DDX3X O00571 human 73,243 Y69 448982 Phosphorylation ssKDKDAyssFGsRs
DENND4C DENND4C Q5VZ89 human 186,857 S948 3202026 Phosphorylation DLRNKRssLyGIAKV
DNAJC8 DNAJC8 O75937 human 29,842 Y24 479163 Phosphorylation EEAFMTFysEVKQIE
DNCH1 DYNC1H1 Q14204 human 532,408 Y1010 463228 Phosphorylation RYQVGVHyELTEEEK
DOK1 DOK1 Q99704 human 52,392 Y398 448369 Phosphorylation ARVKEEGyELPyNPA
EB1 MAPRE1 Q15691 human 29,999 Y124 448959 Phosphorylation ANyDGkDyDPVAARQ
EDC4 EDC4 Q6P2E9 human 151,661 Y863 464160 Phosphorylation LAFHRPPyHLLQQRD
EIF3CL EIF3CL B5ME19 human 105,473 Y882 9185968 Phosphorylation FDHkQGtyGGyFRDQ
emerin EMD P50402 human 28,994 Y85 449654 Phosphorylation KkEDALLyQskGyND
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 O43491 human 112,588 Y773 459252 Phosphorylation tIREEQEyEEEVEEE
EphA3 EPHA3 P29320 human 110,131 Y779 448910 Phosphorylation EDDPEAAyTtRGGKI
EPS15R EPS15L1 Q9UBC2 human 94,255 Y564 450413 Phosphorylation AHRsLEQyDQVLDGA
Erbin ERBB2IP Q96RT1 human 158,298 Y981 448975 Phosphorylation PPQyNIQysssAAVK
EST1A SMG6 Q86US8 human 160,462 Y146 463299 Phosphorylation KKPDLQIyQPGRRLQ
EXOC4 EXOC4 Q96A65 human 110,498 Y247 458658 Phosphorylation kFLDtsHysTAGSSS
Ezrin EZR P15311 human 69,413 Y424 456527 Phosphorylation LAAELAEytAkIALL
FAM102B FAM102B Q5T8I3 human 39,308 Y353 11156075 Phosphorylation NRVGsGAyEQVVIKR
FAM125A FAM125A Q96EY5 human 28,783 Y204 469592 Phosphorylation LRRNDsIyEAssLyG
FASN FASN P49327 human 273,427 Y45 3419919 Phosphorylation RRWkAGLyGLPRRSG
FBP3 FUBP3 Q96I24 human 61,640 Y51 463326 Phosphorylation PLVDPsVyGyGVQkR
FFR VPS51 Q9UID3 human 86,042 Y651 467029 Phosphorylation SKRTFsVysssRQQG
FLNB FLNB O75369 human 278,164 Y2502 448920 Phosphorylation RSSTEtCysAIPKAS
FLOT1 FLOT1 O75955 human 47,355 Y160 462262 Phosphorylation DIHDDQDyLHsLGKA
G6PD G6PD P11413 human 59,257 Y507 451668 Phosphorylation GFQyEGtykWVNPHk
GBF1 GBF1 Q92538 human 206,446 S1320 7102702 Phosphorylation DRGytsDsEVytDHG
GCET2 GCSAM Q8N6F7 human 21,005 Y80 449472 Phosphorylation QDNVDQtysEELCyt
GRSF1 GRSF1 Q12849 human 53,126 Y135 457438 Phosphorylation DLPPPPEyELAPSKL
GSK3B GSK3B P49841 human 46,744 Y216 448569 Phosphorylation RGEPNVsyICsRyyR
HBS1 HBS1L Q9Y450 human 75,473 Y42 15228604 Phosphorylation STAAQFIySRRDkPs
HELZ HELZ P42694 human 218,970 Y1573 457301 Phosphorylation EDEVETTySRFQDLI
HePTP PTPN7 P35236 human 40,529 Y149 459489 Phosphorylation QsQEDGDyINANyIR
HIPK2 HIPK2 Q9H2X6 human 130,966 Y361 449571 Phosphorylation SKAVCstyLQsRyyR
hnRNP K HNRNPK P61978 human 50,976 T118 3193369 Phosphorylation GLQLPsPtAtsQLPL
HS1 HCLS1 P14317 human 54,014 Y190 463367 Phosphorylation KHEsQRDyAkGFGGQ
HSP40 DNAJB1 P25685 human 38,044 Y176 464769 Phosphorylation RVsLEEIysGCtkKM
HSPC274 TMEM230 Q96A57 human 13,188 S24 454551 Phosphorylation VkysRLsstDDGyID
HUWE1 HUWE1 Q7Z6Z7 human 481,891 Y1988 15230566 Phosphorylation QDMGDDVyQQyRSLt
ICLN CLNS1A P54105 human 26,215 Y214 449432 Phosphorylation tEDsIRDyEDGMEVD
IGBP1 IGBP1 P78318 human 39,222 Y271 3451310 Phosphorylation tMtVsDWyEQHRKyG
Ikaros IKZF1 Q13422 human 57,528 Y413 450731 Phosphorylation EQRsGLIyLtNHIAP
ITK ITK Q08881 human 71,831 Y512 447997 Phosphorylation RFVLDDQytsstGtk
JAK1 JAK1 P23458 human 133,277 Y1034 448451 Phosphorylation AIEtDKEyytVKDDR
KHSRP KHSRP Q92945 human 73,115 Y317 3556400 Phosphorylation GFGDRNEyGsRIGGG
LAT LAT O43561 human 27,930 Y45 463376 Phosphorylation stssDsLyPRGIQFk
LAT LAT O43561 human 27,930 Y200 448004 Phosphorylation SMESIDDyVNVPEsG
LAT LAT O43561 human 27,930 Y255 448006 Phosphorylation EEEGAPDyENLQELN
Lck LCK P06239 human 58,001 Y192 447821 Phosphorylation NLDNGGFyIsPRItF
LMBRD1 LMBRD1 Q9NUN5 human 61,389 S229 23121651 Phosphorylation NLIKGTRsAAyERLE
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y300 448948 Phosphorylation QGRyyEGyyAAGPGy
LPP LPP Q93052 human 65,746 Y301 448949 Phosphorylation GRyyEGyyAAGPGyG
LRRC59 LRRC59 Q96AG4 human 34,930 Y203 10400431 Phosphorylation KERRRKEyDALKAAK
Lyric MTDH Q86UE4 human 63,837 Y364 473721 Phosphorylation sQSTtsDyQWDVsRN
MEKK2 MAP3K2 Q9Y2U5 human 69,741 Y250 463552 Phosphorylation NHQEFsDyDNPIFEK
MLL4 KMT2D O14686 human 593,389 Y389 463640 Phosphorylation TDEPdALyVACQGQP
MYPT1 PPP1R12A O14974 human 115,281 Y446 463845 Phosphorylation GLRktGsyGALAEIt
MYPT1 PPP1R12A O14974 human 115,281 Y766 448906 Phosphorylation sRtyDEtyQRyRPVS
MYPT1 PPP1R12A O14974 human 115,281 Y890 451852 Phosphorylation QtDsIsRyEtssTsA
NCK1 NCK1 P16333 human 42,864 Y105 448953 Phosphorylation VDPGERLyDLNMPAy
NCK2 NCK2 O43639 human 42,915 T92 454118 Phosphorylation SARDAsPtPstDAEy
NFX1 iso2 NFX1 Q12986-2 human 113,623 Y231 3457205 Phosphorylation RKGVLDGyGARRNEQ

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